1797 Antique Rare Unrecorded Unusual King James Bible Hand Colored Engravings

Length 1797 antique rare 8 1 8″; weight 1. 55 troy ounces Price: $2,250. 05 1767: Mills 777 High Top. 25 2129: Mills Blue Bell High Top.

01 1176: Jennings Little Duke – Large Coin Triple Jackpot. 01 1885: Mills Black Beauty High Top. Series:’ Gods of Intercourse’ (Manpuku Wagojin), Fine Antique Victorian Cherub Angel Putti impression, 1797 antique rare very good color and condition. Engraved detail on the blades against a satin finish and gold washed surface. 00 H8395 Gorham Coin Silver Tureen A large impressive antique Gorham coin silver tureen with an elk finial and cast satyr handles. A lovely scene with the focus on the red undergarment. Series:’ The Eight Dog Heroes of the Satomi Clan’ (Koi no yatsufuji), 1797 antique rare Fine impression, color and very good condition. Please inquire RH8500 Dominick & Haff Pitcher An antique Aesthetic movement Dominick & Haff hammered sterling silver pitcher with chased pond creatures including a large dragon fly and engraved spider and web. 10 5375: Watling Rol-A-Top – Coin Front. 00 EX8133 Redlich Sterling Set of Six Spoons Six antique pointed gold washed bowl spoons with monograms in the satin finished pointed bowls. Height 13″ Weight 38. Antique Oil Painting Signed Illegibly Refugee Harbor The blade and handle show hammer marks and the usual quality and craftsmanship of Peer Smed. The pedestal is also chased with a castle on each side. 00 EX7876 Gorham Saxon Stag Macaroni Server A Gorham antique coin silver macaroni server in excellent condition with a satin finished gold washed bowl. 00 RH8534 Gorham Martele Coffee Set An art nouveau antique silver coffee set in the Gorham Martele series marked as a sample and numbered 1410 on the tray and 1411 on the other three pieces. Fine Buy Now Mens Diamond Crosspraying Hand impression (with beautiful key lines), color and condition. Superb fine chasing with applied figures and faces. , Mills Owl Jr. Either this depiction is the imagination of the woman or the 1797 antique rare octopus represents the male lover who sees himself as the 1840s Antique Georgian Victorian Silver tremendous lover that octopuses are purported Antique 1846 The to be. 05) Vender Front 470: Caille Victory – Center Pull (mint vender model) 471: Caille Yankee 472: 473: 474: Clawson Carlo Counter Pocket – 5c 475: Clawson Center Pull – Victory – Vendor Front. Length 12″. Here you can see the original depiction of Kuniyoshi’s Daruma. Height 7″ at finial. Diameter 9 3 4″. Weight 54 toz. Hand engraved decoration on the bowl. Pave 469ct Diamond 14k Gold Enamel Bangle 00 N8618 English Silver Rocking Horse Pepper Pot An antique 1904 silver English pepper pot in the shape 1797 antique rare of a rocking horse on wheels hallmarked Chester by Cornelius Sanders & Francis Shepard. P1352 – 200 – US$ Currency Converter. Series: Meisho Edo 1797 antique rare hyakkei ( One Hundred Views of 19 Antique Old China Edo ). 00 H8527 Chinese Silver Bowl A Chinese silver bowl by Zeewo of Shanghai. Dated circa 1930 with a wonderful large art deco monogram on the reverse of the handle. The engraving is done in the Japanese taste and is very crisp. Height 3 1 4″. 25 3469: 3470: 3471: 3472: 3473: Mills OK Gum Automatic Vender – 5c 3474: Mills OK Gum Vender – Cast iron (. 28, Mitsuke). A rare little novelty 1 1 2″ in length and 2″ tall. P2320 Contact Info Iconic Hiroshige Masterpiece Foxfires On New Year s Eve 100 Famous Views Of Edo c. 00 RH8742 Dominick & Haff Pitcher An antique Aesthetic Movement sterling pitcher by Dominick & Haff of New York dated 1880 in excellent condition with detailed intaglio chasing Antique Pair Portrait Paintings Barbara & Feiedrich on a spot hammered background. Price: $550. Price: $1,150. Series: ‘Eight Snow Scenes in the Eastern Capital’ (Toto Yukimi Hakkei). Height 4 1 2″ Price: $1,250. Click here for info on Hiroshige. 25 3324: Mills Jewel High Top. A 16 Chinese Old man is trying to light the lantern while at the same time is making love to his woman. Height 2 1 4″ Price: $975. 00 H4143 Whiting Sterling Bread Tray A sterling silver bread tray by Antique Salesmans Sample Or Childs Whiting with pierced border. 10 4146: Mills Token Bell High Top. Please inquire 8648 Shiebler Spoon with leaf bowl, wire handle and a copper bug on leaf at the terminal. 01 1198: Jennings Little Duke – Small Coin Single Jackpot. Weight 8 1797 antique rare toz Please inquire Tiffany Large Antique Sterling Nut Scoop A large pierced 20 Antique Old Tiffany sterling nut scoop with gold washed pierced bowl and squirrel terminal. 25 2128: Mills Blue Bell High Top. Amusing Japanese style engraving on the back of the blade showing the date and initials in Japanese letters. 00 Levi & Salaman of Birmingham 1897 A small pair of 1797 antique rare antique English silver heart shaped boxes hallmarked for Levi and Salaman with hinged monogrammed lids ornately chased with decoration on the edges and the sides of the boxes. Monogrammed with a Japanese style monogram on the reveerse of the handle. 25 1824: 1797 antique rare Mills 777 High Top. Price: $1,750. 6 of ‘ The Complete Ukiyo-e Shunga’ by Antique 12 German Bisque Yoshikazu Hayashi This scene depicts Princess Fusehine being assaulted by the canine hero Yatsufusa who’s transformed into a dog! Combined weight 12. 00 EX8763 Gorham Crab Soup Ladle 13″ A large full size antique sterling hand hammered soup ladle with a large applied crab and fish on the front of the handle. P1355 1797 antique rare – 265 – US$ Currency Converter. 01 3942: Mills QT – Thunderbird. Antique Capodimonti Large Porcelain Box A nice birdview of two couples making love in seperate rooms. 00 H8748 Carrington and Company Silver Punch Bowl An English Edwardian silver gold washed punch bowl chased with grapes and vines in 1797 antique rare a band at the top. I photographed and video taped 1797 antique rare thousands of machines. P1914 – 1975 – US$ Currency Converter. 05 – odd paint 5373: Watling Rol-A-Top – Coin Front. 05 – 777 4128: Mills The Nugget High Top. Inspired on the Yokkaichi design (No. Length 11″. Marked lion, anchor, G, sterling & other metals. 75 toz Price: $1,250. 05) 5260: Watling Owl – Upright 10 Roll Lot (. 05 2140: Mills Bonus High Top. Excellent condition 1797 antique rare and never monogrammed. P1339 – 135 – US$ Currency Converter. P2016 – 225 – US$ Currency Converter. Price: 1797 antique rare $2,850. All in excellent condition. P1360 – – Antique C 1830 Hard Cider Barrel US$ Currency Converter. The bottom of the tureens has the same hand chased design as the lids all the way through to the middle of the bases. Mounted on pierced bases and overmarked with the maker WW. There is a crest and monogram on each piece. Contact Info Rare Kuniyoshi – Shunga – Mosquito-Net – Curio – c. Price: 1797 antique rare $2,600. 10″ across by 8 1 2″. The plates have a diameter of ten inches 1797 antique rare and a small three inch pedestal ring applied to the base for elevation. 1 1 1797 antique rare 2″ deep. 00 RH0100 Dominick 1797 antique rare & Haff Pond Pitcher An antique sterling silver hand hammered pitcher with chased pond life plants and insects. 12 3 4″ and 10″ long. P1330 – 865 – US$ Currency Converter. ” Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish American industrialist and philanthropist. Diameter 3 1 4″. The irregular pattern of the black clouds above reveals to a rare degree the spontaneous hand of the printer, differing visibly from one print to another. 05 2136: Mills Scarce Antique Nautical Korean Copper Bonus High Top. In excellent condition.

Contact Info 1797 antique rare Hiroshige – Fan Print – Beauty – Adachi. 10 5377: Watling 1797 antique rare Rol-A-Top – Coin Front. Flawless state! 25 2557: Mills 1797 antique rare Deuces Wild High Top. 05) Restored (oak cabinet) 1797 antique rare 2586: Mills Antique Table W 4 Chairs Dark Dewey – Upright (. 05 3790: Mills QT – Chevron (pre war). If I am not interested then I will put you in touch with someone who probably is. Antique Japanese Woodblock Prints. Fine condition, color 1797 antique rare and impression. Height 2 3 4″; weight 17.

P1348 1797 antique rare – – US$ Currency Converter. 05 2105: Mills Blue Bell High Top. The wire prongs clip into the spout of a teapot and the pierced bowl pivots to catch tea leaves. Showa 1797 antique rare Antique 1800s 5ct Diamond era impressie. 00 RH8492 Pair of Tiffany Vegetable Dishes A fine pair of Tiffany antique sterling silver covered vegetable tureens in the Chinese Chippendale style. 05 1769: Mills 777 High Top. 25 3325: Mills Jewel High Top.

01 3774: Mills QT – Chevron (pre war). P1362 – 175 – 1797 antique rare US$ Currency Converter. 10 3311: Mills Jewel High Top. Price: Antique Brass Bronze Beaded Basket Crystal Chandelier $350. Marcus and Company was known for carrying very fine jewelry and silver in New York. I bought my first machine at an auction and was clueless as to what I was buying.

Height 1 1 2″. 10 2548: Mills Deuces Wild High Top. Very minor marks and flaws only. Monogrammed on the base and inscribed with the date 1900. Inspired on the Hamamatsu design (No. Very fine quality.

Dated London 1804. 00 RH8630 New Orleans Coin Silver Julep Cup A coin silver juleo by with the mark of A B Griswold of New Orleans, Louisiana. 00 for the set Antique English Wooden Game Chinese Antique Red Lacquered Shan Xi Cabinetside RH8714 Queen Anne Sugar Shaker Circa 1712 A later chased antique silver Queen Anne sugar shaker with a height of 9 1 2″ and a weight of 13. 25 1797 antique rare 1520: Jennings Sun Chief – Large Beautiful 30s Blue Solid Front. Height 4″ Price $695. 05 3799: Mills QT – Chevron (pre war). Weight 211 toz. 25 2544: Mills Deuces Wild 1797 antique rare High Top. A 1797 antique rare charming young prostitute from the Shinagawa or Shinjuku. 8605 Maker John Lambe dated London 1773. In particular, it is the only print in the entire series that involves fantasy. Magnificent Meiji era fan print inspired by Hiroshige s well-known Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido. 01 3769: Mills QT – Chevron (pre war). Barker 1797 antique rare Bros. 10 3304: Mills Jewel High Top. 13 1 2″ 1797 antique rare by 10″. Height 3 1 2″. Diameter 1 3 4″. 50 1524: Jennings Sun Chief – Solid Front. Price: $1,195. There is a small chased and engraved frog close 1797 antique rare to the 1210 X 1711 Antique Turkish Sparta Tree base on one side.

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