Antique 18th Century Judaical Wooden Persian Torah Khatam Box

Surrounding the antique 18th century central design are seven borders; multiple sawtooth edges alternating with solid bars. This is one of the heaviest quilts Absolutely Beautiful French I’ve ever washed. This wonderful piece of history tells us more about the fabrics than the quilting. The top Beautiful Antique Armand does not have a border. 1875 with older date calico backing fabric 64 x 73 inches Found in Philadelphia $4,900 Wow! DQ299 Postage Stamp Doll Quilt c. 1830 1 4 inch hand applied fabric in antique 18th century russet red, ecru and black for the binding, and quilted using linen thread.

CONLH3 Turkey Red and White Calico Bassinet Quilt c. If you have any queries regarding the antiques represented on this website, or you require any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us at Peter Lipitch Ltd Tel: +44 (0)20 75841120 Email: Contact UsX THANK YOU! There is some moth damage on one of the blocks. The quilt has been reverse tied Authentic Antique 1950s Hereke Qaisari Rug and embellished at the point of tying with woven spiderwebs on the backing. 9 x 188 cm) PA $1,800 A sumptuous velvet quilt in lavender, antique 18th century deep greens, and blues. Central to each hexagon pattern is an embroidered three leaf clover. The entire quilt has been quilted in a diagonal grid apx 1-3 4″ apart with what I would call sort of beginner’s quilting. Organically hand washed and ready for your home. This little hand tied doll antique 18th century quilt appears never to have been used therefore is in perfect condition and a happy addition for a collector of dimiative origonal condition quilts. The stitches used for the applique are some of the tiniest I have ever seen. The fabulous blue and pink backing fabric tells us that this has been quilted in the 1890’s even though the top has been previously made. Red cotton backing is turned from back to front to form the inch binding. No, this is not perfect, however, I think it is so spectacular that I’m doing something very unusual and offering it for sale on my web page. 1900 48 x 48 inches Maine $395 How unusual to find antique 18th century a double sided quilt of any size. This quilt has indigo and white blocks, the sides of the blocks measuring 15″ with the center circle having a diameter which measures apx. 1885 73 x 82 inches New England SOLD This Double Irish Chain in red and white was created around c. 1870, with 1800 fabrics 85 x 85 inches Pennsylvania $2,800 This is a perfect display of Turkey red fabrics that date from c. 1880 68 x 76 inches Pennsylvania $1,900 Hand pieced and hand quilted. Ready to antique 18th century be sent for your viewing and approval. There Rare Antique Brass Surveyors Compass is nothing warmer than sleeping under Antique Quilt Hand Done Quilting And wool. 1850 while the red calico and the black, white and red calico backing date from later than 1865. The entire quilt has been quilted on the diagonal and double line quilted, which is indicative of 1840’s style. Please look at the close-up photos to see some of the amazing paintings. Some of the shawls were produced in Kashmir, India, and antique 18th century the others came from European manufacturers. Tiny baseball players in early uniforms run, jump and throw in a few different prints across the quilt. These squares have been pieced by antique 18th century both hand and machine, sending us a clue that possibly more than one person helped in making this quilt. All work on this piece is by hand, and the quilting is outline quilting and cross hatch quilting in antique 18th century 1 2 inch grids. Most likely her brown thread was originally a tobacco dyed green which has oxidized over time. I am happy to send this mint condition quilt for Antique Rare French Bronze Ormolu With your viewing and approval. Q9058 Nine Patch Steeple antique 18th century Chase c. This piece would provide great warmth as a quilt on a bed or to snuggle under, while reading or watching television on a couch. This probably dates 1860 to 1880. Sparingly reverse tied, this piece has cotton batting. Comprised of a large array of fabrics and colors that are warm and soothing. The indigo squares measure approx. The black center of this paisley shawl is a beautiful 19th century black wool challis, which does not photograph well. The addition of a triple border is unusual for a quilt of this time and actually the only one antique 18th century I have ever owned. In fabulous condition. Two color quilts are always a joy to find and easy to incorporate into any home’s decor. Parts of the stains are on both the front and back, thus the lower price. 1865 86 x 86 antique 18th century inches Zebulon, NC SOLD This exquisite Double Irish Chain is pieced both by hand and by machine. The backing is the same white cotton fabric antique 18th century used on the front with a separately applied hand sewn 3 8″ white binding. One clue to this is that the quilt has a wool batting. Each piece has embellishment stitching on the seams in a multitude of softly hued silk flosses. There’s a patch sewn on the whole cloth backing that is signed and dated. This quilt has been beautifully made and appears to be in unused condition. The quilting is an example of what the people from Tennessee call baptist quilting, or arc quilting. 1880 92 x 93 inches antique 18th century Pennsylvania $2,900 This huge Variable Star Mennonite Quilt is in mint condition and all hand quilted. This quilt is bound with a 3 8″ wool fabric antique 18th century and top tied with blue wool yarn. An optical illusion silk quilt. Completely executed by antique 18th century hand, organically washed by Betsey and ready for your viewing. The front beautiful red color was achieved using a bath of Antique Art Nouveau Colored cochineal.

Q9070 antique 18th century Silk Velvet Blazing Star c. 1850 92 x 93 inches New antique 18th century England $5,800 Very unusual over-dyed green calico fabric combined with turkey red, chrome orange and red miniature calico. This quilt was definitely made for warmth, and would be very appreciated on a cold New England night. The inner border has antique 18th century wave quilting. 1870 A: 68 x 78 inches B: 70 x 76 inches New England SOLD antique 18th century Classic turkey red and white combination. 🙂 Happy to send on approval. One has a turned over Stunning Antique Atkins Brothers Sterling Silver Punch binding indicative of antique 18th century PA, and the other has an applied binding. In gorgeous solid Turkey red and overdyed green you just can’t get any more festive. Upon sale, we will provide all the family provenance. The entire quilt was then reverse tied. The majority 1930s Joseph & of the homespun on this quilt is made from such sheep that produced coarse wool. The joining Antique Italian Lustre Vaseurn Robbia Gualdu Tapino blocks on antique 18th century point at the top and bottom and sides of the broken star measure apx 6-1 2 inches square. This quilt has been lovingly antique 18th century used, showing some wear on the binding. The complete outside border measures apx 6″ wide and is comprised of dozens of antique 18th century 6″ square log cabin “H” blocks and totally different from the inside log cabin blocks which comprise the straight furrows pattern. One row of chains measures 4-1 4″ antique 18th century in width while the other measures 7-1 2″ in width.

Creating such fabric often took as much as 2 years from start to finish. Radiating borders are always seen on a quilt of this design. This quilt is all about the graphics. In this case, these pieces of fabrics must have come from an affluent family as they are so expensive. Today, Antique Scottish Buffet Barley Twist Legs Locking this little quilt is a fabulous piece of artwork for your wall or to adorn a very upscale doll’s cradle. Created over 150 years ago, it 1pcs Keyence Sensor Sensing is ironic that antique 18th century these are all today’s colors. Created from purchased fabric telling antique 18th century us something about the socio-economics of the family that they were of comfortable means. Today this white quilted underskirt could be worn as a skirt. The sixteen crazy quilt fan blocks measure 13 x 13 inches and are pieced and embroidered by hand. The antique 18th century beautiful russet silk velvet border has been pillowcase edged. The diagonal line hand quilting is spaced approximately 1 inch apart. The backing is a solid red challis with a 3 8 inch applied black green binding the same fabric as the border. One of the strips has blue woolen fabric that appears to be of a finer quality. Q9037 Wool and Wool Challis Victorian Crazy Quilt with Triple Border c. Q6220 Gothic Four Square Formation c. It can be sent to you for private viewing in your home antique 18th century before deciding to purchase. 1780 – 1820 68 x 90 inches Mid-coast Antique 19c Hand Painted Russian Icon Maine SOLD This rare early quilt was originally made antique 18th century for a New England post bed. The base of the corner triangles measures 6-1 2″ and the sides are 4-3 4″. Remember, our quilts are always antique 18th century sent on approval. 6 cm) New Oxford, Pennsylvania $2,300 A gorgeous quilt with absolutely wonderful fabrics from 1850-1870, the color palette of this piece is predominantly browns, reds, madder dyes and a few pops of indigo.

The creator of this quilt antique 18th century was a premier sewer. (Old Yankee tradition: If you don’t need it, you don’t do it). Individual Flying Geese blocks measure 5 x 5 inches and are arranged in a variation of the Old Maid’s Puzzle and placed within a Garden Maze. The over-dyed green calico Antique French Empire Gilt Bronze Glass used in the border is the same used antique 18th century throughout the quilt. The antique 18th century diamonds in the tumbling blocks are purple red white. The antique 18th century backing is a minuscule black and white gingham check. The third step is the very laborious process of antique 18th century separating fibers in the back and stuffing them with cotton. CONJE14 antique Gorgeous Antique American 18th century Funky Folky Center Medallion c. The quilt is surrounded by a antique 18th century 4-1 2″ border and finished with a 1 4″ all hand applied binding. The irregularity of some of the pieces and stitching along with the rough English piecing are the clues to the age of the girl making this quilt. I believe this quilt was made for a man because of the wide black borders, the black fabric being men’s clothing. This diminutive quilt has been constructed from white linen fabric and linen thread, and is in unused condition. With most two color quilts one can assume that the fabric was purchased and therefore the family was of comfortable means. The diminutive nine patch joining block measures 1-78″ wide with 5 8″ squares. It’s also in perfect, unused condition. Comprise the alternating bars strip. Q9088a Woven Blue and White Fringe Coverlet Mid 19th century 76 x 91 inches with 2-1 2 inch fringe on 3 sides (this includes 1 inch applied overshot piece that extends a 2-1 2 inch linen thread from the loom) New England $950 This large Overshot Coverlet is made from indigo dyed Antique Ancient Chinese 10k Yellow Gold Buddha wool and antique 18th century natural color ecru linen. It’s hard for me to tell if all these turkey red, yellow calico and calico fabrics are appliqu d on top of a white square or pieced. This quilt would be great for a queen size bed, the top of a king size bed or on the wall. It’s finished with a solid narrow border finished with a 3 8″ early block print wool challis fabric. Double borders, one in black antique 18th century and the other in deep olive black wool challis grace the outer edge of the quilt design.

This originated in Pennsylvania, possibly in the Lancaster County area. The format of this coverlet is reminiscent of the early English quilts, with its center medallion and surrounding design. I purchased this quilt about 15 yrs ago from a private collection where it had been for over 20 years. 1890 74 x 76 inches Berk’s antique 18th century County, Pennsylvania $900 Created with 8 1 2″ blocks, the fans have a 7″ base and 4″ segments. The entire quilt is covered with very small hand antique 18th century quilted stitches in a 1 2 inch crosshatched grid.

This quilt has had some restoration, which is almost impossible to find, in the white areas. Entirely hand pieced and hand antique 18th century quilted using a combination of white and brown cotton threads. Contact antique 18th century Us: 130 York St York, ME 03909 2016 Rocky Mountain Quilts. 1820 84 Antique Art Deco Vintage Diamond x 85 inches North Carolina $Call Chevron and diamond border on three sides. Hand antique 18th century washed by Betsey and ready for snuggling. Reverse tied with cream wool yarn this quilt also has a pillowcase edging. Wonderful early fabrics throughout are Antique 1920s Velvet Dress & hand pieced into blocks just 3 ” square. English piecing creates such a tight seam that the quilt top does not need to be quilted. Every other block contains a wreath filled with Antique C 1890 inside grid quilting 1 4″ apart. The backing is a fine white cotton and the separately applied hand stitched ” binding is in Turkey red. The backing is pre-1860s or earlier solid turkey red fabric. 1870 78 x 90 ( 198. Fictional letter by Abigail Adams explaining to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 why women’s rights should be included in the new Constitution. In the 1880s most men who smoked, smoked cigars, which came in groups of 4-8, tied up with a cigar silk ribbon. It’s a mid 19th century knit table cover created in strips of various widths from apx 9″ to 19″ and then sewn together with the same ecru thread that was used to knit this masterpiece. Our collection exemplifies the timeless value and appeal of fine antique English furniture. Many historians antique 18th century believe the origin of the Victorian Crazy Quilt was inspired by the majestic Japanese screens seen for the first time at the exposition. The edges have been turned over 1 4″ and hand stitched to finish the textile. Multiple cats along with 72 Rare Antique birds, large bugs and a terrific barn with fence are included with a sentimental ‘Think of Me’. In order for the blocks to be upright, it needs to be hung vertically. Or an antique 18th century unbelievably warm quilt to wrap ones self up in while reading or watching TV. The color combination is exceptionally warm. There is no way to photograph the whole quilt. The combination of precise piecing with the completely original folk antique 18th century art design gives this quilt a whimsical yet sophisticated feel. Each block is approximately 4 inches square, with LeMoyne stars alternating with solid Turkey red blocks. All of these pieces are the same Turkey Red calico print. The provenance for this quilt will be given upon sale. We have a swan, which to me represents a relationship lasting a lifetime, flowers and leaves representing antique 18th century spring, summer and happiness. 1895 78 x antique 18th century 78 inches Tennessee $1,100 How modern the graphic art work seen here is on this quilt. The inch separately applied binding uses a circa 1860 fabric and the backing antique 18th century is off white cotton.

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