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8 hours ago 98 Comments updated their 13 hours ago posted photos 15 hours ago posted a “”19 hours ago 0 Comments added a discussion to the group Found this in St Thomas, U. “yesterday 0 Comments posted a photo Lovely old photo album to hold cabinet cards. Nylon opened, as a new product, a wide range Antique 1930s Art of possibilities for new items. On the other hand, this and all the other types did not require much hand labor for assembling and the finishing touch Antique 1930s Art of the end product. Polymers were and still are a very good material for streamlined design and styling. These were very good materials for using it with design and styling. We can no longer work and live without these materials. Bakelite another type strong like catalin plastic during the 1930s have a great effect on most of today’s products. Every product could Antique 1930s Art be given the color of your choice, which was not the case with wood and steel. This and others changed a lifestyle during the 1930s. Remember show and tell in school. 78 discussions News & Announcements ONLY 37 discussions 5 discussions 3 discussions 1 discussions 8 discussions Latest Activity posted a photo Beautiful vintage handbag covered with white seed beads and a floral needlepoint front. By the 1950s almost all were this or metal. In the case of Antique 1930s Art the bakelite, This strong non flammable product was seen as a good substitute for all others. Castel Buy Now 118 Carat (castle) Antique English Carved Oak Wine Sant’Angels and Ponte (bridge) Sant’Angels, Antique 1930s Art Rome, Italy. So, in fact, it had an unfair reputation in the Antique 1930s Art more wealthy parts of American society. Wood Antique 1930s Art With Veneers Costly? Have a conversation heirloom, for Antique 1930s Art both home or office, with one of these multi generation, beautiful, working, quality antique radios.

Do not be fooled by others who profess, repaired is bad, since, what good is Antique 1930s Art an antique that does not even work correctly and the first thing everyone asks, when they see it on display is, does it work? ” This web site also includes the following,deco radios,antique radios,1940s,1950s,1920s,classic wood radios,vintage radios,art deco radios,wooden radios,antique wood radios Antique 1930s Art that are of course true tube radios. ” Popular magazines and books mostly described plastic during the 1920s and 1930s as a product of utopian magic, creating an artificial world of transcendent beauty and perfection from earth’s commonest elements. The Art Deco Period when now, Antique 1930s Art made in USA antique vintage radios, true collectible’s, provide for anyone’s whole and future family an heirloom, that has become a truly great heirloom for all, including guests, to enjoy for people worldwide, of all ages, with true lasting, modern beauty and durability. It was possible during the 1930s with different kinds of material to compete with the traditional materials like wood and steel. Most people, Antique 1930s Art examining one asks: Is it new?

The best thing Antique 1930s Art of all was that, bakelite tube radios was much cheaper, than with a wooden case.

Thanks yesterday 0 Comments updated their yesterday’s 7 photos were featured Tuesday on “Are these for sale? In fact, some were “made” for the depression. The choice of colors was endless: onyx, marble, jade, coral, rose quartz. By using the standard equipment of mold machines you could make an endless variety of unique forms, for instance, various cases. Mostly, during the depression of the 1930s, this new material made it possible for everyone 85 Vintage Antique 1930 Leather to buy, for just $10, instead of hundreds of dollars for Antique 1930s Art a wooden case. ) were sold in support of huge advertisement campaigns. Less for less is not a bargain but a ploy. Due, to excellence and ultra thick luster, with beauty, our antique radios are greatly sought over, by collectors worldwide, when in this truly, very rare, excellent, like new condition. Bakelite is the Antique 1930s Art trade name for polymers produced by Bakelite Ltd. Art Deco, on the other hand, influenced many Bakelite products by design. The 1930s were struck by streamlined design and styling. Bakelite and other polymers could do more than only to be cheap. Large building with dome “4 hours ago to discussion in the Antique 1930s Art group “FOUND IT! Each ad featured a single item, each contained Antique 1930s Art a small photograph and capsule biography touting the designer as a celebrity, and each quoted the great man himself on the virtues of modern design. Our Collection Newsletter Sign Up Full Name Email Copyright 2005 – 2017 – 14520 Memorial Dr S M 103 Houston, Texas 77079 USA All Real Antique Wood Radios Online Gallery Page Design and Images Our Collector are not in good or great condition they are in excellent condition. 00 Offering fine Antique 18kt Gold 50mm Cooper Of Experience our extensive collection of Estate Engagement Rings Ladies antique diamond engagement and wedding rings in gold or platinum settings. In fact, the relationship between industry and design was symbiotic. The Du Pont Company developed the most important of the new, multiple-use-plastics – nylon, number 66 of nearly 100 “super polymers” produced by a special research team. Wedding Bands Beautiful antique, estate, vintage Antique 1930s Art wedding bands. I have no idea what it’s Antique 1930s Art current 103 Ct D Si1 Exc Round Natural value is but I will check the wadja find? The Bakelite Corp led the way in convincing manufactures to beautify products with multi curved molds. But black and brown Bakelite were the most commonly used colors during the 1930s. River is the Tigris, in your picture it’s flowing away from the fisherman Antique 1930s Art towards the bridge. The increased competition between these Antique 1930s Art material suppliers, the development of other compounds, but also the design (streamlining) made it cheaper than ever before. Maybe an owner would have interest “8 hours ago to discussion in the group “Hi Dusty, Antique 1930s Art The Argent Saigon marking means that your piece is Vietnamese. Remember, dirt and a beat up look, is not Antique Baccarat Millefiori Garlands Glass original. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. Because of the depression a lot of people began thinking of new ideas to bring the economy back Antique 1930s Art to life. These pages show not only radio value but value radio collections considered gallery antique quality. In other words, this polymer became materials with a very Antique 1930s Art strong competitive character. 0 Product(s) in Antique 1930s Art cart Total $0. This strong product was often Antique 1930s Art used to imitate wooden materials and products, for instance, cases, cigarette boxes, lamp cases, and so on. This level of antique radios also considered antique vintage radios are now even considered classic wooden radios. In fact, this product and streamlining Antique 1930s Art reinforced each other. Kind of fun finding it. Estate Rings One of a kind estate jewelry rings, unique cocktail estate rings and long Antique Dated 1896 Armenian Karabakh Rug 74 dinner rings. It can be easily colored and was used decoratively for jewelry, tube radios cabinets and all kinds of ornaments, Antique 1930s Art the special marbled type, forms original catalin radio plastics. During the 1930s Antique 1930s Art there were a lot of individual designers who designed products. Modern technology and its products needed Antique 1930s Art to be “sold,” as they were in part through design.

But the imitation of Antique 1930s Art by bakelite was almost perfect. For instance, cases Antique 1930s Art of radio popped out of the machine, colored and well, as one single unit. Thousands of small cabinets were made of decorative unfilled cast phenolic (Catalin plastics or Marblette). Can anybody identify it? Take a look at the quality these radios online radio collections demonstrate for yourself and consider how many wonderful years your family will enjoy the prize heirloom you left for them. Art Deco diamond anniversary, eternity Antique 1930s Art wedding bands. So, after 1927 the competition Antique 1930s Art with products began. Furthermore, the machines that were used to produce the products could be equipped with standard equipment, this also made a the product cheaper. I agree, the Antique 1930s Art “R” looks the same to me. It takes one of our experts over 180 hours of sanding, cleaning, repairing, restoring, staining plus multi-clear coating the radio along with all the hardware Antique 1930s Art including oven baking coatings and allowing very long about 40 hours of heating to bake dry and an additional 3 months of Florida sun, air drying, to obtain this excellent condition outside and in. During 1933 an 1934 “Modern Plastics and Sales Management” ran a series of advertisements focusing on individual designers and their products. Either 14K Gold 40Ct Amethyst 145Ct Diamond this concept or for color blindness is my guess. I did not Antique 19c French Pair sand and polish the trim or body, but like looking, at the dull weathered, beat up, missing, torn surface. This unique compound was also known as “the material of the thousand uses” 1927 was, in fact, the turning point in its use, this because of the fact that real competition with the Bakelite material was now possible, since the patent on this phenol-formaldehyde resin expired. Menu X Collections Collections Gemstones Periods Materials Collections Gemstones Periods Materials Collections Gemstones Periods Materials Collections Gemstones Periods Materials Collections Gemstones Periods Materials Gemstones Antique 1930s Art Periods Materials Authentic antique, vintage and estate jewellery 26 Howey Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia Featured Vibrant and elegant platinum and old cut diamonds View more Romantic. Wood Antique 1930s Art was often used by the wealthy part of American society. Copyright 2018 James Alfredson Website by TO ADVERTISE ON THIS SITE : CONTACT DIANNE AT A Community For People Who Buy, Sell or Collect Antiques, Collectibles and Art Join FREE now and enjoy sharing with others about your collectibles interest, what you are buying or selling, your online store and more. The size of these reflected the development of smaller components, and the material, unsuitable for larger moldings was easy to work on standard equipment into an endless variety of beautiful original catalin plastics forms. I Antique 1930s Art found it. In the wealthy part of the American society there was some resistance against it, for it was seen as cheap and inferior. He used the radio frequently, by sending messages via this medium to the American people. Virgin Islands (where I live) on the grounds of an old horse racing track that was PROBABLY used as an impromptu automobile racing around the 1900’s-1920’s. Designer Signed Jewelry Contemporary estate designer signed Antique 1930s Art jewelry from famous jewelers. View more For the dapper man about town. It was also cheaper than traditional materials like wood and steel and in various situations just as strong. “yesterday added a discussion to the group I have an original Turner flamingo picture with a mirrored frame. Yes, even the dial covers show wonderful. Would you want a Antique 1930s Art collector car like that? FAVORITE GROUPS Collector Groups China-Pottery-Ceramics Kitchen – Antique 1930s Art Dining Furniture Home, Style, Decor Decades Ethnic-Global Linens & Textiles Sewing-Buttons Doll Related Toy Related Groups Hobbies-Sports Movie-Records Camera-Photography Kitsch-Pop Culture Paper, Ephemera, Postcards, Books Advertising Party, Holiday, Celebration 156Ct I Si1 Ex Soda Fountain & Soda Pop Not Just For Guy Stuff Medical-Pharmacy Vintage Clothing Art-Craft Related Business And Social Media Related Groups Educational On The Lighter Side State Regional Members Photos Groups 1714 members 51 members 1631 members 329 members 64 members 299 members 39 members 370 members 30 members 801 members 24 members 30 members 108 members 453 members 57 members 106 members 170 members 55 members 85 members 16 members Forum Editor’s News & Announcements 106 discussions Members post what they want to sell. Design, Antique 1930s Art styling and coloring was very easy with this and other like catalin plastics. Events Saturday from 8:30am to 1pm Description too Long: Please see website: www. Low, sculptural, and flowing, streamlined design reflected the American Antique 1930s Art desire for a frictionless flight into a future whose rounded forms would provide a protective, harmonious environment. But why was the era of the depression the best time to conquer the USA and the rest of the world with extremely tough and other kinds of products?

Unforgettable. The end on the patent was only one of the factors which contributed to the success of Bakelite and other not as strong Antique Old Mine Miner Cushion types in consumer goods during the 1920s and 1930s. Our company provides excellence with quality, not cheap cons, ploys, untruths etc. Different artist, same view. During the 1930s the USA was one of Antique 1930s Art the leading nations with the development of plastics. Although there was a depression, many Americans could afford a radio at their home because it was affordable and very competitive with other traditional materials like wood and steel especially Antique Chinese Porcelain classic wooden radios and now antique wood radios. This is usually reinforced with a filler (inert) material added to a polymer to improve its properties. See our selection of unique antique and estate earrings. We’re currently in the 21st, so it’ll be around 900 years before it gets here. View more Invoke France in the mid eighteenth century with this unique, historic piece. Interestingly, the liner was made of celluloid rather than Antique 1930s Art “8 hours ago joined groupShow and tell us about the antiques and collectibles you own and are NOT selling. Usually in powder or fibre form such as wood, pulp, cotton flock and talc) but cast has no filler and can be translucent. Why would Best Buy On 152 Carat F I1 you want a collectible that looks bad and does not work? But Bakelite was also a product, even older than nylon, which still conquered new parts of the market after twenty years after its invention. Lots of Americans had the feeling that chemists would indeed “make a new 105 Carat G Vs1 Exc Round world Antique 1930s Art by creating new substances out of anything. Because of the Antique Early Victorian 14k Bohemian Garnet Dutch antique wood radios and classic wood radios, Antique 1930s Art with the use of these special veneers with difficult curves, in deco radios of the 1930s or 1940s, along with retro tube included, such as C1930s Antique Fine Rare fada brand, or GE, are now truly great vintage radios, collectible’s. That land was once owned by Antique Bronze Lord Byron wealthy landowners who family crypt Antique 1930s Art is also on the site. This is known as Art Deco that started in the 1920s but lasted well into 1940s,1950s and until 1969. Organized by Type: Sunday from 12pm to 7pm Burchard Galleries 2528 30th Avenue North St Petersburg Florida Presents Vintage Estate Antiques, Fine Art & Jewelry Auction May 20th, 2018 12 Noon Preview: Saturday, 5 19 Organized by Type: Saturday from 2pm to 5pm In-house Coin and Currency dealer Peter Dunne will be on hand to appraise your United Antique 1930s Art States coins and currency for FREE! Feature and place the update on this discussion. View more An exquisite example of the highly sought after Art Deco ring. Bakelite and other polymer products, just as today, were very useful but today cost much more to produce than cheaper, lighter less durable types. Nylon soon replaced silk in women’s stockings;catgut in tennis rackets, musical instruments, and surgery; steel in machine bearings; and varying materials in wire insulation, umbrellas, and parachutes. At that time it was very certain the era after the “Machine Age” could bare only one name: “The Plastic Age. It’s in Rome, Italy. The plastics that were appearing more widely during the 1930s, from steering wheels and tableware to dice, reflected organized research efforts within a commercial framework. An expert price, to restore it correctly, will always go up. Thousands of Shabby Antique Vtg members assist you with identification Antique 1930s Art and evaluation of antiques, collectibles, art. Dianne Zweig Powered by Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use I Antique Online. Dianne Zweigs Blog SPONSORED & Terms of Use Badge div class=”xg module body xj badge body xj embed container” data-module name=”badge” embedCode=” ” Loading 2018 Created by C. It still refers to these materials but is frequently used as a generic name for phenol Antique 1930s Art formaldehyde (Phenolic). Many original catalin plastics were made for this task, they were cheaper to Antique 1930s Art produce, became attractive substitutes for traditional materials, needed less hand labor than other materials and were beautiful as well. But a group of engineers that take pride in their workmanship and love collector radio themselves and want to preserve true history for all future generations with exciting heirlooms. All have great like new dials and labeling. This vision and reputation was made possible because other these were not well-used in products before. ” The magic of the polymers such as Bakelite was, in fact, the beginning of a new era. Bakelite material was and still is very strong and durable. Quality Antique 1930s Art always goes up. 20 piece per person please. The ‘R’ looks like the ‘R’ Antique 1930s Art in the early Rambler automobile logo. “Tuesday, , and 5 more joined I Antique OnlineTuesday More. 20 hours ago 825 Comments posted a “watching Jeopardy! This web site includes the original classic wood radios, antique wood radios of 1920s and 1930s not the 1940s or 1950s since wood became, and still is, to expensive for continued mass market use. A lot of Antique 1930s Art these products (radio, pens, fans, coffee grinders, shavers, lamps, etc. In Antique 1930s Art America. But not only design and styling of products could attract people starting Antique 1930s Art to buy new goods. Such early components as celluloid and this shared in a mystique generated by the chemical industry. He loves Flamingo’s and even though there is some crackling here and there on the frame he placed a value of $300. Email Editor MOST POPULAR GROUP IF YOU NEED HELP WITH IDENTIFICATION and EVALUATION OF ANTIQUES, COLLECTIBLES click on the words above Whadja Find and post your questions. Many people thought that the design of products was one of the things that could Antique 1930s Art make products more attractive to people so they could buy them. None of Antique 1930s Art ours have cracks, chips, internal, or external filth. View more Spectacular. Nucow is a real wood antique radios com site with radios on line for sale at bargain radio value pricing.

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