124 Antique Old China Bronze Ware Dynasty Beast Handle Drinking Vessel Goblet

Reprint is paperbound, 237 pages, 17. Compare $235. Reprint is paperbound, 12 124 antique old pages, 14 x 22 cm.

Reprinted: Kendall 124 antique old Bassett, ca. American Watch Tool Company Precision Machinery Waltham, Massachusetts: American Watch Tool Company, ca. Reprinted: Mid-West Tool Collectors Association and Early American Industries Association, 1978. 7 124 antique old cast steel saws. An , a predecessor firm, has also been reprinted. 1902 Cover title: Handbook for Lumbermen: 124 antique old with a Treatise of the Construction of Saws and How to Keep Them In Order Title page: Handbook for Lumberman, 1902 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : Henry Disston & Sons, 1902. , Commerce Street, Philadelphia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: William H. Reprinted: Southwest Tool Collectors 124 antique old 1890 1900 Antique Caucasian Kazak With Great Association, 1982. A basic manual to the use of hand tools with good tips on adjusting wooden 124 antique old bench planes, using a hand saw, marking with a chalk line, etc. 95 Lapua 6mm BR Norma ammo. 1900 Title: Disston Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : Henry Disston & Sons, 1900. Reprint includes a page of notes and a 3-page check list of plane numbers by Ken Roberts. Cover title: American Tools: Buck & Hickman Limited Title page: Illustrated and Priced Catalogue of American Tools: Twist Drills, Chucks, Vices, &c. , 115 Arch St. Reprinted: Long Island, New York : Early 124 antique old Trades and Crafts Society for the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association, 1975. Basically a pocket catalog featuring that features the firm’s most popular hand saws. Chaney, George Wood-Working Tools, How to Use Them: a Manual Boston, Massachusetts: Ginn, Heath & Company, 1882. Reprint includes a one-page 124 antique old company history. 38 Special 148 grain Super Match wad cutter ammo collectable ammo. ‘s Price List of Boxwood & Ivory Rules: For Sale Only by Wm. , Formerly of Sheffield, England Millbury, Massachusetts : Buck Brothers, 1890. 12 London 124 antique old spring steel, No. Hardbound, 2 volumes, 26 cm. Reprinted: Kingston, Ontario : MacLachlan Woodworking Museum, 1993. Catalog includes slicks, plane irons, gouges, chisels, carving tools, draw knives, reamers, awls, screwdrivers, nail sets, etc. The two publications are interleaved. Reprinted: Ken Roberts Publishing Company, 1981. : Ken Roberts Publishing, 1975. (ISBN 0-913602-42-6) 124 antique old Reprint is paperbound, 50 pages, 10 x 15. Buffum Tool 124 antique old Company Cover: Buffum Tool Co. Illustrations include interior of Barnes factory, rip saw, scroll saw, forming machine, mortising machine, Antique Victorian 2 tenoning machine, lathe and miscellaneous examples of products manufactured with them. Wilks of Sheffield, an advertisement for plane maker Peter Wilcox, a brief history of plane making enterprises located at 59 Shudehill, Manchester, and a paragraph on the discovery of the original Chapple catalog. Donnelly Antique Tools, ca. Includes illustrations and listings for Coes’ 124 antique old steel handle, knife handle and hammer handle wrenches. 101 and Price Lists of Machinists’ Tools, Rules, Squares, Micrometer Calipers, Gauges and Accurate Test Tools Made by Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Reprint includes additional 2 pages of content compiled 124 Antique 1890s Formal Dress Draped Embroidered Skirt antique old by Ken Roberts. 18 Indianapolis, Indiana : E. Manufacturer also of Castings and Machinery of Every Description, Puddled Iron, Bands, Bars, Blooms, Axle Drafts, Car Axles and Bunters, Crow Bars, &c. 3 boxes total. Bridgeport Hardware Manufacturing Corporation Cover title: The Bridgeport Line: Catalogue No. Reprinted: Martin J. Reprint is paperbound, 15 pages, 11 x 26 cm. Carr & Company 124 antique old American Manufactured Hardware &c. A large format catalog 1935 A Brief Account of the Development of the Collins Company in the Manufacture of Axes, Machetes and Edge Tools. Collins Company 1921 124 antique old Cover title: Collins & Co. 95 Western. ‘s Illustrated Catalogue and Price list of Patent Adjustable Iron Bench Planes, Try Squares, Bevels, Rules, Levels, Hammers &c. Donnelly Antique Tools, Bath, New York. Astragal Press The Handsaw Catalog Collection: a Select Compilation of the Four Leading Manufacturers (1910-1919). Not a catalog, but a handbook on band, circular and crosscut saws used in lumbering. Reprinted as part of a three volume set (with matching bindings) that includes Appleton’s Cyclopedia of Applied Mechanics. Reprinted: Mid-West Tool Collectors Association, 1983. Chapin, Pine Meadow, Conn.

A reproduction of an advertisement in Scientific American depicting ornate iron filigree and wooden levels manufactured by L. 1920 Saw Sense 124 antique old Indianapolis, Indiana : E. : Ken Roberts Publishing, 1980. ) Auburn, New York : Auburn Tool Company, 1869. Reprinted: Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire : Ken Roberts Publishing Company, Antique Oak Sideboard With Double Curio Cabinet 1980. Millbury, Massachusetts 124 antique old : Buck Brothers, ca. Catalog includes agricultural tools, plows, cradles, scythes, mills shoves, seeders, shears, harrows etc. Not a catalog, but a promotional booklet for the double claw hammer. 1882 Title, front: Barnes’ Patent Foot and Hand Power Machinery: Contractors’ and Builders’ Outfit Title, reverse: Barnes’ Patent Foot-Power Machinery: Contractors’ and Builders’ Outfit Rockford, Illinois : W. Catalog includes wooden planes, plane irons and tool chests Arthur, Henry Price List for September 1st, 1874 of Leather and Findings and Boot & Shoe Uppers: Henry Arthur. 23, 1925 Bridgeport, Connecticut : Chinese Antique Tall Carved Wooden Bridgeport Hardware Manufacturing 124 antique old Company, 1925. Features lanterns and lamps with tubular frames. Price list for Leonard Bailey’s metallic planes, spoke shaves, box scrapers, etc. Birmingham Plane Manufacturing Company The Birmingham Plane Mfg. Original publication date determined by presence of 1887 calendar on back cover. , Springfield, Mass. The source of 124 antique old the original (a periodical? All logos, names and trademarks are property of their respective owners. : 124 antique old Axes, Hatchets, Adzes, etc. , Philadelphia, Penn. A , a successor firm, has also been reprinted. Catalog includes foot-powered lathes, drill presses, chucks and other accessories.

Not a catalog, but a pocket guide to Atkins saws Includes Beautiful Antique Louis Xvi Style a short guide to filing saws, tips on framing roofs, shingling, estimating plaster covers, and a chart detailing the number of various sizes of nails per pound Auburn Tool Company Cover title: 1869 Price List of 124 antique old Planes, Plane Irons, Rules, Gauges, Hand Screws &c. Astragal reprint includes one-page history of Exquisite Rare Chinese Buck Bros. A promotional pamphlet detailing Brown & Sharpe’s role in the history of the micrometer various dates A Brown & Sharpe Catalogue Collection: 1868, 1887, 1899 Mendham, New Jersey : Astragal Antique Lady Elgin 10s 11j Press, 1997. 1896 Cover title: W. : Manufacturers of High grade Tools and Hardware specialties, Catalogue No. Catalog includes circular saws and blade inserts, ice saws, one and two-man crosscut saws, swages, circular saw mandrels; wrenches, a gummer, grinding and buffing heads, saw makers’ hammers and anvils and a hnd-screw press for saw work. Distributed to 124 antique old subscribers of the Chronicle of the Early American Industries Association. Drew & Company Cover: Catalog No. Title page: Catalogue and Invoice Price List of Bench Planes, and Moulding Tools, Also, a List of Boy’s and Gentlemen’s Tool Chests: Manufactured and for Sale at the Arrowmammett Works, Middletown, Conn. Hardbound, 959 pages, 26 cm. Brombacher & Co. Roberts’ Wooden Planes in 19th Century America–for studying cost data on pages 120-127. Atkins & Company 1919 E. 00 45 Carbine Ball Cartridges, Reloading mfg 124 antique old by Winchester Repeating Arms Co. 00 124 antique old 500-465 Nitro-Express cartridges mfg by Kynoch. (ISBN 0-913602-13-4) Reprint Persian Antique Overdyed 10×12 Hand is paperbound, 12 pages, 10. Bailey & Co. Reprint includes an 124 antique old 8-page supplement to the main catalog and two single-page fliers. Much information on the various types of saws and saw teeth. Catalogs includes foot-powered lathes 1907 Cover title: Patent Foot and Hand Power Wood Working Machinery Manufactured by W. Includes several paragraphs on the selection and care 124 antique old of handsaws. 147 grain steel case non corrosive. (ISBN 0-913602-21-3) Reprint is paperbound, no illustrations, 12 pages, 14 x 22 cm. Reprint is 101 pages, 12 x 19 cm. Cover depicts a bunch of cheap hammers and crooked nails scattering before a well-organized corps of marching double claw Antique Chinese Ornate hammers. 8th edition New York : A. Price list of metallic planes and spoke shaves. Reprinted: Antique 124 antique old Tools and Trades In Connecticut, 1991. Title page: Mechanics’ Tools: Hargrave Quality Cincinnati, Ohio : Cincinnati Tool Company, 1923. Smith, 124 antique old 1975. Chapin’s Son Cover title: H. A circular? 23 Title page: The Bridgeport Hardware Manufacturing Corporation, Bridgeport, Conn. Davis’ Adjustable Spirit Level, Plumb and Inclinometer New York: Scientific Scientific American, October 7, 1871. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : Henry Disston & Sons, 1876. The Connecticut Valley 124 antique old Manufacturing Company’s registered trademark CONVALCO appears on the back cover. Reprinted: Lancaster, Massachusetts: North Village Publishing Company (i. Item not seen Appleton’s Cyclopedia Spine title: Appletons’ Cyclopaedia of Applied Mechanics: a Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering and the Mechanical Arts Title page: Appletons’ Cyclopaedia of Applied Mechanics: a Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering and the Mechanical Arts, Illustrated with Nearly Five Thousand Engravings New York : D. Roxton Pond, Quebec : Sem.

‘s Patent Adjustable Iron Bench Planes, Try Squares, Levels, Spoke Shaves, Box Scrapers &c. Reprint is paperbound, 63 pages, 13. Barton & Company, 1873. ‘s successor Reprint shipped with unattached 4-page insert featuring a brief biography and obituary of Dr. Printed on two sides. More than a catalog, the first one hundred nineteen pages of this book are a primer on the techniques and instruments used in surveying. Mendham, New Jersey : Astragal Press, 1994. Reprint is paperbound, 37 pages, 21. Reprint is paperbound, 34 pages, 15 x 124 antique old 23 cm. 00 Antique Nude Bearded Men W 45 Carbine Ball Cartridges mfg by UMC. Price is for all three boxes. (ISBN 0-913602-55-8) Reprint is paperbound, 64 and 12 pages in two series, 124 antique old 22 cm. Compare $35. One page includes a table of “Rates for Repairing Circular Saws. Allen & Co. , Little Falls, N. Reprinted: Marine 124 antique old Historical Association, Inc.

Baldwin Tool Company See 124 antique old Barnes W. 11 Centerbrook, Connecticut : Connecticut Valley Manufacturing Co. : Alexander J. Carr William H. Article topic include choosing and using hand saws, back saws, compass and other smaller saws, hack saws, circular saws, narrow band saws, squares and bevels, gauges, plumbs and levels, cabinet scrapers, and files. Providence, Rhode Island : Brown & Sharpe,, 1899. Reprinted: San Francisco, California : Dave Paling, 1993.

) Reprint is paperbound, 36 pages, 14 x 21 Catalog includes such cooper’s tools as adzes, axes, hatchets, draw knives, chamfering knives, hoop drivers, chime mauls, shaves, bung hole borers, crozes, howells, floats, planes, wantage rods, Cir 1930s Antique Art gauges, truss hoops, etc. Title page: Illustrated Catalogue of The Collins Company: Manufacturers of Axes, Hatchets, Adzes, Picks, Machetes, Cane Knives, Hoes, 124 antique old Bush Hooks, etc. 56: Illustrated Catalog of “Champion” January 1935 edition Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Champion Blower and Forge Company, 1935. L Berger & Sons, Successors to Buff & Berger Title page: Hand-Book and Illustrated Catalogue of the of the Engineers and Surveyors’ 124 antique old Instruments of Precision: Made by C. Reprinted: Antique Toy Collectors of America, 1972. Mid-West Tool Collectors Association and Early American 3 Antique Boulle Industries Association, 1982. All ammo sales are final. Catalog includes hand planes, wooden planes, rules, marking gauges, levels, etc. 00 7mm Full Patch 124 antique old Cartridges mfg by Winchester Repeating Arms.

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