10×13 Signed Persian Rug Handmade Iran Hand Knotted Wool Red Blue Rugs 10×12 Ft

5, hc, 196817. 215p, hc, 1979, OP Est. 43p+8pl, 10×13 signed persian sc, 7×9. Robinson(Shroff Marks on Arakan Tankas) & 10×13 signed persian other noted Indian rn authors on Indian & related series, 11 papers on Indian history, art & culture; photos, reminiscences, and bibliography for Dr. 1980 Historical and numismatic background of this Central Asian series which preceded Akbar’s more Indianised issues. ) History, 10×13 signed persian detailed discussion & catalog Antique Japanese Articulated Copper of 2134 specimens of gold, some copper, with enlarged rubbings & photos. ) Catalogues Sultanate coins, plus some Sikh, Durrani, Qajar, Chaghatai, Shaybanid, Golden Horde, & State. Supposedly can be downloaded , if you can figure out how to do it. Works on Indo-Greeks & successors included 107p, 8. By top Indin and Western scholars. 5″, 1888R1978 Photocopy reprint. 26p+4pl, 1974 Photocopy:1. 00 Altekar, A. Libraries and single copies are wanted. 00Time left:2d 22h 41m$247. 00Time 10×13 signed persian left:1d 19h 17m$196. 5″, 2006 Author’s Hardcover version (not available in India)30. 00Time left:3d 19h 47m$247. For later Akbar 10×13 signed persian through Aurangzeb see SCWC 17th Century, 1st – current 3rd Eds. Includes some known Republic dates missing from KM, Remick, and Reddappa. 320p, hc, 6. The Coins of the Dutch Overseas Territories 1601- 1948 Long-time standard monetary history and catalog for Dutch colonies in the East Indies, India, Ceylon, Caribbean, etc. (Original with loose front cover, etc. 5×8″, 200013. 207p+27pl, 5. Adornment) in the Vedic age. Values for all items. Chapters or appendices on mints, mint epithets, phrases, couplets in Arabic transliterated and translated, symbols & ornaments, dates, political history, rarity guide, numerous maps. 8030% 10×13 signed persian Off$564. As above, southerly states, 1289 listings, Vijayanagar, Nayakas, Travancore, etc. OTHER BOOK CATEGORIES: StoresHi ( to bid or buy) Daily Deals Gift Cards Help & Contact Sell My Set Of 11 Antique Meissen Porcelain Soup eBayExpand My eBay Summary Recently Viewed Bids Offers Watch List Purchase History Selling Saved Searches Saved Sellers MessagesNotification “delay”:300 Bread Crumb Link 10′ x 13′ Oriental Rugs For Product Inquiry Call: Store categories (411) (46) (639) (30)10′ x 13′ Oriental Rugs (274) (64) (76) (13) (123) (70) (75) (138) (205) (67) (240) (12) (11) (25) (8) (48) (4) (13) (1) (13) (46) (164) (6) (56) (25) (286) (281) (19) (89) (11) (4) (108) (1) (1) (5) (5) (14) (41) (7) (2) (2) (1) (11) (2) (2) (6) (9) (10) (36) (5) (3) (33) (15) (7) (13) (2) (6) (170) (7) (5) (2) (3) (1) (11) (18) (5) (5) (2) (6) (3) (1) (3) (14) (1) (24) (1) (1) (2) (4) (1) (1) (4) (1) (1) (1) (1) (6) View: All Items 274 results found in 10′ x 13′ Oriental Rugs View as:GallerySort by:Time: ending soonest Shipping to $588.

5″, hc, 1996,99 Numismatic Digest Research articles on Indian coinage For contents of each, click on volume #: $8. 2 volumes, 1420p, hc, 2004, List 150 Available from Est. Essays on coins as tools for historical study, exchange systems of early India, Gupta culture as deduced from coins. 00Time left:4d 10×13 signed persian 0h 17m$697. History of Tamilnad to AD 1336 Pre-history, Sangam Antique Gustavo Cenci Man Salt Checker Original Age, Kalabhras, Pallavas, Pandyas, Cholas, Chalukyas, Cheras, Muslim incursions and overseas 10×13 signed persian excursions in two parts: 1) political history, 2) Administration and Signed Chicago Mosaic Stained Glass social life. ) 10×13 signed persian Other editions are hard to use. German 10×13 signed persian text. 97p+14pl, 5. Though accurate in broad strokes, there are enough errors to rule it out for serious research. Coins of Southern India Classic reference in this area, though much important work has been done since.

Non-consecutive numbering. South Indian Coins Andhras through early Colonial, more history than catalog. Coins illustrated with drawings; banknotes full size, both sides, in color. Auctions #1 (4 86) through #43 (2008) Hong Kong & Singapore venues THE most 10×13 signed persian important auction series for Oriental coins & paper. Catalogue of Coins in the Punjab Museum, Lahore, Vol 1: Indo Greek The best museum catalog (SA) on the series, covers Indo-Greek, Indo-Scythian, Indo-Parthian, and Kushans 220p+20pl, hc, 1914R Good review and download. 5×9″, hc, 199115. Glendining & BaldwinPridmore Collection of the Coins of the British Commonwealth of Nations: Part II Asian Territories, India, Australia British India to 1835, Ceylon, Penang, Singapore, Straits, Malaya, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Hong Kong, BTD’s, tokens. There are more detailed works on some of the State series, but this is by far the best Mughal listing. 00Time left:1d 23h 41m$245. 50 Elliot, Sir W. 5×12, hc,1995; 10×13 signed persian available from , and a partial download Wright, H. 5, 1975 (Water-stained & warped $4); Unused, yellowed:15. 80p, sc, 5. 5×11″, sc, 200123. Website on Tokens & other exonumia. 5, hc, 2005; The author has produced similar works on Jahangir (2013) and Shah Jahan (2017). Shows all mint proof sets. 00 Singh, Jai PrakashHistory and Coinage of Skandagupta Kramaditya Detailed study of this Gupta ruler (ca 460-468 10×13 signed persian AD) who restored Rare 30 Antique Gilded Cobalt the glory of his dynasty. Western Ksatrapa Coins (APG Museum) 50p+2pl, sc, 19646. A panorama of coinages from Greek, Roman, Persian through Central Asian n series. Establishes a new chronology for these Punjabi rulers. 00Time 10×13 signed persian left:4d 13h 31m$698. ONS #202, 2010 Rao, RamaSelect Gold & Silver Coins (APG) Brief monograph on late South 10×13 signed persian Indian gold and silver punchmarked coins. 5×12, 1977R1998, List 125, Available at $225 from &nb. 00Time left:6d 23h 17m$493.

Expensive, but some important papers. The Modern Coinage of Kutch First publication on Kutch coinage, covers 1860-1948 basic types with good photos, but no varieties or patterns. Historical & numismatic background plus excellent catalog of Ahom Kingdom (1648-1824) 10×13 signed 1930s Monterey Drop persian coins showing virtually every die variety, all illustrated with good plates. 5×12, Set Of 11 1977R1998, 10×13 signed persian List 125, Available at $225 from Mitchiner, Dr. 5×11, sc, 1993 24. The pre-1600 coinage of Akbar is convered only in Bruce, Deyell, Rhodes & Spengler’s 1981 Standard Guide to South Asian Coins and Paper since 1556, now somewhat out of date, and out of print. 00Time left:4d 18h 17m$560. 5″, sc, 2005 Loventhal, Rev. Edmund Hohertz (Supplement 32 X 52 to O. 00 Puddester, R. Arguing that Nishka, small copper beads in the shape of tools, animals, flowers, etc. I (Pre-Ahom) 10×13 signed persian under Medieval section above. Plates are slightly better in the original than the 1992 reprint. Copper Coins of Barid Shahi of Bidar & Nizam Shahi of Agmadnagar Historical background & catalog with multiple specimens, useful supplement to Goron. Vietnam Wild Natural 5″, hc, 2010, 23. Supercedes The Coins of the Vijayanagar Empire” by Ganesh & Girijapathy. 431+22pl, hc, 1916R197212. Not a type catalog. 00Time left:3d 4h 1m$595. Of Bengal (Mitra, S. 50 ThirugnanasamKanchi 10×13 signed persian Pallava Coins Madras Museum & hoard specimens. Copper Coins of Adil Shahi Dynasty of Bijapur 40p, sc, 1980 Series poorly bound; loose covers, flaking spine, etc. A later Index to this 10×13 signed persian work was created by H. Of India) Latest comprehensive history of Punjabi dynasty 289p, 5. 220p, sc, 24x17c, 2009 Available: Catalogs hundreds of varieties by main types, assigning to issuers where known, and distinguishing (with disputed accuracy) among genuine, later circulating imitations, forgeries, and post-1950 fabrications which constitute most of the types offered on the market today. 50 Brief histories of the WWII period and its effect on numismatic items for over 100 countries, with a meticulous catalog of coins, emergency & P.

50 Hellenic Num Soc monogr. 5×10″, hc, 1894R198520.

Money, tokens, medals, decorations, banknotes, scrip, etc. Market 10×13 signed persian values. 444p+pl, hc, 198830. See 283p+12pl, 7. Better enlarged photos help in attributing coins more than KM or Pridmore. 76 X 112 Amazing Genuine COLLECTIONS OF ARTICLES, JOURNALS, FESTSCHRIFT SEE ALSO: page for more seminar volumes and offprints. Bartonitschek 10×13 signed persian is more comprehensive. Includes Agra AE, countermarks, forgeries. Enlarged b&w plates (fair) 105p+48pl, 7. 1 2 together) Vol 1 (General info & Plates) can be downloaded. Publications) Each: 8. A critical review by Shailen Bhandare is in JONS #188 (Summer, 2006) 243p, hc, 11hx9″, 2005 Historical info.

2nd, 28p, 6×8″, 199110. 5, 1983 8, 2 volumes Singh & Ahmad, Ed. 5×8, 10×13 signed persian sc, 19894. East India Company: Part I:) Detailed discussion and catalog of coinage 1757-1835, updating Pridmore. 5×11, 10×13 signed persian hc, 1995, Out of Print and will not be reprinted. 289p+59pl, 21x30cm, sc, 10×13 signed persian 1998, OP and going for $200, but a is forthcoming. 113p, hc, 6×9″, 200024. Includes plantation & other tokens. 00Time 10×13 signed persian left:4d 16h 1m$910. 25, 1983, OP & Rare125. 63p+9pl, sc, 7×9. The India section alone is 10×13 signed persian worth the price. Gupta, Alan Stahl, etc. 00Time left:2d 4h 41m$4,130. 00 Cunningham, Sir A. Coins of the Mughal Emperors, Central Museum, Nagpur (Part I) Babar to Aurangzeb Alamgir Along with Part II (Hussain, M,K. 163p+21pl, 9×11″, sc, 1962; Brief review in J. 2nd & 4th; 17th Cent. Catalog of the Coins of the Andhar Dynasty, the 10×13 signed persian Western Ksatrapas The Traikutaka Dynasty and the ‘Bodhi’ Dynasty (1967 London reprint with decent plates $60) Indian Reprint15. 6030% Off$1,068. Best Krause & Mishler SCWC 10×13 signed persian editions for India: 19th Cent. 50 Turner, P. Market Value: $75+ Rodgers, Chas. Important work for Kidarites, Kashmir Kings (new chronology) and Kangara Rajas; NI Bul 10 89 review. $75) Reprint:9. 200p+40cpl, 10×13 signed persian hc, 7×9. 50 Pioneering history and type variety catalog with photos & date listings in text. Market Value: $25 Lahiri, A. 00 10×13 signed persian History, use, symbolism and selective catalog (114 pcs) of Hindu Ramatankas (Temple tokens). English edition of 1953 original. Not 10×13 signed persian in Deyell. Later works expand upon and reattribute certain series: Southern India Part 1 &2, Southeast Asia. Historical sketch for each state & medal plus introductory chapter. Antique Cast Iron Scale 5030% Off$835. 282p+12cpl, 8. Many series reclassified and redated, essentially updating his three-volume OC&V series published in the late 1970s. 700-1000 AD shown in color plates; edition of 500 copies. 2v, 10×13 signed persian 577p+24pl, hc, 1968R198655. Current standard for Greek series; for Indo-Scythian see the new 10×13 signed persian work Antique Spanish Painting Still by Robert Senior. 46p, sc, 1955R68 3. Excellent line drawings. 1: Mughal Catalogs 1559 Mughal and 257 Suri coins, primarily silver & copper. 00Time left:3d 20h 47m$857. About half did not sell; reserves shown in prices realized sheet.

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