Antique 14k Gold Diamond Sword Brooch Pin

Enamel 106 Ct Esi2vg Round is in very good condition with no chips or damage. This large and solid sterling piece measures 2 3 4 inches by 2 antique 14k gold 1 4 inches. The notepad antique 14k gold has a light gold wash that has mostly worn off. The earrings measure 3 4 of an inch in diameter and are Antique Oil Painting The one inch in length (from the top of the wire). The are undecipherable marks (could be a maker’s mark or made in production) on the back of the center section of the necklace. I have not taken this apart to check the materials. Cameo and locket are in very good condition. Pin antique 14k gold section measures 1 15 16ths inches. This locket is not made by Unger and was made by one of their competitors. The stickpin measures Antique Persian Malayer Farahan Hand Knotted 1 2 of an inch by 5 8ths of an inch. The brooch measures 1 3 4 inches by 7 8ths of an inch and has it’s original “C” clasp. The antique 14k gold pieces are finely detailed for their size. Good size, with the festoon section measuring 5 inches by 3 1 4 inches with the chain measuring just under 18 inches. Condition Great Price On 112Ctw E Si2 Exc is very good with no damage or wear. The brooch measures 1 inch by 15 16ths of an inch and is marked 14k. Chain is not original to the piece and is 24 inches long. Order # 171 Price $95 Art Nouveau Sterling Poppy Buckle Brooch Fun buckle type brooch with a beautiful 3 Chinese Archaic Or Antique poppy pattern. Condition is very good and this stunning locket has it’s original patina with very little surface wear. The bail is antique 14k gold a newer addition. The back clasp has an old repair and the pin is a little use but functions quite well. The locket is unmarked and is guaranteed to be sterling and is most antique 14k gold likely American in origin. Order # 1367 Price $395 Victorian Bohemian Rose Cut Garnet Cluster Brooch Beautiful Bohemian pyrope rose cut garnets accent this lovely cluster brooch. The brooch measures just under 2 3 8ths inches by 2 5 8ths inches and is marked Kerr, sterling and #1703. I have never seen an Art Nouveau cameo of this caliber. The brooch has it’s original “C” clasp and is in good working order. The design is antique 14k gold quite elegant and is on both sides of the frame. The brooch has a fold down loop and can be worn as a pendant. Condition of enamel is very Antique Early 1900 S Rose Cut good with very slight surface wear. There antique Antique Platinum Diamond Estate Ring European 14k gold is a small area Antique Victorian 14k Gold of discoloration on the string. Marked 14k with an antique 14k gold undecipherable maker’s mark. The back has been nicely engraved with initials that look to be “CAS”. Order # 433 Price $195 Art Nouveau Lady Sterling Watch Fob Lovely sterling fob featuring Art Nouveau Antique Lace Rare Circa women. The cufflinks measure 3 4 of an inch by just over 1 2 inch and are marked sterling and Blackinton. Back Open Order # 2365 SOLD Unger Chilly Cupids Large Sterling Heart Locket This wonderful antique heart locket antique 14k gold features two cupids warming themselves by a fire in the woods. Reg: $120 Brand New Dangle Earrings With Genuine 11mm Freshwater. The earrings measure 2 5 8ths inches by just over 5 8ths of an inch and are marked Germany and sterling. Period clasp antique 14k gold and with a pendant attachment. The locket is in good working order and does not have it’s metal inserts. Brooch is quite large measuring 1 1 4 inches by 2 1 2 inches. Order #831 Price $195 La Pierre Daisy Sterling Buckle Set This lovely buckle features a very elaborate daisy (or sunflower depending on your interpretation). There are worn marks on the back that are illegible. The brooch measures 1 7 8ths inches by just under 1 7 8ths inches. Condition is good. Marks Top View Order # 1853 SOLD Edwardian Etruscan Work Diamond Sapphire 10k Bracelet This lovely bracelet features beautiful Etruscan work accented with two diamonds and a sapphire.

The bracelet is marked PAT. The locket measures 1 1 4 inches in diameter and is marked sterling. There is a loop on the top through which a bail or ring would be attached so this could be worn as a pendant. The front antique 14k gold of the locket has light surface wear. Order # 404 Price $275 Kerr Art Nouveau Lady Sterling Brooch This classic Kerr brooch features an Art Nouveau lady with her flowing hair. Condition is very good for this lovely period buckle.

The antique 14k gold stickpin is marked 14k and an undecipherable maker’s mark. Pastes are antique 14k gold in very good condition. The brooch pendant measures 1 inch in diameter. The necklace has antique 14k gold two granulated beads on each side and measures 20 inches in length. White pastes accent both the heart and top part of the wings and a pearl drops off of the heart. The brooch measures 2 3 8ths inches by 3 antique 14k gold 8ths of an inch. Back Marks Order # 1955 SOLD Beaux Arts antique 14k gold Diamond Griffin Brooch This lovely brooch features a griffin set with two diamonds. The cufflinks are circa 1900 and are made by the well know firm of R. Back Order # 372 Price $350 Victorian Hebe and The Eagle Cameo Vermeil Brooch Pendant Lovely Victorian shell carving of Hebe and the Eagle set in a gold washed elaborate 800 silver (marked) filigree frame. Back of bottom woman has the antique 14k gold initials “E” and “C”. The cufflinks measure 3 4 of an inch by just over 1 2 inch by 9 16ths of an inch. One of the balls on the cannonball edge is indented (bottom edge). The brooch is set in silver and has a undecipherable hallmark (possibly a boar’s head for France, 800 silver) and is guaranteed to be at least 800 silver. The brooch is quite large and measures just over 2 1 2 inches by just over 2 1 8ths inches. Order # 473 Price $495 Edwardian 10k Gold Lorgnette Nice antique 14k gold Edwardian 10k gold (marked) lorgnette. The pin cushion is antique 14k gold marked Kerr (hatchet mark), sterling and #2630. I will include a new clasp and let the new owner decide. Order # 535 Price $125 Victorian Gold Etruscan Coral Brooch and Earrings Striking demi-parure accented by gold Etruscan granulation. The necklace also features an enameled lotus blossom drop and a freshwater pearl drop. The necklace measures 2 3 8ths inches by 1 3 4 inches. The back of the locket has some wear, most likely from teething marks from a child. The sport ring clasp is marked with a boar’s head (French mark) and is 800 silver. This large figural Kerr lockets features a gargoyle demon type figure antique 14k gold and is a locket that is rarely seen. The pendant measures a large antique 14k gold 4 inches by 1 1 8ths Woman 075 Ct D Vs2 Round Diamond inches. A lovely F&B sterling heart antique 14k gold locket with the same pattern is listed in # 882. Unmarked silver (guaranteed to be 800 silver or better). Back Marks Order # 2308 SOLD Art Nouveau Poppy 10k Fob Pendant This fun Art Nouveau fob pendant features two poppy flowers in bloom. The locket is in good working order and could stand a good polish. Period Antique Rancho Monterey Period Armchair With catch in good working order. The brooch measures Antique Victorian 14k Gold Large antique 14k gold 1 5 16ths of an inch by 5 8ths of an inch wide and had a “C” clasp that opens to the top. German silver with a period “C” clasp. The locket is marked with the French boar’s antique 14k gold head hallmark for 800 silver. The translucent enamel antique 14k gold is in excellent condition. At some point the original swivel has been replaced with a sturdier 278Ct Ladies Round Brilliant period French 800 silver (marked with antique 14k gold a boar’s head). The heart measures 1 inch by just over 5 8ths of an inch and is marked sterling. The back is marked sterling. The stones are all present and are uniformly aged and the faux pearl is in excellent condition. The necklace is European in origin and is marked 925 (most likely French) on the clasp. The antique 14k gold necklace is marked sterling and the enamel is in excellent condition. The enamel is in very good condition with several very small areas of wear (on the nose and Antique State Capital brow) that can only be seen upon very close inspection. The medallions feature Greek Roman men in various poses. Reg: $858 Casio CASIO Brand New Date Watch reg: $140 Sign up for our newsletter to receive EXCLUSIVE offers Subscribe Follow us Customer care Service and security antique 14k gold Worry-free Returns & Exchange 14-Day return policy Worldwide delivery We ship to over 130 countries Safe & Security Checkout SSl encryption Payment Methods Visa MasterCard American Express Discover.

The locket is not marked (not unusual for Antique Oak Oval Library Table Desk Carved this period) and is guaranteed to be 14k. Back Order # 1264 SOLD Victorian Etruscan Revival 14k Earrings These antique 14k gold stunning Victorian earrings are done in the Etruscan Revival style that was very popular during the 1860-70’s. The dimes measure 3 4 of an inch in diameter. Whole Stickpin Back Order # 740 Price $195 Antique Enameled Butterfly 14k Gold Stickpin This lovely figural stickpin features a butterfly enameled with iridescent shades of aqua and blue with a red dot on the top and bottom of each wing. Signed in Chinese on the back. Porter and sterling and also has it’s original “C” clasp. The brooch is also a locket and has it’s original glass and silver rim. Several of the rectangular links are marked with the letter “E” in what looks to be a box. Back Open Order # 2002 Price $1300 Antique Limoges Enamel Rose Diamond Gold Brooch This lovely jewel of a brooch features a Limoges enamel portrait of a young woman with an enameled cap is accented with a rose cut diamond. The “C” clasp is antique 14k gold in good working order. Large size, measuring antique 14k gold 2 3 8 inches by 3 1 4 inches. The slide locket has does not have any glass or metal inserts. Order #211 Price $95 Antique Joan of Ark Enameled Sterling Stickpin Nice period enamel stickpin with a portrait of Joan of Ark in her armor.

The sapphire and pearl pastes have some light wear. The inside is engraved with antique 14k gold the letter “K” and the date May 10 ’02 Rare Antique C1800s (1902). The dragon is unmarked and is guaranteed to be at least 800 silver. The agate is a pale sand color and is translucent with the color being darker in the photo than it is in person. Most likely this hung from antique 14k gold a chatelaine. The inside is in very good condition and looks to be original. Total length of chain is 18 inches. Stone section measures 9 16ths in diameter and the antique 14k gold pin measures 2 1 2 inches. This is a locket that can be very challenging to find. The earrings measure 2 1 8ths inches by just over 1 2 of an inch and are marked sterling. The brooch is in very good condition. Order #1748 Price $125 Antique Marius Hammer Carnelian Orchid 830 Silver Brooch This lovely antique brooch was made by by the well know Norwegian artist, Marius Hammer. Has original watch swivel in good working order. The locket is marked 14 antique 14k gold and Carter Gough. The enamel is in very good condition with very light surface wear. Back Order # 2341 Price $425 Art Nouveau Felix Rasumny Lady and Pansy 18k Brooch This antique 14k gold wonderful Art Nouveau brooch was made by the very well know Russian French medalist Felix Rasumny. There is a very small area antique 14k gold on the tail that is missing due to it most likely rubbing against the chain. Back Order # 1660 SOLD Edwardian Mississippi River Pearl Daisy 14k Brooch Pendant This lovely Edwardian brooch pendant features a gold textured center with Mississippi River pearl petals. Measures 4 5 8 inches by 7 8 inches (from tip to tip). The mirror has antique 14k gold some wear. This pendant would look antique 14k gold wonderful on a black ribbon or cord. The back is marked 14k and has the original “C” clasp and also a watch hook that can be used to hang a watch, locket or pendant. The dark green velvet material antique 14k gold may be a later day replacement. Order # 2363 SOLD Gorham Art Nouveau Mixed Metal Lady Buckle Pendant This wonderful and very hard to find Art Nouveau Gorham buckle is made in the Japanese mixed metal style. Back antique 14k gold Marks Order # 1898 Price $225 Marius Hammer Dragonfly and Water Lily Sterling Brooch A most unusual Marius Hammer brooch featuring a dragonfly hovering over a water lily in vibrant shades of green, blue, brown, yellow and white. The fob pendant measures 1 5 8ths inches by 1 inch.

The brooch measures 1 3 8ths inches by 1 1 4 inches. Measures 1 3 8th inches by 15 16ths of an inch. Whitehall Shop Now $1 Auctions Bid Now We Love Italian Sunglasses Shop Now Everyday Diamond Jewelry Shop Now Brand New Cocktail Ring With 0. Measures 2 3 8ths inches by 5 8ths of an inch. There looks to be an old repair to one of the slides. Condition is excellent with a lovely patina. The locket has both metal and glass inserts and is in good working order. Order # antique 14k gold 277 Price $65 Art Nouveau Double Flower Sterling Brooch Nice Unger style nouveau brooch set with two lily type flowers. The brooch measures 1 1 8ths inches antique 14k gold by 7 8ths of an inch. The brooch measures 1 antique 14k gold 1 8ths inches in diameter and is marked sterling, depose, and Meyle and Mayer. The heart locket has both metal inserts and what look to be the original photos.

The cufflinks could stand a good antique 14k gold cleaning and I will leave that decision up to the new owner. This is antique 14k gold nearly the same buckle set as the below listing, but set with amethysts. Measures 3 1 2 inches Large Historic Vintage Antique Zia Indian by 1 3 4 inches. Bracelet measures 7 1 2 inches by 3 4 inches. Order # 1706 Price $225 Victorian Hollow Sterling Bangle Bracelet Fun period hollow sterling bracelet features a lovely repousse pattern. The brooch measures 2 1 2 inches by 2 inches. The antique 14k gold ring is hallmarked. The heart locket measures 2 3 8ths inches by 2 1 8 inches.

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