1880 Antique Victorian 18k Gold 104ctw Old Diamond Blue Enamel Engagement Ring

The bottom border measures apx 10″ in width. The whole cloth backing of the quilt is an early 20th century print. CONAMC4 Silk Velvet Victorian 1880 antique victorian Crazy Quilt w Photo c. Another wonderful detail in this well thought out quilt. 40 1 of 3Price: $1,804. The backing is an 1880s – 90s flannel which creates a very cozy quilt. Because of its size, this is a wonderful quilt to hang in the home. Paul Railway Quilt. These strips were then stitched together. During the height of the 1880 antique victorian Victorian era, homes could not have enough embellishment. The quilt is initialed 1880 antique victorian and dated 1885. 00 1880 antique victorian Price: $2,450. 00 1880 antique victorian Price: $1,945. 00 1 of 3Price: $2,995. Barnum’s Circus is closing after 140 years, making this quilt that includes Jumbo even more collectable. 40 1 of 6Price: $4,250. 00 Price: $1,195. 1928 64 x 74 inches Pennsylvania $800 This Strip Pieced Cotton Crazy Quilt was executed in a formation of fifty six 9-inch blocks, pieced by hand and tied. This is a warm and vibrant example of a skillfully made wool and wool challis Victorian Crazy Quilt. Ceiling Lights Wall Sconces Newel Post Lights Floor & TableLamps Newel Post Lights Floor & TableLamps Most lights can be built, or modified, to be CA Title 24 compliant. Contact Us Telephone – for orders or questions – 1- Email – Shipping FedEx address – 130 York Street York, Maine 03909 For orders or questions Phone: 1- Mail – 130 York Street York, Maine 03909 Have a question about one of Betsey’s quilts? This quilt is in 1880 antique victorian excellent condition and ready to be enjoyed and loved by you. A stunning piece of Victorian textile art meant to display the maker’s artistic and embroidery accomplishments. A lovely work of art that would be a dream to sleep under. Does this mean that many people made a block or were the blocks made in their honor? The quilt has been reverse tied and embellished at the point of tying with woven spiderwebs on the backing. Circus showman P. If you choose to rotate this folk art quilt, you’ll see a totally different piece of art. Silks, silk velvets and chenille, and threads of every hue were used to incorporate names, dates, pictures, and a wide assortment of symbols. This major piece of textile folk art can be hung in either direction.

It had previously been hung on a wall so pockets are sewn on and it’s ready to hang. The quilt is reversible because of the whole cloth backing. 00 1 of 3Price: $4,750. The 1880 antique victorian backing is an exquisite 19th century paisley in blues and browns. The perfect size for hanging, this quilt retains all of its positive energy!

This piece is truly a scrap bag quilt. 00 Price: $8,750. Please view the detail photos 1880 antique victorian (click images above) for closeup views. It’s spectacular and is comprised of 12 20″ square blocks. 9 cm) MA $4,800 1880 antique victorian What a truly spectacular example of Victorian Crazy Quilt! – All rights reserved. 40 Price: $2,250. Professionally hand washed by Betsey. 1906 43 x 1880 antique victorian 55 (109. Three dimensional chenille and silk flower and woven embellishment. An Amish woman created this as a present for a violinist to put inside his violin carrying case 1880 antique victorian to carefully protect the violin from any damage. There are a lot of unanswered questions about this piece. The top stitching embellishment has been executed with various colors of 1880 antique victorian cotton floss.

I can easily see this artistic quilt hung on a wall in your home or office. 1895 Victorian Antique 14k Gold 72 1880 antique victorian x 75 (182. 1885 60 x 76 (152. This piece would provide great warmth as a quilt on a bed or to snuggle under, while reading or watching television on a couch. Please ask Betsey for more details and to see this quilt on approval in your home. Currently Showing: All Victorian And Rococo Style Lights All Products 1 1 of 6Price: $28,600. A myriad of silks, mostly solids with some intriguing stripes added for special interest, vary in size from 2 inches to 12 in a variety of geometric shapes. Lovely daisy chain embellishment stitching in peach 1880 antique victorian floss covers the binding seam all around. 00 1 of 3Price: $2,324. 00 1 of 2Price: $2,064. She was affluent, very talented and had a tremendous amount of patience. Other Victorian symbols used include Japanese fans, as a symbol of the origin of these quilts, owls for their wisdom and of 14K Yellow Gold 240Ct course beautifully painted oil and adorned flowers. 00 1 of 4Price: $3,754. This quilt already has sleeves sewn on the back in case you would like to hang it as art on a wall. Ready to be sent for your viewing and approval. Q9099 Center Medallion Folk Art Adam and Eve Crazy Quilt c. We have antique quilts truly astonishing in their level of needlework and graphic impact, and as always, guaranteed to be the very highest quality. The backing and ruffle were made from a high thread count orange polished cotton. The 1880 antique victorian deep rich colors create a very sophisticated quilt. The border is 1880 antique victorian 4″ of wool challis all the way around and turned over edge to the back making its binding. These classic vintage styles can be used with confidence in any attempt to restore or reproduce that timeless Victorian feel in any home or room. 40 1880 antique victorian Price: $1,808. However, the oil paintings superceed the beauty of 1880 antique victorian everything else. American Antique Victorian Crazy Quilts Click on the 1880 antique victorian pictures below to see more views of my Antique Victorian Crazy Quilts. The inner seam is embellished with 1880 antique victorian embroidered silk stars. Tumbling block center medallion with outlined stars, and the center of the stars embellished 1880 antique victorian with gold metallic thread. The backing 1880 antique victorian is all wool. Seams are embellished with both cotton and silk flosses with some embroidered interior motifs giving this beauty folk art flair. The variety of shades of blue will make any lover of that color very happy. Because it is 1880 antique victorian foundation pieced, one can easily finish it by using the tying method verses hand or machine quilting. It’s a 1880 antique victorian happy quilt.

A Antique English Carved Wood wide variety of wool and wool challis fabrics have been assembled into a crazy quilt, with every seam embellished in fancy hand stitching. This quilt certainly has it all; beautiful silks and silk velvets outlined with a multitude of Victorian Crazy quilt stitches, with a variety of gorgeous embellishments including raised embroidery, crewel and oil paintings. The 1880 antique victorian backing is a very fine olive green wool challis with darker green specks that has a russet shimmer in the light. 00 1880 antique victorian 1 of 2Price: $535. Created with apx 10 1 2″ blocks, the edge of each block being embellished with various stitches. As always, this can be sent on approval. 1885 69 x 79 inches New England $4,900 This quilt is comprised of 42 10″ blocks, pieced with silks, wool challis and exquisite embroidery. A lovely silk Crazy Quilt in a perfect size for a wall hanging in that special room. Hand stitched 1-1 Antique Porcelain Plaque European 4 inch turned over binding from back to front. Each silk piece is outline quilted with various 123 Carat J Vs2 Exc Cut Round Victorian stitching embellishments. The backing folds to the front and is sewn down to form a inch binding. 5″ attached hand crocheted lace border can be removed if you choose to do so. Barnum marketed Jumbo heavily in the 1880s, so it would be a reasonable possibility that this quilt was made by someone who remembered Jumbo or perhaps included the elephant because it was in one of the childs favorite books. There is a 3-1 2 inch silk velvet border in a deep burgundy which outlines the entire quilt. AMC3 Victorian Crazy 1880 antique victorian Quilt c. CONAMC1 Center Medallion Victorian Crazy Quilt c. Antique 1880 antique victorian Crazy quilts are judged by design, graphics, level of embellishment and overall condition. Bank wire transfers are an easy method of payment for both domestic and international sales. This quilt is one in a million. The entire quilt was then reverse tied. Call for details. 00 1 of 2Price: $2,584. 1895 1880 antique victorian 64 x 74 inches Pennsylvania $1,400 Warm and cuddly and beautifully graphic. 00 1 of 3Price: $4,450. Very happy daisy floral whole cloth backing in Vintage Antique Deer Antlers Chandelier blue, white, red and pink. The stitching is simple but adds a graphic touch to this unused quilt. Comprised of mostly solid colored wools and wool challis there are also some wonderful checks, plaids and textured solids adding movement to the design and interest for the eye. Vintage Hardware & Lighting 1999-2018 We reserve the 1880 antique victorian right to change or modify policies, prices, sizes, and or designs at anytime, without prior notification. The center block has been further embellished with a nosegay of rose flowers with yellow-green stems and leaves. All hand pieced and hand embellished, this exquisite little quilt can be hung (in either direction) or be placed on a Top Collectable Rare tabletop. Dated 1886 54 x 72 (1137. Finished with a 1 inch 1880 antique victorian separately applied black binding embellished with a double herringbone stitch, backed with red flannel, and reverse tied with black yarn. F323 Cotton 1880 antique victorian Crazy Quilt Foundation Pieced Fragment c. All original and 1880 antique victorian in perfect condition. There are feed sacks, regular fabrics, dress prints, cotton curtain fabrics, and conversation prints all dating from 1915 to 1935.

A radiating center star is very difficult to piece. Ask 1880 antique victorian to see it on approval in the privacy of your home. 1880 20 x 30 inches New England $125 each Created in individual squares, then sewn together. 00 1 of 2Price: $1,285. 1885 15 x 31 inches New Englaand $1,200 This wall hanging was created in New England as an ornamental piece for the home and comes complete with the original diminutive hanging hardware. Please look at the close-up photos to see some of the amazing paintings. The most historically intriguing animal is the elephant labeled Jumbo on its side. This is a rare 1880 antique victorian and wonderful piece of folk art in its original youth bed size. The front fabrics are a variety 1880 antique victorian of wool, wool challis, woven silk and heavy cotton. A rare and unusual piece of folk 1880 antique victorian art for a special wall.

00 1 1880 antique victorian of 7Price: $6,800. The inclusion of the Dresden Plate block in the middle surrounded by four corner fans creates a center medallion focus, giving the whole quilt a unique visual balance. 00 1880 antique victorian 1 of 2Price: $1,295. 5 cm) Chester County, PA $1,900 A vibrant Crazy Quilt in glorious rich hues of deep greens, multiple shades of burgundy and wine, various 1880 antique victorian blues from deep to vibrant, taupes, mustard and peach. This Victorian crazy quilt, having been made in the 1880’s is comprised of wonderfully made silks and silk velvets. 7 cm) New York $2,900 P. The two 1880 antique victorian side borders measure apx 4-1 2″ each in width. 00 1 of 4Price: $1,450. The mustard gold backing was added later and turned over as a binding. I can say wonderful colors with wonderful motion. The family name is available upon sale. This is a complete original miniature quilt, not a fragment. 00 1 of 5Price: $9,568. 00 1 of 5Price: $11,950. There are 56 blocks 14K Gold 12Ct Aquamarine with apx 7 1 2″ sides. This quilt is bound with a 3 8″ wool fabric and top tied with blue wool yarn. We know a few things about the woman who made this piece. The only 1880 antique victorian quilt with Native American Indian symbolism that I have ever seen. Large fragment the size of many bassinets. The fabrics used are cotton velvets, cotton corduroys and a very few pieces of silk velvet dispersed throughout the quilt. The silk velvet border appears to have been used prior to the edging of this quilt. One block has 5 sets of initials all ending in M. This rare quilt is comprised of silks and silk velvets. Well almost a quilt. Such a wonderful palette in soft to the touch, cozy upholstery fabric. This diminutive quilt is comprised of 12 10-1 2″ blocks that are wool, wool challis and some cotton flannel.

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