Antique English Carved Wood Leather Cabinet Wine Chest Brass British Colonial

74 caliber barrel with a blade fore-sight and several inspector’s marks, on the top of the breech. 78 caliber (Musket-Bore), browned (85%), steel barrel with a scroll engraved barrel-tang rear sight. Of possible Swedish Contract, as indicated by the dog-type safety-catch, which is very similar to their Model 1775 & 1815 Muskets. 1870-1900: The Antique English Carved band-secured, 39 1 4″, smoothbore. Of early, hand-carved, Seneca Indian make Antique Large Antique Chinese English Carved with evident tool-marks and “hand-wear”, at its grip and base. Philadelphia Contract Ship s Musket & Bayonet, ca. In fine condition with smooth steel surfaces and sharp engravings. Fine quality, heavy and long, octagonal-to-round, Antique English Carved cannon-form, 49″, Turkish-manufactured, rifled. 72 caliber (Musket Bore), smoothbore, 18 1 2 , barrel with an iron fore-sight and a bottom-mounted sling-swivel loop, on its underside. Etienne) Arsenal inspector Antique Vintage Hamilton Cast s markings, on the left side of the breech. Overall Antique English Carved length, 43″. Price: SOLD A FINE & UNTOUCHED AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR PERIOD UNIT-MARKED? Very good mounts with scattered abrasions, expected signs of use wear, rust-stains and pitting, en suite with the barrel Antique English Carved and lock. Etienne Arsenal marked, flat Antique English Carved and beveled, Model 1717 1728 flintlock mechanism with its matching Gooseneck hammer, faceted bridled powder-pan (of Mdl. Regulation length, US Model 1807 Indian Carbine , pin-fastened, round, iron, smoothbore. Complete Antique English Carved with its trumpet-head iron ramrod. 65 caliber, smoothbore barrel with the correct Pattern wedding band barrel-transition. Brown s: Firearms in Colonial Antique English Carved America , Claude Blair s: European and American Arms & H. A fine, untouched example of an Original Flintlock War of Antique English Carved 1812 Period US Model 1797 Ship s Naval Musket, ca. Spanish Miquelet Patilla type , lock mechanism with a fine steel gray age-patina, 95% polish and 1840s Antique Georgian Victorian Silver in mechanically functional order with a strong mainspring and fine timing. A very nice example of an Antique 7 Piece Lucile American Revolutionary War Period Commercially Antique English Carved Manufactured Shortland Pattern Second Model Brown Bess Musket, ca. For additional information, please see N. Proof marks with a TK maker s mark, on the left side of the breech. The hardware with matching untouched surfaces; and the lock with brown surfaces and Antique English Carved a crisp mechanism. An fine example of a late Revolutionary War Period “Charleville” Carbine, ca. The barrel with clear proof marks, a very good bore and dark surfaces with some expected light scattered Antique English Carved discoloration pitting. Molded and carved, Regulation Charleville Pattern , dark colored, walnut fullstock with simple raised carvings around the lock Antique English Carved and sidebolt mortises; and a classic French buttstock with a deeply fluted comb. Lightly engraved & plain iron mounts of Spanish Spanish-Colonial design: a flat sideplate with its two original sidebolts. Classically styled French-type raised carved teardrops, around the sideplate and lock. In untouched condition with smooth steel-gray surfaces, some light signs of use and patches of discoloration surface wear. Regulation Pattern, unmarked, Model 1754 flat faceted lock with a pointed & stepped tail, its gooseneck hammer, Antique 14k Solid teardrop finial frizzen-spring and bridled powder-pan; smooth steel-gray surfaces and a Antique English Carved fine age patina overall. Fine stock with sharp contours, light scattered handling marks, a clear Crown “S. It is generally easy to ascertain if wooden object from the seventeenth century was made in America or Europe, because the Americans had different types of wood Antique English Carved available to them. Fine steel mounts of Antique English Carved classic French martial style. The lock with its original components, a strong mainspring, clear signature and fine timing. 00 A VERY GOOD AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR PERIOD COMMERCIALLY MANUFACTURED SHORTLAND PATTERN BROWN BESS MUSKET, ca.

Ordnance marking. Price: $9,275. The lock retains 25% original polish with Antique Gilt White Opaline Bohemian Glass smooth surfaces, a strong mainspring and all of its original components: in functional order. A Scarce example of an American Antique English Carved Revolutionary War Period French Mdl. Of classic North African Snaphaunce design and in untouched condition with smooth, dark-gray, surfaces with scattered discoloration and wear. The octagonal to round, Near-Eastern-made, 49 1 4″, sighted, steel. A rare example of a US Model 1807 Indian Carbine with Antique English Carved a scarce 1808 Date. The flat “S”-shaped sideplate with an Arsenal marking and its brass, screw-fastened buttplate: complete with its original trumpet-type iron ramrod. A very nice example of a fine quality Georgian Period Silver Mounted English Flintlock Fowler Hallmarked for 1776. Catalonian style Fullstock of classic mid-18th Century Spanish form Antique English Carved with a sculpted and fluted, L-shaped buttstock. Plain wooden ramrod. 00 tr A FINE WAR OF 1812 PERIOD US NAVAL MODEL 1797 SHIP S MUSKET W ITS ORIGINAL BAYONET, ca. In overall Antique English Carved very fine+ One Big A Antique Brass Door original flintlock condition with sharp stock contours, crisp marking — on the buttplate-tang and smooth steel-gray surfaces. Retains its wooden ramrod with Antique English Carved iron tip. In overall good+ original flintlock condition with dark, untouched, Antique English Carved steel surfaces, a Sea-exposed age-patina, scattered discoloration and pitting. BARNETT NORTH WEST TRADE GUN, Dtd. Black Moroccan-Leather wrapped, conical shaped, hollow, steel buttstock air reservoir. Complete with its frizzen with curled tail, bridled powder-pan and teardrop Antique English Carved finial frizzen spring.

The right side of the buttstock with hand-carved, owner inscribed, D. The lock with 99%+ polish, smooth steel surfaces, a strong mainspring and its original components: in functional order with sharp scroll engraving and fine quality deep relief chiseling. Regulation pattern, screw retained buttplate and its original trumpet-head Antique English Carved iron ramrod. The trigger-guard with a fine bow, a rear finger-spur and acanthus leaf finials. The lock with a strong maker s signature and very fine mechanics. Fine forestock with matching Fish-scale pattern and its underside with Antique English Carved deeply incised, double flutes. Raised carvings around the mounts, lock and sideplate mortises. Neumann s: Battle Weapons & Claude Blair s: European & American Arms. 1783 5: In overall fine original flintlock condition. 71 caliber barrel with its brass blade-type fore-sight, a fine touch-hole and an octagonal breech-section: the top of the breech with a St. A very good touch-hole with signs of use and generally smooth, dark, russet-toned, steel surfaces with some scattered light patches of rust-staining discoloration and 35 Antique Simon & Halbig 1078 the breech-top with a virtually illegible LONDON address, within a (worn) balloon-type border. 1840: In overall Antique American Empire fine untouched condition. In matching fine condition with smooth steel-gray surfaces and some light patches of discoloration wear. 75 Antique English Carved caliber (12 GA. ) Battalion Marked Dutch Musket, ca. The barrels with sharp contours clear markings, fine quality engravings and some scattered light patches of discoloration wear. AN IX Brass Mounted (Naval? A top-plate type butt-plate with a short upper finial. For additional information, please see Gilkerson s: Boarders Away , vol. The stock with sharp contours, 75%+ finish, some scattered handling marks, tight hairlines old repairs and light scattered worm holes: Finely carved with a delicate Jacobean style acanthus-leaf raised decorations, on the buttstock of classic mid 17th Century English form. The hardware, Antique English Carved en suite with russet-toned surfaces. Bright steel mounts of quasi-martial (Mdl. Clearly marked, on the left side of the stock with its IB maker s mark and the ramrod-channel with several Roman Numeral inspector s marks. ” and had a contract for making Antique English Carved “Trade Guns” with the Hudson Bay Co. 65 caliber barrel with a finely etched wedding-band transition, floral and Cross gold inlays at the breech and two gold inlayed Spanish punch maker’s marks for the renowned barrel maker, Alonzo Martinez of Madrid, Spain, who was the Weapons Master of Mallorca, ca. Patent-type hooked breech and of early design with the right side of the muzzle with its original iron sidebar, for a Sword-type Bayonet. Kravic s: Collector s Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution Antique English Carved , pg. The barrel with sharp contours, some minor handling marks and clear markings. Complete with its wooden ramrod. A very fine example of a Belgian? Retains an untouched, brown-gray age patina with 45% mottled Browned finish with some light discoloration salt & pepper: Antique Retro Star Sapphire Ruby a fine wedding-band transition.

Mahogany was imported from Haiti and Antique English Carved Santo Domingo. 1720: In overall very good, dark & untouched, original flintlock condition. 1780: In overall unissued, excellent museum-grade original flintlock condition. Royal Artillery Carbine Length, Antique English Carved 37 , baluster turned-breech, pin-fastened. The lock of standard configuration with a flat lockplate, a reinforced hammer and marked “Charleville” under the faceted iron powder-pan. Fine touch-hole and bore. Retains fine+ contours with crisp mechanics with its original components. Deeply chiseled lock surfaces with a finely sculpted Antique Art Deco Solid and crafted gooseneck hammer with classic Spanish type jaw-screw, an exposed rear horizontal sear and a matching frizzen with a finely chiseled back. Fine stock with generally sharp contours, deeply fluted carving on the buttstock, some scattered light handling marks, 85%+ finish and some expected minor nicks and abrasions. 1760-1770: Antique English Carved In very fine near excellent Antique Copeland Cane Ware Caare Oval Covered untouched original flintlock condition. Initials, on its left side of the buttstock. The left Antique English Carved side of the buttstock-toe with a section of old insect damage. Excellent stock with sharp contours, deeply fluted carving, 98%+ finish and only some very minor handling marks. Retains a very sharp point with a blood groove for 2 3 its length. A VERY RARE MODEL 1728 FRENCH FLINTLOCK SEA SERVICE NAVAL TYPE BLUNDERBUSS ESPINGOLE, ca. 1770s: In very good condition. In its Doglock configuration and fitted with its screw-retained hook. 00 A VERY FINE & EARLY COLONIAL AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR PERIOD DUTCH MUSKET, ca.

The barrel with deeply toned steel-gray surfaces, distinct markings and generally sharp contours with signs of use: very good touch hole and bore with the expected signs of wear. Colonial-American manufactured, engraved and embossed, full, brass mounts: a screw-fastened buttplate with a stepped tang with a long pointed finial. 1874: In overall fine untouched original flintlock condition with choice smooth steel surfaces, nicely aged brass mounts and a fine hardwood stock with clear Hudson Bay Co. The lock with sharp engraving, gunmetal-toned steel surfaces and some expected light patches of discoloration and signs of use. Price: SOLD A VERY GOOD FLINTLOCK PENNSYLVANIA KENTUCKY RIFLE , Dtd. Retains its Antique English Carved original, flat, gooseneck hammer, its rounded frizzen and its teardrop finial frizzen-spring. In overall Antique English Carved very good+, “attic” untouched, original flintlock condition.

A seldom seen early model of “Charleville , from the time of Louis XV. The barrel with a dark and toned patina, discoloration, Antique English Carved wear and signs of use: good touch-hole and bore. Two (2) baluster-type ramrod pipes, a pinned nose-cap, three (3) barrel-keys with silver oval escutcheons and a brass buttplate with a stepped top finial. Mowbray’s: “The Brown Bess. Molded and Antique English Carved finely carved, nicely figured, Striped, Europen Xx Rare Antique walnut fullstock of classic German Jaeger Rifle form Original Antique Art with a raised-carved cheek-rest with raised carved acanthus leaf and vine scroll accents. Four (4) Brown Bess ramrod pipes for iron rammer, a flat Shortland Pattern Brown Bess sideplate with a tail, a brass nose-cap; and the American trigger-guard with a raised hazelnut forward finial: not made for a wrist escutcheon, as is typical of many American arms. Most of the joints are held together with wooden pegs. Retains an untouched age patina with some light patches of Antique English Carved discoloration and smooth, dark, steel surfaces. Price: $7,875. For a virtually identical example, please see G. FRANCK, ca. Molded and carved, New England form, Hardwood (Cherry? Antique African American A nice example of a War Antique English Carved of 1812 Napoleanic War Period India Pattern Third Model Brown Bess Musket. The lock retains its original components and is in functional order with fine timing and a strong mainspring. The 16″, pin-fastened, octagonal to round, smoothbore. The face of the lock with a faint trace of its Crown “S. 1766 8 Antique English Carved Charleville Musket which could be greatly enhanced with some minor restoration. ) chiseled, steel barrel with a fine wedding-band transition, a blade-type fore-sight and a cannon form muzzle with turned-rings: marked, near the barrel-transition with an engraved Coat of Arms. Full brass mounts: a squared finial trigger-guard with a simple bow. Brass trigger-guard of Mdl. 1814: In overall fine & clean original flintlock condition. Three (3) engraved silver ramrod-pipes with smooth Antique English Carved surfaces and nicely engraved accents. Percussion converted lightly engraved, lock mechanism with matching, deeply toned, steel surfaces and Antique English Carved a “R. 66 caliber (Carbine-Bore), key-fastened barrel with a fine touch-hole and bore: Antique English Carved Patent-type hooked breech. Retains a smooth steel-gray patina and some light patches of surface discoloration pitting: three (3) brazed steel barrel-bands capucines and missing Antique English Carved its ramrod. 1730: In overall fine+ original flintlock condition. From an old New England Collection. Very good lock with untouched gunmetal-toned surfaces, light wear, a strong mainspring and its original Antique English Carved components: in functional order. In overall very good untouched original flintlock condition with expected wear and signs of use. The barrel with sharp contours, its original iron-bushed touch hole (to prevent an accidental blow-out) and smooth, clean, mustard toned Bronze Brass surfaces: the bore with the expected scattered patches discoloration, signs of use and verdigris. A near excellent example of a rarely seen Spanish Model 1752 Miquelet Light Infantry Musket, Dtd. An authentic example of the famed Camel-Gun : which has been used for centuries, with great Antique English Carved affect, by the Nomadic Antique Art Deco Platinum Diamond Engagement Desert Peoples of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

The breech with the reminents of a “London” marking within a balloon border; and fitted with a scroll-engraved iron tang (rear 1 2 mis-aligned). Proof-marks. Molded and carved, Pattern-type walnut fullstock with a raised-carved beavertail apron at the barrel tang, a pronounced raised lobe on the handrail and raised points behind the lock and sideplate: an old repaired chip sliver, at the tail of the ramrod entry pipe. Etched and finely engraved steel mounts: the sidebolts with lightly engraved heads, two slotted barrel bands, an etched and engraved half-type buttplate with an acanthus leaf finial and the sculpted and engraved trigger-guard with a “TARGARONA” gold maker’s mark, on its bow (Stockel No. Form with simple raised carved details, around the lock, Antique English Carved sideplate and the raised cheek-piece. Price: SOLD Antique Vintage Antique Sterling Silver Figural Dinner Service English Carved A FINE NAPOLEONIC WAR PERIOD FRENCH MODEL AN IX (NAVAL) MUSKET, ca. The stock with smooth, lightly oxidized, untouched wooden surfaces, 75%+ finish, general signs of handling, age and military use. A scarce Antique Replica Industrial Factory Antique 19th Century example of a French Model 1786 AN IX Hussar s Musketoon, dtd.

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