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Cartoon in Harper’s Weekly, June 12, 1869, page 384. Enjoyed your website.

To admit these vast numbers of aliens to citizenship and the ballot would practically destroy republican institutions on the Pacific coast, for the Chinese have no comprehension of Antique 1913 Gorham Etruscan Pattern Set any form of government but despotism, and have not the words 164 Ct Fsi2ex Pear Earth Mined Diamonds in their own language to describe intelligibly the principles of our representative system. Large 18th C In 1876 by train: “At 7:00 we were to to round ‘Cape Horn’. While as many as half that work crew was engaged in building two massive retaining walls just above the emerging ledge (one a hundred feet long, the other two hundred feet), Montague suggested to Strobridge a new tactic, to which the Chinese headmen agreed. When writing of Cape Horn, “The Great Trans-Continental Railroad Guide”, published by Geo. Background: CHINESE-AMERICAN CONTRIBUTION TO TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD 4 chinese old (Click on image to enlarge) HON. Low and ; 4 chinese old and Charles Crocker and.

Ging Cui, Wong Fook, and Lee Shao, three of the eight Chinese CPRR workers who brought up the last rail at Promontory Summit on May 10th, 1869 also participated in the Ogden. Includes entry for Hung Wah (maybe 4 chinese old same person? Stanford locomotive (on loan from Stanford U. Hung Wa, Chinese laborer; Ah Toy, Chinese Foreman I also noted a Westerner listed as Chinese foreman A number of March sheets are missing, including the one I’d expect the Chinese to appear on. House of Representatives, Thursday, April 29, 1999. Close by was the fully equipped harness shop where a large force was repairing collars, traces and other leather equipment. They were lowered over the face of Cape Horn Promontory in wicker bosun’s chairs, 1,332 feet above the canyon floor. ” The Oriental is available at the Huntington Library and was published until c. 103, March 1865 – a whole sheet of Antique French Fireplace Andirons Chenet Chinese recorded in a different way than earlier sheets actual duties not listed. No Chinese were noted. Notice 4 chinese old Large Beautiful Vintage the textures in the clothing, a gentleman in the crowd wearing quite stylish sunglasses (the only one), and some tools, shovels and fishplates laying on the ground. ) Vivian Chan of San Marino, California, has grand uncles who worked on the railroad in the 19th century and remembers hearing stories about how her relatives had to cut their braided queues and wear the same work clothes every day. Most list the division and the Sections (generally on the title block on the back). The State of California applauded the arrangement at the time. “The Great Iron Trail: The Story of the First Transcontinental Railroad” New York, G. The work at Cape Horn 4 chinese old has proved less difficult and expensive than was first anticipated. Opposite the 4 chinese old reproduction of this painting is also a photograph of Secrettown trestle with Chinese construction workers (Southern Pacific Historical Collection). Chinese and Japanese Porcelain email questions Chinese and Japanese Porcelain Questions and Answers Chinese Ming Pottery and 4 chinese old Porcelain Chinese Export Porcelain Chinese Imari Porcelain Chinese and Japanese Chinese porcelain marks, seals and back stamps Chinese Porcelain Japanese porcelain Chinese export porcelain standard pattern, Antique Chinese Porcelain Ming dynasty Antique Chinese Porcelain marks. Archive-Name: gov us fed congress record 1999 apr 29 1999CRE822A Congressional Record: April 29, 1999 (Extensions); Page E822 From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access wais. Many workers risked their lives and in the harsh winters and dangerous conditions. So after a while we concluded to lie down 4 chinese old until nearer dawn. To this day the ground yields artifacts the Chinese workers left behind more than a century before. They were lowered by ropes from the top of cliffs in , and while suspended, they chipped away at the granite and planted explosives that were used to blast tunnels. The railroad festivities took place 4 chinese old in Colfax on May 7-8. Although the company needed over 5,000 workers, it only had 600 on the payroll by 1864. By way of background, the Immigration and Naturalization Service reports that only 46 Chinese emigrated to the United States in the three decades between 1820 and 1850. 1878, beginning on p. Chew instead is attempting to calculate that total number of Chinese who worked for the CPRR over time. Large-scale employment resumes in Jan 1865. Although the beginning of the effort took place on relatively flat land, labor and financial problems were persistent, resulting in only 50 miles of track being laid in the first two years. All rights reserved. Speaker, today I rise to honor the Chinese-American community and pay tribute to its to the building of the American transcontinental railroad. “At a point on the line called “Cape Horn,” the road was cut out of almost perpendicular 4 chinese old mountain side about fifteen hundred feet above the American River. Moguls and 4 chinese old Iron Men: The Story of the First Transcontinental Railroad (New York, 1964), p. In 1869 says in part:” the men who broke the first standing ground were held by ropes. Irish and Chinese laborers who had 2 Maitland Smith set records in track laying that have Antique Victorian Carved Carnelian Hardstone 14k never since been equalled joined with the cowboys, Mormons, miners and Indians in celebrating completion of the railroad. After 4 chinese old conventional medical treatments failed to restore her health, the Stanford’s Chinese cook went to the Chinese section of Sacramento searching for the famous herbalist and found Yee Fung Cheung playing a game of mahjong at the Wah Hing grocery store. Beginning amidst the chill winds of late October, as snow swirled over the higher peaks in the distance, scores of Chinese were lowered by ropes from Cape Horn’s summit to the almost vertical cliff face. Miss Carmony and I were disturbed though, and could not sleep after three, so we rose and dressed, but when we went out on the platform the snow sheds shut out everything. I’m writing a book which will detail the Karaja Heriz Antique Persian Rug history of the Chinese community in San Antonio, Tx which is a great story, rich in history. Can you assist Antique Gilded Very with the following inquiries? Links are merchant endorsements. The rugged mountains looked like stupendous ant-hills. Most Cape Horn Chinese were shipped back to Sacramento for the winter, with a few score experienced rock men sent up the line to the tunnel facings. ” But, 4 chinese old in 1962. Swarms of laborers, Chinese, Europeans and Americans were hurrying to their work.

Where would names, ages, of workers, other accounts 4 chinese old of these dramatic scenes be? ” So, 4 chinese old who invented the? 114 Professor Williams 4 chinese old also cites the following: “Documents and censuses relating to the Chinese in California,” University of California, Berkeley, Bancroft Library, C-B 761, box 1.

106, March 1865 – includes a group of Westerners listed as “China Foremen. Laborers, yellow and white, were suspended by ropes while they 4 chinese old hacked, drilled and blasted. Clement Biography Eastward to Promontory.

Land of the Iron Dragon – A novel about the Chinese who labored to build the 4 chinese old first transcontinental railroad in America. Hung Wa & Co. New York, Facts On File, 1991, p. Notwithstanding the casualties 4 chinese old there was no lack of volunteers, and to the surprise and relief of all, the basic work on Cape Horn was completed before winter’s rather tardy fury forced a four-month halt to outside work. Antique 14k Gold Stereoview and Caption Courtesy of the. Her grand uncles did manage to make a lot of 4 chinese old money laying track. 93-118: 4 chinese old “In early September 1865 , Strobridge turned his Celestials loose on Cape Horn with their picks, drills, shovels, tiny wheelbarrows, and blasting powder. Hardy industrious Chinese were held and steadied by the aid of rope securely tied around their bodies. Hung Wa, Chinese laborer; 4 chinese old Ah Toy, Chinese Foreman No. With this Antique Folk Art large force, the Antique French Carved Oak Black Company will be able to push on the work so as not only to complete it far within the time required by the Acts of Congress, but so as to meet the public impatience. ” Read about: Courtesy. 43, April 1864, Division 4, Section 34, (general duties not specified). Work in 4 chinese old the beginning was slow and difficult. Job opportunities on the railroad were well publicized by newspapers in Hong Kong and Guangzhou during the 1860s so it is probable that U. It further appears from the evidence that the Chinese 4 chinese old do not desire to become citizens of this country, and have no knowledge of or appreciation for our institutions. It begins 4 chinese old in California, as is logical, where the movement to put Extremely Rare Antique Vintage Primitive an end to Chinese immigration began in the 1850’s. Under the heading “the General’s sensation at Cape Horn” (p. “When the railroad was completed on May 10, 1869, an eight man Chinese crew was selected to place the last section of rail a symbol to honor the dedication and hard work of these laborers. They prove nearly equal to white men in the amount of labor they perform, and 4 chinese old are far more reliable. I am currently working on attempting to verify the type of hammer used to drive spikes on the CPRR during construction (the silver “spike maul” of Promontory ceremony fame is a hammer used in shipbuilding! ” A letter, written by Caroline Amelia Clapp Chickering, dated in 4 chinese old Oakland, Cal. The telegraph wire from the last pole was strung into the car that served as 4 chinese old a telegraph office. “”Morford’s Scenery 4 chinese old and sensation Handbook of the Pacific Railroads and California,” by Henry Morford, c. In 1876, a special committee of the California State Senate examined the problem and issued a report to the United States Congress entitled “An Address to the People of the United States upon the Evils of Chinese Immigration. Hardcover – 213 pp; children’s Chinese workers and the first transcontinental railroad of 4 chinese old the United States of America. Crush is also 4 chinese old seeking a U. ” A thorough searching of the payroll records of the CPRR, now located at the , reflects at most 9,000 Chinese workers. To conquer the many sheer embankments, the Chinese workers used techniques they 4 chinese old had learned in China to complete similar tasks. Three if you count an apparent lynching in El Paso of a Chinese in 1882. ADDITIONAL ILLUSTRATIONS OF CHINESE RAILROAD WORKERS: Rev. When the road-bed was constructed around this point, the men 4 chinese old who broke the first standing ground were held by ropes until firm foot-holds could be excavated in the rocky sides of the precipitous bluffs. Smith’s 4 chinese old yellow mount. 252 (same description in the 1877 edition):”Around the Cape, the railroad clings to the precipitous bluff at a point nearly 2,000 feet above the river and far below the summit, and where the first foot-hold for the daring workmen on the narrow ledge was gained by men who were let down by ropes from the summit. ‘ ” Graves further explains that the reason is that the CPRR’s Stanford contracted with Brigham Young for in place of the Chinese to complete the construction of the rail line and consequently the Chinese were pulled back once the construction reached 284 Vintage 40s Crysal Ceiling “Mormon Hill” at Toano, Nevada, where the Mormon crews took over. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY), in prepared remarks during Senate debate on September 5, 2000 on granting permanent normal trade relations to China, summarizes the history of Chinese immigration to the United States as follows: “It is not a pleasant history and it is painful to recount it. The book attempts to the size of the workforce despite presenting reseach showing names of only the many headmen listed but almost none of the “nameless” Chinese laborers that were left unrecorded and finding that more than half of the monthly payroll documents were missing. ” “Long lines of horses, mules and wagons were standing in the open desert near the camp train. ” The definition of a Bosun’s Chair is “a wooden plank or canvas chair for Ancient Antiques Chinese Hand Make Blue a worker hung by ropes over the side of a ship, Building or Bridge. Dangling, they tamped in explosives that had been lowered to them, set and lit the 4 chinese old fuses, signaled the men above by jerking a rope, and, wrote Thomas W. At this point the rails were loaded on low flat cars, and hauled by horses to end of track. The Harper’s Weekly engraving was 4 chinese old made from Hart Stereoview #119, shown above (right). ‘ He also noted that this same artist’s depiction appears in the two volume book, Evans, Cerinda W. I was an invited guest at the rededication of Cape Horn, in the company of the retired State Archeologist, a specialist in the history of the area, and another well known RR history expert. Very few of them learn to speak our language. A nice rope around the waist (or tied to something like a boson’s chair) that one can lean back against (with feet planted firmly on the ground) might be a real asset while swinging a double jack hammer, or holding and “shaking” a drill steel. 160 relates a story told by a “General” who was a passenger with him on a train trip from Junction to Truckee that Stanford had taken him up the line to 4 chinese old show “the General” what they had done. Note: The background image for this page is a portion of a labor contract between hopeful and an American shipping company in 1850. After the first 23 miles, Central Pacific faced the daunting task of laying tracks over terrain that rose 7,000 feet in 100 miles. “Locating descendants of the Central Pacific Railroad” Ken Yeo. Wyatt, Curator of History & Technology, California State 4 chinese old Railroad Museum reviewed their available early , and found the following: 1. , Printers, 92 4 chinese old J Street, Sacramento. Hundreds of barrels of black powder were ignited daily to shear away the obdurate granite and form a ledge on which a roadbed could be laid; but no matter the volume of explosives, progress was too slow to suit Stro bridge and his boss. A Biography of 4 chinese old Theodore D. Chinn, Thomas W. Can you help me find any account of a young Chinese railroad worker of the time? There’s no 4 chinese old mention of this event, even though there were regular stories coming out of Eagle Pass that time on a weekly basis. UPRR Locomotive “119” is prominent in the background. How 4 chinese old to document this? As the work progressed, and the difficulty increased in supplying these workers with food and materials, Leland Stanford contracted with Brigham Young to bring in Mormon workers. On 4 chinese old May 31, 1865, Mark Hopkins wrote, in a letter to C P Huntington “There are today not above 1,600 men on the work. “Chinese 4 chinese old at Laying Last Rail UPRR,” on O. Many of them are becoming very expert in drilling, blasting, and 4 chinese old other departments of rock work. 689, 44th Cong. The Joint Committee held 18 days of hearings in San Francisco in October and November 1876, and issued its final report in February 1877. 115 entitled “Chinese Cutting a Path for a Track Around ‘Cape Horn'” courtesy of the artist, Richard Houghton. 1) to her mother, after she came to Calif. Wah Hing after the store he was found in. “Bank and Cut at Sailor’s Spur. Kwangtung 4 chinese old Province. – John Garmany Collection. With the and the opening of the West came an increased interest in building a transcontinental railroad. Dissertation, 4 chinese old 1977. It was published by the Center of 4 chinese old Chinese Research Materials. Strobridge’s boarding car, being honored 4 chinese old and cheered by the CPRR management. ” Stereoview #539. ), and also 4 chinese old Ah Tong (less clear if same person). Lastly, 4 chinese old why are there apparently no photos extant of Chinese workers anywhere on the southern transcontinental line from LA to Langtry? My 4 chinese old sentiments and thanks go out to the entire Antique French Oil Painting Of A Chateau for its ancestors’ contribution to the building of this great Nation. Chinese appear in the following 4 chinese old 1864 payrolls: No. On May 10, 1869, the two railroads were to meet at Promontory, Utah in front of a cheering crowd and a Beautiful Antique Heydenryk Frame band. We have assurances from leading Chinese merchants, that under the just 4 chinese old and liberal policy pursued by the Company, it will be able to procure during the next year, not less than 15,000 laborers. ” From the report from End of Track, November 9, 1868, 4 chinese old quoted in the , August, 1927, page 10. 45 (maximum is 6,190 Chinese workers, with 160,958 man-days paid in April, 1866): Spangenburg, Ray and Moser, Diane K. ” James McCague. Were wooden, and 4 chinese old weighted 25 lbs. Earliest sheet I looked at was Payroll #22, Jan 1864. Foremen were galloping here and there on horseback giving or receiving orders. ” (portions of the voluminous testimony):Gov. DOOLITTLE 4 chinese old of California in the U.

The Official Report of the Engineer, dated December 1865, which when writing of Cape Horn, says in part “.

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