Antique 19th C English Miniature Oil Painting Marcus Stone Victorian Lovers

Later it grew into the Martha Washington by creating 2 triangles from the center square. In this case, both sides are complete pieced antique 19th c quilt tops. 1880, with fabrics dating back to the 1850s 46 x 69 inches New England $1,600 This wonderful youth size quilt is completely pieced by hand using a foundation method used only in New Antique Hallmarked Sterling Silver England. We cannot identify many which points to the skill and creativity of the maker, Sallie S.

Because of the repeat pattern, this quilt could be hung completely open, half open or placed over a pole with four blocks showing. The black outer border is 12 inches wide. If horizontal, the quilt becomes a antique 19th c sea of stars. Each of the hundreds of hexagons measure 1 7 8″. There is one stain on the bow tie side which we can Unique Antique Turkish Kilim 5 10 restore if you choose. Two color quilts are always a antique 19th c joy to find and easy to incorporate into China Antique White any home’s decor. 1845 90 x 102 inches antique 19th c New England, maybe New York SOLD Tiny all over cross hatching for quilting. A rare treasure ready for you to see on approval. A a quilt, looks just like modern stained glass work. The black center of this paisley shawl is a beautiful 19th century black wool challis, which does not photograph well. Serious collectors please email or call Antique American Waltham for a price. The triple border contains antique 19th c double parallel lines stitched inch apart. There are over 100 flora antique 19th c and fauna original oil paintings covering the entire quilt. 1880 68 x 76 inches Pennsylvania $1,900 Hand pieced and hand quilted. The separately applied black wool challis binding is a inch wide, and the backing is a lovely olive brown and rose leaf print silk. It has 9 inch blocks, 2 inch sashing antique 19th c and a 1 4 inch border. Created in the 1890s, it appears that the maker was incredibly creative and antique 19th c probably came from a less affluent family. 1865 72 x 86 inches Ohio $1,900 A wonderful example of a classic design and antique 19th c classic American color. All Amish quilts are machine pieced and hand quilted. 1865 64 x 126 inches Found in NY, believe to be created in France $1,250 During the 19th century women wore shawls not only for fashion but for warmth. This extraordinary and antique 19th c rare Candlewick Spread is almost 200 years old. Hand washed by Betsey and ready to adorn your home. This mint condition quilt certainly antique 19th c fits a description of patriotic. These quilts can be purchased as antique 19th c a pair or separately. 1880 or earlier 67 x 76 inches New England SOLD This quilt is created from blocks measuring 8″ x 8″. Completely created by hand, and made at least 10 years before the sewing machine was in public use, this is a true masterpiece for the wall or bed. Because of its size, this is a wonderful quilt to hang in the home. 1885 58 x 79 (147. Ranking above the top of the antique quilt world, antique 19th c not only for its beauty, but also for the amount of work that it took to create. 5″ square c.

Please ask Betsey for more information. A perfect quilt for display as art on your wall becoming antique 19th c the focal point of any room. Fabulous continuous vine border, all appliqued. Stanton Pokeepsie (i. The appliqu stitching is so minuscule antique 19th c one can hardly see it. A beautiful and cozy LeMoyne Star quilt which has been used and lovingly cared for and in excellent, clean condition. Q9004 Miniature Blocks: Silk Antique 18k Rose and Silk Velvet Log antique 19th c Cabin Barn Raising Quilt c. It’s a wonderful size for a wall hanging (which can be hung in any direction), or will fit a queen or twin bed, or as a throw at the bottom of a queen bed as an accent piece. The body is quilted in a circular motion emulating the movements of the vines. From the looks of antique 19th c this petticoat it was hardly used. The entire quilt antique 19th c is cross hatched.

Naturally, everything Stunning Tall Antique antique 19th c on this quilt is hand sewn as it pre-dates the sewing machine. The binding is turned over from the back to the front and hand stitched down. This very sophisticated quilt is very unusual on antique 19th c many levels. During the height of the Victorian era, homes seemingly could never have enough embellishment. CONLF36 Variable Star Mennonite c. They can run the gamut in quality, antique 19th c complexity, and price. These squares have been pieced by both hand and machine, sending us a clue that possibly more than one person helped in making this quilt. On part of the border there is a 3 8″ applied binding antique 19th c in a variety of colors. If you are traveling, we will be happy antique 19th c to ship your purchases via FedEx at your convenience. The family name will be provided upon sale. The inch separately applied binding is a circa 1860 fabric and antique 19th c the backing is off white cotton. Late 19th century 63 x 63 (160 X 160 cm) Found in Massachusetts $900 (originally $1,700) A soft and antique 19th c cozy Antique Handmade Persian Farahan Sarouk lap robe comprised of wonderful velvet mohair blocks of different sizes. 1870 81 x 83 inches New England $1,900 Huge variety of c. Woven in the mid 19th Antique English Carved Oak century ironically created using colors that are very much today’s palate.

Each triangle is echo quilted. Silk fabrics will pulsate when properly lit, almost taking antique 19th c on another dimension. First the quilt top must be pieced, second it must be stuffed, then backed and quilted. The blocks measure apx 7 x 7-1 2″, the center squares measure 4″ and the triangles are 2 x 2-1 2 x 1-3 4. 1810 antique 19th c Sold Sampler by Mary Ann Post Miss Antique Chinese Polychrome Hand Painted Cornwall’s School Glastonbury, CT 1827 Sold Ellen Moore Needlework Sampler Quebec, Canada Dated 1829 Sold Doris Davis Penmanship Paper Dated 1798 Sold Needlework Sampler by Jane Abbot Peterborough, NH dated 1811 Sold Anna Jane Thompson Needlework sampler Canterbury, NH 1823 Sold Antique sampler by 12 Antique Purple Bronze Gold Gild Frederica Amelia Stout Springtown, Bucks Co, PA 1825 Sold Mary Lydia Speaight Perquimans Co, North Carolina sampler Dated 1832 Sold Decorative Black Folk Art Woolwork Picture Dated Antique Stained Glass 1878 Sold Sarah Wool Antique Needlework Sampler Probably New England dated 1785 Sold Mary Warner Needlework sampler Lyme, CT 1818 Sold Antique needlework sampler Nancy Pane New England c. Nine patch blocks measure 3 inches square and are comprised of Antique 19th Century Wood an indigo blue with white dots print paired with pure white cotton. Piecing by machine would definitely make a quilt stronger. This coverlet appears antique 19th c to be unused. Sparingly reverse tied, this piece has cotton batting. 1820 84 x 85 inches North antique 19th c Carolina $Call Chevron and diamond border on three sides. The gray wool challis border measures 5 1 4″, has a pillowcase edge and is backed with a wild and beautiful floral fabric. The quilt was originally made for a poster bed but has been restored to antique 19th c fit a regular bed. 1885 70 x antique 19th c 76 inches Pennsylvania SOLD The four block design was a mid 19th century formation that was in style for a short period of time. Can you imagine this quilt hung on a great wall? As with most all Amish quilts, the quilt pieces are machine joined and exquisitely hand quilted. Parker Waltham, MA 1838 Antique needlework sampler Sold Goulding Family Record Sampler Elizabeth Goulding Worchester, MA 1820 Sold Needlework sampler Emily Ann Stevens Jordon, Onondaga Co. Fabrics dating back to 1850. The open area of the double line quilting measures 3 4 of an inch. The applied 3 8 inch binding is pieced fabrics in tan stripes and a blue plaid and shows slight wear at the fold on one area of one side. BTC11 Pinwheel Irish Chain 9 Patch with 8 Point Stars c. 1890 60 x 66 inches Lehigh, PA $2,600 This c. This quilt is bound with a 3 8″ wool fabric and top tied with blue wool yarn. It is comprised of 36 blocks measuring 9″ square. The provenance for this quilt will be given antique 19th c upon sale. The binding is gray silk velvet, and the backing is a lovely 1880’s mauve print. Complete antique 19th c original condition and ready to use. The blue bars are 3 4″ wide, the white bars are 1-1 4″ wide. Q9051 Optical Illusion Extended Checkerboard Nine Patch Bars Quilt c. Created in Pennsylvania with wools of very antique 19th c different weaves adds to the interest of this quilt. The sides of each block measure apx 8″ and are on point while the triangles measure 2 antique 19th c x 1-1 2 x 1-1 2″. Beautifully restored with weaves. Spining Springfield, Ohio 1829 Sold Jane Elliott 8×11 Hand Knotted Blue Persian Antique needlework sampler Chester County, PA 1845 Sold Hannah Goddard Antique Needlework Sampler Brookline, MA dated 1773 Sold Harriet Read Antique needlework sampler Princeton, MA dated 1806 Sold Antique needlework sampler by Mary Brown dated 1817 Sold Euphemia Gray antique needlework sampler, Pennsylvania dated 1840 Sold Eliza Meserole antique needlework sampler, New Jersey dated 1819 sold Sampler by Lydia Evans Burlington County, NJ dated 1830 Sold Jane Stull antique needlework sampler, Hunterdon County, NJ dated 1838 Sold Jans Mabbett sampler Rensselaerville, NY dated 1830 Sold Hannah Player Early Band Sampler American or English 1703 Sold Early band sampler German c. 1 cm) PA SOLD A spectacular circa 1825 quilt with various beautiful Turkey Red calicoes that date back to circa 1815. The applied binding, which we have restored, is from the same date fabric. The earliest antique quilts available for sale at Rocky Mountain Quilts are from the last quarter of the 18th century. When antique 19th c you are not using this shawl as a drape on the way to the theater, it could be used as a banquet tablecloth in your dining room. The style is called Center Medallion, however originally they were very sophisticated and created by affluent women. One piece of the binding has been restored with the identical fabric. There has been very minor restoration antique 19th c done on this quilt. 1830 70 x 88 inches Boston, MA $3,400 This gorgeous quilt in excellent condition is part of Betsey’s personal collection. The mark of excellence for a v c q is 100 different stitches This quilt not only reaches this, but antique 19th c surpasses the level of embellishment. (It’s a much richer black than shown in the photo). The quilting on this is absolutely amazing. Up until recently there was a wonderful textile museum in Lowell, MA where one could actually see these looms. This Mennonite maker took a traditional fan pattern and turned it on its head by incorporating the fans into a fabulous crazy quilt in warm hues of brown, antique 19th c russet, palest blue and ivory. Please view the detail photos (click images above) for closeup views. I feel that most of this fabric is from the 18th century. It’s hard for me to tell if all these turkey red, yellow calico and calico fabrics are appliqu d on top of antique 19th c a white square or pieced. I’m assuming they wanted that to be at the head of the bed. The logs average 1 2″ in width, some less and some more – giving the quilt a folky character. I’ve searched high and low to identify this pattern without any luck. Visually antique 19th c it is very folky and graphic. 1810 Sold Sampler by Susan Mellin Portmouth, NH 1809 Sold Fanny Keever sampler Hummelstown, PA Sold Sold Mary H. It antique 19th c is in original perfect hardly used condition. The first attempt at making a sampler by a young girl, or far less frequently a young boy, was usually a very simple sampler Antique Caucasian Shirvan Kazak Kuba with only alphabets, numbers, name, date, and sometimes a small amount of decorative stitching. , Pa 1845 Sold Lydia Lippincott antique needlework sampler, Burlington, County, NJ dated 1832 Sold Antique needlework sampler Easton, PA stitched at Mary Ralston’s School circa 1830 Sold Mary Florence antique needlework sampler, Philadelphia 1826 Sold Mary Emman antique needlework sampler dated 1836, Redington, New Jersey Sold Antique needlework sampler by Nancy Owen Marsh, New England c. If you are a lover of wine, this is the quilt for you. It is completely antique 19th c hand pieced, hand appliqu d and hand quilted. The perfect size for wall art or for use as a throw on bed or sofa. The entire quilt is an amazing piece of art work. This quilt is one in a million. I can easily see this artistic quilt hung on a wall in your home or office. Treadle machine top stitching one inch in from the edge gives a nice finish. Minuscule applique stitches.

1865 70 x 80 inches Washington, PA $2,100 Description in progress. The Amish quilt shown here is comprised of 4 colors. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Website copyright 2018 Rocky Mountain Quilts all rights reserved. Or was it made to commemorate a very special occasion? Quilting on this beautiful piece is skillfully executed using parallel lines set of an inch apart for the 9 patch blocks, with inch diagonal antique 19th c cross hatch stitching in all white joining blocks. Early quilts made in the crazy quilt style were show pieces, often made to decorate the parlor. All of the 7 x 7 inch blocks are made up of sixteen inch antique 19th c logs, all with Turkey red chimneys. The fabric on the other two sides is a red with white polka dots. Originally made as a pillow cover however never used I have now closed the open seam ( used to insert a pillow ) and sewn two sleeves on for hanging purpose. The quilt is comprised of blocks measuring 12 inches square. The body of the quilt is apx c. The sides of the diamonds are 2 1 4 inches. 1855 74 x 77 inches Andover, MA South Western Iran $1100 This simple yet sophisticated stunning quilt has been hand pieced and hand quilted. Or an unbelievably warm quilt to wrap ones self up in while reading or watching TV. There is no way to photograph the antique 19th c whole quilt. Enjoyed antique 19th c it in my home for two years, now ready for a new home. A huge array of c. The binding is 3 8 inch hand applied created Antique Salem Elevator from the same fabric as antique 19th c the sashing. 1875 with antique 19th c older date calico backing fabric 64 x 73 inches Found in Philadelphia $4,900 Wow! One binding edge has a little wear.

1885 84 x 96 (213. The border measures a wide 7″ and finished with a 3 8″ turned over binding. The back and front are both constructed using fine cotton fabrics. Q9065 Ohio Star antique 19th c and Gothic Applique c. The mini 9 patch blocks are 3″ square made up of 9 1″ squares. In unused condition, ready for your home. 1815 Sold Sampler by Hannah Vail Belmont County, Ohio c.

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