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00Qing antique 19th chinese Dynasty (1644-1912), China,Price: $995. 0019th century (Qing Dynasty), Shanxi antique 19th chinese Province China, Elm & LacquerPrice: $2,650. Buy a piece of the Orient for your home or office. Our facility is only 30 minutes drive from the port of Zhuhai or Zhongshan, the two entrance to Guangdong from Hong Kong. 00Late Qing Dynasty, Gansu Province China, 0Price: $1,995. Circa 1920 means close to the year 1920. Republic Era (1911-1949), China, ElmPrice: $1,975. Our factory occupies about 20000 square meters for showroom and workshop. 00Republic Era (circa 1912-1949), China,Price: $1,695. This date is shown on each antique detail page. All antique photos are protected by copyright of individual dealers. With antique 19th chinese reasonable management system. All antique 19th chinese Rights Reserved.

Uk Links Live daily database information for 15 October 2018 Antiques approved in last 24 hours 122 Antiques antique 19th chinese awaiting approval 4 Antiques rejected in last 24 hours 3 Unique visitors today 3,568 Total antique impressions today 1,082,079 Total antiques for sale 52,865 Total value of antiques for sale 84,303,415 Antiques uploaded so far in October 2018 2,576 Unique visitors to Sellingantiques so far in October 2018 166,656 Unique visitors to Sellingantiques so far in 2018 3,251,234 Social View the Using Sellingantiques. TV stands and entertainment centers, buffets, C1930s Antique Excellent Quality Kork display cabinets, apothecary cabinets (herb chests), night stands, and creative kitchen islands. Your antique 19th chinese comment has been sent to Sellingantiques. Cookies enable the Sellingantiques. There is an average output of 20-50 pcs of big or small items each day. 00Wanli Emperor (1572-1620, later Ming Dynasty), Shanxi Province antique 19th chinese China, HardwoodPrice: $3,200. 00circa 1880, Gansu Province China, Walnut (Hetaomu)Price: $1,995. Uk web visitors to store their favourite antiques without the need to create A Decorative 10 Feet an account, help track how many people visit the site and also provide information about what pages are the most least popular which help improve the overall website experience. 00Qing antique 19th chinese Dynasty (1644-1912), China, Southern Elm Beech (Jumu)Price: $1,775. Functional Asian accent pieces for your antique 19th chinese home which harmonize with any d cor. Copyright 2018 Sellingantiques Ltd – Design, images and content are copyright Sellingantiques Ltd. Exchange rates are antique 19th chinese updated daily via xe. 00Early Qing Dynasty, MongoliaPrice: $2,600. 2001 – antique 19th chinese 2018 Sellingantiques Ltd. Yong Chang Furniture Plant of Classical Art ADD:1st–3rd Building, Shuntai Industrial Area, Shisi Village, Tanzhou Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, China. Design and produce the antique furniture for antique scene of the guesthouse, rummery and family 2. We can meet you at the port if you can give us a call antique 19th chinese before your departure from Hong Kong. 00circa 1850-1875, Fujian Province China, antique 19th chinese Cedar (Nanmu)Price: $5,000. 54 seconds Thank you. The use of the word Circa or Lovely Lilihan 1920s Sarouk Runner Antique Persian C. 00circa 1750, Northern China, Northern Elm (Yumu)Price: $6,000. We have around 20,000pcs of distinctive selected items in stock, half in original condition. We have department for international operation, offer the export of antique furniture for you. 00circa 1825-1850, Shanxi Province China, Northern Elm (Yumu)Price: $7,500. Photos Rare Antique 1740 or content cannot be reproduced without he written consent of both Sellingantiques Ltd and the individual dealer. Copyright 2001-2015. (near HongKong,Macao). 00Contemporary, China, Elm (Yumu)Price: $490. 0019th 20th century (Qing Dynasty), Southern China, Datewood-Camphor? Tel: Mobile: (006 Email: Contact us: jettasit piboontanasorn Yongchang Chinese Antique Furniture Factory. Cookies antique 19th chinese The Sellingantiques. 00Contemporary, China, Old WoodPrice: $375. SelectedIndex. 00circa 1750-1800, Shanxi Province China, Northern Elm (Yumu)Price: $5,000. When an antique dealer uploads an item for display on Sellingantiques they are requested to make a formal declaration as to the date of its manufacture. 00early 1700’s, Beijing China, Cedar (Nanmu)Price: $15,000. All antique 19th chinese communications occur between Antique Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring Platinum the buyer and the antique dealer, Sellingantiques Ltd is not involved or responsible for terms of sale.

Page load time 0. 00Early 1900’s, China, Bamboo & ElmPrice: $2,975. 00Don’t let your treasures slip away. 00Circa Late 1800’s, China, ElmPrice: $1,375. 00Republic Era (1911-1949), Southern China, 0Price: $3,000. 00circa 1880, Shanxi Province China, Walnut (Hetaomu)Price: $2,975. 00circa 1850, Shanxi Province China, Mixed WoodsPrice: $6,000. 00late 17th century, Northern China, Ironwood (Tielimu)Price: $15,000. Authentic pieces from the Qing (Ching) dynasty, many in a Ming dynasty style for sale. 00Republic Era (circa 1912-1949), China,Price: $825. Central Time. 00Republic Era (circa 1912-1949), Zhejiang Province China, Flowering Pear Wood (Huali mu)Price: $2,150. 00Qing Dynasty, Southern China, 0Price: $2,500. Welcome to our factory& warehouse 20,000pcs of collection YongChang chinese antique furniture factory founded in 1994, our company has developed into an antique furniture manufacturer integrated with collect, repair and marketing, has a passel of experienced professional woodworkers, painters, carvers , etc. SEND COMMENT If you would like to be contacted to discuss your feedback then please leave a phone number or email antique 19th chinese address in your message. 00Republic Era Antique Hubley Cast Iron Dachshund (circa 1912-1949), China,Price: $1,575.

00Late Qing Dynasty, antique 19th chinese Shanxi Province China, 0Price: $2,195. 00Circa 1800’s, Shanxi Province China, antique 19th chinese ElmPrice: $1,995. 00Circa 1850-1900, Beijing China, ElmPrice: $2,995. 00Republic Era (circa 1912-1949), China,Price: $1,650. Uk If you are interested to buy an antique that you have seen on 1484 Incunabula Bible Gospel Of John Sellingantiques, please contact the antique dealer antique 19th chinese directly using the contact details shown with the item. As one of the leading dealers of Chinese antique furniture in Guangdong Province, Our product and service wins many dealer’s isseur’s favor and praise. Is to indicate that the date is “close to” date shown. Related Items In This Category Cabinets, Armoires, Buffets Authentic antique and contemporary Chinese armoires and Antique Edwardian Diamond Asian cabinets. 00early 1800’s, Shanxi Province China, Mixed WoodsPrice: $6,000. Beautiful antique 19th chinese bamboo and hardwood furniture offers unique storage. 00circa 1850-1875, Southern China, Cypress (Sibo)Price: $4,000.

00circa 18th century (early Qing Dynasty), China, Southern Elm Beech (Jumu) & Walnut (Hetaomu)Price: $4,000. We earnestly welcome your visit to our warehouse located at the border of Zhongshan and Zhuhai city. 00Circa Late 1800’s, China, Rosewood, Elm and Bone antique 19th chinese InlayPrice: $2,500. Options this. You may shop online anytime at Customer service available at , seven days a week, 8:00 a. 00Late Qing Dynasty, Jiangsu Province China, Elm (Jumu)Price: $3,500. You will find a broad choice for any kind of Chinese antique furniture you are looking for. Your score has Fine & Large Original been recieved. Thanks for your great feedback! We love it when our wonderful visitors are happy with us! Uk site uses cookies. 00Circa 1880, China, antique 19th chinese WoodPrice: $2,750. Value” — Select –Asian Garden Stools, Statues, PlantersCoffee Tables & Cocktail TablesTV Entertainment Media Stand CabinetsFurniture For Your KitchenOffice-Home Josef Ekberg Master Ceramist or BusinessFurniture For Your BedroomFurniture For Your BathroomBuddhas, Deities, Shrines, Sacred Objects Cabinets, Armoires, BuffetsAuthentic Antique and Contemporary Asian Armoires, Oriental Buffets and Chinese CabinetsAsian Dressers, Antique Wardrobes, Chinese kitchen cabinets, antique Credenzas, oriental Sideboards, antique Chests of Drawers Antique Cabinets, Asian Cabinets, and Oriental CabinetsClick the pictures below to see our Asian Armoires, Oriental Buffets, and antique Chinese cabinets, or browse other antique Asian furniture in the red and green sections to the left. Cn Thailand antique 19th chinese Company ADD: 607-609 CHALENGK RUNG ROAD, SAMPHARNTAWONG,BANGKOK 10100 THAILAND. (From ZhuHai Harbor to Factory only 20minute) Tel: 86-2 Email: , Skype: Chinese antiqueloft www. We have a passel of antique furniture designers, offer the antique 19th chinese services for meterage and design for free. But what can we do better? 00Circa 1900, China, WoodPrice: $2,900. Our Purpose : high quality, Quality service , Prices are competitive edge Our company antique 19th chinese also offer services as follows: 1. Price: $1,675.

00Late Qing Dynasty, antique 19th chinese Southern China, Elm (Jumu)Price: $2,950. 00circa 1800, Antique Tiffany Studios Shanxi Large Antique Wedgwood Green Jasper Province China, Elm (Yumu)Price: $5,500. 00Circa antique 19th chinese Late 1800’s, Beijing China, ElmPrice: $3,500. 00circa 1890, Shanghai China, Elm (Yumu)Price: $3,075. Your rating and comment have been sent to Sellingantiques. 00circa 1800, Northern China, antique 19th chinese Northern Elm (Yumu)Price: $4,500. 00Late 19th century, China, WoodPrice: $1,950. 00Circa 1880, China, WoodPrice: $2,995.

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