Antique Folk Art Canvas Board Oil Portrait Painting

Sometimes these antique quilts were created by adapting a known pattern in order to free it from its more rigid structure. The sixteen crazy quilt fan blocks measure 13 x 13 inches and are pieced and embroidered by hand. In excellent condition this quilt is a rare find. The combination of precise piecing with the completely original folk art design gives this quilt a whimsical yet antique folk art sophisticated feel. Dated 1926, twelve triple initials antique folk art have been included, all skillfully stitched in equal size, with nine of them ending in the letter “L”. Serious collectors please email or call for a price. When I purchased this quilt, judging from the fabrics, I thought it was a 1940’s World War II commemorative piece.

1890 60 x 66 inches Lehigh, PA $2,600 This c. ‘ are hand stitched with wool yarn. Professionally hand washed by Betsey this quilt is ready to be sent to you on approval. The edging is pillowcased and then finished with An antique folk art embroidery stitch created using various colors. The first stacking is done Outstanding Vintage Mennonite Goose Tracks Red & in three squares measuring 4 1 4 inches, 3 1 4 inches and 2 inches. One of antique folk art our favorites is the snowman. The backing on this great piece of folk art is a scrumptious, large scale floral cotton in the same palette as the front of the quilt. American Antique Folk Art & Unique Quilts Click on the pictures below to see more views of my Antique Folk Art Quilts. Each piece is outlined in a black buttonhole stitch. 🙂 Happy to antique folk art send on approval.

6 cm) OH $3,800 This is a fabulous early 20th century folk art creation using men’s lightweight wools for the blocks and original appliques. Who never knew that she was creating amazing art for the 21st century! 1890 91 x 92 (231. A warm palette of browns, grays, blacks, blues and mustard in mostly solid hued wools with some fun windowpane and soft hued plaids used to great effect. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – antique folk art – Website copyright 2016 Rocky Mountain Quilts all rights reserved. Mummery in America is as unique to Philadelphia as Mardi Gras is to New Orleans. The antique folk art collector is a museum curator. This is for the son’s use only and is called The Father’s Quilt. 1880 65 x 76 inches Bethel, ME area $1,800 This pristine mint child’s summer quilt has been foundation pieced. An antique folk art quilt was usually made from cotton or wool, but very rarely a silk folk art piece will emerge. The rarity of such a piece and the fact that they were used has led to the fact of basically being unheard of. 1850 74 x 82 (188 x 208. A folk art quilt might be embellished with antique folk art embroidered drawings or paintings, depicting the life of the quilter, such as children? A unique piece showcasing animal silhouettes embellished with wool embroidery. Hard to imagine that this quilt is antique folk Antique 1906 7 Telephone Bowling League Champions art over 100 years old. The circles form a large X pattern overall. There are two outside borders. Comprised entirely of antique folk art solid hues of cotton in Turkey red, over dyed green, and mustard on a white ground. 7 cm) Philadelphia, PA $2,900 Some of the earliest mummers date back to early Egypt, pagan Rome and Greece, England, Germany, and France. A wonderful piece of art in my antique folk art library, this wool quilt can be for your couch, your bed or your wall, any area where you just wish to evoke a happy feeling. The edging of this quilt is pillow cased and then topped with a blanket stitch. This is antique folk art a unique quilt that would please a variety of tastes; from Folk Art to softly elegant to cozy comfy. Perhaps the quilter had access to a tailor’s remnants?

Radiating borders are always seen on a quilt antique folk art of this design. Because of the repeat pattern, this quilt could be hung completely open, half open or placed over a pole with four blocks showing. Wonderful triple line quilting in ” parallel lines is skillfully stitched by hand throughout. Was this Antique Art Deco Diamond Sapphire Platinum quilt made by one person who chose to include initials of loved ones, or was it perhaps a more collaborative family effort? Each silk piece is Antique Vintage Large outline quilted with various Victorian stitching embellishments. Beautifully pieced wool and wool challis fabrics in solids, plaids and floral prints comprise this large, very decorative piece of Philadelphia history. The 1 4″ binding is applied by hand with the same fabric used to create the 5″ border. This antique folk art fathers quilt is in complete original condition. Q9091 Log Cabin Courthouse Steps Child’s Quilt c. The symbols of the Philadelphia Mummers include musical instruments, moons, hearts, diamonds, stars, weaponry, as well as silhouetted faces. When hung, the piece looks 3-dimensional, and yes, you could put it on the floor as a rug, but I would want it on the wall. Multi-hued wool embellishment stitching provides the perfect finish for the outside edges. It wasn’t until I got it home and washed it that I found the embroidered antique folk art date Dec 1962. Wool embroidery stitching accents the figures and covers every seam. A 4 ” double border in English Antique Rare Pair two shades of tan wool challis frames the inner design and has intricate embellishment along the entire border seam on four sides. Most of the homespun fabric is woolen and dates from the Civil War or earlier. 3 cm) SOLD All hand pieced, appliqued and quilted, this quilt is a unique and skillfully made piece of textile folk art.

S handprints, houses, farms, or local plants antique folk art and animals. Q8715 Folk Art Flower and Basket c. Each block appears to be An antique folk art original design from her artistic eye. Precise appliqu stitches are so small they are hard to detect. Rocky Mountain Quilts Shop Hours Rocky Mountain Quilts hours: OPEN YEAR ROUND! Please ask to see this quilt on approval in the privacy of your home. The center medallion panel measures apx 22″ square and is surrounded by eight crazy quilt blocks each also 22″ square. All of the fabrics on this quilt are unused and date from c. 1885-1925 47 x 70 inches Tennessee $2,500 Believe it or not, this abstract folk art textile was created as a rug. The words “The Americana” is embroidered in the antique folk art center block. The style is called Center Medallion, however originally they were very sophisticated and created by affluent women. Pieced baskets comprised of green and mustard triangles are 3 ” high and 7 ” wide and hold funky appliqued flower stems with antique folk art buds of red and green. The provenance for this quilt will Antique Satinwood English Bookcase Cabinet be given upon sale. Q8572 Wool Embroidered Folk Art Signature Quilt Dated 1926 72 x 82 inches Pennsylvania $2,900 This absolutely spectacular wool quilt invites close inspection of the wide variety of plants and animals skillfully embroidered in colorful pearl cotton. The symbols themselves are cut antique folk art from solid felted wool and the fine wool embroidery used throughout is both precise and exuberant in color and style. Q9096 Tennessee Wool Ceenter Medallion c.

Hand quilting antique folk art is in straight lines following the block shapes.

There is both hand and machine stitching, a treadle machine would have been available after c. The bottom border measures apx antique folk art 10″ in width. In complete original condition, this amazingly Antique 19th C warm quilt can become a beautiful piece of art for your wall. Just about all of these fabrics antique folk art are woolen homespun or home woven. An Amish mother would create one quilt for her son to take with him when he married. One of antique folk art a kind. Because of the huge array of fabrics, this quilt is a delightful piece for a 19th century fabric junkie. The design for the first center medallion quilts came to America from England in the 18th century. However, it is a fun piece of folk art. A 6 inch wide fan border surrounds the inner design on three sides with a narrower striped border at the top. An amazing antique folk art piece for bed, couch or wall and ready to be seen on approval. The backing of this quilt is strip pieced in paisley and solid brown cottons – see detail images. The two side borders measure apx 4-1 2″ each in width. A unique design and skillfully made. The whole cloth backing of the quilt is An antique folk art early 20th century print. This quilt is the antithesis. The perfect size for antique folk art wall art or for use as a throw on bed or sofa. From a sociological point of view we know that this young lady was part of a very affluent family, because of the unbelievably high cost of these fabrics. The use of masks and different costumes were carried over from the antique folk art Greek celebrations of King Momus, the Italian-feast of saturnalia, and the British Mummery Play. Please ask antique folk art for more details. The tradition of Philadelphia Mummery started in the late 17th century as a continuation of the Old World customs of ushering antique folk art in the New Year. This one is a antique folk art 20th century rendition. BTG30 19th Century Amish Father’s Quilt Pre-Civil War fabrics 63 x 75 inches Mifflin County, PA (Nebraska Amish Community) Call for Price An antique folk art Amish Father’s quilt is basically unheard of. Unusual animals such as An antique folk art elk, a great horned owl, An antique folk art elephant, and a labeled ibex were included among the more commonly seen domestic animals and plants. Here Antique Oak Sewing Box Stand Storage the borders from center to the outside edge measure 3″, 2-1 2″, 3″, 4-1 4″, 2″, 4-3 4″ and 3-1 4″. Reverse tied with cream wool yarn this quilt also has a pillowcase edging. We are indeed fortunate that the washing machine was not commercially available until the 1950? Our quilts are antique folk art always sent on approval. The second stacking combination is 3 1 4 inches with a 2 inch piece stacked on top and then outlined in a black buttonhole stitch. This quilt already has sleeves sewn on the back in case you would like to hang it as art on a wall. While we may never know the actual history of this quilt, we can certainly recognize its value as a superior folk art piece! Remaining blocks each feature one applique. This little quilt was foundation machine pieced onto An antique folk art ecru muslin fabric with the blocks measuring 10-1 2″. The perimeter of the quilt is constructed using the broken dishes pattern which also creates a windmill pattern. Dated 1950 59 x 63 inches Origin unknown $225 A 15 year anniversary present with dozens of hand embroidered signatures. In excellent condition it is ready to ship to you on approval for private viewing. Bank wire transfers are An antique folk art easy method of payment for both domestic and international sales. Folk art whimsy at its best, this is a wonderful and unique quilt that can be sent to you on approval for private review. I am dating this quilt apx c. Professionally hand washed by Betsey it would be terrific folk art for your wall or a comfy, soft bed covering. The fabrics are a combination of solids, stripes, circles and soft plaids in a variety of soft cottons – most with a beautiful soft sheen – with some fine wool challis pieces interspersed. Dated 1838 and signed by Mary Ann Wilhelm 74 x 102 inches $Call for price Truly amazing is this center medallion folk art appliqued and reverse appliqued summer coverlet created by a 15 year old young lady named Mary Ann Wilhelm antique folk art in 1838. This particular quilt offers multiple clues to its origin, but no clear answers. Charm and a certain ‘joie de vivre’ combine to make this quilt a great choice as a focal point for that special room. Historically, Mummery has influenced customs antique folk art and perpetuated many interesting traditions. The pillowcase edge makes for a nice, clean finish. Fortunately, many have survived because they were washed infrequently or not at all, and especially not washed in a machine. 1895 60 antique folk art x 67 (152. Yes, there is wear, but not of importance with antique folk art this rare quilt. The applied 1 2 inch binding is in solid brown cotton. Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors. I have 24 Antique Liangzhu sold 2 or 3 of the original quilts. A wonderful palette of reds, blues, russet, greens, browns, and ecru forms the ground of this great folk art piece. The excellent condition and stunning graphics of this mid 19th century folk art quilt make it equally wonderful art for either bed or wall. The binding is slightly wider than 1 8″ and is made of cotton sateen, usually found used for the lining of women’s clothing. The skill and care taken in the creation of this warm, lively, and instructional piece raises the possibility that it may have been made for a special child, or perhaps as a parting gift. Please ask Betsey antique folk art for more details. This Mennonite maker took a traditional fan pattern and turned it antique folk art on its head by incorporating the fans into a fabulous crazy quilt in warm hues of brown, russet, palest blue and ivory. Much of the antique folk art fabric which makes up the quilt is home spun. WINTER Hours: (Nov 1 to Apr 30) Monday-Saturday 10-4 Sunday by chance or appointment SUMMER Hours: (May 1 to Oct 31) Monday-Saturday 10-5 Sunday 12-5 We are also available by appointment Payment Methods: Rocky Mountain Quilts gladly accepts cash, checks, Visa, Master Card and American Express. Hand quilting includes 2 inch antique folk art cross hatch stitching in the blocks and 2 ” inch diagonal cross hatch stitching for the border. A 3 ” inch border in the same solid navy cotton surrounds antique folk art the interior pattern. Both domestic and wild animals (the most domestic being the little human! I believe the center medallion was antique folk art made from a woman’s woolen shawl. Shading is due to lighting, not representative of the quilt. True folk art quilts were made to be used, not displayed. 1895 78 x 78 inches Tennessee $1,100 How modern the graphic art work seen here is on this quilt. The blocks have been joined together using a method original to New England. 2 cm) Lancaster County, PA $2,900 Such a unique quilt! This gorgeous folk art geometric piece is outstanding as art for your wall. You can’t take this quilt too literally, especially with 60 stars on each flag. All embroidery and appliqu is done by hand. 3 cm) PA $2,900 A fabulous folk art crazy quilt comprised of a combination of wool, wool challis and velvet crazy pieces antique folk art with whimsical wool embroidery. We have the American Eagle, the symbol of our country, what appears to be St. Q9097 Americana Folk Art Center Medallion Eagle Quilt Dated 1962 67 x 89 inches Found in New England $1,100 This is definitely folk art. Herringbone embellishment stitching surrounds each circle and seam on the 16 x 16 ” inch blocks.

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