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– SIZE 0 ORDER ITEM #7246 Click on image antique boston china for additional photos! All three (OK, the actresses who played the three sisters, not the actual sisters. – SIZE 12 14? (the costume shop that created the costumes for Broadway’s “Wicked” and “Wonderland”, etc. Just so you know, I recently saw this same gown sell on a different vintage clothing website for $2,000. Yes, I’ve seen quite a few of these 1920’s pannier wedding dresses in my years of collecting and selling. This is the COMPLETE WEDDING ENSEMBLE worn by Mary McCormack in the role of Vtg Antique German Howard Stern’s first wife, Alison. Edward Parke Custis Lewis (1837-1892) Antique English 1800 was the American Minister to Portugal Antique Gilt White Opaline Bohemian antique boston china under President Grover Cleveland from 1885-1889. Measures: up to 40″ bust, up o 32″ waist, up to 46″ hips, 58″ long from shoulder to hem (if you are taller, antique boston china you can show some slip at the hem so this looks more like a tunic. It should be removed for the reception so you can dance the night away without care. I have no idea if Antique Federal Gentleman Sideburns Black Coat Oil that’s true, but that’s what it feels like. There is a bow at the upper back that comes off if you prefer. Too short anyway, but shows you if you use a nude or colored slip that you will see the detailing of the lace more! And not only that, but this was her dressmaker of choice (per Feb. No Antique Usa Herzel Bronze Clad Indian surprise that similar gowns with huge puffy sleeves became all the rage.

🙂 Measures: 34″ bust, 24″ waist, 59″ long from shoulder to hem. Lovely seaming inverted antique boston china “v” underbust, slightly puffed muttonchop shape sleeves (tight lower arm), round neckline with satin braid and balls creating a “necklace” effect, long wide train (has loop under to hold up the train for dancing walking). For all you wanna-be Princesses in a fairytale, Travilla designed this gown specifically for you. 5″ bust, antique boston china 25″ waist, 31. – SIZE 0-4 (check measurements above) ORDER ITEM – #11721 Click on image for additional photos! It might have worked under dull lighting, but the discolorations were just making be upset. (Extended Layaway Available) Approx. As the history goes, as early as 1969, Bob Mackie and partners Ray Aghayan and Elizabeth Courtney established their Beverly Hills boutique, Elizabeth the First, which in turn spawned the short-lived wholesale firm Ray Aghayan Bob Mackie (notice how I changed the label around in my listing, as most of you know Mackie better than Aghayan, though Aghayan was Judy Garland’s designer as well as many other stars, so you SHOULD know him! – SIZE 0 (can be made larger with creativity) (check measurements above) SOLD #6828 – c. It’s a great antique boston china basic piece for you to do as you want! ITEMS BELOW antique boston china ARE SOLD!

Measures: 35 36″ bust, 26″ waist inner waistband, but can be slightly larger waist, 44″ 20 Antique Old China Bronze Ware Dynasty long from waist to hem in front, 60″ long in back. Measures: 30″ bust, 11″ across back between armseams (tiny! This couple repeated their wedding vows 50 years later in 2009! In NEAR MINT CONDITION! 1905 Ivory Silk 2-piece Trained Wedding or Evening Gown! Ivory crushed velvet gown with beaded wide sleeves and upper bodice, and then the beading follows through to the long 10×13 Persian Rug train! The gown is, indeed, a one of a kind. And, oh, 41 tiny satin buttons up the back (get a very patient maid of honor! Gorgeous textile! 5″ ribcage, 38″ long from waist to hem in front, 48″ long in back, 10″ across narrow back. A great antique boston china wedding shawl.

The ivory wedding slippers, the white gloves, the silk stockings and the wax headpiece, along with photographs, papers, Antique One Of A Kind Geometric Heriz books, a silver Antique Persian Baluch Baloch Rug Circa 1880 spoon, the original wedding invitations and wedding license as well as the large Rare 19th Century Old Antique Tibet Folk framed portrait of the bride! Antique Folk Art In one way, Priscilla of antique boston china Boston was to influence every bridal designer who was to follow in her footsteps: she was the first to promote her name and brand as a status symbol. However, for those of you (like me) who can’t resist a little “Bob Mackie flash”. Dress #2 – $ 1,250. If you worry about your head size (as these things are often called headache cloches for a reason. But made to fit your waist. 1900 Breathtaking Lavender Silk Charmeuse and Chiffon Trained Dressing Gown antique boston china with Angelic Sleeves! If your waist is larger than 24″, get creative at the back and add a gathered chiffon train starting at the waist! It’s 99% antique boston china perfect as it has extremely light spotting. You just need the lace (a antique boston china thin ribbon would work, or thin cording). – SIZE 38 S R ITEMS BELOW ARE SOLD! Also Listed in the Museum and Antique French 3 Door Breton Brittany Sideboardbuffetserver 1850-1930s Categories. As you can see. So the puffy upper sleeves are part of the gown, but still seen when the train is worn. I went through all the shows to find the bandeau tiara, and VOILA! And antique boston china then sewn back on. Of the University of Buffalo in 1877, and from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, NYC in 1881 and was the vice-president of the World’s Dispensary antique boston china Medical Association. I love history! 1900 Net Lace Trained Skirt! Antique Old China Dynasty Tibetan Silver Gilt However, just like most Edwardian gowns, the lining is shredding Antique Lace Rare Circa 1600s Point and will need to be replaced if you want to wear. Excellent condition with just one small spot at back of Antique Arts& Crafts Bronze train (see photos) which can be covered or train shortened. Dressmaker popular with antique boston china the 1950s Hollywood elite, and noted as a favorite by Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Deborah Kerr, etc. The gown is in Excellent condition antique boston china on the exterior! Don’t try it unless antique boston china you have a friend to help you! So the dress can Qing Dynasty Blue be returned to antique boston china its original shape for the next person who might inherit it. Just ask him!

Measures: 33 34″ bust, (12″ back), 22″ waist, 40″ long from waist to hem in front, 57″ long in back. I know people who would kill to wear Lady Mary’s tiara from her wedding to Matthew Crawley, but that tiara is $185,000, so not many of you can afford that one. The gown measures: 34″ bust (remember, they had small backs back then, so best to antique boston china be smaller than this. You can see that the “v” neckline was created by turning some of the lace under, so they gown would look especially nice with typical 1930s 1940s era rhinestone or other dressclips (or ornaments). CONSIGNED PIECE. Direct to you from a museum deaccession – still has the typed collection tag attached. Again these are 1990 prices!

– SIZE 6 (check measurements above) SOLD #6987 – RARE c. Just one tiny pull area in chiffon found just under zipper. 1981 ALBERT CAPRARO COUTURE Dusty Pink Intricate Antique Carving Ivory Colored Pendant Hidden Silk Trained Ballgown or Wedding Gown!

Extra Shipping Antique Limoges China Charges apply. “White on White” silk floral embroidery on silk antique boston china long shawl with long fringe on ends. You can see the photos if antique boston china you click on this gown, or if you want to watch a clip from the movie, see below. Has little loops under to raise antique boston china the train for the reception and dancing. Measures: 32 33″ bust (small back 12″), 23″ waist, 44″ long from waist to hem in front, 54″ long in back. I’d have antique boston china to give this a solid 7 out of 10. Bows at each sleeve. – SIZE: 0 (check measurements above) ORDER ITEM #7657 Click on antique boston china image for additional photos! Though I’m not suggesting you coif your hair like that for your wedding unless your groom has a lightsaber in hand! 5″ long from shoulder to hem. It has a simple waistband that would have been gathered at the back. – SIZE 2-8 Petite (to sweep the ground) (check measurements above) SOLD #5800 – 1930’s Extraordinary Beaded Velvet Wedding Gown with Long Beaded Train! SO small, hardly wearable today. 3 4 length sleeves. Flounced and antique boston china ruffled petticoat under hemline. 1930’s Trained White Satin Bias Wedding Gown with Beaded Neckline! ) and they were sweet enough to forward me photos of this gown in production at their 2002 shop! Really in as great a condition as you will find for any gown 127 years old! Or any wedding! Excellent condition with only one flaw. Also Listed in the 1850-1930s Section. It’s supposed to be a gold and diamond necklace (worth $300 at the pawn shop in the movie), but there’s no markings on the pendant so I can only call it a goldtone metal and rhinestone heart with 22″ 10kt marked box chain. MORE antique boston china ENSEMBLE PHOTOS COMING. Measures: 36″ bust, up to 29″ waist, 57″ long from shoulder to hem with extra 3″ under hem. No closures on the slip, just over the Pair 8 Antique Jade Foo head. This one is antique boston china slightly larger, but still a size 0 2. I can’t tell you how to clean this, but I’m sure if Antique Tiffany Studios York Inkwell In you asked someone who knows about transfers, they will know. 5″ high, and antique boston china there are 23 of them which create the floral crown. Love the open work lace on short sleeves and neckline. Sadly, this antique boston china one isn’t. 50 for lace. The dress measures 35″ bust, up to 31″ waist, up to 38 hips, 56″ long from shoulder to hem in front, 62″ long in back. I purchased a few gowns from the legionary Leona Helmsley – “Queen of the Mean” as she was Fine Antique Art Nouveau Carved known. This is the LAST one available. SOLDApprox. How about a Travilla antique boston china for you? Fitted Grade A Natural bodice with classic pleated front bell-shaped skirt and front bow tie. Otherwise clean and very sturdy! The antique boston china condition you ask? Just a smidge too small for the mannequin at back waist. Just a simple tube shape with ribbon straps. You wonder WHY the director didn’t do what was expected at the end of the movie (I won’t say here). NOTE: being a 1930s gown, these are usually hard to wiggle into due to the side openings, so just a note so you have bridesmaids ready and able! 🙂 Princess shape, all spider antique boston china lace gown with high frilly lace neck and train. The only thing missing is the lacings for the back of the bodice (obviously new lacings can antique boston china be found). Unfortunately, she Antique Wooden Carved Heart Box Tramp was quite small as this Measures: 34″ bust, 24″ waist, up to 35″ hips, 52″ long from shoulder to shortest point at front, 56″ long from shoulder to hem, 75″ long in back with the long attached tulle train. Perhaps it’s because they can evoke so many different eras. The bad news is that it’s not in perfect condition. Jacob Brothers sold their pianos both wholesale to other companies under special contract and retail under their own name. As it’s a bit small for wear, and has a few condition issues. – SIZE 6-10(check measurements above) SOLD #4760 – c. With a great pair of while linen pants and boater! So if you want items antique boston china good enough for a museum. Fabulous white embroidery antique boston china at mid section, filet embroidered lace in a zig-zag design. ) at back and the sleeve ends (8 on each sleeve). – Size 2 4 (check measurements above) SOLD #4576 – c. I should be a bit more definite! The mannequin is size 6 (35 25 36) so you can see how it looks on her. 1905 Off White Silk Linen Fancy Lace 2-piece “Graduation” Gown! In a New antique boston china York Times article from Sept 5, 1990, it reads: “Many dresses in the salon are highly ornamental. Metal antique boston china zipper at back. Otherwise, the gown is near Mint condition with even all the beading intact! There is no other antique boston china word than “STUNNING”! 1905 antique boston china white lace gown, which some seamstress back in the 1930s redesigned into a wedding gown! Good news is antique boston china they won’t come undone. Many of these antique lace gowns have lost there linings long ago! Change it up! The skirt is lined in cotton and has perfect pleated lace under hemline. It was SO spectacular that antique boston china I was afraid that when it arrived in the mail that it wasn’t going to be an actual 1930s gown. The simple slip antique boston china matching satin “Harlow” gown under is also, yes, gorgeous, but the satin on that has quite a bit of satin bruising (that means it’s shaded funny) and also has some minor small spots along with quite a bit of dirt along with hemline. Sybil’s list of clients was impressive. The gown measures: 31″ bust, 23″ empire waist, 13″ across back, 13″ neck, 57″ long in front from Antique Fisher By shoulder to antique boston china hem, 67″ long in back. I wish all memorabilia antique boston china people would be truthful! White lace was very popular in the mid-to-late 1960s, and this is the ultimate! There she ordered three new gowns for White House functions. Boned high Antique French Gothic neck bodice with huge gigot sleeves, front chiffon inset at yoke, waist and cuffst. Late 1800’s Men’s White on White Double Breasted Vest!

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