Antique 18c German School Old Master Oil On Canvas Gentelman Portrait

SOLD PN-24 KU-18 3 1 2″, BIM with a ring lip and smooth base. SOLD PN-16C (bottle on far right in picture) KH-16: 6″ tall, Hexagon form, in a rare lt. A real nice piece from Sherbrooke, Quebec Canada. In mint condition. This antique 18c german is smallest size of this style bottle. 00 PN-5A KT-8 2 7 8″ tall, triangle shape with saw tooth edges, seam over ABM, Orange amber glass that has some interesting wavy pattern to the glass. ” embossed on it. The front with a center panel that is raised. Bottle antique 18c german is far right in group pictures. Metal caps are rust free and in mint condition. SOLD PN-7A medium (CENTER BOTTLE) antique 18c german 5 5 8″ tall (without stopper) KC-1, ABM, cylinder shape, vibrant cobalt blue glass. Worse on antique 18c german the back of the bottle but still not bad. Bottle is in mint condition with no problems at all. Some nice crudeness to the glass. A very nice small jug poison bottle. Strongly embossed on each panel around the shoulder of the bottle : ( 6 ) Skull & Crossed Bones. ( can see in the first picture ) Nice crude glass with some good size bubbles and a yellow amber tobacco swirl in the base. No chips, cracks, dings or pings. Nice crude glass with some waves in it. Size, irregular hexagon shaped bottle. 00 PN-6 KR 31 4″ tall, rectangle shape with double rows of diamond protrusions on all four corners , ABM, vivid lighter cobalt blue glass. 4 7 8″ tall, hexagon form, clear glass, ABM. 00 PN-16E 5 1 8″ antique 18c german tall, Hexagon form, in a light yellow green color glass. Bottle is second from left in group pictures. Just a wisp of haze in one corner of one panel. SOLD KS-12 3 1 2 ” tall antique 18c german with the rubber stopper in the bottle, ABM, square form, orange amber glass. My pictures do not do this bottle justice! This 200 size is even tougher to get if you are looking at trying to get the antique 18c german complete size set. The lip and around the base have inclusions and waves in the glass that may at first appear to be chips. At just 2″ tall, a very nice orange amber color glass, BIM bottle with a ring lip and smooth base.

Bottle is not embossed except for graduation measurements on the back and the monogram of the ROYAL BOND CO. Orange amber glass color. SOLD KJ type unlisted jug poison bottle: 3 3 4″ tall, Light yellow amber glass with a hint of green. SOLD PN-8A (bottle on left) KS-12 2 5 8″ tall, ABM, square shape, orange amber glass. 00 PNGW-1 7 1 2″ tall x 6″ wide envelope that contains 8 sheets of ” SEIBERT POISON FLY PAPER ” Never been opened! Scale ” The label is in pretty good shape ( please see my pictures for condition of the label ). 6 1 2″ antique 18c german tall, hexagon form, clear glass, ABM. Nice light yellow – olive green color glass. Front embossing reads : ” CHAMPION CONCENTRATED EMBALMING FLUID CHAMPION CHEMICAL CO. SOLD KI-1: 2 antique 18c german 7 8″ tall, 1oz. Embossed antique 18c german on left front panel : ” SKULL & CROSSBONES ” center front panel ” POISON GIFT VELENO ” ( poison in Italian ) Right front panel embossed ” SKULL & CROSSBONES “. SOLD PN-23 ( 6 oz. 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These are only noted for accuracy and do not take anything away from this unlisted poison bottle. 00 PN-11A ( as above ) KC-21 “variant” This bottle is antique 18c german BIMAL and has an applied single ring lip. The front antique 18c german panels are NOT embossed. A wonderful older version of this style bottle. No other problems A very rare poison bottle! This is the largest size in the set at antique 18c german 1000 mil. 00 PN-18 ( LARGE UNLISTED SIZE ) KH-15: Bottle is the largest in pictures. ABM, screw top with a smooth base that is embossed with “100”. N-mint condition, there are a couple of light scratches and some dirt inside that would clean. Glass has some nice bubbles, texture and crudeness. Bottle is embossed on the front and back. SOLD (2) Embalming Fluid Bottles 2 antique 18c german bottles for sale here! Triangle shaped with antique 18c german a rounded back. Bottle is in super mint condition with some nice bubbles and crudeness antique 18c german to the glass. SOLD (Label Only Embalming Fluid Bottle) 7 3 4 ” tall with metal screw cap on, clear glass, square shaped, ABM with a screw top and metal lid. SOLD PN-17 ( HUGE JUG POISON ) KJ type unlisted jug poison bottle: 8 1 4″ tall, Light orange amber glass. Side 1 embossed: ” POISON ” Side 2 embossed: ” TRILOIDS ” Bottle is in super mint condition and has a couple of folds of glass and a few nice bubbles. – PHOTO REQUIRED Topics: 813 813 Topics 3867 Posts Last post by Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:54 am If you know the maker, but not the pattern. 7 3 4″ tall, hexagon form, Save On 305 Ct Clear glass, ABM, bottle is in n-mint condition with no chips, cracks, dings or stain. Some nice graphics with two antique 18c german skulls with cross bones. This is an Amber hexagon bottle that is listed as “Very Rare” and is the smallest of the set. Embossed on the front left panel : ” SKULL & CROSSBONES ” Center panel embossed :” POISON GIFT VELENO ” Right panel embossed : ” SKULL & CROSSBONES ” Embossed on the rounded back : ( near shoulder ) ” GIFT SKULL & CROSSBONES GIFT “. It looks like most of it would clean with antique 18c german some TLC. Please see my pictures. Bottle is in super mint condition with some nice wavy glass and some air bubbles! This size is somewhat harder to get than the smaller Owl’s. 8 3 4” antique 18c german tall, yellow – green glass, ABM. 00 PN-22 (bottle far left in picture) KH-16 medium yellow-green color. SOLD (As Above) UNLISTED KH-33 style, but shaped like the KH-16 poison bottle. Bottle is in n-mint condition with only a couple of spots of inside dirt and light outside haze. 6 9 In Sterling Silver Antique 1 2″ tall, ABM, 250 embossed on the base. A great poison bottle! Bottle is on the far left antique 18c german in the pictures. 00 PN-2A UNLISTED antique 18c german KE type. This is a Swiss German poison bottle. 00 PN-10 antique 18c german (DOSE GLASS? 00 PN-18D KH-15: ( same as above but 500 mil size ) Unlisted antique 18c german in this color! This bottle is shown in the middle of the group in the picture. Yellow Green glass! ” ( which means BE CAREFUL in German ) A very rare poison bottle that I have never seen before.

SOLD SUPER LARGE – SUPER CRUDE Unlisted size KH-17: Pictures do not do this piece justice. This antique 18c german bottle is without a stopper.

This is a very rare Swiss poison bottle not offered antique 18c german for sale very often. 00 PN-16D ( same as above but not in group picture) KH-16: 5″ tall, Hexagon form, in a rare lt. Embossed on front vertically between 2 rows Antique Sailor Boy Portrait Painting In of diamonds : ” POISON ” Three rows of diamonds are embossed on the two sides of the bottle. An unlisted size!

A antique 18c german very nice large poison bottle in super mint condition. Skull & X bones Veleno! Also, there are two pin point pings near the base on the right side of the un embossed panel. Second picture shows a line going from the shoulder to the base. No chips, cracks, dings, or stain. With Corrosive Sublimate on label. SOLD antique 18c german PN-18C KH-15: ( same as above but 100 mil size ) Unlisted in this size! ” KI-5 8 7 8″ tall, BIM with a tooled lip, irregular hexagon shape, vivid cobalt blue color glass. # 1 is a KZ-7, clear glass and is 7 3 4 ” tall, square shaped, ABM with a crown top style lip and metal clamp lid. ( pictured in photo # 3 ) This is not bad and the bottle displays mint. The label and glass dauber are still all there. Most are ABM. SOLD PN-7C ( bottle on the right ) ( same style as above but no stopper ) 3 3 8″ tall, KC-1, BIM, cylinder shape, A lighter cobalt blue than the above bottles. No chips, cracks, dings or stain. Front has a metallic label that reads, Striking Set Of in part : ” LANOFLO ARTERIAL FLUID Directions antique 18c german ROYAL BOND INC. The front panels are embossed: ” POISON antique 18c german POISON ” In mint condition. Embossed on two sides. I am being picky in my description. Bottles have complete labels and metal screw caps All in very good condition! BIM bottle with a tooled top and a smooth base that has a kick up. This is a hard antique 18c german size to get. SOLD THE BOTTLES LISTED BELOW ARE KEPT FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES AND HAVE ALREADY BEEN SOLD. Another Swiss German poison bottle. A rare poison bottle that I have never seen before. A real nice sparkler just like the first & second bottle! Size ) Bottle is second from left in the pictures.

Green yellow color glass, ABM, embossed on antique 18c german three sides, (side 1) “Attention! The Imperium label has four small holes in it, but not bad! SOLD PN-7 small (BOTTLE ON RIGHT) KC-1 4 3 4″ tall (without stopper), BIM, cylinder shape, vibrant cobalt blue glass. Embossed on front panel : ” skull & crossbones antique 18c german POISON LIQ. This bottle is a lighter green with a blue cast. Bottle is in near mint condition with only a light haze on the back. SOLD PN-14 ( LARGEST SIZE ) KV-1 HUGE 10″ antique 18c german tall, Med. ” Bottle is in super mint condition with no chips, scratches, cracks, dings, or stain. On the base is embossed ” 1 G. 00 PN-14B ( MED. 101 2″ tall, yellow – green glass, ABM. Complete with glass stopper that has sharp points and is embossed with ” POISON ” three (3) times. This bottle “does not” have a stopper! 00 PN-4 antique 18c german KT-1 4 7 8″ tall, triangle shape, BIM with a square collared, ring lip.

00 PN-7D Clear KC-1 3 3 4″, BIM with a ring lip, Lattice & Diamond embossed poison bottle. Bottle has a tooled lip & smooth base. SOLD Antique Yellow Turkish Sivas KC-4 2 ” tall, Lt. 00 PN-18A KH-15: ( same as above but 500 mil. A real nice sparkler just antique 18c german like the first bottle! Orange amber color glass. ” The bottle is in mint condition with no chips, cracks, dings or stain. Bottle is embossed on three panels around shoulder. Very hard to get the right color in a digital picture. As antique 18c german above, these are very rare in amber glass. It looks like the bottle would clean with some TLC. One must hold this bottle to really appreciate it! 500 embossed on antique 18c german the base. Base is 3 1 2″ X 3 1 2″. Besides what I just described, this is a clean piece and these take nothing away from this bottle. 00 PN-5B KT-2 3 1 2″ tall, BIM, triangle shape with smooth edges, cobalt blue glass that is lighter at the edges and darker down the center. Some light inside antique 18c german haze exists in the shoulder area. 00 PN-22C (bottle on far right) KH-16 (same as above) but in a medium yellow-green color. ” (side 3) “Vorsicht skull & X bones Gift! A very nice bottle with good color antique 18c german and crudeness to the glass. BIM with a tooled ring lip and a smooth, antique 18c german un-embossed base.

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