Antique Diminutive 18th Century Meissen Porcelain Teapot Teekanne Pc

Price: $8,275. (Please see H. Very good stock with sharp contours, deeply fluted carving, some scattered handling marks and abrasions, old repaired hairline at the top of the Antique Hudson River School C1800s comb and forward of the lock mortise. 00 A SCARCE UNTOUCHED AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR PERIOD GERMANIC FLINTLOCK HESSIAN MUSKET, ca. Recently antique diminutive 18th discovered in Mass. Overall length, 54″. Retains an untouched, deeply toned, chocolate age patina with some light discoloration and expected fine pitting, at the touch-hole breech.

Three (3) barrel-type ramrod pipes, a recycled Model 1728 iron trigger-guard with long teardrop finials and no provision antique diminutive 18th for a sling-swivel. Fine untouched hardware with a rich age-patina and some minor patches of discoloration. Three barrel-form ramrod-pipes and a long antique diminutive 18th stepped buttplate-tang with a pointed finial. The barrel and lock with a smooth brown-steel-gray age patina, much finish, sharp contours, clear proof marks and only some scattered light discoloration at the touch-hole and muzzle-tip: original touch-hole and a very good bore. In mechanically functional order with a strong mainspring, fine timing and thread-engraved borders. Colonial American Walnut fullstock of early French form with a pronounced & deeply fluted, semi Roman Nose buttstock-comb and simple raised carved moldings, antique diminutive 18th around the lock and sideplate mortises.

Colonial-American antique diminutive 18th manufactured brass furniture: the screw-fastened buttplate with a fine flame pattern, stepped tang with a long pointed finial. A fine, untouched example of an Original Flintlock War of 1812 Period US Model 1797 Ship s Naval Musket, ca. Plain, military form Dutch-Germanic, Antique Lace Circa 1920 iron mounts, en suite with the barrel and lock surfaces. In original flintlock configuration with its flat, Crescent Moon engraved lockplate: a simulated Antique Wedgwood Vine Hand European signature, a bridled powder-pan, matching Antique Military Portrait gooseneck hammer and its original frizzen. Complete with antique diminutive 18th its six (6) original, sheet steel barrel-bands and its notched rear sight. A very good quality, mid-19th century, Using type , North antique diminutive 18th African Moroccan Long-gun Kabyle, ca. Very good Regulation Model 1766 8 walnut fullstock with a deeply fluted & pronounced comb and a faint visible D Charleville Arsenal marking, on the left side of the buttstock. 00 A FINE & RARE ENGLISH BRASS BARREL FLINTLOCK BLUNDERBUSS W BOTTOM-MOUNTED SNAP-BAYONET, antique diminutive 18th by “HENSHAW”, ca.

The left side of the stock with its single iron sidebolt and circular escutcheon-plate. Very goods antique diminutive 18th quality London-made, 49″, sighted, octagonal, steel. Proof-marks antique diminutive 18th and a hooked-type breech. Royal Artillery Carbine Length, 37 , baluster turned-breech, pin-fastened. A nice and authentic example of the famed North African antique diminutive 18th Kabyle: the type of gun used, with great affect, by the Nomadic Peoples of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. Prussian antique diminutive 18th Model 1740-type , brass mounts. A crescent-type, antique diminutive 18th brass buttplate with a faceted upper finial. The lock antique diminutive 18th retains 95%+ polish with smooth surfaces and a strong mainspring: in functional order with fine timing. The barrel with smooth steel surfaces, sharp contours, the expected signs of use age and visible Arsenal markings. 56 caliber (24 Ga. An Extremely Rare & seldom seen, early example of a French Model 1717 1728 Musket, ca. In overall fine condition with choice steel and antique diminutive 18th wooden surfaces. ) The toe of the buttstock with a sheet-brass toe-plate and an additional flint-box with a rectangular, hinged, brass door-cover of Western, Penns. Fine+ horn with English Antique Rare Pair Large Bronze sharp contours and a richly toned body with a finely carved pouring spout and tip. Retains its original components (associated top-jaw) and is in mechanically functional order with fine timing and a strong mainspring. Early 19th century form, original Flintlock mechanism with a flat scroll-engraved Commercial -type lockplate with rounded tail, its matching angled gooseneck hammer and a waterproof powder-pan with a roller on its frizzen-spring. The lock with 90%+ polish, sharp engraving and retains its original components. Arsenal marked Model 1728 lock mechanism with its original lock components: flat Gooseneck hammer, a faceted bridled powder-pan, a curled tail frizzen with a pointed finial frizzen-spring and its flat faceted lockplate. A “D” arsenal mark, forward of the hammer and an original Revolutionary War Period “US” Surcharge on the tail. Great Traditional Hand Woven Rug 6 spotted Ancient Old Tibetan Dzi Bead dog and vibrant pennsylvania dutch tulip decoration. In original Snaphaunce condition with very good quality engraved bone inlay of classic North African form. Sculpted, flat, early form, double-throated hammer Dog with its rear safety- catch and correlating notch, on its rear: associated top jaw & screw. The edges antique diminutive 18th with sharp contours and generally smooth untouched surfaces with light mottling. 5″, this country primitive firkin with interlocking lap joint construction retains its Eichholtz Chandelier Mayflower 6 Light Antique first painted surface and, amazingly, has not been scraped down or 18th Or 17th overpainted. 00 antique diminutive 18th A SCARCE FRENCH & INDIAN AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR PERIOD FRENCH MODEL 1728 CARBINE, ca. Shown here on the bottom of this stack. Overall antique diminutive 18th length, 56 1 2″. Original, Dutch English-Lock , antique diminutive 18th Snaphaunce mechanism with a nicely sculpted gooseneck hammer, its original round-face powder-pan-bolster, square-back frizzen and sliding pan-cover. Clearly marked, on the left side of the stock with its IB maker s mark and the ramrod-channel with several Roman Numeral inspector s marks. HADLEY” maker s signature: Henry Hadley of London, UK (wrk. Two (2) ramrod pipes, a pin-fastened flat nose-cap and a brass buttplate with antique diminutive 18th a rounded top finial. In mechanically functional order with scattered discoloration, pitting and wear antique diminutive 18th to the lock. Regulation Liege Contract brass hardware with evenly toned & untouched, mustard-colored surfaces: four (4) brass ramrod pipes, a vacant shield form wrist escutcheon, a flat sideplate with tail; and the buttplate with a short three stepped tang of Liege Design (please see DeWitt Bailey s: Pattern Dates , pg. AN antique diminutive 18th IX Brass Mounted (Naval? This handsome board consists black lines on an unusual salmon ground, with the checkerboard in apple green with inpainting similiar to grain painting. 78 caliber, iron, smoothbore antique diminutive 18th barrel with two, London Tower proof marks on the top left side of the breech and also marked with an B. Untouched deeply oxidized and patinated wooden surfaces with obvious antique diminutive 18th signs of use and wear: scattered handling marks, light scuffs, abrasions and minor gouges losses, at the fore-end and muzzle-cap. A very nice attic untouched example of an American Revolutionary War Period Hessian Musket, ca. The basket still retains its orginal fabric and looks as if it has never been used. Associated? LORD maker s signature; and on its left side, with two early London Gunmaker Co and an R. 00 A RARE REVOLUTIONARY WAR PATTERN FRENCH MODEL 1777 SADDLE RING HUSSAR S CAVALRY CARBINE, dtd. For Sale: $295 Important Frank Haws Western Stoneware Old Sleepy Eye Blue & White Folk Art Lunch Hour Pitcher Signed FH 1910 Circa 1910: Here is the finest Western Stoneware lunch hour piece we have ever seen. Also the English helped resupply Sweden with Muskets, after their Stores antique diminutive 18th were pillaged by the Russians. The hardware with a toned gunmetal age patina and some scattered light pitting. The Model 1797 Ship s Musket is perhaps one of the least Antique 19th Century Classical Carved Mahogany Duncan understood of the Antique Reproduction Mongolian Horsemans Crossbow Wood US Model Muskets and antique diminutive 18th is perhaps one of the true “sleepers”, in the current American antique firearms market especially considering their history, rarity (approx. Four (4) Brown Bess ramrod pipes for iron rammer, a flat Shortland Pattern Brown Bess sideplate with a tail, a brass nose-cap; and the American trigger-guard with a raised hazelnut forward finial: not made for a wrist escutcheon, as is typical of many American arms. Retains a richly toned age patina and antique diminutive 18th in overall fine original flintlock condition with sharp contours and generally smooth untouched surfaces. Fine stock with sharp contours, classic rococo period, Germanic, relief carvings, scattered handling marks antique diminutive 18th and some expected abrasions signs of use. 1760: In overall antique diminutive 18th very good+ original flintlock condition. Of small size and made for a Child. 25+ caliber ringed-muzzle and its original Bottom-mounted, switchblade-type bayonet the trigger-guard with a spring-activated bayonet-release, on its forward finial. A seldom seen early model of “Charleville , from the time of Louis XV. Etienne) French Arsenal marking; and the stepped tail with a Large-Size, antique diminutive 18th American Revolutionary War Period, US Surcharge. Richly toned, untouched, brass hardware with a fine mustard age patina. The stock with sharp contours, 75%+ finish, some scattered handling marks, tight hairlines old repairs and light scattered worm holes: Finely carved Rare Antique Kazak Rug 5×7 with a delicate Jacobean style acanthus-leaf raised decorations, on the buttstock of classic mid 17th Century English form. When Mitchell Ray retired from basket making in the first decade of the 20th century, he sold his basket molds to Sylvaro, who in turn made high quality baskets in Rhode Antique Genuine Russian 84 Silver Island for the next three decades. PERRY” antique diminutive 18th marking on its face. A very high quality and Excellent Spanish Madrid Lock Fowler, ca. Each gazing forward with their own purpose and past, this unlikely duo is captured in this charming early watercolor. , two (2) sidebolts, a screw-fastened trigger-guard with teardrop finials– the sling-swivel-stud removed; and a single, friction fitted, iron barrel-band. The face of the buttstock with an Indian 1 6295 Antique 1870 Victorian Eastlake Renaissance Military Rack Unit Marking and an RZD marking, forward of the, pin-fastened, sheet-steel trigger-guard. A top-plate type butt-plate with a short antique diminutive 18th upper finial. Blackmore: Gunmakers of London 1350-1850, pg. We have kept this one in our personal collection and have finally decided to let some other lucky collector be its steward. Molded and finely carved, nicely figured, Folding, walnut fullstock with simple raised carvings around the lock and sideplate mortises and a semi-fluted comb. Conventional type trigger with a fine curl; and in mechanically functional order with very good timing and a strong mainspring. Price: HOLD antique diminutive 18th A FINE & UNUSUAL SPANISH SPANISH-COLONIAL MIQUELET DRAGOON-TYPE MUSKETOON (ESCOPETA), ca. Colonial-American manufactured, antique diminutive 18th engraved and embossed, full, brass mounts: a screw-fastened buttplate with a stepped tang with a long pointed finial. Molded and carved, original, dark reddish-brown-colored, hardwood (beechnut? Although unsigned, the decoration, glaze color, and form of this jar resemble the work of Alexandria, Virginia’s master potterJohn Swann. 10 & George C. The barrel with chocolate-brown toned, steel surfaces, clear markings and sharp contours. Matching, gooseneck hammer antique diminutive 18th and frizzen. A fine example of antique diminutive 18th a Spanish Spanish-Colonial Vintage Antique Annie Dragoon-type Miquelet (Escopeta), ca. Complete with its captive antique diminutive 18th iron ramrod, bridle and screws. Regulation Stunning 29 Antique Terra Cotta Olive India Pattern brass furniture: three (3) ramrod pipes, a buttplate with a three-stepped tail, the trigger-guard with a flat hazelnut finial, the pin-fastened nose-cap Antique French Napoleon and the raised “S”-shaped sideplate. ) In percussion converted configuration and made with a Longland Pattern 1st Model Brown Bess lock. Retains its original, Antique Hand Knotted Square flat, gooseneck hammer, its rounded frizzen antique diminutive 18th and its teardrop finial frizzen-spring. Scattered handling marks, several tight hairlines old repairs, minor losses and 75%+ finish. 1815: In overall Fine condition. Wooden ramrod with a later iron tip. Measures Antique Zsolnay Pecs Plate 2339 12″ tall. 1730: antique diminutive 18th In overall very fine+ original flintlock condition. Complete with both of its sling swivels. Maker s marking. Neumann’s: “Battle Weapons of the American Revolution”. American antique diminutive 18th Unit Marking? 1690-1740) the noted gunsmith & contractor of Maastricht, Holland. Standing antique diminutive 18th just over 13″ tall not including the handle Antique American Art and measuring 11 1 2″ in diameter at the top and just Open Shipwreck Oil Painting over a foot at the bottom, this large firkin was most certainly a mercantile piece from a general store or bakery who would have the need to carry bulk staples in easily movable labeled large containers made out of wood rather than heavy and difficult to move stoneware storage containers. Retains sharp contours with a antique diminutive 18th finely notched comb and a delicately molded and carved forestock. In original flintlock configuration with a fine antique diminutive 18th touch-hole and powder-pan. The 41 1 2″, pin-fastened, smoothbore. Slightly flared muzzle, silver foresight, two (2) early London Gunmaker, Co. 1840 with visible screw holes and vestiges antique diminutive 18th of the powder-pan remaining.

1081): Francisco Targarona of antique diminutive 18th Madrid, Spain worked ca. Blair s: European & American Arms 1100-1850. 00 tr A VERY GOOD AMERICAN SOLDIER-PERSONALIZED REVOLUTIONARY WAR USED FRENCH MODEL 1766 68 “CHARLEVILLE” antique diminutive 18th MUSKET, ca. The hardware, en suite with russet-toned surfaces. 75 caliber, steel barrel.

1830: In overall very good untouched percussion (converted from Flintlock) condition with attic untouched, russet-toned, iron surfaces, deeply aged sheet-iron mounts and a striped Tiger Maple fullstock with clear signs of American Indian use. Price: $7,875. Retains smooth, blued (85% finish) surfaces antique diminutive 18th and is in mechanically functional order with a strong mainspring: original air release lever valve. High quality, embossed and engraved brass mounts with untouched mustard-toned surfaces with some patches of discoloration and light wear. 1637) London Gunmaker Company proof-marks antique diminutive 18th (Please see G. The lead weightsthat help the tambour door work properly are signed “Raymond Lead Co. In original flintlock configuration with original lock antique diminutive 18th components and in mechanically functional order: some expected light wear pitting in the powder-pan and around the touch-hole.

Four (4) barrel bands: the rear two friction fit and the uppermost with spring-retainers: the second band with its original sling-swivel. Octagonal-to-round, 15 5 8 finely turned, Cannon-form (1. The ramrod entry-pipe with a finely carved, floral and leaf motif. Fine lock mechanism with untouched, dark, steel surfaces and its original components: original jaw-screw with damaged slot. The Pattern 1777 Second Model Shortland Pattern Brown Bess was the primary Musket, supplied Antique Federal Salem to British troops, fighting in the Colonies, during the American Revolution. In overall good+ generally untouched condition. ” Her lunch pail at her feet and a little petticoat showing. The buttstock with a nicely sculpted cheek-piece. Excellent stock with 95%+ finish, sharp Antique French Breton carvings and antique diminutive 18th only some scattered light handling marks and evidence of use. A fine Tiger Maple Grain pattern throughout with only some minor handling marks light signs of use. American black walnut fullstock of “Ship s Musket” design without a pronounced comb (salient feature) and dark untouched surfaces. ITALIAN) FLINTLOCK BLUNDERBUSS W FOLDING STOCK, ca. CORRAL , Spanish type maker s mark and engraved antique diminutive 18th with an “ALONSO DEL CORRAL MADRID signature, under the bridle-less powder-pan. The base with lightly scroll engraved should and the lap-welded applied socket with a distinct Damascus pattern twist and ertched surfaces. Brown s: Firearms in Colonial America. Another at the bottom edge of the butt and an old missing chip of wood, at the top edge of the lock mortise. Retains deeply toned steel-gray and mustard surfaces with some scattered patches of wear and discoloration. Retains a smooth, steel gray, coloration with an untouched age patina and only some scattered light patches of discoloration abrasions: complete with its Gold fore-sight and its chiseled rear sight. Mens Antique Diamond Retains smooth brown surfaces with a clear “Parker & Field & Co. In overall very good original flintlock condition with smooth dark surfaces and deep age-patina. For Sale: $495 Signed O. Overall length, 31 1 4”.

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