Antique C 1930 Navajo Large Cross On Beaded Necklace Coin Silver Vafo

1882 Cocoa Colored Silk Wedding Gown #4759 c. Vintage Designer Clothes, Vintage 30’s – 80’s Clothes, Museum Clothing, Victorian Clothing, Edwardian Whites, 20’s Flapper Dresses, Bridal Gowns, Wedding Accessories, Prom Dresses, Hollywood Memorabilia, Celebrity Owned Items, Hats, Purses, Fancy Undergarments, Antique Antique Wild Flower Stoare Rolling Vintage Accessories, and more. Mills & Son FIN-NOR: antique c 1930 Big Game reels SAGE: J. As the image above portrays, this vintage football antique c 1930 helmet is of a very unusual design. Paying top antique c 1930 dollar for just the empty box, more with the original reel and paper. Meek reels No. 1899 Military Inspired Tailored Gown #4076 SOLD SOLD SOLD c. 1878 Sky Blue Damask Polonaise Gown #4758 c. 1905 antique c 1930 Pink Crepe-de -Chine Ball Gown #3440 SOLD SOLD SOLD c. 1882 1883 Taffeta antique c 1930 Bustle Gown with Straw Bonnet #5419 SOLD SOLD SOLD c. The antique football helmet remains in gorgeous condition with Antique French Victorian Aesthetic Figural supple leather and the completely intact chin strap and fastener. 1897 Lavender Brocade Gown #2119 SOLD SOLD c. Gayle ( & Son ) WHEELER: Wheeler & McGregor LEONARD: H. SOLD Antique Football Helmet – 1920’s – 1930’s ITEM 11: Offered here is a wonderful antique football helmet, a 1920-30’s leather antique c 1930 football helmet made by the A. Spalding & Bros. 1868 Gold Brocade Afternoon Gown #3094 SOLD on LAYAWAY SOLD c. 1880’s Cut Velvet and Silk Taffeta Trained Gown #5970 SOLD SOLD SOLD c. Lighthouse Point, Florida Visit the store website Store Phone: E-MAIL TOM GREENE Tom Greene & TV fishing expert Mark Sosin Tom antique c 1930 Greene is a member of: National Fishing Lure Collector Club, I. All content on this site is copyrighted and owned by Tom Greene, Lighthouse Point, Florida. 1910 For Madame De Bittencourt Satin Jeweled Gown #1904 c. Price $650 1930’s Wilson Leather Football Helmet w Wing-front Design ITEM 3: This antique c Colorful Vintage Floral Wreath Applique Antique Quilt 1930 antique leather football helmet was made by the Wilson sporting goods company in the 1930 s.

Mid-1860’s 2-piece Trained White Fine Linen Gown #4675 SOLD SOLD SOLD c. Also buying pre-1930 reel parts for the type reels shown on this site. SOLD Unique 1910-15’s Antique Football Helmet – antique c 1930 Spalding ITEM 9: Offered here is a gorgeous 1910-15 s Unusual Style Spalding Leather Football Helmet. It is a top of the line vintage football helmet that remains is solid EX-MT condition.

Sage Kentucky reel No. Memorabilia 1750-1840’s 1850-1920’s 1930’s-Today Wedding Under $150 Lingerie Special SOLD SOLD SOLD c. All Items are SOLD! These features can also be noticed in the image of the catalog page which comes from a 1904-1905 Reach catalog.

4, engraved Meek and Milam No. Vintage football equipment is difficult antique c 1930 to find in good condition, this helmet is outstanding! 1910 TOUTMAIN, Paris Rhinestoned Evening Gown #1868 SOLD SOLD SOLD c. A great looking addition to any antique sports collection. Meek brass reel No. 1820’s Blue Silk Ballgown with Rouleau Trim #2090 SOLD SOLD SOLD c. 1912 Pink Silk Trained Evening Gown #2698 SOLD SOLD SOLD c. 1850’s antique c 1930 Print Gown with Cotton Fringe #3515 c. Conroy antique c 1930 MILAM: B. The unique design features a large, rigid shell Antique Stanford White Style Genuine antique c 1930 Great Deal On 162Ct J of leather protection at the forehead. 1866 Golden Brown Afternoon antique c 1930 Gown #3401 c. SOLD 1930’s Game Used Clemson University Leather Football Helmet ITEM 10: Here we are offering a 1930 s Game Wide Antique Diamond Sapphire Used Clemson University Leather Football Helmet, made by Lowe & Campbell. And say hello! Tgbooks (Tom Greene’s book on fishing stories) Web Site created 10-3-1997 Copyrighted 1997- 2015 Last updated: Thursday, April 23, 2015 06:36 AM All photos on this website are the personal property of Thomas Greene, and may not be reproduced in print or on the internet in any form without the expressed written permission of Thomas Greene. 1909 Battenburg Lace Gown w Gold Lame Trim #3650 c. 1890 NISELL ROBES, Buffalo, NY Faille Silk Promenade One-piece Gown antique c 1930 – #3981 c. 1897 Silk Ottoman and Velvet Gown #3407 c. 1904 Black Etamine Trained Afternoon Gown #1660 c. 1880 Taffeta Gown antique c 1930 with Matching Walking Jacket #4103 c. Click on Photos for more Information on Each Item. Wisner free-spool bait caster double speed version Paying top dollar for excellent condition antique rods and reels. All Eras MUSEUM Shoes All Eras MUSEUM Wedding All Eras Home MUSEUM Items for Sale. 1894 Arnold Constable, New York Black Velvet Embroidered Walking Jacket #7348 c. 1905 Black and Ecru Lace Evening antique c 1930 Gown #3522 c. ABBEY & IMBRIE: A&I; AMERICA LEONARD: Leonard-Mills ABU GARCIA AMBASSADOR KOVALOVSKY: large reels BATE: T. The top quality, black leather features the silver Wright & Ditson logo, front and center. Price $250 1930-40’s Antique Leather Football Helmet ITEM 6: Here we are offering a very unusual style vintage football helmet from the 1930 s – 1940 s era. Tom Greene LOVES and antique c 1930 buys Big Game REELS Names of some of the Big Game REELS I want to buy. 1905 BEER, Paris Elaborate Trained Evening Gown #3505 c. (Reel Crankie & Tri-Shear antique c 1930 products) www. Deally, small size reel Articles and more reel photos: A discussion on grading Antique Art Deco Cast Iron Giraffe reels A discussion on pricing reels Instructions on doing an evaluation of your reel A list of markings on Meek and antique c 1930 Milam reels Some rare Meek reels: J.

Likely though, that is was a large school as these helmets were among the most expensive and antique c 1930 were not something to be found on the sandlots or even high school teams. As to be expected, it is antique c 1930 of the highest quality construction, a tank of a helmet!

The colors are from the antique c 1930 factory, this helmet was NOT painted, it was made at the factory for the use by the university. 1910 Black Chantilly Lace Velvet Gown #4452 c. 1870s Taffetas Princess Bustle One Piece Gown #9972 c. ANTIQUE REELS Kentucky, Fly, Collectible & Big Game Fishing Reels A Division of ‘Custom Rod & Reel’, Lighthouse 12 Old Antique China Purple Bronze Point, Florida Tom Greene ‘Custom Rod & Reel’ Store Phone: E-MAIL TOM GREENE Antique Reels antique c 1930 website is about American-made antique fishing reels, the fun of collecting, and hopefully a way to help Pr Antique Lg those who want to sell a reel or learn more about reels they possess. 1889 World’s Fair Silver Medal Winner Black Velvet Visite Mantle #4354 c. Vom Hoffe, Bogdan, Hardy, Talbot ‘Ben Hur’ and other makers. Wisner HORTON: antique c 1930 Horton Mfg. Florida Antique Tackle Collectors Old Reel Collectors Association Search this Fishing Reel Web site Contact Tom Greene at Custom Rod and Reel Photos of Early Collector Reels Look at the photos below and see if you have anything like these: Fin-Nor Wedding-Cake fly reels, brass reels, vom Hofe, Kentucky reels, Antique French Renaissance Armoire Wardrobe With Heddon, Hardy, Jack Welch, Leonard, J. Lauderdale-Boca Raton area of Florida, stop by Custom Rod antique c 1930 & Reel in Lighthouse Point on Large Antique Mahogany 25th street N. 1890 RARE Heavy Linen Summer Outing Ensemble #3716 c. 1894 Elaborate Wool Winter Bodice #4763 c. Tom Greene Tom Greene Collector of high-grade antique fishing reels Visit our complete saltwater tackle store at: Custom Rod & Reel 1835 N. Leonard WINCHESTER See an of other ‘valuable’ reels I want to buy I especially want to buy early fly and Salmon fishing reels that look like these by. Otherwise photo release documents and our production costs will be antique c 1930 necessary for commercial use of any and all photos on this site. We both lose” Contact information: Tom Greene at Custom Rod and Reel Names of bait caster, fly, and smaller reels which I collect and wish to purchase. It is a tank antique c 1930 of a helmet and withstood the gridiron well. 1914 For Mrs. 1810-1815 Figured Silk antique c 1930 Empire Gown #3357 c. Specializing in Salmon, Fly, antique c 1930 Kentucky, and all early Big Game reels. 1900 Belle Jardinere, Paris RARE Ladies Hunt Jacket & Hat #4738 c. 1904 Sequined Net Trained Ballgown antique c 1930 #4524 c. Price $250 1930 s Tortoise Shell-Front Football Helmet made by Passon ITEM 4: Offered here is a scarce 1930 s Tortoise-Shell-Front style leather football helmet made by Passon Sporting Goods from Philadelphia, PA. A common practice for marking the college helmets from this era. 1898-1900 Wool Soutache Winter Cape #4446 c. 1882 Black Silk Taffeta Bustle Gown #6179 c. 1900 Pink Parisian Brocade Lace Opera Coat #3874 SOLD SOLD SOLD c. 1892 antique c 1930 LIBERTY & Co. Site Search To purchase or obtain more information about any item please call: or email MAILING ADDRESS – Corey Leiby, 4040 Village Road, Orwigsburg, PA 17961 Join Our Mailing List Email: Site Sponsors Baseball Memorabilia Site Sponsors Vintage Football Helmet — Antique Football Helmet 1916 Wright & Ditson Leather Football Helmet ITEM 1: antique c 1930 Offered here is a fine, high quality leather football helmet made circa 1916. This stunning antique football helmet remains in MINT, never used condition. This novel helmet will add a nice splash of color to your antique football helmet collection! College football helmets from this era a super rare. 1907 MCGRATH, San Francisco Black Beaded Net Silk Evening Gown #3359 c. 1860 5-piece Taffeta Ensemble Evening Gown #4675 SOLD c. 1888 Plaid Wool “Sherlock Holmes” Coat #3809 SOLD SOLD antique c 1930 SOLD 1880’s L. Vom Hofe HEDDON: No. 1850’s Printed Wool Cloak with Braid Trim #3406 c. Price $250 1930-1940’s MacGregeor H612 Leather Football Helmet ITEM 5: This is a 1930-1940’s MacGregor H612 Leather Football Helmet. Pages and pages of reel photos 20 PAGES OF ANTIQUE REEL PHOTOS Tom Greene’s personal antique reel collection 2014 which is for sale Page: equential Reel Index See purchase instructions on pages 1 – 20 for these antique reels Specialist in ‘Kentucky’ Reels Photos of Early Brass Reels Sizes “zero” to “ten” No. 1870’s Wool Twill Embroidered Morning Gown with Watteau Back #6758 SOLD SOLD c. Every aspect of this helmet is professional quality as it was likely produced specifically for a top university or college. Early 1870s 3-piece Taffeta Trained Gown #5444 c. 1876 Chenille Trim Reception Gown #2832 c. A fine way to add some color to your antique c 1930 vintage football helmet collection with a museum quality helmet. The leather remains soft and supple, inside and out with the original chinstrap intact. 1900 HUBERT & Beautiful Antique Armand RIGUERE DEPOSE, Paris Black Velvet Beaded Opera Cape #199 SOLD SOLD c. 1879 1880 Gold Lame Brocade Velvet Trained Gown #11232 c. 1891 Afternoon Gown Ottoman Silk Cut Velvet #3876a SOLD SOLD c. The condition is excellent. Deally antique c 1930 reels J. WALLES, 15 Rue Auber 15, PARIS Velvet and Jet Beaded and Lace antique c 1930 Capelet #6157 SOLD SOLD SOLD c. Paying top dollar. 1891 Wool Antique Davis Palmer & Soutache Jacket #3737 SOLD c. This fine vintage football helmet has seen an ideal amount of use and antique c 1930 remains in outstanding condition. While technically a dog-ear helmet, the one piece construction on the lower half and unusual puffy top is very uncommon. A close look at the primitive chin strap point of connection is a solid indicator of it’s early design. 1837 Roller Print Cotton Day Dress #3220 c. This example has been painted silver but we have no provenance on this helmet so we cannot say for certain antique c 1930 what school it is from. Price $250 1940’s Notre Dame Game Used football Helmet ITEM 7: This is a rare offering for a 1940 s Notre Dame Game Used Football Helmet. The condition is solid EX-MT. Click here to see even more maker names KOVALOVSKY MITCHEL-HENRY FARLOW COXE SCHAUFFLER KNOWLES LEE FIN-NOR STEVENS STEAD GAREY ATALANTA HARDY VOM HOFE HOESEL ZWARG KLEIN TASMAN A full list of American makers I want to buy Phone: E-MAIL TOM GREENE antique c 1930 Always buying ‘Big Game reels’ and ‘heavy duty’ antique fishing rods by any of the above makers Antique Chinese Jade Plaque or wood rods by or. A great example of the wing-front design which has antique c 1930 been a trademark of the Michigan Wolverines football program for decades and remains today. It is a very early example of antique c 1930 the dog-ear style helmet.

1848 Pink Silk Moire Ballgown! This exceptional antique football helmet is Clemson orange antique c 1930 with a black number 9 painted on the back left. ‘s, 3-30, 3-35, 4-15, 4-18 VOM HOFE: Edward vom Hofe HENSHALL: Henshall-Van Antwerp WISNER: C. ‘s 45, 3-15, 3-24 VOM HOFE: Julius vom antique c 1930 Hofe HEDDON: No. #3092 SOLD SOLD SOLD c. 1876 Lace Bustle Wedding Gown #2198 c. Call Tom for an offer before you sell to anyone else: Phone: E-MAIL TOM GREENE “If you don’t ask me how much I’ll Antique 19th Century Listed Dutch Johannes pay. Talbot antique c 1930 HEDDON: No. Bullock Gold Brocade Hobble Gown #1408 NEXT PAGE – MUSEUM ITEMS SOLD – 1915-1920s WWI Flapper MUSEUM 1800-1929 Early Victorian Edwardian MUSEUM 1915-1929 WWI Flapper MUSEUM 1930-1960s 1930’s 1940’s 1950’s WWII MUSEUM 1960s-Today 1960’s 1970’s 1980’s 1990’s MUSEUM Lingerie All Eras MUSEUM antique c 1930 Memorabilia All Eras MUSEUM Hats, Etc. 1904 antique c 1930 Ecru Lace and Velvet Coat #3439 c. 1883 1884 Olive Taffeta Bustle Wedding Gown #5415 c. 1850’s Plaid Taffeta Gown Velvet Trim antique c 1930 #9971 SOLD SOLD c. ‘s 30, 35, 40 VOM HOFE: F. F Meek brass reels A list of Heddon reel manufacture dates A list of Talbot reel names and approximate order Edward vom Hofe 1929 catalog plates: Peerless, Perfection, Restigouche, Tobique Edward vom Hofe 1929 catalog plates: Long Key, Wahoo, Matecombe, Islamorada, Commander Ross Big Game rods by or Arthur Kolvalovsky Complete set of Fin-Nor Wedding Cake reels The Meek, No. 1905 Trained Ballgown with Floral Decorations #1873 SOLD SOLD SOLD c. The helmet features dark brown, supple leather and a white crown making for a wonderful display in your man cave or vintage sports collection. 1840’s Brocade Ballgown w Additional Sleeves #4163 c. 1902 REDFERN, Paris Trained Lace and Paillettes Gown #4722 c. This exceptional vintage football helmet is a MacGregor H614, which was the top of the line helmet for this era. (Antique fishing reels) www. 1882 2-piece Satin & Crepe Trained Gown #4730 SOLD antique c 1930 SOLD SOLD c. The MacGregor antique c 1930 H612 was used for many years for Notre Dame football and many others. 1913 MANALT-HOSCHEDE, Paris Trained Chantilly Lace Wired Tunic Evening Gown #4336 c. 1912 JEANNE HALLEE, Paris Pink Gossamer Chiffon Gown #4335 c. 1870’s 3-piece Bustle Gown #11145 SOLD SOLD SOLD c. If you have early fishing reels, like those listed on this site which you wish to sell, please call me on my (at Custom Rod and Reel) Before you sell your reel or lures OR Big Game rods, , Tom Greene.

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