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Coetzee, Christo (1929 2001) Christo Coetzee was born in Johannesburg on 24 March 1929. Broadley, Robert (1908 – 1988) Robert Broadley was born in 1908 in Manchester, UK. Hendriks studied at the Rotterdam Academy as well as in Paris. Domsaitis spent the. Villa, Edoardo (1915 2011) Edoardo Villa was born in Bergamo, Italy and studied at the Andrea Fontini Art School. Tretchikoff, Vladimir (1913 2006) Vladimir Tretchikoff african art old was born in Petropavlovsk, Russia, now known as Petropavl, Kazakhstan. She studied at the University of Natal under OJP Oxley. De Smidt, Abraham ( 1829 – 1908 ) Abraham de Smidt was born in 1829 in Cape Town, South Africa. Greaves studied at the Brighton african art old Art School, The Sussex’ women’s. Preller, Alexis (1911 1975) Alexis Preller was born in Pretoria and attended Pretoria Boys High School. An exceptionally gifted boy, coming from a mingled contemporary background of rural and peri-urban Zulu culture. Anna studied BA Fine arts at the University of Wits and won a. In 1936 while at the Academie he won. He african art old studied briefly at. Order or enquire below. We stock an immense array of objects d’art including sculpture, artifacts, ceramics, pottery, bronzeware and Diamond Antique Style 18k White glassware.

Sithole, Lucas (1931 – 1994) Lucas Sithole was born in the year 1931 in KwaThema, Springs, Transvaal (Gauteng). Hillhouse , May (Mary Ellen) (1908 1989) May Hillhouse studied at the Natal Technical Art School in Durban from 1922 1926 and worked for the next twelve years as. He was mainly a painter of gures. Krige, Francois (1913 1994) Francois Krige was born in Uniondale in the Cape Province. In 1920 Enslin’s father was chaplain with the SA forces during WW1 and the family came. Before then, she african art old had been concerned at first with descriptive delineation of. McCaw was educated in african art old Johannesburg, where he was influenced by Sydney Carter in his. Mayer was educated in Berlin, could not afford to study art, but won a bursary for architectural. Lippy Lipshitz was born in Plungian, Lithuania, in 1903 and died in 1980 in Kiryat Tivon, Israel. Rokgoathe was taught art by Mr Makeko. After completing school he worked as a clerk before persuading his family to. Clarke, Peter (1929 – ) Peter Antique Louis Xvi Clarke was born in 1929 in Simonstown, Cape Town. Great emphasis is placed on the originality of the goods we source and fair practices in terms of prices paid. Skotnes, Cecil (1926 2009) Cecil Skotnes was born in East London in 1926. Like us african art old on Facebook. This was where he began. He was forbidden african art old to study art by his Pair Of English Antique Portrait Miniatures Military parents but. Theys, Conrad (1940 – ) Conrad Theys was born in Montaque, Western Cape in 1940. After her parents died during her infancy, she was raised by her grandfather in Lubeck, Germany. Kentridge grew up in a family of prominent South African attorneys. Recent Posts CONTACT US Please leave african art old this field empty. Cyprian Shilakoe Cyprian Shilakoe african art old was born in Barberton, Mpumalanga in 1946.

Rose-Innes, Alexander (1915 1996) Alexander Rose-Innes developed an aptitude for drawing at an early age. Boshoff, Adriaan (1935 2007) Adriaan Boshoff was born in Pretoria in Antique Chinese Hardwood Kang 1935 and passed Hand Knotted Rug Genuine away in 2007. Sumner, Maud (1902 1985) Maud Sumner is considered to be one Antique Meissen Porcelain Figure Group The Rape of the most international of South Africa’s artists, due to her experience of French, English and South African life. Domsaitis, Pranas (1880 1965) Pranas Domsaitis was born Antique Oil Painting Of A in Kropinas, Memel, on the border of East Prussia and Lithuania, and passed away african art old in Cape Town, South Africa. Hodgins, Robert (1920 2010) Robert Hodgins was born in 27 June 1920, in Dulwich, London.

Mccaw, Terence (1913 1978) Terence John McCaw was african art old born in Pilgrims Rest, in Transvaal (now Mpumalanga). Thackwray, James James Thackwray A painter of figures, landscapes, seascapes, portraits, still life, genre and abstract pictures. ATP has developed into a true “Wonder” on the Cape Town tourist map, attracting up to 3000 visitors per day. Naude, Hugo (1869 1941) Pieter Hugo Naude was born on the farm, ‘Aan de Doorns’in the Worcester district in african art old the Western Cape. He was faced with the challenge of establishing his reputation as an. During his. Carter, Sydney (1874 1945) Sydney Carter was born in 1874 Enfield, Antique Original Bronze By Charles Middlesex, England. Stellenbosch Head Office: +27-21-882-9296 Gallery (Gerrit Dyman Jr): +27-72-699-5918 Pretoria Gerrit Antique 19c Chinese Porcelain Large Antique German Repousse Dyman Sr: +27-83-799-0734 Jeanetta Dyman: +27-83-290-2779 Masters Masters Ampenberger, Stefan (1908 1983) Stefan Ampenberger began painting at home in Bavaria as a youth. Makhoba african art old seemed to have. In 1924 he studied. He studied art at Unisa under Zakkie Eloff, Leo Theron, Robert Hodgins and many. Bhengu received his early education african art old at the. He enlisted with the Union Defense Force in 1940, and served in Kenyaand Egypt. He grew up on Bushbuckridge mission station with his grandmother, as his parents were migrant workers. Dali, Salvador (1904 1989) Salvador Dali was a Spanish painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and designer. Bettie Cilliers-Barnard (1914 2010) Betties Cilliers-Barnard, born in 1914 began her exploration of non-figurative forms in 1957. Born in the lush green, tropical city of Tzaneen in the Limpopo Province in 1948, Julian Motau was one of many siblings, born in his father’s later years. Lock, Freida (1902 1962) Freida Lock was born in Cheadle Hume, England 1902 – 1962 Freida Lock was born in Cheadle Hume, Cheshire, England. Pinker, Stanley (1924 – ) Stanley Pinker was born in 1924 in african art old Windhoek, Namibia. Daughter Antique 1775 1820 of wealthy German-Jewish immigrants. De Jongh, Tinus (1885 1942) Martinus Johannes de Jongh was born african art old in Amsterdam in The Netherlands in the year 1885. He studied at the african art old Vienna Acad of Arts. He presents two personalities in african art old his painting; the one is exploratory, seeking new forms in familiar. Koboka, Welcome Mandla (1941 – 1997) Welcome Mandla Koboka was born african art old in Johannesburg in 1941. He african art old resided. Fasciotti, Titta (1927 1993) Titta Fasciotti was born in Bergamo, Italy in 1927. Timlin, William (1893 1943) William Timlin was born in Nothumberland, England, the son of a colliery foreman. Adventurous and restless, he wandered widely on foot and by sea until he came to. He had been an artist all his life. Battiss was. Eloff, Zakkie (1925 2004) Zakkie Eloff was born in 1925 on a farm in Bechuanaland in Botswana. In 1959, Rakgoathe completed his junior certificate, a two year primary. All Rights Reserved. The youngest of seven children his father felt that art as a career was foolish, but agreed. Baker, Kenneth (1921 1996) Kenneth Baker was born is 1921 in Cape Town and passed away in Estate Antique Victorian Solid 18k Wg Natural 1996. He established. Kentridge, William (1955 – ) William Kentridge was born in 1955 in Johannesburg, South Africa. As a child, african art old Mohl used to draw with ‘pepa’ on rocks and making clay. Spears, Frank (1906 1991) Frank Sydney Spears was born in Walsall, Staffordshire, England. He studied art at Pretoria Boys’ High School under african art old Walter Battiss and at. Du Toit spent the years. Van Essche, Maurice Charles Louis (1906 african art old 1977) Maurice Van Essche was born in Antwerp, Belgium. Kibel, Wolf (1903 1938) Wolf Kibel was born in Grodziska, near Warsaw, Poland. A popular “Voice”. His father african art old Sydney is among. Klar, Otto (1908 1994) Otto Klar was born in Vienna, Austria in 1908. Hendriks, Petrus Anton (1899 – 1975) Anton Petrus Hendriks was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in the year 1899. While studying in Milan in 1939, he was conscripted for 2. Esmonde-White, Eleanor (1914 2007) Eleanor Esmonde-White african art old was born in Dundee, Natal in 1914. Henkel, Irmin (1921 1977) Irmin Henkel was born in Renburg, nr Hanover, Germany 1921 – 1977 Striking Antique Bruegel Cabinet Born in 1921 in Renburg african art old near Hanover, he was of German descent, but passed. John Mohl african art old John Koenakeefe Mohl was born in 1903 Gorgeous Antique Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Repousse at Dinokana Village in Lehurutshe, Western Transvaal. He attends the Art. Kibel was the son of the Jewish Cantor and ritual slaughterer of the village of Groditch (Grodzinska). His family came to Johannesburg in 1942 and he african art old attended Mooki Memorial School and Orlando High, here. Kenneth Bakker- (1926 – 1988) african art old Kenneth Bakker was born in Cape Town in 1926. Volschenk, Jan Ernst Abraham (1853 1936) Jan Ernst Abraham Volschenk Jan Volschenk was born of Dutch parentage on the farm ‘Melkhoutskraal’. He was a self-taught artist of landscapes, sea scapes, still life and figures. Van Nazareth, Herman (1936 – ) A chance encounter with the Belgian artist, Bert de Clerck, in 1961 started Herman Van Nazareth on the road to becoming an artist. His family african art old moved to Brussels when he was 5 years old. Mayer, Erich (1876 1960) Erich (Ernst Karl) Mayer was born in Karlsruhe, Germany. Meintjes, Johannes Petrus (1923 1980) Johannes african art old Meintjes was born in 1923 in Riversdale, Cape Province. Du Toit, Paul (1922 1986) Paul du Toit was born is 1922 in Noordehoek, Cape Province and died in 1986 in Stellenbosch, Western Cape Cape. Artwork from practically each African african art old country and culture is available. Antique Vintage Germany Original Walkure James Reitz, the Government Land Surveyor, observed him drawing. Bhengu, Gerard (1910 1990) Gerard Bhengu was born on 6 September 1910 in Outstation of Mariannhill Mission Station, Centecow, Bulwer district, Southern Natal. Koboka worked in various mediums african art old such as oil. He was educated at Madibane High School, in Diepkloof. Meintjes was the son of a sheep farmer and spent his first five years on. Vorster, Anna ( 1928 – 1990 ) Anna Vorster was born in 1928 in Hartebeesfontein, Transvaal (Gauteng). She made such an impression with. He came to Johannesburg at the age of 2 and lived there for most of. Dumas recalls in her work the painterly gestures african art old of Expressionism. ATP’s roots started african art old with the establishment of an art workshop in Zimbabwe in 1978. Buchner, Carl (1921 2003) Carl Buchner was born in Somerset Antique 19thc Kpm Porcelain East, Eastern Cape in 1921. She studied art at the Edinburgh College of Art from 1942 1947. He was enrolled at the african art old Kathlehong Art Centre, where Antique 19th Century Caucasian he concentrated on sculpture and.

Spilhaus, Nita (1878 1967) Nita Spilhaus was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1878. The considerable amount of time that has been devoted to sourcing African art has allowed us to establish close relationships with successive generations of Africa’s leading artists. Claerhout, Frans (1919 2006) Claerhout was born 1919 Pittem, Belgium. The Rose Innes family moved to Port Elizabeth in 1927. Kay, Dorothay (1886 1964) Dorothy Kay was born in Greystones, County Wicklow, Eire in 1886. De Jongh, Gabriel (1913 2004) Gabriel Cornelis de Jongh was the only son of the renowned artist Tinus. Between 1947 1950 he studied at Continental Art School in Cape Town, under Maurice Van Essche. Dixon, Leng Antique Cowden & Wilcox Cobalt Decorated (1916 1968) Leng Dixon was born in Cape Town in 1916, where african art old he also passed away in 1968. Pemba, George (1912 2001) George Pemba George Pemba was born in Hill’s Kraal, Korsten, Port Elizabeth. Greaves, Helen Constant (1882 1966) Helen Greaves was born in 1882 in Brighton and passed away in Cala, the Transkei. In 1874 he african art old studied studying drawing part. Langdown, Amos (1930 2006) Amos langdown was a graphic artist and painter of landscapes, town scenes, genre and figures. His father died when he was 10 years old, and he was raised by his mother. He arrived in South Africa as a designer for Brimble and Briggs Ltd in 1928. Welz, Jean (1900 1975) Jean Welz was born in Salzburg, Austria in 1900 and african art old died in Cape Town in 1975.

Share african art old with Friends! He followed a family tradition by entering the Cape Colony. Works in oil, acrylic, watercolour and charcoal. Dingemans, african art old Jan (1921 2001) Jan Dingemans was born in 1921 in Breda, The Netherlands. From 1939 1941 he lived. David Botha (1921 1995) David Botha was born in 1921 in Graaff-Reinet and passed away in 1995. Gwelo Goodman came to african art old South Africa from England as a teenager. Langdown produced lithographs, woodcuts, etchings, drypoints, monotypes and copper engravings as. He african art old showed a talent for drawing at Morpeth Grammar School, and received a. Huge Antique Chinese Porcelain Vase Mounted Flint, Sir William Russel no images were found Are you interested in any of the paintings listed above? He lived in or near Cape Town all of his life as he was restricted to. After passing through phases of Cubism, Futurism and Metaphysical painting, he joined the Surrealists.

Boyley, Errol (1918 2007) Errol Boyley was a painter of landscapes, still life, seascapes, figures and wildlife, who mainly worked in oil. He is known for his work that mainly consists of indigenous woods. Mainly self-taught but during the early 1940’s studied. She was a versatile artist, who was Exquisitely Crafted Antique Large Kyugetsu Samurai accorded recognition particularly for her work in.

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