Antique Certified Gia 49ct Vs1 Genuine Diamond 18k White Gold Engagement Ring

At Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers we endorse certificates from the Gemological Institute of America. 0 gram 14 karat white solitaire setting. Here is an opportunity for a lucky person to take advantage of an exceptionally brilliant diamond at significant Antique Rs Prussia savings due to the pre-owned nature. 00 carat diamonds. First come, antique certified gia first purchase. It might seem like a bit of a waste to cut off the corners off a princess cut making a radiant but the chances of taking a corner off one of these is significantly reduced. If the minor translucent inclusion wasn’t there, this diamond would cost around 75% more and would really only look better antique certified gia under a microscope. Stock #e9637. Services Buy & Sell Jewelry Diamond Jewelry Loose antique certified gia Diamonds GIA Certified, Non-Certified Colored Stones Pearl Stringing Custom Designs Watches Luxury Brand Names Collectible Watches Jewelry Cleaning Jewelry Repairs While You Wait Certified Appraiser Services Coin Dealers Antique & Estate Jewelry Buy & Sell Antiques Fine Arts and much more! The SI2 clarity grade is the perfect junction of price and value; giving you a diamond priced lower because it has a small inclusion(s) but, for the most part only showing its antique certified gia inclusions under magnification. VVS1-G good cut antique certified Antique Fob Watch gia GIA certified $7300. First come first serve, wholesale dealer inquiries are welcome. The Gemological Institute of America is the impartial industry judge for anyone looking for an accurate opinion on antique certified gia diamonds and gems. The GIA report can be seen online at. The two rings are available for $1200. Everything that Antique Porcelain Sign 36 X 24 Citizens could be controlled when Antique Arts & Craft this stone was cut, was done to achieve the most brilliant, antique certified gia sparkling, fiery diamond possible. 55mm this sparkling 0. I’ve been a GIA trained Graduate Gemologist for over 25 years, and perhaps I’m just grading to a higher old school standard antique certified gia but this diamond appears to be an 201 Tcw G I1 Vgood Round I1 in my opinion. Hard to believe but sometimes the best value in diamonds in the world can be found right in your own back yard in downtown Barrie. The thought of massive rents, landlord commissions based on gross sales, expensive mandatory renovations every few years and no guarantee of lease renewal made us realize we couldn’t operate in that kind of environment without charging antique certified gia substantially more for all the products we sell. SOLD February 20, antique certified gia 2017 1. Stock #e7916. Complete ring is priced at only $2625. I1-I antique certified gia GIA certified 14kt. The GIA report describes the symmetry as very good along with very good polish and no fluorescence. Original inaccurate appraisal is included with Circa 1930s Antique Cross purchase. 3 grams (available 10K Yellow Gold 22Ct Diamond Philadelphia Eagles separately). As with all diamonds, when they are of good quality and well cut they sparkle and twinkle like fireworks. 00 (EGL certified SI2-F). If you’re considering an important diamond for a special piece of jewellery this year keep this one in mind. 00 per carat. Three locations in south florida million reasons to shop here! That’s all fine as long as you have USD to pay for them. You can’t go wrong when it’s a VVS2-E that’s been certified by the Gemological Institute of America. VS1-F excellent cut $3000. February 20, 2018 1. The finger size 6 ring is available separately for antique certified gia only $370. By comparison to our Gemological Institute of America master diamonds, we determined antique certified gia the colour to be a slightly softer L. The VS2 clarity, antique certified gia I colour with a very good cut places this diamond in the better quality range. Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers is always about full disclosure with all our diamonds and jewellery in general. 10 carat due to the extra couple of tenths of a millimeter. Adding to the attraction is the fact that this diamond is of Canadian origin; complete with a unique laser engraved logo and serial number on its faceted girdle. The diamond is currently set in a brand new 14 karat rose gold diamond halo creation containing 16 small accent diamonds. Look at the smooth transition from the sides to the perfectly round bottom. Even though they are typically covered up by a gold claw to protect them they still occasionally get chipped. A March 2015 Gemological Institute of America describes the clarity as SI2 with an “I” colour.

SOLD January 9, 2016 1. You may dismiss it immediately with the QR colour and only a fair cut but it’s worth spending a minute considering its virtues. We are your diamond destination at Bill Le antique certified gia Boeuf Jewellers. 57mm the diamond looks really big and on our calibrated scale it shows 2.

These reports are usually only seen at premium jewellers who value an Antique Burl Wooden accurate document over the more sales oriented type Antique Coat Rack Nautical Heavy Brass appraisal report seen at most jewellery stores. Antique Pair Portrait Intricate antique certified gia wing structure looks amazingly realistic Vintage Antique 1890 Victorian14k along with the furry body. 00 carat was submitted for an insurance salvage claim. Stock antique certified gia #e11202. They’re small enough that they are not distracting and are only just visible if you have very sharp close up 20 20 vision. SOLD March 2, 2017 1. 24 carats, VS1 clarity, J colour and a very good cut. GIA do not report on pricing as they are only interested in the quality of diamonds and other gems. They have usually owned their own stand alone building for decades so their overhead costs are far less. October 8, antique certified gia 2018 0. The antique certified gia cut report shows every aspect of geometry is ideal.

45 carat VVS2 fancy vivid yellow colour enhanced round brilliant cut diamond GIA certified. 03 carat extra diamonds. E10552 Here’s a deal for anyone thinking of a jewellery project.

Currently the diamond is mounted in a simple 3. 98 carat keeps the price in check. The diamond is framed in antique certified gia a white gold setting 8 Antique Tibetan Red Copper Gilt containing 17 small round brilliant cut diamonds weighing a combined 0. Stock #e10672. Hoping for a similar opinion from the Gemological Institute of America the diamond was sent to New York for a more internationally accepted opinion. Diameter measurements of 7. E10670 This just could be the perfect diamond for someone like you. Most people pay little attention to the 14K Gold 2022Ct Aquamarine 300Ct Sapphire 148Ct quality of cut when buying a diamond. E8863 What a stunning diamond, long and lean. Of all the diamond characteristics that contribute to value only the cut can be controlled and far too often the cut is compromised in order to create antique certified gia that psychologically more appealing heavier stone. If it dazzles and dances like a ball of antique certified gia fire the cut is at minimum pretty good. They can easily be removed with only a couple points of weight loss.

90 carats, the colour is a respectable “I” as compared to our GIA master stones, the I1 clarity is mostly due to scattered crystals and twinning wisps that go mostly unnoticed except under magnification and the cut grade is good. Most often a few molecules of nitrogen cause diamonds to show just a hint of yellow colour. Stock #e11312. If the chip was removed the diamond would still weigh well over 1. Don’t wait too long antique certified gia because this one can’t be replaced for anything close to this price. The nice small 58% and depth percentage of 61. As compared to our 1970s Gemological Institute of America master stones we’ve determined the colour to be a G (G master stone master on left, subject diamonds in centre, “I” master stone on right). Despite a slightly warmer K colour as compared to our GIA master diamonds this diamond appears much antique certified gia more white. The price you see is dictated by the level of profit needed by the vendor to cover their overhead and hopefully maintain a reasonable surplus to supply antique certified gia a decent income for the employees and owners. Stock #e6128.

The August 2016 GIA report can be seen online. 00 we feel it is the best value around. This diamond just returned from New York were it received certification antique certified gia from the most trusted name in the business. Without a nice cut, the unique optical properties of a diamond can’t be appreciated as it will appear lifeless antique certified gia and dull instead of like a little ball of fire. Solitaire $2280. E7483 At Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers we want antique certified gia to be your diamond destination. The inclusions in this particular diamond are small and scattered. Please remember how important the certificate issuer is. I hope you’d wear it everyday allowing others to see what an exceptional diamond of significant size looks like. The actual dimensions of 10. Stock #e10052. SI2-F GIA certified very good cut “eye clean” $6675. SOLD antique certified gia November 10, 2016 0. All certificates use GIA developed grading language but Rare Antique Old Turquoise Beads For many do not grade to antique certified gia GIA’s strict standards. Stock antique Antique Art Deco Egyptian certified gia #e8804. VS2-K Old antique certified gia European cut diamond $4000. 00 carat diamond for way less than you’d expect. 00 carat round diamond of absolute perfection will cost you well over $20000. Stock antique certified gia #e8816. E10052 Freshly certified November 15 2016 at the world’s most respected laboratory, The Gemological Institute of America. The only place I can think of antique certified gia is the estate department at Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers, but then again I am a little biased. 88 carat fragment of the original 3. The more rare Buy Now Diamonds Black Amp White the more expensive, the more common the less expensive. 35mm with a chipped edge. It’s got the size, the colour, the cut and clarity to be a very attractive stone for very little. SOLD July 14, 2017 1. SI1-F radiant cut Canadian diamond GIA certified $4900. 9mm depth antique certified gia is better than first appearance because of a small open culet. This quality is really all you need if you’re seeking a James Kinsella American Antique Street Scene fantastic looking diamond and don’t have the psychological requirement of needing a “perfect” diamond. Temporarily set into this 14 karat white gold solitaire ring setting included for no charge. The finished antique certified gia ring weighs just over 2. Gem Scan’s opinion of the clarity and colour are better than those of the GIA, with an I1-F grade. 00 CAD we know the value is better too. The colour is a little warmer and compares nicely to our GIA certified master stone of L colour. Currently the diamond is set antique certified gia in it’s original beautiful antique platinum setting containing 30 additional small round diamonds for a additional $750. We’re all about the absolute best value all of the time. A slightly warmer M colour with a reasonable SI2 clarity grade antique certified gia helps keep this diamond in the sweet zone for budget. Rely on the GIA certification for describing the quality and technical characteristics but buy the diamond for antique certified gia how it looks and how it satisfies that itch for something with mega bling. VVS2 fancy vivid yellow diamond GIA certified $9250. Stock #e9532. If you’re familiar with diamond geometry and optics, the report should give you a pretty good antique certified gia idea of what the big 10. Antique Limoges Hand Painted Enameled Beaded ” Truth is, unless your diamond has antique certified gia Antique Dress 1895 been truly independently certified you are dealing with a biased opinion. Looking at this diamond knowing the quality grade will antique certified gia leave you impressed by how bright and sparkly a I2-N can be. Todays popular prong set styles expose a diamonds edge making a slightly thick girdle edge a necessity protecting against chips. While there is an inclusion close to the centre and a less significant inclusion at 3:00, they really don’t affect the brilliance in any measurable degree. 0mm diameter, this diamond has great finger presence in the brand new platinum Simon G ring. 90 carat round diamond will cost you about 10 times the price of this one and won’t look much different at your next dinner party. Click to see to full September 2016 report. Close to 60 years experience, much lower than average overhead, unique diamond sourcing buying strategies and generally just a lower 16 Chine Antique Pur markup give Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers perhaps an unfair advantage. Currently mounted in a very pretty white gold Amazing Vintage Patriotic 40s setting with pear shaped shoulder diamonds available separately. Although the “I” grade stands for inclusion(s) in doesn’t tell the entire story. I1 clarity, J colour, very good cut, Antique Bronze Clad very good symmetry, very good polish with medium fluorescence. Estate priced at just $1300. E8355 I can’t ever remember selling a diamond in a setting that hasn’t been assembled into a finished piece of jewellery. Maybe it’s a sign of our Antique Persian Kerman Rug evolving business or the amazing values antique certified gia we offer but we’re getting more calls for bigger diamonds all the time. There’s little to fault with this 0. Although not absolutely ideal, the excellent overall cut grade is evident when the hearts & arrows test is deployed. After being in business for close to 60 years we’ve come to realize antique certified gia we’ll simply never be able to connect with everyone. 00 to replace but it comes free with the Best Deal On 302Ct Round purchase of this diamond. This diamond is estate priced at $14300. You’ll be impressed by the difference in spread that extra 42 points makes, especially sat proudly atop a narrower, gently curving solitaire. Also included is a antique certified gia January 2013 Gem Review Inc. SOLD May 10, 2016 1. They’ve got the knowledge, experience and connections.

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