Antique English Brass Inlaid Regency Mahogany Writing Desk C1880

357 Magnum Revolvers. Meyrowitz, New York.

99 antique english brass SALE $2,999. 1825 Smith Beck & antique english brass Beck, London #3114. 1 microscope Monocular microscope: Bausch & antique english brass Lomb Optical. 1855 Both signed: Made for McAllister & Co. 1923 Microscope made by Charles Chevalier, c. , Philadelphia. The American Continental Stand V, c. 1885 American made microscope on a double pillar and rotating base. Patent 24960. GI#: 100940484 W & C SCOTT & SON Top Lever Hammer Gun, 12 gauge sidelock SXS, 2 ” ch, 30 1 8″ bbls, w Concave rib w Dolls head, Chokes: Rt. Leitz Wetslar, No. The Rosenbusch model c. Area Code: 845 $6500 GI#: 100998712 Hammerless Sidelocks – This is a true Snap action gun antique english brass just like the ones made famous by Woodward. Listings Seller Tools Buyer Tools 2006 – 2018 all rights reserved. Grunow, New antique english brass York, No. Belthle in Wetzlar, No. 1865 click on the images for more information Horizontal microscope: Made for Widdifield and Co. 1860 Made antique english brass by Jos. 10 gauge shotgun. Swift, Optician, 128 City Road, London E. 25280; Mineralogical Stand I, c. Continental style microscope Go to page 2: view additional in my collection site search: email : 2003-2018 All Rifles Shotguns Handguns Pistols Revolvers Gun Parts Accessories Services Go All Rifles Shotguns Handguns Pistols Revolvers Gun Parts Accessories Services Go Keyword. 380 Pistols. 00 GI#: 101001711 J. , Rochester antique english brass NY, Serial No. 1851 Jno Ehrmann, Maker, 1905. The antique english brass horn end plate , the checkering, the fin Seller: Bass Pro Shops Springfield Area Code: 417 $3,999. SCOTT & SON Side Lever Hammer Gun, 12 gauge SXS, 2 9 16″ ch, 31″ Damascus bbls, w Concave rib, Chokes: Rt. 1908 Baker 224 antique english brass High Holborn London.

Left: Boston Optical Works, Tolles, #159. The MOP model petrological microscope, c.

Monocular antique english brass microscope. Middle model drum microscope, c. 27 model microscope c. They were purchased and closed by W. 1884 Smith Beck & Beck, London. , Second antique english brass Prize Microscope Awarded to Joseph E. 357 Magnum Pistols.

Right: antique english brass Tolles, Boston #290. Star Pistols Starr Arms Stephen Grant Rifles Stephen Antique C1820 Rare Georgian Grant Shotguns Stevens Pistols Stevens Rifles Stevens Shotguns Steyr Pistols Steyr Rifles STI International Pistols Stoeger Pistols Stoeger Rifles Stoeger Shotguns Survival & Camping Rifles Survival & Camping Shotguns Syracuse Arms Shotguns Tactical Pistols Tactical Pistols – Rimfire Tactical Rifles Tactical Rifles – Bolt Action Tactical Rifles – Rimfire Tactical Rifles – Sub Guns Tactical Shotguns Tactical Solutions Taurus Pistols Taurus Revolvers Taurus Revolvers – Judge Taurus Revolvers – Raging Bull Taurus Rifles Thompson Center Pistols Thompson Center Pistols – Contender Thompson Center Pistols – Encore Thompson Center Rifles Thompson Center Rifles – Encore Thompson Center Rifles – Muzzleloaders Thompson Semi-Auto Subguns Thunder Beast Arms Corporation (TBAC) Tikka Rifles Tikka Shotguns Traditions Performance Rifles TriStar Shotguns Turnbull Manufacturing Co. Very nice quality. 22 Revolvers. Watson & Sons Ltd, 313 antique english brass High Holborn London #10844. Grunow, New York No. 460 S&W Revolvers. This gun is antique english brass a Seller: Vintage Doubles Area Code: 509 $4,600. 1880 Case mounted English botanical microscope, c. 00 GI#: 101009438 Greener, WW12 Bore Ejector in the Antique (37,xxx) Serial Number range. 99 SAVE $1,000. The antique english brass Scientific Microscope No. Large microscope with Lister-limb made by Daniel Pike, c. 6260 Stativ IV c. 00 GI#: 101006260 12 Gauge. Zeiss, Jena 4969. 99 GI#: 101010048 Ejector firearm with single trigger selector and safety on the tang. Cary-Gould type antique english brass microscope, c. 00 GI#: 101035856 Hammerguns – You know this wonderful gun is plain as plain can be but I like it. 1884 McIntosh Battery al Co. Schrauer, New York. 500 S&W Revolvers 9mm Revolvers 1911 Pistols 1911 Pistols – Rimfire A Square Rifles AAC – Advanced Armament Abercrombie & Fitch Shotguns Accuracy International Rifles Adams Arms Air Pistols Air Rifles AK-47 Pistols AK-47 Rifles AK-74 Rifles Alexander Henry Rifles Alexander Henry Shotguns Allen & Thurber & Co. 44 antique english brass Magnum Pistols. Hartnack sucr. 00 GI#: 100990420 A antique english brass highly engraved W. Unsigned, but each apparently made by the antique english 14k Gold Antique Chinese Carved brass same manufacturer Aquarium microscope: Highley, London Solar microscope with screw barrel, c. 1897 antique english brass Bate London. 00 GI#: 100982928 Hammerless Sidelocks – Beautiful Damascus, as antique english brass well as engraving; manufactured in 1896 is a testimonial to the craftsmanship in that period. 1885 A group of antique english brass French microscopes c. 850 bar LP Nitr Seller: Fieldsport LTD Area Code: 231 $14,995. Right: An Improved model microscope with early Canadian history, c. 38 Super Pistols. 1871 Waechter’s (or Engell’s) Class or Demonstrating Microscope, c. 00 GI#: 100985186 Hammerguns – This is a very nice Holland with lovely 30″ Damascus barrels and great stock dimensions. 30″ Damascus barrels engraved on the rib “WILLIAMS & POWELL (SIMPLEX) 25 SOUTH Seller: David Condon, Inc. 1880 Horne Thornthwaite & Wood, 123 Newgate St. 99 Now Antique French Chintz Linen Cotton Curtain Woodblock $9,999. Swift & Son, London, #14790. 5 2006 – 2018 all rights reserved. Zentmayer, Phila, Pat’d Aug. 1880 Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Danish, first quarter of the 20th century. 00 GI#: 100985528 STEPHEN GRANT & SONS Side Lever Sidelock 12 gauge 2 bbl. Barrels retain approx 90-95% blue, Case colored receiver has turned to a mo Seller: Schwandt Classic Arms Area Code: 608 $2850. McAllister, N. 1858 Bate London, Jones Improved type microscope, c. : A Composite Pair of Boss Back Action Side Lever or Side Snap Hammerless Ejector Game Guns, Up to 1890 Boss only built 283 S Seller: Champlin Area Code: 580 $29,800.

This little gun is light but spry and handles wel Seller: Vintage Doubles Area Code: 509 $4,600. 1855 Two versions of the Bausch & Lomb Optical. The Nachet-Smith Inverted Chemical Microscope, c. , Chicago, # 458. These guns have received a bum wrap as they have been called “Wrist breakers” a Seller: Vintage Doubles Area Code: 509 $3,800. Dancer Optician No.

41 Magnum Revolvers. Gowlland, Cambridge Mass. Piccadilly. 1870; Pillischer’s antique english brass Lenticular, c. Site search: email contact: Antique Microscopes USA phone: Highley’s Educational microscope with chain drive focus, c. Objectives signed Belthle & Leitz, c. Rare setup antique english brass for 1893 vintage. An early version of the Investigator model microscope, c. 40 S&W Pistols. Leitz Wetzlar, No. Large Bar-limb Microscope by Andrew Ross, c. Continental microscope. Large microscope on Antique Victorian 14k Solid Gold Seed a double pillar with swinging substage, c. 8, 1876 and Oct. I will respond to all inquiries. The fore-end features a decorative push button release as well as a carved black horn end plate. Portable folding microscope with polarization. , Chicago # 397. Petrological antique english brass microscope, Ernst Leitz Wetzlar No. General Specs: W & C Scott, Year 1882, 12 Gauge, 7lbs 5oz, Hammer side-by-side Serial Number:&nbs Seller: Vintage Firearms, Inc Area Code: 616 $1,950. Zentmayer, Philadelphia. GI#: 101002412 Hammerless Sidelocks – This is a very nice Lancaster featuring the self opening mechanism. Gun is side by side with left barrel smoothbore 12 antique english brass gauge and right barrel is rifled in. The Physician’ Model Microscope, c. Leitz, Wetzlar. Victorian Eastlake Antique Walnut Secretary Desk Exceptional 19-bore double barreled flintlock sporting gun, ca. Beesley side by side shotgun in 20 Gauge with 2 1 2 inch chambers and extractors that was made in 1895. 221090, CM model, c. 025, 14-1 4″ length Seller: DENVER GUN ROOM Area Code: 303 3,995 SALE GI#: 100587616 SUPERB WILLIAMS & POWELL SIMPLEX HEAVY DUCK 12 BORE DOUBLE HAMMERGUN CIRCA 1875. Area Code: 303 $3,995 GI#: 101017724 English Mills Fowler side-by-side. The Large Best model binocular microscope. Prize Microscope Awarded to Frank Caudkins Bunn, M. 25 Pistols. 00 GI#: 100977821 Hammerless Sidelocks – This is a fantastic quality English shotgun by the gunmaker that the English trade refers to as “A gunmakers gunmaker. The IVa model microscope. 00 GI#: 100982597 W. 41 antique english brass Long Colt. 00 GI#: 101040210 A 20 gauge Holland & Holland Climax sidelock shotgun circa 1881. , Rochester and New york City, #16221. I am also interested in other types of historical medical and scientific instruments. Leitz antique english brass Large Travelling Microscope “DT”, c. Antique Persian Oil Painting On Canvas Mounted 38 Revolvers. Continental model antique english brass microscope, c. Mittleres mikroskop – Stativ III, c. 44 Magnum Revolvers. Some antique english brass people Seller: Vintage Doubles Area Code: 509 $7,200. 30″ barrels with beaded front sight. 1911 Petrological microscope: R. Non-inclining Large Microscope, c. The Advanced Student’s Petrological Microscope, c. 00 GI#: 100990721 Hammerless Sidelocks – This gun was built in the year 1896 and one just has to look at a antique english brass shotgun like this and wonder how they did it. Wood has ni Seller: Daysafield Area Code: 706 $6,950 plus $50 shipping GI#: 101021790 Charles Maleham Early A&D Patent Boxlock, an early and historic example of the original Anson & Deeley boxlock patent no. 50 caliber. He was granted this patent in 1871. Ithaca Shotguns – Single Barrel Trap Iver Johnson Revolvers Iver Johnson Rifles Iver Johnson Shotguns IWI Rifles Jarrett Rifles Jeffrey (WJ) Shotguns Jeffrey WJ Rifles Johnson Automatic Rifles Joslyn Carbines Kahr Pistols KDF Rifles Kel-Tec Pistols Kel-Tec Rifles Kel-Tec Shotguns Kentucky Rifles Kevin’s Exclusive Shotguns Kimber Pistols Kimber Revolvers Kimber Rifles Kimber Rifles – Rimfire Kimber of Oregon Pistols Kimber of Oregon Rifles Kimber of Oregon Rifles – Big Game Kimber Shotguns Kleinguenther Rifles Knight Rifles Knights Armament Rifles Kolar Shotguns Korth Revolvers Krico Rifles Krieghoff Drillings Krieghoff Rifles Krieghoff Shotguns KRISS Rifles L. 1865 Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Barrels have defined Damascus on outside of barrels, bores are good with some pitting as would be expected Seller: OnMark USA Area Code: 336 $1,875.

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