13 Collect Antique Old Silver Fengshui Dragon Pixiu Brave Troops Beast Pair

2,096,442 & 13 collect antique 2,278,398″ also “Dr. It is not often you find these coffee boilers in a size this large in such great condition – 13 collect antique the copper still retains a beautiful patina with some carbon build up on the bottom of the boiler. SOLD The Covell’s cheese slicer if very good condition. This comb is 10 1 4″ in length and has a depth of 3 3 4” and would make a great addition to any collection. This is quite attractive with its handled caddy with four feet.

This funnel of darkened tin still retains a fair percentage of its bright tin finish and is free of any dents or dings. Cake Turner or Spatula – Rumford VU235 This is a Rumford cake turner in Excellent condition. A great kitchen collectible and a fun conversation piece. A great addition to any kitchen arsenal. 12 1 2 13 collect antique inches in length with a beater diameter of 2 inches. Due to the nature of the cooking process it is difficult to find these in a condition this good. This knife 13 collect antique resembles Antique Chinese Rose Quartz Crystal the Art Deco style and the handle has light Jade and gold swirl coloration. This specimen has an attractive design to its handle with a P style cutout and hanging hole. The container stands 9″ high to the top of the lid strap and has a bottom diameter of 4″. Good and solid in its construction, this specimen still has 13 collect antique years of usefulness and great collectors value. The bail wire is nicely hammered to a fine point 13 collect antique at each end folded back onto itself thru the tabs. He contested the final two more times in 1933 and 1934 losing on both occasions to Australian Walter Lindrum. SOLD This is a cup of darkened tin in Good condition. The width of the oval shaped business end is 4 1 2″ 3″. Sage Kentucky 13 collect antique reel No. This 13 collect antique is a very well constructed chopping knife with double tangs and a comfortable, large sized handle. SOLD This is a beautiful example of an early Charles Parker & Company coffee mill in Excellent condition. Meat Tenderizer and Ax VU207 This is an interesting meat tenderizer and ax combination. This fork is in very good condition and was made by Geneva Forge. SOLD This is an Arbuckles Coffee shipping crate in very good condition. The green paint on the handle is free of any cracking 13 collect antique or chipping. This would look wonderful hanging in any kitchen or for an accent 13 collect antique piece in any room. There seems to be a base metal of copper or brass that shows 13 collect antique here and there through the black finish coat. Rolling Pin – Turned Handles RP09 A hard maple rolling pin with turned handles. The measure still works too – just pull out the tape and then pinch the tape measure 13 collect antique retract the tape. Jar Opener VU85 A nice vintage jar opener with green painted, turned handles. This wonderful revolving grater will hold it’s own in any collection and displays beautifully. It is very seldom you can find one of these measures that still retains nearly all of its bright tin finish this one is beautiful. This specimen still retains much of its bright tin finish. This disher has a little heft to it and the dimples allow a firm grip for hard, frozen ice cream. The basket has a diameter of 5″ and the handle 13 collect antique has a length of 4″ with a width of 3 4 Antique Kpm Porcelain Plaque with a Antique Continental Bronze Urn 1800 German Poland maximum width of 3 4″. SOLD A nice example 13 collect antique of a circa 1860 chopper with a Antique French Brass Six Arm 12 turned handle and anchor shaped cutting blade. The overall length of 13 collect antique the spatula is 15″. This beater has a nice patina and has no dings, or dents. This specimen has colored over the years to a light cherry finish and is nice and smooth to the hand. The stone is free of any chips and ready to sharpen your favorite kitchen knives. The overall length of this rolling pin is 17 1 4″ with Antique 22 Karat Solid a handle length of 4″. The spatula has an overall length of 14″ and a handle length of 9 3 4″. This is the perfect wind up alarm clock to use in a chuckbox or in your sleeping quarters because of its soothing old timey tick, tick, tick. This would make a very nice to any collection of vintage chopping knives or to any Disston collection. The paddle assembly turns freely and makes this item as usable today as it was 100 years ago. This specimen is still nice and sharp and ready to go to work in your kitchen or chuck box. This set is in very good condition 13 collect antique with no cracking or splits. The spoon measures 12 1 2″ in length with a bowl measuring 2 1 2″ wide by 4 1 4″ in length. Slotted Spoon – Rumford VU212 This Rumford slotted spoon is Good + condition and still retains some of its bright tin finish. This is a nice collectible specimen for 13 collect antique fans of painted utensils. This specimen still retains quite a bit of its bright tin finish. This would make a great 13 collect antique addition to any Rumford Baking Powder collection. The comfortable handle still retains much of its black paint. SOLD This is a wonderful example of a Circa 1872 twisted wire trivet in Very Good + condition. Ward’s Fine Cakes Their Quality Made Them Famous – Made The Clean Ward Way” The back of the measure states “Ward’s Tip Top Bread You Can Sell Your Trade No Better Your Trade Can Buy No Better”. Please note the handle – L, F & C seemed determined to set a record for embossed printing on a kitchen utensil. These would make a great addition to any collection of early kitchen tin ware. SOLD This is an interesting double rotary mincer in Very Good condition. Houchin, Morrisania, N. This repousse tin beauty would look great hanging in any Victorian style bathroom and would be perfect to use as part of a shaving station on a chuck wagon or in 13 collect antique a period camp situation. The head can be taken apart for easy cleaning. This little copper kettle would make an outstanding addition to any primitive kitchen ware collection. This very rare style of whisk is made of one continuous piece of wire and is notable for the nine circles of wire in the head.

These were designed to be used with a deep frying pan for the cooking of Crullers. To date, he has won more world championships than any other player. Note the workmanship on the wooden wedge that holds the slicing blade in place.

A hard to find item. Simply plunge the cutter in to the center of the apple and twist to remove the core. For cabbage.

The pan is nice and clean with no dings or dents and still retains nearly all of its bright tin finish. SOLD This Rumford slotted spoon is Very Good + condition and still retains a bright tin finish. WELCH: Jack Welch GAYLE: Geo. One side displays embossed one cup increments and Antique French French Printed Challis Wool Fabric the 13 collect antique words “Pat. The kettle also features a nice copper bottom. The griddle is 17 1 8″ wide and 10 ” deep. SOLD A vintage bread dough raising or proofing pan in Very Good + condition. This scoop is an interesting example due to its 13 collect antique dimpled handle. This would 13 collect antique make a great addition to any kitchen utensil collection. Water would be boiled in the bottom of the steamer and circulated throughout to cook the food. ” The drum is 6 1 4″ diameter. Smaller utensils like these often went missing and are difficult to find today. The nicely turned, black painted handle is has minimal chipping and is free of 13 collect antique any cracks. The overall length of this whip is 11 1 4″ with a handle length of 6 1 4″. The overall length of this mincer is 7″ with a cutter width of 2 “. Tom Greene Tom Greene Collector of high-grade antique fishing reels Visit our complete saltwater tackle store at: Custom Rod & Reel 1835 N. Davis died two 13 collect antique months after collapsing while watching his brother play Perrie Mans in the 1978 World Snooker Championship semi-final.

Funnel – Tin VU157 Here is a nice primitive tin funnel in Very Good condition. ” These older ricers are of much sturdier construction than their modern counterparts and still hold a spot in any kitchen arsenal. This is one of those vintage kitchen utensils that 13 collect antique is still very handy to have in your kitchen. SOLD Here is a very nice spatula and bottle opener combination in Very Good + condition. These are very difficult to find 13 collect antique this pristine. Spatula – Straining VU331 This is a very nice, primitive Spatula in Very Good condition. The scoop bowl still retains most of its bright tin 13 collect antique finish and has a width of 4 1 2″. The scoop has a total length of 5″ with a width of 4″. The handle has a length of 4 3 4″. This mixer works by pushing down on the spring loaded handle which causes the beater 13 collect antique blades to spin. This is one of the crates you were likely to find in a chuck wagon. SOLD Here is a “Bull Dog” can opener in Very 13 collect antique Good condition. SOLD This is a very attractive One Quart tin container in 13 collect antique Excellent condition. This would make a great catchall in a kitchen or in any other room. The overall length is 6 ” with a bowl diameter of 2 “. The wood has a very attractive rippled grain pattern around the circumference of the masher that resembles a wave pattern and there is a little ring of knots at the base of the handle. This scoop has character galore with its retro style and dimpled handle. The height of this chopping knife is 7″ and the turned handle has a length of 4 1 4”. When Joe 13 collect antique met Fred in the world championship final of 1940, Joe won 37 36. Although there is not much call for these any more in the home kitchen, a meat saw is a required item for a restored chuck wagon. SOLD An A&J Archimedean drill mixer or beater in very good condition. SOLD This is a four legged egg poacher in 13 collect antique Very Good + condition. A great addition to any chuck box or period camp. SOLD 13 collect antique This is a nice “Retro” egg slicer in Excellent condition. The spinning blades on the inside of the cornet are made 13 collect antique of brass. The overall length of this little rolling pin is 7 1 2″ and the tiny handles have a length of 1 1 2″. The silver around the mouth of the bottle bears an English hallmark. This specimen is free of any cracks or chips and is ready to be put back to work. Really quite effective. The top of the box states “1 lb. This would make a great addition to any collection 13 collect antique of vintage advertising items or for fans of Wonder Bread or Twinkies. Deally 13 collect antique reels J. SOLD VU100 A nice, clean example of the Landers, Frary & Clark, Universal Bread Maker #4. The lid has a raised design on 13 collect antique the top that says – SMOOTHIE, MIXER AND MEASURE, ALUMINUM. Each of the cake molds has a diameter of 4 ” and the griddle stands 1 ” in height. SOLD This is an Edlund Top Off Jar & Bottle Screw Top Opener with a red painter handle in Very Good + condition. SOLD This is a slotted spoon or cake whip in Very Good condition. This knife has a blade length of 9″ with a cutting depth of 1 3 4″. These chopping knives are a very useful utensil in any kitchen and have enough variety in design to make a fun collectible. – PAT JAN 11 70 – APL 9 72″ and the manufacture date of “May 29, 77. This nice spoon has a nice cut out pattern in the bowl and still 13 collect antique retains a nice bright finish. It also has the added benefit of an alarm that is loud enough to stampede a herd of cattle. Ice Cream Scoop VU229 This is an attractive ice cream scoop in Good condition. There still remains hints of a 13 collect antique pleasing blue paint on both the wood and the handle. The height of 13 collect antique the chopping knife is 5 1 2”. This scoop is free of rust and has a 13 collect antique 3 4″ handle with folded over edges. All of the wires on this specimen are still nice and tight and ready 13 collect antique to be put to work. These show very little wear with only some light scratches from use and storage, 13 collect antique mostly on the red.

The scales on all of these knives are still very 13 collect antique secure with no chips or cracks. All four pads are in Very Good condition 13 collect antique with no burns or scorch marks. Leonard WINCHESTER See an of other ‘valuable’ reels I want to buy I especially want to buy early fly and Salmon fishing reels that look like these by. This is a nice specimen with a blade that is just the right size to fit 13 collect antique under a peace of pie when lifting it from a pan. The over all length of this slicer is 6 ” with a handle length of 3 “. His nearest rivals were his brother, Fred, and future world champion John Pulman who each both won it on two occasions. Vom 13 collect antique Hofe HEDDON: No. SOLD This is a great little kitchen tool for the cutting of doughnuts. The tin Stands 7″ high with a diameter of 3”. This spoon is in Very Good condition and has a total length of 13 “. Results are always the same – better bread. The dimensions of the heart shaped business end is 4″ X 4″. SOLD A very nice Ideal #2 juicer manufactured by Stover Manufacturing of Freeport, IL. This specimen has a nice wooden knob on the geared wheel that is free of 13 collect antique any chips or cracks. The maximum cutting depth of the blades is 2 3 8″ with a width of 7”.

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