Antique Chinese Bamboo Carved Brush Pot

85M (6ft) Large Buddah Statues on Plinths Standing Buddha holding a pearl in each hand. The larger Lanterns weight is about 2kg. 30cm x 20cm x 1. They hang from the mouths of Lion Heads 18″ in diameter mounted on Antique Chinese Bamboo top of 6ft self supporting posts. Makes a fantastic and unusual (interractive) decorative piece. For example, the name James means, nurturing a dream of prosperity. Ideal for bringing to your event a touch of Chinese culture. Strings typically hung with 12 inch diameter Lanterns at 4ft Intervals (alternate lights). IF YOU DONT SEE WHAT YOU WANT PLEASE CONTACT US. Covers up difficult areas or fantastic for photo opportunities (with some of our costumes) Other Backdrops available on request Exhibition Stand Props and Backdrop SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE FOR : ENTERTAINERS AND ENTERTAINMENTS Lion Unicorn Head These beautifully made heads are about 16″ diameter and come with a 36″ ‘tail’. Detailed moulding and very effective. Ideal for Tea lights Palace Lanterns Large Elegant 18 inch diameter Antique Chinese Bamboo x 24″ height hand-painted glass wood palace lantern. Full specifications, dimensions, weight materials as well as larger and more specific pictures Antique Chinese Bamboo available for all items. With very heavy bases they will self Antique Chinese Bamboo stand indoors Bamboo Entrance Feature Colums These are 8ft high (to fit any room height) and 20″ x 20″ cross section. 6 Available 30cm x 20cm (approx varies) 3 specific Antique Chinese Bamboo bamboo bird cage stands. Manufactured from resin it is light enough for 1 person to lift. Ginger Jar Collection A Antique Chinese Bamboo set of 10 Ginger Jars of various sizes, ideal decrative items. Plus decoration. Approx 8″ high Battery powered Over 200 in stock. All Rights Reserved. Base pops off to let you add your own gifts, tokens and messages 500 currently in Stock Fabric Pieces 12 squares of heavily Antique Chinese Bamboo embroidered material each 1M x 1M (2 designs). Great as a Antique Chinese Bamboo centrepiece as it can be viewed from all Antique Oil Painting By Artist Desiree sides. Total height approx 6ft, width 2ft 6″ Can be either mains powered lights or our powerful battery powered LED Silver Plated Antique Coffee system 2 off as shown Available LARGE Antique Chinese Bamboo Hanging Decoration. Available as a Table Centre, presented if required on black 13″ Antique Chinese Bamboo dia disc (as for Buddah) This is an exceptionally low cost table centre at less than 4. We have department for international operation, offer the export Antique Chinese Bamboo of antique furniture for you. Many designs All Ideal Antique Chinese Bamboo Table decoration guest Favours. Lion Dog is in antique Gold colour with a Antique Chinese Bamboo grey stone effect plinth. We do not have the body piece for this head (see our other Dragons) but do have the 4ft Tail section which may be used for specific effect Lion Dance Costume Hire Full size head (approx 30 x 30 ) Body Cloth 2 Pairs trousers’ This item is not suitable for smaller children to use.

The Urn is a Terracotta texture finish, with a large Gold Antique Chinese Bamboo Dragon wrapped around. 3M x 1M and inset sections of ‘black bamboo poles’. Brass feet and fittings Weight 30kgs each Free Standing Appliqued Drapes (can also be supplied without stands for hanging) 2 off free standing red ‘silk’ Antique Chinese Bamboo drapes 8ft+ high x 44 ” wide with ‘appliqued message in Gold Footprint 44″ ” x 12″. Supplied ’empty’ or filled with vegetables fruit or Rice (2 shown here with Rice, 1 with Lentils) Traditional Carrier for Rice Fruit and provisions This traditional bamboo carrier can be used Antique Cast Iron Parrot On Stump as a prop of for service at your event. Frames around 2 x 6ft tables length Frames and decoration around 1 x 6ft tables length. Beautifully painted cloisonne style with gold raised Antique Chinese Bamboo and coloured infill. With porcelain Antique Chinese Bamboo feeders and 1 or 2 birds in each. These 2 beautiful Foo dogs are 18″ high x 11″ deep by 8″ wide. 48″ x 39″ x Antique Chinese Bamboo 28″ 1 off Pair Available Single Foo Dog Lion 5ft Tall. Each with graphic and a coolie hat included FEATURE ITEM Lion Dance Costume. 1M diameter for floor decoration or light enough to hang Dozens Available Pastel coloured parasols 0. Shown here in standard supply with large palace lantern in the roof (powerful LED light inside) and 4 mini LED lanterns at the corners. Fully adjustable from vertical to horizontal , also can be mounted on stands for stage lighting. Asian Style Dragon Gong 5ft x 2ft 6″ on a contemporary frame with a carved Dragon Rhythmn Cymbals 12″ diameter cymbals in pairs used to accompany Lion, dragon and other performers Drum Large. Very light and fragile, but dramatic Traditional highly decorative ‘Weifang’ hand painted silk on bamboo kites. Easy to pull and very well balanced for ease of use. For 6ft Antique Chinese Bamboo and 12ft table run. Heavy ‘shell’ surface (3D) decoration on one side, gold painted figuring on reverse. 12 usually available Buddah, Gold Seated Antique Chinese Bamboo Approx 1m high gold Buddah. Bone and brass Fortune Telling Sticks and Interpretation Information Chinese Rare Antique 17th Century Reliquary Chequers 12″ x 12″ in ornate Antique Chinese Bamboo box TicTacToe 9″ x 9″ in ornate Box Also Available. If you think this is an error, please contact the webmaster. Can be customised in many ways, printed wrappers and messages inside (minimum Antique Chinese Bamboo quantities may apply) Fortune Crackers Pull the rope and it ‘cracks’ like a cracker. Big selection of pastel shades Dozens available Giant Parasol This monster traditional paper parasol is over 6ft6″ Diameter (2M).

For hanging ENORMOUS! Please check directly with us for the price for your location duration Large Temple Candle Stands (Pair) Stunning pair of original antique candle stands from a Chinese Temple. Button up to neck height (fit up to 43″ chest) 8 off currently in stock, more available ASIAN BRASS FOOD CART (Noodle Dumplings) Picture and details coming soon Food Service Antique Chinese Bamboo Station Frames and Decoration. Mini steamers and lots more for decoration Not service! Tennis ball for Antique Chinese Bamboo scale Huge Chinese Vases Pair Traditionall decorated with Dragons in both Blue and Red these extra large vases make an imposing statement. Units dDesigned to fit around 1 or 2 x 6ft standard tables To this standard set up we can provide a host of decoration and extras Tables (if you do not supply your own) Linen (if you do not supply your own) Table Runners LED lit lanterns along the Bamboo pole Full props dressing, with plants, stutues, Oriental pots and bowls etc etc from our huge selection. Useful decorative item Tea Light Lanterns Variety of Tea Light Lanterns in different designs sizes and Quantities. 6M Antique Chinese Bamboo diameter and smaller. 7M high (6ft on plinth) Terracotta Warrior. Dry Hire on some items, or with delivery and Antique Chinese Bamboo collection direct to your venue. Please be aware that although the drum is not that heavy, it is akward and you will need at least 4 strong crew to take the drum from its transport trailer and lift onto the cradle. Probably even more fun as a spectator sport for thoe watching! Performers wear brightly colored costumes and Antique Chinese Bamboo move to quick, dramatic music. But designed to be assembled by 1 person in approx 30mins(once in final Antique Chinese Bamboo location) Comes in 10 pieces. For outdoor Antique Chinese Bamboo use Large T Light Holders Bamboo T light holders 100mm x 100mm. Ok from Antique Chinese Bamboo about 15yrs upwards). Often used to accompany the Lion or Dragon dance Gong and beater. Symbols and holes for acupuncture needles.

These units are not suitable to be sent by courier, so delivery by ourselves only. Ideal to be lit from inside, but includes LED strip lighting downlighters on front Chinese Panel This wonderfully manufactured panel can be used in a variety of locations, floor standing or hung. Panels hinged Antique Deco Diamond Eternity to fold ‘in or out’ and can easily be seperated(lift off hinges) for individual use. Simply joined with bungees cable ties or our authentic Japanese twine to make a screen or fence. Presented by the Uk’s master origamist with style and flair Calligraphy The beauty and simplicity of Japanese calligraphy is a true eye-catcher. Footprint 30″ x 12″. 4″ x 4″ 6 different designs 12 currently Antique Chinese Bamboo in Stock TableWare Sets Loads of.

Lion stands on a plinth to give it movement. White timber frame with ‘black’ backing for a great visual effect. Big bold and fun as a centrepiece or singly for other decorative use 12 currently available Table Centres Fan 60cm Diameter Fan, with stand. Generally for indoor use only. 28″ high by 14″ x 14″. More available – Circular Palace Fans on stands (22cm dia) 10off. 3m High, with chinese characters. Heavily embroidered decorated Antique Chinese Bamboo in traditional style and with padded train. This is a unique act your guests will not have seen before! Traditional guardians of the temple. Plinth is fully covered in fabric 18″ x 30″ x 40″ high.

(does not open) Size 60″ x 26″ Bamboo Cocktail Bar Desk Food Station Cute 1m x 1m x. In working order but not recommended for transporting guests. Material: Terracotta Weight: 70Kg EACH 2 available Single Terracotta warrior Head A life size casting with a flat base , ideal general decorative item Giant Sized Gong Call them to Dinner or get their attention with this 5ft high Gong. 2 off currently in stock Hand Painted Hangings 15″ x 48″ 2 off in stock (more available) Luxury Textured Scrolls Long Embossed Scroll 260cm x 50cm 1 pair available Single Scrolls 110cm x 60cm 1 off available Single Scrolls 140cm x 100cm 1 off available Embossed Scroll 100cm x 60cm 1 pair available Long Embossed Scroll 140cm x 25cm 1 pair available Embossed Scroll 140cm x 20cm 3 pair available Embossed Scroll 110cm x 30cm 1 pair available Flags Decoration 3 off. 6m Overall size Width (span) 1. Ideal for the entrance to Antique Chinese Bamboo your event. Can be wall hung or rigged to be flown overhead (very light of course! (womens size 10) Silky Type Kimonos, with tye waist. Show in daylight and without cloths for clarity OTHER FOOD STATIONS Here is a picture of a ‘mock up idea’ for a contemporary ‘rustic’ styled Food Service Station, using some of our range of props Bamboo Barriers 6ft long by 9″ high 6 off available, ideal for path edging and low level barriers surrounds 6 off currently in stock Terracotta Warriors Artefacts Collection From China. 8ft High as shown x 6ft length x 3ft width Antique Chinese Bamboo Unicorn Dance Costume Hire Full size head (approx 30 x 24 ) 3M long Body Cloth, highly decorated, Tail and with bells This item is not suitable for smaller children to use. Works and has its own paded hammer, but of course not very loud! Firecrackers Traditional Firecrackers Hanging Decoration 48″ IF YOU DONT SEE WHAT YOU Antique Chinese Bamboo WANT PLEASE CONTACT US. Excellent almost new condition Very Large ‘Parade Dragon Head’ (on stand) A particuarly large and spectacular ‘Parade’ Dragon Head on a smart pole and display plinth. 2 colums 1 centre piece (as required) CHINESE THEME PROPS Briar House Caldbec Hill Battle East Antique Chinese Bamboo Sussex TN330JR T: 0 M: 2 e mail us for a price list. ) Also available on lower Antique Collectible Chinese Antique Red Bronze Chinese Bamboo plinths and with LED lit Water Lillies Bamboo Bird Cages Bamboo Bird Cage with 2 Red and Pink Finches. As Antique Chinese Bamboo shown ideal for sideboards and sidetable locations. 5 available. As these are substantially plain they are generally suitable for Antique Chinese Bamboo lights to be included. Ideal for a host of uses, reception information desk, Cocktail Bar or Food station amongst others Low Table Low red coloured table with black decoration in a traditional Chinese style PICTURES COMING SOON 2 MORE TABLES Bar Cafe Tables Bamboo styled ‘cafe’ tables (no chairs) with 0. 2M (4ft) 6 currently available Below also Ideal for hanging (fairly light) or as grids for hanging parasols or lanterns from overhead. Walking, Talking, Living Tables A unique meet and greet addition for your event. Each setting is 10″ wide by 10 ” x 2″ deep. Woven Blue White on reverse Traditional designs Cushions 14″ x 14″ Cushions with pads, various colours, Brocade fabric. Approx 48 pieces in total Traditional chinese decorative pattern. On Tall 4 ft high red, Black and Gold lettering plinth Water filled and with floating scented Water Lilly Candles Ideal either side of a doorway or stairs (? Will look spectacular when lit. 15″ dia x 24″ depth in 2 colour choices. Medium Antique Chinese Bamboo Sized Reproduction. Foo Dogs Statues Smaller Traditional temple guardians. This certainly makes a stunning centrepiece for your theme. The great thing about this is that it will fit through all doors, go in most lifts and can easily be lifted Antique Chinese Bamboo into locations. Will Antique Chinese Bamboo grace the entrance or make a great feature at any event, suitable for use indoors or outside. Most guests will never have seen these unique skills Individual artists will usually do 2 performance of seperate skills Sumo Antique Chinese Bamboo Great fun to don the outrageous padded costumes for your own bout on the padded ring under the watchful eye of the referee. As required, please advise sizes, numbers and preffered colours Stunning Display Costume. Please contact us Face Changer Bi n Lian; literally “Face-Changing” is an ancient Chinese dramatic art that is part of the more general Sichuan Opera. Light it from in front, behind or below with our uplighters! 8M dia floor standing Fans, Hand painted (see the uplighter for scale) Sideboard’ Fans Approx 5ft Diameter Fans. Mains powered, but with ‘daisy chain’ connectors so less wires and minimal sockets required. Total Height 1. 1 off free standing red ‘silk’ drape 8ft – 14ft (unrolls) high x 60 ” wide with ‘appliqued message in Black Footprint 60 ” x 12″. Designed to fly and therefore very light it is easy to Rare Antique Qing Dynasty Chinese Gold rig Just the 1 off in stock we also have a 60ft long Dragon Kite, with 110 individually hand painted sections (Chinese Warriors). A mixture of demonstration to ‘have a go’ and a ‘favour’ for guests to take home Antique Chinese Bamboo (such as Panda shown here).

Small Table Top Gong 10″ x 10″ x 4″ only. 6 Arching pole Antique Chinese Bamboo sets available. Or commemorate an anniversary, birthday or wedding with a sentiment that you invent and Megumi will deliver a unique gift from Japan Oriental Illusionists Spectacular ‘Oriental themed’ Illusionists performance from a world class act that headline everywhere. Presented here on free standing Antique Chinese Bamboo floor mounted poles 8ft high. With and without mini LED light inside, lots of uses 80 off currently Antique Chinese Bamboo in stock, more available Lantern Fixings We can advise on suitable fixing hanging methods in Marquees For normal smooth ceilings we have shopfitting hangers. We have around 20,000pcs of distinctive selected items in stock, half in original condition. Very light and easy to hang over food areas Runs a programme of fade in and out, flashing and build up of message Lion Carried Scrolls Traditional Scrolls, presented in a traditional way from Lion Heads mounted on top of decorated pillars. Approx 4ft width x 10ft length Antique Chinese Bamboo x 8ft height. With optional Antique Chinese Bamboo red runner 1 off as shown Available Buddha Heads on Stands Pair of large Buddha heads on high stands. Wedding Kimono Antique French Provincial Rococo Ornate Carved Wood Antique Chinese Bamboo Coat Absolutely stunning display piece. Dragon Embroidery on front and heavily on back. 2 off 3 panel screens with Antique Chinese Bamboo Chinese symbols. Japanese Happi jacket, Embroidered on rear Mens silky ‘SUIT’ with trousers, lined jacket Cotton Kimonos with Chinese Characters ‘Kung Fu Jackets Ideal for event staff. For fixing from existing structures or our heavy duty bases and 3M aluminium poles. With reasonable Antique Chinese Bamboo management system. Includes Antique Chinese Bamboo 3 circular bamboo mats Crockery Set Assortment of 6Serving Bowls, Tea Cups, Other bowls,Serving spoons, spoons and chopsticks etc. 84m Height 1m Catering Gifts Sideshow Cart Barrow 1 off as shown Approx 8ft x 4ft. We have a range of great ideas, for both small and larger numbers of tables. Mysterious Antique Chinese Bamboo and timeless beauties. Your support ID is: t CHINESE AND ORIENTAL PROP HIRE EVENT HIRE ORIENTAL AND CHINESE TYPE PROPS EVENT AND PARTY. Not as loud as the gongs above or below Hand Held Gong Call them to Dinner or get their attention with this 14″ Dia Gong.

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