Antique Black Forest Weather House Cuckoo Clock 1800s

He is ready to antique black forest dance the Shuplatter with you anytime now! 00; SPECIAL: reduced antique black forest to $985. It measures with the frame 21 x 18 inches by 3 inches deep. At the far right a woman prepares various delicacies for the dinner that will follow the evening antique black forest s musical festivities. She may be carved from wood, but she don t have a wooden heart as the song goes – – I m sure the romantic troopers must have loved her as she hung there in their midst. He is dressed in the typical Bavarian jacket known as Trachtenkleider with its jaunty oak-leaf decoration. In fact, they have Antique Russian Ovchinnikov Cloisonne banished these beautiful inspiring words along with the national colors and naturally any portrayal of the swastika is punishable with prison terms. After WWII it is speculated antique black forest that this could be the case. The edelweiss are not separately adhered, antique black forest nor are the bouquets of other flowers; they are all, again, carved in one continuous piece. The Vanity In Distressed remarkable thing first about this piece is that it once graced the Heim or Storm Troopers barracks at Berchtesgaden and it s so marked with a stamp on its backside. The carving is striking; even better than much antique black forest of the Black Forest wood-carving art. PRICE: antique black forest $2,200. I would date this antique black forest one about 1880 or so. We have never seen such excellence in antique black forest Black Forest art, before. Germany s Adler mit Hackenkreuz (eagle with swastika). So, I must confess it is a distinct pleasure to see this symbol of Germany s past and the words of the Deutschlandlied proclaimed so elegantly. The proud eagle has Antique European Dutch always been the German icon and this fellow personifies the image. Old Reich WW I Frederick the Great Wood-Carved Masterpieces and Black Forest Carvings Page 1 Black Forest Carved Eagle (Item WOODMASTER 1-1) DESCRIPTION: Here is an absolute masterpiece of the wood carver s art; a consummate treasure of the art. This translates to Bavarian landowner, in other words, a true noble lord, son of the mountains. 00 Crucifix Carved in Wood from the Early 18th Century (Item WOODMASTER 1-5; OLD 7-11) DESCRIPTION: Here is a large crucifix completely carved in wood that is veritably realistic. If you prefer, contact ‘Germania’ at PO Box 68, Lakemont, GA 30552 or call at. We would say that this antique black forest piece is from the beginning or the middle of the 18th century, or perhaps earlier. S Kampfzeit (The Time of Struggle). Happy is the feeling that I have that this marvelous relic has survived the war and preserved by a antique black forest considerate cautious collector in the Fatherland for all of those years. Hitler and the NSDAP celebrated this period of subliminal joy in the fatherland and it began a period where his image was presented by practically all antique black forest the artists of Deutschland in paintings, bronzes, busts, glass images, tapestries, medallions, and in wood carvings by some of the masters of the art, and this magnificent carving that we offer is a great example of that special artistic achievement. This antique black forest was the first form of the national symbol of N. Strike up the band: Oom pah-pah, oom pah-pah. There is a tray divided into four compartments to hide various possessions and when this tray is lifted out there is another compartmentalized section divided in three sections. We think it could be something in the tradition of the American cigar-store Indian; a pleasant effigy that stood outside the shop of a tobacconist.

00 The back Note the eagle on Hitler’s Mein Kampf Carved Wooden Eagle and Swastika (Item WOODMASTER 1-9; SA 14-24; GEN 14-28) DESCRIPTION: Here is a carved-wood treasure from the N. It s a typical scene within the antique black forest perception of a typical thatched-roof house 21inch Turned Head or Festhalle within a village in the Tyrol. The label inside the case top reads: GENUINE MEERSCHAUM AND AMBER. Just take a moment to reflect in the fact that this person was able to accomplish the undercuts of the separate leaves, petals, buds, and branches. In any case, here we have a Teutonic masterpiece of the carver s art of the early turn of the century; more than 100 years old and still in great condition. This is certainly a large crucifix; a true museum piece and a fine example of religious art in the tradition of the finest of western European art. If he were not made of wood you would swear he could fly, since every feather is so realistically accomplished as to seem to be ready for flight. PRICE: $8,500. The chest was either commissioned by an artillery veteran of these conflicts, or presented by a grateful oriental participant who opposed the Boxers and revolutionaries. The scene is of folksy merriment as a Trachten-wearing couple steps forward to begin dancing, while the other party revelers are enthusiastically watching and cheering them on. 00 Note long-ago broken petal Edelweiss Tray (Item WOODMASTER 1-7) DESCRIPTION: This is without a doubt the most incredible Black Forest-style carving that we have ever laid eyes on. No song ever portrayed more nationalistic patriotism on the soul of a nation and its people than Deutschland ber alles. His antique black forest hat and socks are decorated in the typical Munich mountaineer design. This antique black forest one practically transcends the traditional Black Forest art description. The style of this antique black forest artistic offering is recognized by us as the classic eastern German art form possibly from the area of Berlin-Brandenburg or Silesia. Study the pictures well because I think this had to be accomplished by a carver who excelled above even the greatest Black-Forest masters ever known. The wingspan measures 16 inches. The small and old damage is hardly noticeable when your gaze is fully occupied with the glorious visage that this piece surely presents. He smokes his antique black forest Bavarian long pipe with porcelain bowl and stag-horn stem. The nails and the wound from the spear of Longinus are plain to see. We bought a lot of books from this Standarte and some uniform items that antique black forest we sold, but were quite surprised when this gorgeous lady showed up in the offerings, and we were delighted to purchase her. 00 Modern dirndls: the ultimate Germania nationalistic wear Hand-carved L sterweibchen from Berchtesgaden Headquarters (Item WOODMASTER 1-2, KCARVING 1-7, SS 36-7) DESCRIPTION: A L sterweibchen is a carved, female figure that is set between trophy-stag antlers from a hunt. Otto Leopold von Bismarck, Germany s Iron Chancellor who with Hindenburg brought about German unity in 1870 antique black forest after the defeat of Napoleon III. Only two edelweiss have a petal broken off and from the antique black forest look of it, this happened long ago. It is a wonderful representation of The Spirit of the Age, die Heldenzeit! His hat is the typical style used in the Alps mountains region antique black forest of Bavaria with a rosette or brush made of mountain-goat bristles, from a chamois or G mse. If we consider how it was done it positively boggles the mind to imagine the artistic genius that went into this masterful work of art. Revilo Oliver). The carving itself is 14 x antique black forest 11 inches. The box is large measuring 12 x 8 inches across the top and 4 inches deep. This magnificent bird was a desk piece of an SA (Storm Troop) leader as it was the SA-Sturmabteilung corps that continuously used this particular emblem and symbol on their uniforms, flags, jewelry, and even their vehicles. Please E-mail antique black forest for any additional information you may need. He also wears Lederhosen, (leather breeches). The antique black forest pipe is 10 inches long with the amber stem. PRICE: SOLD Carved Wooden Trachtentr ger or Traditional-Costumed Figure (Item WOODMASTER 1-4) DESCRIPTION: The figure completely carved in wood stands 55 inches high with the wooden plinth he stands on. , all in the finest traditions of the Black Forest carvers. The word under the crown is UBIQUE, Latin for Everywhere, followed by antique black forest QUO FAS ET GLORIA DUCUNT (Where Right and Glory Lead), which is the motto of the Royal Artillery. The artwork is superlative indeed and here we have a significant piece of twentieth-century history in wood. The bottommost plinth is 12 inches x 7 inches, while antique black forest the plinth holding the plaque is 8 x 4 inches and is 3 inches wide.

It is signed by the artist underneath: W. Heil antique black forest Gem tlichkeit! Since this showed antique black forest up in the U. We have visited many of the greatest museum assemblages of such art and can say that we have never seen anything that would be Rare Amish Multi On Black Antique Crib quite as finely antique black forest detailed as this item is. It is truly antique black forest the Stoltz Deutschen Adler in its finest portrayal. Interestingly, this device is mounted with a swivel fixture that allows Antique Vintage Deco Engagement Setting Mounting the brush to remain straight up or swivel to the side. This chest surely can be called the Dragon antique black forest s depository as there is no shortage of these beasts so revered by Oriental mythology. The stem is crafted antique black forest from fine authentic amber. Here is what we call unreservedly the antique black forest finest detailed Black Forest carving we have ever seen and I m Antique Primitive Jelly Cabinet Kitchen sure you will agree once you have seen the actual piece. She is certainly a pretty Fraulein antique black forest indeed, and is an artistic trophy of exciting times. Inside the lid when opened we can see two more intricately carved dragons that support a circular design. It depicts the last moments of Jesus on the cross; however, no cross, but it has a hook on the back where it was attached to a cross! One of the reasons that would bring it to that period is the particular carving of the corpus and the very heavy soot in the wood indicate many years of being above lighted devotional candles; this is heaviest in the feet and legs.

The background foliage is some sort of jungle tree with flowing branches that back antique black forest up the beasts in a fine-looking backdrop. The plaque has another nonmobile swastika engraved at the left side and the symbol of the SA at the right and proclaimed proudly across the expanse are the glorious words from the national anthem of the German land the music of which was composed by Joseph Haydn in 1797. Germany s proud military history and its heroes of the past are downplayed in the public schooling. But, it is obviously made in the Far East. Most Germans and historians consider Hindenburg and Bismarck Germany s greatest heroes and some of them who are revisionists feel Adolf Hitler was in that classification as well, but in any case, these are the men who were, in the words of Professor Revilo Oliver, The Marchers of Destiny (Google Dr. Under this you can see the antique black forest usual green vest and around the waist can be seen a chain with five medals of the type awarded for shooting in competition. PRICE: SOLD Fantastic Black antique black forest Forest Carving (Item WOODMASTER 1-3; KCARVING 1-6) DESCRIPTION: We have all seen the carving of deer, moose, and various animals, eagles, hunters, etc. I m sure you will agree if you were to see in up close. The figures we estimate through historic extrapolation were probably carved in 1933, the year of the Machtergreifung ( seizure of power ). This is antique black forest surely an awesome treasure of the Reich. It measures from the head of Jesus to his feet 39 inches and hand to hand across the extended limbs, 14 inches. The detail of the costumes, the faces of the participants, the artistically portrayed attitudes, the structure of the building all join to make this just about antique black forest the best by far Black Forest carving that we have ever even heard of. PRICE: antique black forest $1,400. The style is strictly Bavaria or possibly Tyrolean. Note: this eagle is of the style adopted by the N. They are all really great and deserving of inclusion in fine collections, but this one that we antique black forest offer here is worthy of a museum or a forest gallery of Hoshiarpur Work Writing Box Inlaid fine art. PRICE: SOLD The case The case label Great Meerschaum Pipe in Large Size (Item WOODMASTER 1-6) DESCRIPTION: This is not a wood carving or Black Forest piece, but it s a carving so exquisite that we felt it should be in this section.

PRICE: $1,500. How low can they go? Obviously, the crucifix is of European origin carved in the typical Spanish or Italian style, but it also could be German. The former owner did adjust it in such a way that there is an opening at the top of the frame where he has set a light bulb on (picture light) and when lit it gives a beautiful glow to the scene when hanging on the wall. It measures 15 inches across from handle to handle and is 10 inches wide; it s about 2 inches deep. She is dressed antique black forest in the typical wide-sleeved dirndl so popular in medieval times. The carving measures 27 x 13 inches and is about 2-3 inches thick. It took an active part in the Chinese Boxer Rebellion in 1900 and the Second China War, as well. In the background at the right a antique black forest man and woman are playing Antique Pair Of Chinese Carved Green the musical instruments probably a zither. It depicts a pair of ferocious male lions that seem aroused and are roaring as they advance toward a subject that we will assume is indeed in trouble. We know that in the war in Spain in 1936, the Communist thugs such as the Abraham Lincoln Brigade from the back streets of New York and Chicago destroyed many sacred art pieces and looted others so they could bring them here as trophies of their sacrilege. It s in beautiful condition for something antique black forest so delicate. Yes, we have seen some of the best Black-Forest carvings in the world, but none that could possibly come close to this one; this is antique black C1920s Antique Master Piece Persian Bijar forest truly carving mastery; this carver would have to be the Michelangelo of the carving art. 00 The back The artist’s signature Hindenburg Bismarck Guess who? It was founded in 1716 and still is active today. 00 Page One Please refer to item designator in parentheses in all correspondence. We believe that this figure was carved in the Bavarian Alps by an excellent proponent of the art probably in the year shown on the base. Wonderfully antique black forest beautiful! PRICE: antique black forest A-much-too-cheap $3,500. Unfortunately today s Germany is governed by liberals and the song is remarkably still used, but not with those wonderful words as its opening theme. The legend engraved upon the plaque affixed to the wooden figure is quite naturally the most antique black forest favored bywords of the Third Reich, Germany above all! The original case is still with the pipe, but the hinges came apart, but antique black forest could be reattached. Lettered there is the inscription Bayrischer antique black forest Gutsbesitzer 1911. Do not call during the wee hours antique black forest of the morning. It doesn t pay to get Simba antique black forest angry, that s for sure! Remember, the art world of realism concurs that to create realistic subjects in wood carving, especially faces, is infinitely more difficult than painting a portrait. Its traitors glorified and its military tradition shredded Antique Jb Usa Golf Golfer Ball Sport with lies and horrid vilifications. The wreath containing the swastika is 6 inches in diameter. This probably hung in some monastery and how it became a trophy of antique black forest war is not known, but we think it came back from the fratricidal war. The artist has antique black forest produced a very realistic and dramatic scene that resonates with emotion and dramatic effect.

Answer: much lower! No piece of Black-Forest art antique black forest comes up to this tray. Patriotic Wood Carving of the Antique Yellow Turkish Sivas Three Greatest German Leaders as Visualized (Item WOODMASTER 1-8; AH 28-2) DESCRIPTION: Here is an incredible hand-carved plaque depicting the artist s conception of the three greatest German leaders of the century: Adolf Hitler, chancellor and supreme leader of Germany 1933-1945 der F hrer Grand Field Marshal von Hindenburg, Germany s president and hero of WWI; he reigned as Germany s hero personified after the Great War. It is a masterpiece on its own and a prime example of the absolute zenith of this all-but-lost art. PRICE: $5,500. In this drawing we see a fourth “great,”Frederick the Great. Those familiar with the history of antique black forest the Nazi Party will recognize this eagle as the style used on the cover of Adolf Hitler s famous book, Mein Kampf. The incredible part is that here are the mountain edelweiss all individually carved and nestled with flowering groups of antique black forest other mountain flora, so expertly depicted that the whole thing seems to be alive with the Sound of Music (Excuse the pun! ) Now, the almost antique black forest unbelievable part! What better place to hold the precious memories garnered by a member of this illustrious unit of Britain s military might that was expended in some of England s colonial wars that prior to WWI and WWII, perhaps actually should have been fought with numerous exceptions of course. S Party in the 1920s. I just have to say it again: Incredible! PRICE: SOLD The front of box The left side The right side The rear of box Inside lid Gentleman Officer s What-Not Box Antique Hand Painted Enamel Pinbrooch With of the Royal British Artillery Battery (Item WOODMASTER 1-10; BRITSCOT 4-30) DESCRIPTION: Here is a fabulous hand-carved wooden box or chest that is decorated on top and all around with elaborately carved oriental dragons and in the center there is a beautiful crest of the Royal Artillery with its crown and cannon. She measures 16 inches top to bottom and 12 inches across sleeve to Antique Art Nouveau sleeve.

The central theme of Antique Equestrian Arabian the lions measures about 4 inches high and the lion proceeding antique black forest foremost is about 4 inches long. This bird of prey is large and heavy, measuring 31 inches from wingtip to wingtip, and from the bottom of the plinth that looks like a rock to the top of his head it measure 16 inches. The wooden sculpture measures 15 inches high from the bottom of the antique black forest base to the top of the eagle s head. We antique black forest would have to guess that this treasure would probably have been accomplished in the 1860 s or earlier. The figure from shoes up to the top of his hat measures antique black forest 47 inches. Unfortunately, pictures just don t do it justice. Jesus pain and suffering are antique black forest evident in the depiction, but also the eternal transfiguration obviously shows through in a very touching manner. Dresses that are loosely based on dirndls are known as Landhausmode or Trachtenmode.

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