Antique Butterfield Signed Sundial Compass Brass Circa 1720

The first American Genuine Crocodile Suitcase president to be impeached, he was acquitted in the Senate by one vote. Unfortunately, shipping charges are not included in this offer and are non-refundable unless due to our error. He fought in the first major engagement, the First Battle of Bull Run. Force commanded the 20th Ohio during the Shiloh, Corinth, and Vicksburg Campaigns. My father left Alstead when about 20 years of age and has since resided in Waltham, MA. Signed by Porter and Pennock later Admiral. He was eventually awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions.

His plans did not give protection to the former slaves, and he Antique Butterfield Signed came into conflict with the Republican-dominated Congress, culminating in his impeachment by the House of Representatives. Two pages Antique Butterfield Signed 8″ X 10″. He abandoned rest to General Judah. Arriving as the Battle of Gettysburg was winding down, his return was widely celebrated by his men. He was criticized for arresting and detaining political enemies and suspected southern sympathizers. Clipped ink signature, John Sherman, Secretary. Which is my native town.

Senator from Missouri and a staunch advocate of westward expansion of the United States. His brigade had routed Confederate skirmishers from a cornfield on the Varina Road and pursued toward the Confederate earthworks. On the morning of 7 July 1863, Southern forces opened fire on the ship with artillery and musketry when she was about ten miles below Donaldsonville. During the Red River campaign, he ordered the destruction of the library and other items at Louisiana State University, but the building was spared at the request of Maj. Banks was Governor of Massachusetts 1858 – 1861, later Antique Very Rare 16s Major General in the Union Army during the Civil War, commanded the Department of the Gulf, later after the war, Banks returned to the Massachusetts political scene, where he influenced the Alaska Purchase legislation and supported women’s suffrage. All in his hand, restoration at seam; well written in Antique Butterfield Signed dark ink. BELL, Navy Dept. SOLD 1850 – GENERAL N. A large ink signature as Major General. SECRETARY OF STATE HAMILTON FISH, Hamilton Fish (August 3, 1808 – September 7, 1893) was an American statesman who served as the 16th Governor Antique Butterfield Signed of New York, United States Senator and United States Secretary of State. GRANT, 17th President of the United States, Commander in chief of the Union Army, accepted Robert E. He served as both Antique Butterfield Signed Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary of State and was the principal author of the Sherman Antitrust Act. The new president favored quick restoration of Antique Butterfield Signed the seceded states to the Union. Force and his 1st Brigade participated in the March to the Sea, and on January 15, 1865, Force was placed in command of the 3rd Division upon Leggett’s retirement. GENERAL JAMES ROBINSON MCCORMICK, Militia General Antique Butterfield Signed from Missouri, began war as a Surgeon in the 6th Missouri, later Brig. From March 17 to July 23, 1862, he served as the chairman of the War Board, the organization that assisted President Abraham Lincoln and Secretary of War Edwin M. Reinforcements arrived in February and John M. WASHBURN, Colonel of the 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry, Missouri and Vicksburg Campaigns. As the entire left Antique Butterfield Signed flank of the Army of the Tennessee crumbled, Manning Force led his brigade in a desperate defense of his critical position on Bald Hill (soon to be renamed Leggett’s Hill). He resigned from the army on may Antique Butterfield Signed 15, 1865 and returned to Wisconsin. 75″ X 3″, “Jos R. GRANT AND VICE PRESIDENT SCHYLER COLFAX, both signatures in ink, Grant was President and Colfax as Vice President, from an autograph album, 5″ X 7” Pair 2 Old Or overall. Engineer in the US Navy after being appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. A Antique Butterfield Signed prior email authorization by us for the return is required.

HOBSON, MEDAL OF HONOR WINNER, Richmond Pearson Hobson (August 17, 1870 – March 16, 1937) was a United States Navy Rear Admiral who served from 1907 – 1915 as a U. When Coxey tried to speak at the U. Coxey died in 1951. He is also noted for the subsequent scandal that alleged the improper Antique Butterfield Signed sale of stock of the railroad’s construction company. A Democrat who ran with Lincoln on the National Union ticket, Johnson came to office as the Civil War concluded.

With the outbreak of the Civil War and the secession of Texas in early 1861, he was captured with Major Sibley’s command on April 27. He became one of the most prominent political generals of the Civil War. On March 4, 1864, Paine resigned his commission and returned to Massachusetts. However, with the outbreak of the Civil War, all potential officers were needed, and Custer was called to serve with the Union Army. She is sailing close to the wind, Antique Butterfield Signed gracefully cutting through medium seas with a “bone in her teeth”. He was taken to a hospital at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he died on the evening of the next day. He was wounded in the Battle of the Wilderness, but recovered to lead his troops during the lengthy Siege of Petersburg, and later in Maj. Sickles Brig. He received the Medal of Honor years later for his Antique Butterfield Signed part in that conflict. A veteran of the Spanish -American War. Many families went Antique Butterfield Signed hungry, and unemployed men roamed the country begging for jobs and food. 00 100816 – Antique Butterfield Signed ADMIRAL CHARLES H. From the truck of her main and fore mast fly two pennants, one of which is likely the House Flag, and the other a “homing pennant”. Harper’s Antique Butterfield Signed Weekly described him as “loved more sincerely, and hated more heartily, than any man of his day. 00 Antique Butterfield Signed 101132 – BVT. Terry in Antique Butterfield Signed raising the 7th Connecticut Infantry, a three-year regiment, and was named as lieutenant colonel. ORD, USA, Edward Otho Cresap Ord (October 18, 1818 – July 22, 1883) was an American engineer and United States Army officer who saw action in the Seminole War, the Indian Wars, and the American Civil War. After a brief rest in camp near Power’s Hill, two brigades from the division were sent to reinforce Union troops from Maj. General US Vols. 00 2204 – GENERAL ANDREW JACKSON LIGHTBURN, Clipped signature in ink as Brig. In January 1865, Hawley succeeded his mentor Alfred Terry as divisional commander when Terry was sent to command troops in the attacks on Fort Fisher. As governor, he promoted the passage of civil service reform legislation and labor-friendly wage and dispute-resolution laws. Du Pont captured Port Royal in a combined Army Navy operation. March 23, 1823 – January 13, 1885) was a United States Representative from Indiana (1855 – 1869). WHITING, 8″ X 14” letter dated July 24th, 1871, ordering Engineer George Hunt to report for duty. He held the position until the end of Grant’s second Antique Butterfield Signed term, serving from June 26, 1869 until March 4, 1877. In regard to the European war I agree with you that it will end when Germany is crushed and I think it ought to be and the hooligans obliterated for all times and the German people left to recover themselves in a Republican form of government. There were numerous other artists who painted portraits of vessels throughout Europe and the Orient. Hurlbut who replaced Banks as commander of the Department of the Gulf. SOLD 5151 – GENERAL DANIEL BUTTERFIELD, Antique Butterfield Signed large clipped signature of Butterfield in ink. After his recovery, Paine commanded troops in the defense of Washington, D. His ink signature on a card, very fine. These included involvement in the Vicksburg Antique Butterfield Signed campaign, the capture of New Orleans, the Battle of Baton Rouge, and the Bayou Teche offensive. He Antique Butterfield Signed led a charge of the 1st Vermont Cavalry when General Farnsworth was killed at both Round Tops. Wood’s Antique Butterfield Signed Democratic machine was concerned to maintain the revenues (which depended on Southern cotton) that maintained the patronage. An ALS by Hall dated Antique Butterfield Signed February 22nd, 1866 while stationed at Savannah in occupation of the city. Weitzel later commanded Union forces in the Lafourche Region and later commanded forces in Virginia and was the first 6 Old Antique commander into Richmond and made his headquarters in Jefferson Davis’ home. Griffin participated in most of the major battles of the Army of the Potomac in 1864, including the Overland Campaign and Siege of Petersburg. Brevet Brigadier General during the American Civil War. HUNTER, In the summer of 1862 in response to Lincoln’s call for volunteers, he organized the 82nd Indiana Infantry. Born in Lexington and educated at Harvard, Robinson taught high school before becoming a lawyer. Nice ink clip as Antique Butterfield Signed Major General. BENJAMIN, Antique Butterfield Signed Missouri. Pierrepoint died in New York City two days after his 75th birthday on March 6, 1892, where he had lived after his return from Antique Oak Bookcase Globe Wernicke 1880 Antique Victorian Die Cut England, SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY BENJAMIN BRISTOW, Benjamin Helm Bristow (June 20, 1832 – June 22, 1896) was an American lawyer and Republican Party politician who served as the first Solicitor General of the United States and as a U. He died in Havana, Cuba of Yellow fever. He died shortly after. Antique French Oak 00 5167C – MAJOR GENERAL BENJAMIN BUTLER, Antique Butterfield Signed 1st occupational commander at New Orleans in April 1862, removed after accusations of malfeasance in office were levied against him. Perhaps done as much fighting as nay man in this war. Coxey was a wealthy Ohio businessman and Populist Party member who grew concerned over the plight of the unemployed during a major depression that started with the Panic of 1893. It was only after the intervention of his former general, Winfield Scott, that he was commissioned a major general in the U. His army of Antique Butterfield Signed unemployed men dispersed. ” Very fine. There are a Antique French Clock Boulle Clock Mantel Or large number of other sailing vessels in the background so that she is likely approaching a major port. The dinner was being held by the Merchants Club of Boston. Short note from him signed in 1866. Bristow forcefully prosecuted the Ku Klux Klan and enforced African American citizenship rights given after the Civil War. FORCE, ALS, 8″ X 10″ letter on Ohio Soldiers and Sailor’s Home stationary, January 8th, 1896 to General James G. Washburn was brevetted as a brigadier general of volunteers on December 15, 1864, and then as a major general on July 26, 1865. BARRY, Army of the Potomac and during the Peninsula Campaign, later took part in the battles of Yorktown, Mechanicsville, Gaines’ Mill, White Oak Antique Butterfield Signed Swamp, and Malvern Hill. Lee at the Battle of Chancellorsville in 1863. Later in the year, he was commissioned as the colonel of the newly raised 54th Ohio Infantry. GENERAL Antique Butterfield Signed CHARLES E. He was at both battles of Bull Run and took part in Jackson’s Valley Campaign of 1862, and Antique Butterfield Signed the Battle of Cross Keys. At the end of the war, he received a Antique Butterfield Signed brevet commission as a brigadier general of volunteers. Large Antique Butterfield Signed ink signature as CM. Recruited the 65th Antique Butterfield Signed New York. Ewing also represented Samuel Arnold and Edmund Spangler Antique Butterfield Signed during the trial. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS WELCOME, but inquire first.

Some of the better known American painters who recorded this period of our history were James and Thomas Butterworth, Antonio Jacobsen, Fitz Hugh Lane, John Stobart and William Stubbs to mention only a few. GENERAL Antique Butterfield Signed EPHRAIN K. General of the United States. Large Antique Butterfield Signed signature. 10″ X 14″ vellum land grant in Opelousas, Antique Butterfield Signed LA Antique French Provincial Walnut to Josiah Chambers for 640 acres. General, Antique Butterfield C1930s Antique Persian Sarouk Farahan Signed commanded the 6th Kentucky, wounded at Stones River, wounded at Chickamauga, wounded at Resaca, GA, wounded at the 3rd Battle of Chattanooga. Coxey advocated a national system of public roads to be Antique Butterfield Signed financed by the federal government, arguing that the plan would reduce Single Antique American Stained Glass Door unemployment. Large signature as a congressman in 1868. In 1876, Bristow ran for President, however, he was unsuccessful at gaining the Republican nomination that went to Rutherford B. STOKES, He entered the Union Army on May 15, 1862 as a major of the Tennessee Volunteers. Upon the outbreak of the American Civil War in 1861, Sickles became one of the war’s most prominent political generals, recruiting the New York regiments that became known as the Excelsior Brigade in the Army of the Potomac. He has prevented him from crossing at several Antique Butterfield Signed points, and has at last engaged him, with great success. Large ink signature as Antique Butterfield Signed a Congressman in 1868. Autograph document July 12th, 1876 as Rear Admiral assigning George Hunt on the USS Wyandotte, also signed by Commander L. 00 9023 – GENERAL NATHANIAL BANKS, ALS all in Bank’s hand dated at Waltham, MA. Very fine, great content regarding the building of the famous Excelsior Brigade into the Division that fought in the Army Antique Fine China of the Potomac at Gettysburg. He is generally considered one of the most capable generals with no previous military training to emerge from the war. Goldsboro, NC, April Antique Butterfield Signed Antique Art Deco Platinum 4th, 1865. In April, he participated in an unsuccessful expedition to capture Charleston, South Carolina. Not content to be subjected to murderous fire from the Antique Butterfield Signed high ground, the attacking units charged the ridge, and Hunter’s 82nd was the first of his division to gain the summit and occupy the confederate works. SOLD 5146 – GENERAL JOHN DIX, John Adams Dix (July 24, 1798 – April 21, 1879) was Secretary of the Treasury, Governor of New York and Union major Antique Butterfield Signed general during the Civil War. 00 9239 – COMMANDER GEORGE MORRIS, Lieutenant Morris was assigned to USS Cumberland during 1861-62, and was her acting commanding officer when she was lost in a heroically-fought action with CSS Virginia on 8 Rare Antique 1757 Russian Silver March 1862. His signature in ink, uncommon. His forces broke in confusion from the banks, and left his wagon train, many horses, and small-arms in my possession. He was noted for his actions in the Union victory at Fort Pulaski, where his modern rifled artillery readily pounded the fort’s exterior stone walls, an action that essentially rendered stone fortifications obsolete. Union Major General – Illinois; Civil War Governor of Illinois (1864-69). SOLD 5168 – CAPTAIN Antique Butterfield Signed JOHN A. Later a Senator from Louisiana. A very Antique Butterfield Signed large signature during his early term in Congress. In February 1862, Smith and Antique Butterfield Signed his men were ordered to Paducah, Kentucky, where they joined the division of Maj. 00 101143 – FERNANDO WOOD, NEW YORK, CONFEDERATE SYMPATHIZER, A successful shipping merchant who became Antique Butterfield Signed Grand Sachem of the political machine known as Tammany Hall, Wood first served in Congress in 1841. Army of the Potomac, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg wounded , Antique Oak Easel Self Standing Floor later with Sherman in the Atlanta Campaign, won the MEDAL OF HONOR, credited with the invention of TAPS, adversary of George Meade after the retreat from Gettysburg, very fine. Robeson was so adept at hiding his financial tracks that he was known as “the cuttle fish” of the Navy. 00 101134 – BVT. He was acquitted with the Antique Butterfield Signed first use of temporary insanity as a legal defense in U. He concludes that this formation of this Division would be a credit to the State of New York and the public judgment would approve of the Excelsior’s expansion to a Division. Scarce, very fine. 00 another as Major General. During Antique Butterfield Signed Jubal A.

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