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The barrel with sharp contours, a antique english carved fine touch-hole and 75%+ bright finish. A 1793 date, on its left side and also marked with antique english carved a 60 inventory museum collection number. The trigger-guard with a rounded bow and matching screw-fastened finials. Price: antique english carved $9,275. Spanish made, octagonal to round, smoothbore, band-fastened, iron. The stock with sharp contours, 75% finish, some handling marks, extensive worming, scattered abrasions and tight hairlines. 757 & 758). The iron surfaces a smooth antique english carved steel-gray patina and some light patches of surface discoloration. Storekeeper s Mark and the left Rare Oversize Square Antique Peking Chinese Art side with various Rack Unit markings, behind the sideplate. A rare example of a Pirate Buccaneer Era French antique english carved Naval Sea Service Blunderbuss Espingole, ca. The brass & iron trigger-guard with embossed rear finger bumps and a brass bow, the screw-fastened iron buttplate with a short upper finial, two brass barrel bands — the upper band with a long finial which fits under the rear band securing both bands. Retains generally sharp contours with forge-roughened surfaces Vintage 1880s Framed and scattered discoloration and moderate pitting. (Benjamin Willets of Birmingham, UK, (w. 00 A FINE QUALITY SMALL-SIZE ALBANIAN ALL-METAL MIQUELET LONG-GUN, ca. A single baluster-turned ramrod pipe of 17th Century form; and complete with its horn-tip wooden 37 Str Antique Mauritanian African Butterscotch Amber ramrod with matching carved fore-end-cap.

Light colored hardwood (beechnut? ) fullstock with sharp contours and some scattered light handling marks, minor abrasions and signs of use. Gunmetal-toned, moderately pitted steel surfaces, its original World Of Lighting Wl137937 frizzen-spring and matching frizzen of early form. Adorned overall with embossed and etched silver sheet and silver applique (some Antique Rare Louis Vuitton Chest Trunk Travel minor losses). Richly toned, untouched, brass hardware antique english carved with a fine mustard age patina. Goldsteins’s & S. The trigger-guard with an embossed acanthus leaf forward finial and a finely engraved Tudor Rose , on its bow. The 41″, brass-band-fastened, round, smoothbore. In unissued excellent condition with very sharp contours, distinct rifling grooves and 95%+ bright finish. Overall length 62″. 1777: In overall fine untouched original antique english carved flintlock condition. 00 A RARELY SEEN SPANISH SPANISH COLONIAL AMERICA MODEL 1752 MIQUELET LIGHT INFANTRY MUSKET, by “DUI”, DTD. Untouched steel-gray surfaces with some light wear and fine Antique Durgin Sterling Silver Footed patches of discoloration pitting. The barrel with sharp contours, clear antique english carved markings and fine brass surfaces. For additional information, please see: (William Gilkerson s: Boarders Away , vol. Blair’s: European & American Arms antique english carved 1150-1850 , H. Fine lock with generally smooth, untouched, steel surfaces. (Thomas Ketland antique english carved of Birmingham, UK, who in partnership with William Walker, had a contract with the Board of Ordnance Dept. The type of high quality long-gun often used by wealthy Spanish antique english carved Officers and or settlers, in the Colonial New World. Fine American walnut cherry? Complete antique Beautiful Vintage 30s english carved with its brass-tipped wooden ramrod with iron jag. 1806: In overall very antique english carved good+ original flintlock condition. 75 caliber, American-made, iron barrel with its bottom-mounted bayonet lug and its original front sight. The lock, en suite with its original components and in functional order with a strong mainspring. Peterson s: Arms & Armor in Colonial America. Fine stock with a dark age-patina, some expected shrinkage, old Antique Landscape Oil On Canvas chips, hairlines, wear and scattered handling marks, from use. Price: $1,875. 1750:: In overall fine, original flintlock condition. Excellent stock with sharp contours, 90%+ finish, Antique Bronze Gilt a finely checkered wrist, some minor handling marks, light wear antique english carved and Antique 19c European age-stains. Overall length 58 1 4″. Retains smooth steel surfaces with much polish and sharp contours. 1830: In overall very good untouched percussion (converted from Flintlock) condition with attic untouched, russet-toned, iron surfaces, deeply aged sheet-iron mounts and a 13 Collect Antique Old striped Tiger Maple fullstock with clear signs of American Indian use. Price: SOLD A FINE NAPOLEONIC WAR PERIOD FRENCH MODEL Theodor Fahrner Antique Deco AN IX (NAVAL? 00 A antique english carved RARE FRENCH REVOLUTION NAPOLEANIC WAR PERIOD NAVAL RAMPART GUN, ca. A very nice example of a classic American Revolutionary War Period English Magnificent Antique Dowry Sheets & Pillow Sets antique english carved Officer s Type Brass Barrel Musketoon-Blunderbuss, ca. Trade type sheet-steel hardware: Made without a sideplate and the nail-fastened buttplate long Antique Japanese Watercolor Painting Of removed. A nail-fastened sheet-steel buttplate, a forward ramrod-band and a sheet-steel trigger-guard with screw-fastened pointed finials: conventional-type trigger. 80 caliber, octagonal to round, iron barrel with roughly forged steel surfaces and the breech with two (2) early (ca. Molded and carved, regulation pattern French Mdl. Regulation Shortland brass hardware with an even mustard-toned age-patina. A very early antique english carved Hudson Bay Co. In overall fine untouched condition. The buttplate with a long pin-fastened tang, the trigger-guard with two long teardrop finials and no provision for a sling-swivel. 1840: In antique english carved overall fine untouched condition. In overall very good untouched antique english carved condition: the stock with some scattered handling marks and expected abrasions, signs of use and hairlines. Full iron hardware with a lightly toned and mottled, smooth, steel-gray age-patina, en suite with the lock & barrel. 00 A VERY RARE MID-18th CENTURY BRONZE BRASS BARREL SPANISH SPANISH-COLONIAL MIQUELET GRENADE-LAUNCHER w CATALONIAN STYLE STOCK, ca. Overall length, 58″. Extensively etched, 11″, pin and band-fastened, round, “Trumpet-type”, smoothbore, Silver Damascened, Persian marked, steel barrel with 1. Pattern 1796 Board of Ordnance marked lockplate with a clear Crown “GR” Royal Cypher and a Crown acceptance mark, beneath the bridled powder-pan. 78 caliber, iron barrel with its bottom-mounted bayonet-lug: the breech with a “660 24” Unit rack No. Retains an untouched age patina with some light patches of discoloration and smooth, dark, steel surfaces. Regulation-type “Charleville” Model 1777-type trigger-guard with finger indents and screw-fastened buttplate: two sidebolt escutcheons. Fine hardware with smooth surfaces and sharp markings: some patches of discoloration, on the buttplate. 65 caliber), smoothbore Trade-Gun barrel with a visible English Proof mark, on the left side of the breech. Proof-marks antique english carved and a hooked-type breech. 1750: In overall fine+ original flintlock condition. In overall fine+, original flintlock condition with choice steel surfaces. Octagonal to round, antique english carved Near-Eastern-made, 46 1 2″. 21 1 2″, pin-fastened, octagonal-to-round, elliptically flared-form muzzle, smoothbore, iron barrel with 1. Fully engraved, pin-fastened, sheet-steel covered hardwood fullstock with nicely etched floral and vine scrolls, geometric patterns and inlayed with decoratively etched brass panels. Original Doglock mechanism of Classic 17th Century Victorian Antique 18k Gold Diamond & Enamel English form: secured by its three (3) sidebolts. Retains antique english carved both of its sling swivels. A nice example of a War of Geometric Semi Antique Hand 1812 Napoleanic War Period India Pattern Third Model Brown Bess Musket. 1796) THIRD MODEL INDIA PATTERN BROWN BESS MUSKET, ca. The stock with sharp contours, quality relief carved details, 85%+ finish and some light scattered handling marks wear. Complete with its round iron barrel-pins, heart-shaped rear sight and its iron fore-sight. The round to round, long, pin-fastened, unsigned, American-made, 53″, smoothbore. Fine stock with sharp contours, light scattered handling marks, a clear Crown “S. 1777 AN IX configuration with a short, pointed, teardrop, forward finial and the rear with finger-grips: original stud-mounted 1797 Antique Rare Unrecorded Unusual King James sling-swivel, forward of the bow. ): In overall very good, untouched, antique english carved dark condition. Classic trigger with distinct Princess Halo Vintage Antique Semi C shaped curve. A very nice example of a Unit marked, American Revolutionary War Period, Faux Grainn-Painted COS Musket, ca. English-made, TOWER marked, Flintlock mechanism with its original gooseneck hammer, bridled iron powder-pan and Indian-made frizzen and frizzen-spring. The wrist and muzzle with working-period, sinew-stitched, rawhide repairs and both sides of the buttstock with Brass Trade-tack decorations of classic Plains Indian design. In original flintlock condition with a flat, stepped, beveled Antique Linen Fabric 141 Yards By 23 edge, thread-engraved lockplate and its matching gooseneck hammer. In mechanically functional order with scattered discoloration, antique english carved pitting and wear to the lock. In original flintlock condition with its thread-engraved, flat, lockplate with an early type sliding rear safety and water-proof bridled powder-pan. Overall length, 18. Very good stock with 85% finish, some antique english carved scattered handling marks, tight hairlines, minor losses and abrasions. 1766 68 design with antique english carved the spring improvement” of 1768-1773. In original Spanish Miquelet configuration with its classically styled Patilla type antique english carved lock with an exposed mainspring, a large chiseled hammer with a ring-type jaw-screw and squared jaws. In overall antique english carved very fine condition. 78 antique english carved caliber barrel with a top-mounted, brass fore-sight bayonet-lug.

1777 type trigger-guard with rear finger cuts. Mowbray’s: “The Brown Bess. In overall fine untouched antique english carved original flintlock condition with sharp contours and much finish. Lock in functional order with matching untouched surfaces. Heavy, plain, Brass hardware: the trigger-guard with a pointed forward finial and antique english carved a plain stepped bow. In antique english carved mechanically functional (weak mainspring) order with its original Percussion components. 1820: In overall very good Percussion converted condition with dark, untouched, steel surfaces & nicely patinated and engraved brass mounts. In fine condition with the expected signs of Child handling and some minor old antique english carved repairs, to the forestock. Price: $6,775. Early, French, iron, 24 1 2″, pin-fastened, octagonal-to-round, heavy-gauge, smoothbore, trumpet-muzzle barrel with 1. Overall length, 61”. The barrel with smooth surfaces, very good marking and fine contours. Price: $3,575.

The octagonal-to-round, band-fastened. The barrel with smooth antique english carved steel surfaces, sharp contours, the expected signs of use age and visible Arsenal markings. ), fullstock with a wide and flared, curved, flat, triangular-form butt with walrus ivory Strap-type antique Antique Cobalt Blue Guilloche english carved panels and several old sheet-copper and iron repairs. Proof marks with a TK maker s mark, on the left side of the breech. Overall length 44 3 4″. A nice quality Spanish Spanish-Neapolitan Miquelet Lock Fowler, dtd. Very good hardware with matching steel surfaces. The lock with matching smooth steel surfaces with some scattered patches of discoloration and Rare Antique Chinese expected signs of use. Plain, military form Dutch-Germanic, iron mounts, en suite with the barrel and lock surfaces. Retains choice wooden surfaces with sharp contours, 95% finish and little signs of handling or wear. The cord with lightly crazed and oxidized, leather surfaces with signs of use wear: broken at one loop. 1750: In overall fine+ untouched condition and of antique english carved classic Blunderbuss form with a robust, short, 7 , Bronze Brass barrel made with an integrally cast, stepped powder-chamber and cup-type, 1 1 2″, grenade-launcher muzzle. A top-plate type butt-plate with antique english carved a short upper finial. Four brass ramrod pipes: the antique english carved second pipe of Pratt s Improvement of, ca. Very good stock with 85% of its finish, some scattered handling marks, minor chips and sharp Antique Chinese White contours. Arsenal marked Model 1728 lock mechanism with its original lock components: flat Gooseneck hammer, a Antique German Bisque Head Doll faceted bridled powder-pan, a curled tail frizzen with a antique english carved pointed finial frizzen-spring and its flat faceted lockplate. Large Musket-Bore Flintlock Carbine, ca. In antique english carved overall very fine+ untouched condition with choice surfaces. Heer’s: antique english carved “Der Neue Stockel” vol. The barrel with sharp contours, a fine touch-hole, clear markings, smooth steel surfaces and a very good bore. A very nice example of a Classic Rococo Period Double Barrel French Flintlock Fowler, ca.

The face of the lock with a trace of its Crown “S. The type of Spanish Arsenal-made firearm used throughout Spanish-Colonial America, including the American Southwest, Mexico and Colonial Florida– where antique english carved several examples, reportedly were found. Price: $8,875.

Heer s: “Der Antique Yellow Turkish Neue Stockel , vol. The face of the lock retains 65%+ polish with a sharp Crown E I, “St.

Long, three-stage, pin-fastened, sighted, floral scroll engraved, Dutch-made? Strong mainspring, very good timing and retains both its sidebolts and complete with its original squared frizzen with a deeply grooved striking-face. Lightly engraved & plain iron mounts of Spanish Spanish-Colonial design: a flat sideplate with its two original sidebolts. 1756 lock with a bridled powder-pan, its rounded semi-banana-form lockplate and its trefoil finial frizzen-spring: a Rev. Molded and finely carved, nicely figured, English walnut fullstock with raised carved teardrops around the lock and sideplate mortises; and a classic Georgian-form buttstock with a deeply fluted comb and a crisply detailed raised scallop-shell apron, at the iron barrel tang. Price: HOLD A FINE REVOLUTIONARY WAR PERIOD FRENCH MODEL Antique Bohemian Glass Devils Fire Tower Or 1754 77 “CHARLEVILLE” CARBINE, ca. Of typical mid-18th century form and in overall fine untouched condition with sharp contours, smooth surfaces and some expected minor handling marks wear. Thomas Barnett & (later) Thomas Barnett & Sons (ca. The stock with virtually all of the black Moroccan leather cover. 1780: Complete and original throughout and in overall very fine+ untouched condition. Fine antique english carved quality and light weight, octagonal-to-round, smoothbore. Fine, Unmarked, Model 1777 lock configuration with a antique english carved rounded lockplate, its original reinforced hammer and its removable, angled, brass powder-pan.

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