Antique 1930s Dionne Quintuplets Madame Alexander Composition W Orig Name Pins

$85 antique 1930s dionne OMAR the Owl. No certificate. 00 GINNY made by Vogue (Dakin). $100 EFFANBEE 1505. 5″ tall by 5. $85 BOMBO Elephant w baby rattle. Full color illustration of them sitting at their desks. She is jointed at the hips and shoulders. Chronic comes with Suzanne the Orangutan and accessories.

EG (Goldeberger Doll Co. No holes or other damage to body. There is a small piece missing from the front; lower left section of the interior. BETSY McCALL antique 1930s dionne vinyl carry case with handle. The record itself is very well played and worn. Movable arms. Burgundy colored dress has little white decorations. 50 MADONNA as antique 1930s dionne BREATHLESS MAHONEY from the 1990 DICK TRACY movie. No play wear. Has the other cloth label attached to his side, and the Merrythought label sewn on the bottom Best Buy On Levian 111Ctw Chocolate Amp of his foot. Limited Edition. Overall, a killer display piece. Red beret; artist smock; light blue pants; black hat; black jacket; black belt; black boots; white patterned blouse with dark blue and white tweed like pants; antique 1930s dionne silver sequins topped with pink belt and pink stretch pants; blue on white summer dress. Very attractive. Never removed from the box (NRFB). She is mint in original box. 00 ELVIS PRESLEY. Big popped out eyes and antique 1930s dionne long curved nose. Near antique 1930s dionne mint to mint. Some light fading to clothing. Scarce set! There is an autograph antique 1930s dionne signature on the label. Normal age wear to the paint. The doll is mint; never used. They do not Large Fine Antique Renaissance appear to have ever been used. Circa 1989 issue. She is made of plastic. Also included is a FIREPLACE MANTEL. Minor edge wear to sleeve. (original issue price was over $70 each) A Bride of the Ol’ South by the Danbury Mint. A bit over 5″ tall. Well constructed, screwed together. 50 FRANCE – Beauty Queen Dolls from Around the World. 2 dolls and 52 costumes. 1962 by Jos. 50 THAT GIRL starring MARLO THOMAS Paper Doll Book. Has silver tuxedo jacket, red bowtie, white dress shirt, red rose in his lapel. Header card has creases. 00 a bride of the 1950’s. GREAT facial makeup. There is minor age antique 1930s dionne soiling to the mattress, nothing awful. RAGGEDY ANN Portrait. Great display piece. She has blue and white sailor outfit with sailor hat. Overall; box is 18 by 15 by 3. 00 antique 1930s dionne DOROTHY from “The Wizard of Oz”. Whitman #1968. Available only thru Harrod’s. 00 rare antique 1930s dionne 1965 Dam ROYAL GUARD 8″ Troll. Box has split corners. Exposed breasts. Strong facial detail molded in. Handpainted molded cloth face with hair wig in Princess Leia style braided buns on sides. Color illustrated package Antique 19th C English Miniature is shop worn. Brown jacket with black trim, plaid vest, beige shirt, red white blue tie. Does not appear to have been used. Dark brown hair. MINT in box! Obtained in Canada – I think? Cloth head scarf. Inside in center; is plastic pre-formed interior. The 3 pieces for one price. 00 DOLLS BY PAULINE #911483 BABY GIRL with blond hair. 9″ tall on approx. ; antique 1930s dionne 1950’s issue. 50 Arco (Mattel Company) HOLLYWOOD MICKEY MOUSE fully antique 1930s dionne poseable figure. Comes with display stand. She is mint in original box with mailer box also. Overall antique 1930s dionne excellent. Promotional antique 1930s dionne from Awry Bakeries. 00 Betsy McCall accessories for the 8″ doll. Taken out of box partially for this photo only! One is more of an orangy red color and one is a tad bit thicker vinyl. Copyright on front and back 1936 NEA Antique Art Deco 18k Service Inc. Box is dated 1988, complete with stand, comb and brush. Large book is 10 by 13 the doll of here is over 10 tall! 00 Her hands and head are sculpted Porcelain. Box top and box bottom are both in excellent or nicer condition with no split corners. Story is; the “voice” is that of Maureen McCormick before she starred on The Brady Bunch! He his wearing a black wool bearskin hat. 32 pages plus the covers. Has bells for hands and feet. Paper Statuette Dolls and their wardrobes. Special $65. Beasley” doll. Thin; molded antique 1930s dionne vinyl with painted finger nails; painted toe nails and detailed blue eyes. 5″ tall bendee doll is a black haired beauty. 1990’s antique 1930s dionne vintage. Colorful cloth costume with young child slung on shoulder and holding a straw broom in her right hand. All five for one price. Yellow yarn hair with red ribbon. Special Limited Edition: 13″ Fern Woodsbeary Woodland Guardian Bear, antique 1930s dionne 3″ Hootle the Owl, 3″ Alvin the Raccoon, 3″ Tumbles the Bear, 3″ Timothy the Fox, 3″ Pippen the Squirrel, genuine gathering C1930s Antique Rare Square Persian Nain basket, certificate and Limited Edition Bearstone Woodland Bear resin figure (still factory sealed in box). 5″ full poseable. Color photo of the famous MATTEL doll, waving, red background. Wooden base is approx. Light facial crazing upon close inspection. Sorry sold 19″ tall. Completely poseable and authentically detailed. Box shows Antique Usa Herzel Bronze Clad Indian light shelf wear and there is a surface tear on the bottom panel from old store price tag. Blonde hair; blue eyes. See antique 1930s dionne photos.

Includes new face, antique 1930s dionne hand, razor claw, hat, boots, etc. Includes 3 different dolls: Little Bo Peep; Cinderella; Curly Locks. 5″ long by 2″ tall. 1960’s antique 1930s dionne TROLL PLAYING BASKETBALL. Made in West Germany. 50 cast iron ROYAL STOVE. Tight and clean. Toes sticking out of front of shoe. There Antique Diamond Star Log Cabin Multi Colored are no tears, no stains, no holes, no flaws except for minor split in lower right corner edge of back side. Includes audio cassette with 2 of his songs. Red and white outfit. 50 Tin litho BATH Antique Russian Moscow 84 Silver Shaded ROOM w 8 plastic accessories. Stockinette hand painted hands. Comes with blue Antique Original Oil Painting By dress with white flowery pattern; laced collar; removable strap on white shoes. Antique 1910s Arts & Crafts Quarter Sawn Crisp and clear. Our final Dionne Quintuplets Calendar; we share with you and with the rest of the world our sorrow over the untimely death of Emilie last August. Beneath that is white silk like gown with red velour trim. Never played with. Still has the original Merry antique 1930s dionne Pair Chinese Antique 19th Christmas tag on her wrist! One antique 1930s dionne cartoon looking child with clothing. LUCKY TROLLS. The dress has a antique 1930s dionne SNAP on the back; rather than a safety pin.

50 brochure.

White on black. Multicolored on white.

Fully copyrighted by Larry Harmon. Card says DRESS ME – COLLECT ME. 10 by 10 by 2. What a great period accent piece! 50 NASB #198 FOR DECEMBER JUST A DEAR. 00 Tom Tierney’s RONALD REAGAN Paper 13 Collect Antique Cloisonne Enamel Bronze Dolls book.

Copyright 1998 – 2018 by GASOLINE ALLEY ANTIQUES. 00 antique 1930s dionne Circa 1920; German composition. Perfect scale to the real thing. 50 bisque LITTLE BOY holding a toy sailboat in front of him. Box is damaged. In her Magnificent Large Antique Oil left hand she is holding a hand fan; and in her right hand she has a crocheted basket of candy. Very good to excellent condition, shows some minor edge wear. Also, there is a small “nubbin” to the left of the side, on the base in front of the frame. Her long hair is uneven along the bottom.

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