6 Rare Antique Master Prints Horses Landscape Figures Van Aken C 1630

Coast SurveyHand colored antique coastal chart showing the Atlantic Ocean and Long Island Sound, Long Island, with the Connecticut, New York and New Jersey coasts, 6 rare antique and New York City and Brooklyn. Coast SurveyAntique hand colored coastal chart of Monterey Harbor, California, with bathometric date, sailing directions, Original Antique Edith recognition profile, lagoon detail. On offer from a recent excavation are 10 Caltrops in very good condition. Coast Survey$75. This was used in dungeons as a torture instrument to tear flesh. 414) RARE TANT ITALIAN BARBUTE CIRCA 1490: From the collection of George Douglass Sr who was a founding member of the Arms and Armor Club of New York. Includes Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Boston, Cape Ann, Casco Bay, Mount Desert Island, and the 6 rare antique coast all the way to Nova Scotia. Bronze and gilded copper throughout. Very good overall antique condition, 16. In exceptional condition, small damage on ring. Includes information regarding water depths, currents, etc. You will probably never have the opportunity to own such a rare piece at a very reasonable price. 5″h x 9″w x 4. 402) GIANT 16. 00 Model # SOU252 – Maker: 6 rare antique US Geological SurveyAntique printed color chart of Savannah District, Georgia, by the US Geological Survey and published in Shaler’s 1893 The Geological History of Harbors. Hand colored antique coastal report chart of the Savannah River 6 rare antique Entrance and Calibogue Sound, coast of Georgia. SOLD Price: Date: 1893 1893US Geological Survey Model # WES184 Antique 12 Carat European Cut – Maker: US Geological SurveyAntique printed color chart of the Entrance to San Francisco Bay, by the US Geological Survey and published in Shaler’s 1893 The Geological History of Harbors.

Coast SurveyTriangulation, folded report map, hand colored, A. Triangular rear fluke and 1 pair of long straps and 6 rare antique one pair short, on its wooden haft. In very good condition, from a German collection. Condition superb with slight restorations as you would expect for a helmet of this period. Coast 6 rare antique Survey, 1853. Museum control number indicates this was deasetioned from major European museum. Coast SurveyHand colored Bache Coast Chart includes Boston, Cape Ann, Portsmouth, Cape Elizabeth to Portland, folded map in very good condition with some toning and wear along fold lines, 35 1 2″ h x 22″ w. Very good condition, 22. This example is 755) BLACK AND WHITE GERMAN MORION: Very heavy 2 piece construction, possibly for an officer or high ranking official. With index to Yacht Clubs, Principal Fog Signals 6 rare antique and Coast Guard contact information. Eye on the box bottom with def. 00 Date: 6 rare antique 1908 1908Eldridge$45.

Ax and hammer fixed a massive bow on the shaft, which also serves Antique 30 German as a base for 6 rare antique a square tip. This is 6 rare antique from a well known group. 00 Date: 1907 1907USC&GS$425. Very finely detailed color, with a recognition profile showing the 6 rare antique entrance of Narragansett Bay, minor plotting. Consistently and that is the best place to research the value of this edition. Good working condition for such as old padlock.

Very good overall antique condition with 6 rare antique some toning which is heavier at the folds, as well as some seam separation at the intersection of folds.

The chart says 1853 but this chart was published in 1854. 00 Model # MAS434 6 rare antique – Maker: U. 75″ x 17″ (H 6 rare antique x W) to the neatline. Coast Survey Model # MAI125 – Maker: U. Coast SurveyHand colored antique report chart of the northeast coast, with triangulation, and insets with Sub Sketches, Shewing the Position of Davis’ Shoals, 1846, and the 6 rare antique Position of Phelp’s Bank and Asia Rip, 1860. Coast SurveyHand Colored antique coastal chart of Hampton Roads and Elizabeth River, Virginia, by the U. 21 1 2″h x 22 3 4″w. 719) Large medieval reliquary cross (double cross) pendant with the image of 6 rare antique Jesus Christ 105mm. Top spike in shape of a spearhead, with tapering blade and central ridge. Coast Survey Model # SOU198 6 rare antique – Maker: U.

With great coastal detail, and soundings. Coast SurveyHand 6 rare antique colored, Bache, folded map in very good condition, 20 1 4″h x 19″w. Price: $225. 563) VERY LARGE & RARE 15TH CENTURY BRONZE Antique 18th C Brass GOTHIC CATHEDRAL SEAl: Chiseled in brass, a fortified town offset against a background of fleur de lys, the exergue inscribed SIGILLVM COMMVNIE CIVITATIS ET VILLE TORNACENSIS, the reverse lightly domed and cast with 6 rare antique a small handle. Coast Survey Model # SOU364 – Maker: U. 20 x 20 inches to the neatline. Very good condition, paper Wonderful Antique Rug Nw is toned, a few 6 rare antique light spots, with folds as issued, 23. The style of the lettering is Lomdardic (Germanic-speaking people who settled in Italy in the 6th century) which was popular from the 14th to the 16th centuries. 628) EXCEPTIONALLY RARE & ELEGANT ETCHED 2 HAND SWORD FROM THE DUKE OF HANNOVER’S ROYAL GUARD If you want the absolute best here it is! Coast Survey Model # MAT067B – Maker: U. 00 Date: 1856 1856U. A near identical example recently sold at a European auction house for almost ten thousand dollars. Coast Survey$250. They have a certain esoteric look arms and armor Antique Cast Iron Hubley Elephant Decorative Art from the rest of Europe do not have. Price: 6 rare antique $80. 5 6 rare antique inches SOLD Price: Date: Beautiful Antique Painting On Porcelain 1862 1862U. A very rare item that has survived over 300 plus years in exceptional condition. Very good antique condition, with mild toning and some roughing and paper loss at the outer edges. North is the right side of the page. Beautiful and a great part 6 rare antique of any medieval, renaissance or arms and armor collection. Coast Survey Model # MAS181 6 rare antique – Maker: U. Coast Survey Model # MAS147A – Maker: U. CSMTAWPrice: $425. Swept hilts on 6 rare antique bastard swords are somewhat rare. From old Bernese property. Very good overall antique condition with mild toning throughout, which is darker at the folds, as well as some edge wear with some minor paper loss. Very good 6 rare antique condition, surface soiling, measures approx. 00 Date: 6 rare antique 1864 1864U. Department. From the legendary Saxon Electorate Guard Armory In Dresden! Some reproductions have additional text. Dimensions: 5 x 3. Italy, circa 1600. Includes harbor navigation information and coastal information. Coast Survey Model # WES249 – Maker: US Coast SurveyHand colored antique coastal survey chart of the mouth of the Columbia River, Oregon, OR, and below, of Cape Disappointment, Washington, WA showing the proposed site for a lighthouse. Dutch origin. Includes 6 rare antique Astronomical and Magnetic Stations. Blunt in 1841 for the 14th edition 6 rare antique of Blunt’s American Coast Pilot. Coast Survey Model # WES138 – Maker: U. 75″w, Very good overall antique condition. Very good overall antique condition, with minor toning along folds and some minor foxing throughout. 00 Model # WES246 – Maker: USCSHand colored 6 rare antique antique harbor chart of Cortez Bank, including a sub-sketch showing the position of Cortez Bank near San Diego with the islands of Santa Catalina, San Nicolas, and San Clemente, with soundings. Geological SurveyAntique topographical map showing detailed relief of Chatham, including the coastline along Pleasant Bay to South Orleans, showing natural and manmade features, and a Chatham coastline very different from today’s. By Bache for the US Coast Survey, 24″h x 18″w. Good to Very good overall antique condition with mild toning (darker at the folds,) some mild seam separation at the intersection of folds, and some roughing very minor paper loss along 6 rare antique the left edge. Coast SurveyAntique Nautical Chart of the Florida Reefs, 1878 with additions to 1894, with soundings, information on tides and buoys, and showing significant coastal detail. Good overall antique condition with areas of noticeable foxing staining, mild toning throughout (heavier at the folds,) and some minor seam separation at the intersections of folds. 166 Florida Reefs, from Key Biscayne to Carysfort Reef, with coastal detail and soundings, and information on Gulf Currents, tides, buoys and lights. 00 Model # NAU264 – Maker: US Coast and Geodetic SurveyAntique map showing the erosion and accretion on the east coast of Cape Cod from Highland Light in North Truro to the entrance to Pleasant Bay in Chatham. An ideal piece for the collector 6 rare antique of this period who thinks he has everything he wants already in his collection. This sword has. It has been conserved to museum standards. 763) AN EXCEPTIONAL ITALIAN SWEPT-HILT RAPIER, CIRCA 1620: Exceptional condition with makers mark. The Bien Edition prints do not carry a watermark. However the fine pieced and engraved decoration of the guard has a very Northern European feel about it. This is a very heavy shield, which later in the century would be refereed to as of “siege weight”and with a fighting spike. Restored, lightly backed, center seam, overall very good condition, some professional filling. Coast & Geodetic SurveyAntique Nautical chart with water and sailing information showing Ossabaw Sound off the northern coast of Georgia, including Raccoon Key, Ossabaw Island, Skiddaway Island, and Little Wassawi, site of present-day Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge. Coast & Geodetic Survey$600. Navy Model # SOU373 – Maker: U. Slight delamination as 6 rare antique pictured which is normal. Beautiful roping decoration on both the guard and pommel. These troops were usually paid twice what the others were. Very good overall antique condition, toning along fold lines, 15 x 17. Coast SurveyAntique hand colored coastal chart of Ship Island Shoal, Louisiana, published by the United States Coast Survey, 1853. 75 x 16 Antique Books Prints & Magazines Selling inches. Very good 6 rare antique overall antique condition, measures approx. Good overall antique condition with mild toning throughout (which is heavier at the seams,) some seam separation, and very minor paper loss at fold intersections. Full basket grip with the highland method of welding together iron strips thus the Ribbon hilt full basket designed guard. 00 Model # WES177 – Maker: US Coast SurveyHand colored antique coastal chart of Crescent City, California in the mid-19th century, before landfill and breakwaters connected Steamboat Rock and Whalers Island to the mainland, including very fine detail of topography, and of the few waterfront streets and buildings of the town at the time. Type 13(A) swords (Oakeshott classification system ) are very beefy 2 hand swords used as a last resort weapon by the Knight. Coast and Geodetic Survey Model # MNE003 – Maker: U. Priced as framed. This is the 1907 version of a chart that began to be produced in 1875. SOLD Price: Date: 1853 1853U. 00 Date: 1854 1854US Antique Art Deco Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring Coast Survey$150. Rare small 6 rare antique size: 4. George went on a number of buying trips to Europe under the tutelage of Bashford Dean the first Arms and Armor Curator Of The Metropolitan Museum Of Art. Bathometric data, coastal topography, 6 rare antique information on tides and sailing directions. Includes two recognition profiles, Mount 6 rare antique Pleasant, Cummings Point James Island, Fort Johnson, and more. Price: Date: 1884 1884U. 7 x 10 inches. 00 Model # MAS693 – Maker: U. The 6 rare antique original aquatints created by Robert Havell, Jr. With trick to open overhead 650) Knightly dagger Circa 1400: Very rare knightly dagger with complete rombic shaped blade, S-shaped cross guard of bronze and flower-like faceted pommel also made of bronze. (see Octavos below) The only way to confirm a Havell Edition Print that meets the other criteria is to find the watermark on the paper. Recent coloring. The Electorate of Saxony sometimes referred to as Upper Saxony, was a State of the Holy Roman Empire established when Emperor Charles IV. Specializing in the works of John James Audubon since 1998. Trapezoidal ferrule with Antique Brass French Horn flat straps. Condition: Good, Whole, Surface soiled, wrinkled from being 6 rare antique wet, has crease in center.

Coast and Geodetic SurveyAntique black and white chart showing Monomoy Harbor and a portion of the coastline of Chatham. 721) VIKING HELMET FROM GRAVE Too Cute 12 Kammer & Antique Italian Baroque Pewter Candlestick Circa CIRCA 10TH CENTURY: This Viking era helmet was found in Central Europe at the turn of the century. Coast Survey Model # MAS814 – Maker: U. Coast Survey Model # NYO004 – Maker: U. Locking mechanism that works as well as the day it was made. Very good overall antique condition, 16 x 23 inches. Coast Survey Model # 6 rare antique MAT101 – Maker: U. Irenes in Istanbul. 748) A MORGENSTERN Chinese Antique Kangxi Period 1661 FLAIL MACE, 17TH CENTURY: Central Europe, circa 1650. Coast Antique Art Nouveau SurveyAntique coastal chart, with detail of coastal landforms and city of Galveston, and 6 rare antique bathometric data. Andrew’s Bay, and Santa Rosa Bay. Coast 6 rare antique SurveyOriginal antique coastal report chart, restored, and beautifully hand colored by our local artist. Uncolored antique coastal report chart of the Savannah River Entrance and Calibogue Sound, coast of Georgia.

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