Antique French Galle Style Glass & Iron Chandelier

Fine Antique Clocks & Decorative Gilt Bronze Gavin Douglas Fine Antiques Receive stock updates: Antique English George III Patinated Bronze and Ormolu Gout d’Egypt Mantel Clock #5427 Michael, Debbie & Gavin outside the gallery A stunning Antique Russian Malachite and Ormolu Mantel Clock #5542 Antique clocks are the obsession of Gavin Douglas Antiques & Clocks Ltd, we specialise in 18th and early 19th century antique English clocks and French clocks in bronze , gilt bronze and marble. Carder, Frederick one museum quality item in stock on this page The best and most well known designer and wheel cutter antique french galle at Stevens & Williams. Bacchus, George A high quality Mid 19th Century Stourbridge glass manufacturer. Galle also produced lamps exhibiting his exquisite glass shades and bases, and his antique lamps as Antique Scottish Buffet Barley well as his glassware demand premium prices today. A fine is not antique french galle only an excellent investment but a pleasure for you to enjoy looking at every day. Flashing was a less expensive way to produce a second layer of glass (overlay glass) however the cutting technique is often just as fine.

We also stock several fine quality small antique English mantel clocks from the beginning of the 19th century in a variety of case materials including ormolu clocks, gilt bronze clocks, patinated bronze clocks and clocks in satinwood, mahogany and oak. Pate antique french galle de verre technique produces an alabaster opal like translucency.

Eastern Roman empire style. Cloisonn glass is Antique Nude Bearded Men W particularly rare as the firing temperature of the metal work was often at odds Antique 14k Gold Slide with the firing temperature of the glass. Chatelaine to purchase these delightful scent bottles visit our Scent Bottles page Vintage Antique Navajo A hook or keeper hung from the belt for requisites and useful implements, i. The Electric Lamp The development of the electric light bulb at the Antique Estate Platinum 90ct Genuine Blue turn of the 19th century replaced the gas antique lamps with electric lamps throughout the United States and Europe. There are so many varieties of antique lamps and antique lighting that most collectors focus on a particular style, shape, or finish, and collections range Glorious Antique Victorian Grecian 18k Gold Diamond from the beginnings of antique lighting, the oil lamp, to the contemporary styled electric lamps and floor lamps of the mid-twentieth century. This ancient Roman technique was revived by the English in the late 19th century. Clutha meaning cloudy, the glass is of cloudy yellow, green or amber colouration with streaks of darker hue. Carder commenced his career at Stevens & Williams in 1881.

Back to G Gall antique french galle Emile (1846-1904) has one item by Gall. Pewter was the most popular material at the time that whale oil lamps were introduced, but the beauty of the glass antique lamps attracted many and soon superseded pewter. Boam Engraver of glass worked for Thomas Webb and Sons Son descendant of antique french galle August Bohm. Cloisonn is a technique where small strands of base metal (copper) or silver are fused into designs to separate areas of antique french galle enamel colour. Powell James & Sons, Powell, Harry James (1853-1922) many items in stock details can be found on for more info Powolny, Michael (1871-1954) Please go to to purchase examples of his designs. J & L Lobmeyr an Austrian glasshouse based in Vienna produced fine cut and engraved glass until the end of the 19th Century. Antique English cameo often featured classical and botanical subjects carved by hand. It is believed that many of the designs for Burmese fairy lamps were antique french galle by Jules Barbe. We are only interested in supplying the finest Antique Clocks to our clients, many of whom rely on our knowledge and expertise entirely to find them the right clock. Gavin Douglas has been an antique clock collector for nearly 30 years. Layers of coloured glass are then applied in a trailed or dripped network over the cased glass. Bohm, August Engraver of glass worked for Thomas Webb and Sons Antique Pearl White All Burmese Glass Antique Art Deco Vintage Ring Setting (Queen s Burmese) buy Burmese Glass Antique 19th Century Louis on our page. Andrew Lineham Fine Glass 2000-2010 Last modified: 01 14 10 (note American date arrangement) Where Authenticity is Always Guaranteed Since 1982 Click Here to View 220+ Antique Categories New Shop in Star Center Copeland c. Back to antique french galle O O’Fallon, James Irish engraver of glass worked for Thomas Webb and Sons Known for his expert carving of fruit and flowers. For more information on Stevens & Williams antique french galle Caskets Tea Caddies can be purchased from the and pages. 1828 made to imitate precious stones. Cell Mobile number 0044 07821 805023. By the Edwardian period social etiquette had changed and it was considered incorrect to have toothpicks antique french galle on the table and they were dropped from the pattern books. Later founded own manufactory in Luneville and Croismare. Diamond Registration Marks (or Registered Design Numbers) Photographs of Registered Design Numbers on Andrew’s stock. The name Bimini is taken from a popular poem By Heinrich dated 1852 which describes Bimini as a fictitious island antique french galle which contained the fountain of youth.

Pazalt, E Engraver of glass worked for Thomas Webb and Sons c. For more information Mercury, Varnish, Mirrored or Silvered Glass to purchase examples History of Varnish & Mercury Glass Milk Glass Please view our page Millefiori or Millefleur Glass to purchase examples An Italian term meaning “thousand flowers,” in glass it refers to a design produced by combining small multi-coloured canes of glass into a Antique Oak Oval Library Table Desk Carved sheet which can then be shaped or blown into a mould. Demand for antique lamps by Dirk Van Erp, widely referred to as the king of Arts and Crafts lighting, has exploded recently. Although mass production of some plastic goods created a mindset in many as being of lesser quality, some of the most exciting and well crafted antique classics of the modern Rare Antique Peking Chinese Carpet 6 age, and are still being created today. Verre sur Verre was part of the products of the firm known as the Crystelline Company. In 1876 he won the 1,000 prize for the best copy of the Portland Vase, probably the most important piece of English cameo antique french galle glass ever produced. Certain colors and patterns are unique to the Boston and Sandwich antique french galle antique lamps, and the glass of these is much harder and does not scratch easily. Nailsea items tend to be domestic wares, bottles and ornamental items, including tobacco pipes and novelty wares. The inner layer may be blown into outer layers while the glass is still hot or a piece in one colour is dipped into the molten glass of another colour whilst in the furnace. 1894) antique french galle Glass engraver who had premises two doors down from the Whitefriars workshops in the 1880’s. With introduction of disposable wooden and quill toothpicks a holder was necessary for them to be placed on the dinner table. In 1880 he became the antique french galle art director of Stevens and Williams and worked closely with Frederick Carder. Enamelled decoration view this technique in antique french galle our current stock of Moser Glass and White or coloured enamel paints were generally hand-painted on a finished piece of glass which is then re-fired to adhere the enamel decoration to the glass base. Mary Gregory to purchase examples further info History of Mary Gregory Our information page contains a colouration price guide and answers many frequently asked questions about Mary Gregory glass. If the Antique Clocks are heavy, or we feel it necessary, wooden crates antique french galle are custom built for them. Flashed Glass a glass piece of one colour is, while still very hot, dipped into molten glass of another colour to form a very thin outer layer. Prutscher Otto (1880-1949) to purchase examples please go to Founder and designer of glasswares for Wiener Werkstatte for Meyr’s Neffe. A form of antique threaded glass developed by Stevens & Williams in 1886. Dichroic Glass for examples please go to Moser Glass Two coloured glass which shows antique french galle a different colour in different light. Others areas of interest are fine antique candelabra, candlesticks, urns and vases (in bronze, ormolu, marble, semi-precious stone and porcelain), in fact pairs of high quality sidepieces in many styles and materials from the 18th and 19th century by such masters of gilt bronze & ormolu as Thomire, Ravrio, Galle and Matthew Boulton. Pairpoint antique lamps are best known for their reverse painted scenic blown shades, as well as their cut glass and metal overlays, and are highly collectible due to their quality, and consistency of visible manufacturer marks, often antique french galle bearing the artists’ signatures. The same decorative canes can also be used to antique french galle decorate the interior of paperweights. Other exponents of the Pate de Verre technique are Albert Louis Dammouse and Francois-Emile Decorchemont. We stock single Blue John urns, Blue John vases and pairs of Blue John items from the 18th 1570 Genuine Antique Hand Colored Map Of and 19th century. Glass is subjected to metal vapours which antique french galle bond or etch into the glass. The concepts for light, color, space, Antique Chinese Silk and easy living changed the way people thought about their homes and surroundings, and even clothing. 1880 Veggie Steuben Art Glass Salts Wedgwood Nautilus Centerpiece Sterling Art Nouveau Tatting Shuttle c. Famous for latticino wares revived from early antique french galle Venetian techniques. Designed a range of glasswares Most famous for producing ceramic designs for Wedgwood. Technique used antique french galle by Tiffany and Loetz. Also tortoiseshell and silver pique, carriage and mantel, guilloche enamel and silver boudoir or mantel clocks and occasionally the small and unusual antique longcase clock. Established antique french galle 1860 by Antonio Salviati. It was Swiss inventor, Aime Argand, that vastly improved the whale oil lamp. Also Cristaux Crystal Palace please go to our page. Hock antique french galle Glass Hock Antique Art Nouveau French Bronze & Glass Glasses Hock is a German wine which was very popular at the turn of the 19th Century. The industry was nationalized by the Communist government antique french galle in 1946. Specialised in Antique 1800s Unsigned Oil On An Antique Russian Imperial Porcelain Plate antique french galle enamelled glasswares. Meyers Neffe Medallion Cameo (Stuart) to purchase go to British Glass page A highly prized make of antique french galle British Cameo Glass produced by the Stuart Manufactory – rare and highly collectable. This antique french galle thin outer layer could then be engraved or cut through to the base colour. Washington Glass Company to create lamp and lamp accessories.

Depression Glass – We antique french galle do not stock Depression Glass. Northwood, John (1837-1902) to buy Northwood glass go to Stevens & Williams -Vases Thought to have rediscovered the ancient technique of cameo glass. Examples of Antique Bichon Frise Girl these are the Tilley antique lamp and the Coleman antique lamp. Founded the Cappelin- Venini glass antique french Semi Antique Turkish galle house in Murano in 1921. Also antique french galle antique mantel clocks, bracket clocks and table clocks from England and continental Europe, especially France. Pate de verre Pate de cristal to purchase examples please go to Powdered glass mixed into a thick paste with a volatile adhesive medium and applied to the interior of a mould in layers until the desired depth of glass is achieved. This type of air trap was the most difficult to make and involved making very thin clear glass antique french galle hollow tubes which were then picked up with one layer of coloured glass and then trapped inside other layers of glass. Loetz Lotz to view our stock of Loetz & Tiffany Glass A Bohemian glass making firm founded in antique french galle 1836 in Klostermuhle and purchased in 1840 by Johann Loetz. Typically, the lamp bases were produced by one manufacturer and the glass shades by another. Remember, please don’t C1940s Authentic 100 Wool Antique keep us a secret, we grew by referrals and would welcome yours. During World War I his factory was destroyed, reopened in 1920 and shut its antique french galle doors forever in 1937. Back to N Nailsea Glass to purchase examples please go to Antique English glassware originally from Nailsea near Bristol but now also used as antique french galle a generic term. Importany antique french galle factories include Moser and Loetz. Small cup or beaker used for washing eyes. Pate-de-Verre is sometimes antique french galle called Pate-de-Riz. Stained Glass – None in stock Steins Please go to our page. Fouquet, Georges one item for sale on the page Fratelli Toso Venetian Glass Italian makers of Fine glass, antique french galle particularly known for making Millefiori Glass. See Overlay. Eye Bath one example for sale antique french galle on our page. Rich Cameo (Richarson’s) to purchase examples please go to Riedel, Joseph See Annagrun and Rock Crystal Glass to purchase examples please go to Rock Crystal and Colourless Glass Deep carving of glass imitating Renaissance lapidary techniques Antique Signed Miller 1920s of cutting and polishing true rock crystal. Often these are known as Clarke’s Fairy Pyramid lights. (Dichroic) Argy- Rousseau, Gabriel French Art Deco glass artist particularly in Pate – de-cristal. Retired 1922. 1890-95 with the fashion antique french galle for elaborate table settings and forms of social etiquette. The colouration is derived from gold. Crimean War one item for sale on the page Crystal A generic term referring to thin, fine quality glass stemware produced since the early 20th century. Italian Glass to view items from our stock go to our Venetian Glass page Includes Murano, Venini, Toso & Company, Salviati to name just a few Back to J Jewel Caskets boxes can be found on the antique french galle page and the page. Alexandrit Glass Find items for sale on the page Produced by Moser, glass of an even purple to lilac hue which changes colour depending on the light source. We arrange packing and door to door antique french galle insured air-freighting as a matter of course. The leading exponents of antique french galle the technique were Fratelli Toso. It is formed from two layers of glass with a layer of foil trapped between. We also specialise in the antique singing bird box or antique singing bird tabbatier, from antique silver singing bird boxes and silver and enamel fusee singing bird box by makers such as Bruguier and Rochat to the later antique silver and enamel singing bird boxes, tortoiseshell singing bird boxes and gilt bronze and enamel spring singing bird boxes by makers such as Bontems and Griesbaum right through to decorative silver and gilt bronze singing bird boxes. Bauer Leopold for examples of his designs please go to Bimini Glass find Antique Chinese Large our stock on Viennese Art Deco glass manufacturer with particular emphasis on lampwork elements such as figures and animals. Please Andrew if you are interested in antique Burmese glass. Stevens and Williams Hock Glasses Stevens & Williams Other Shapes for further info History of Stevens & Williams New Website devoted to S&W coming soon! Art Glass to view our current antique french galle stock of Rock Crystal and Colourless Glass Art glass describes high quality decorative glass produced in the last quarter of the 19th Century in Great Britain, Europe and the USA. Usually antique french galle marked with (Registered design number ) Rd 55693. This is a free, bespoke service and INTEREST FREE, that we are delighted to offer, antique french galle for details please contact us. However we are not interested in just any old , they have to special. Back to B Baccarat Glass Antique Boulle 19 Century Inlayed Ink to view our current stock of and French glasshouse in Baccarat, Meurthe-et-Moselle, established in 1764 under the direction of Toussaint. The applied design in clear glass has the appearance of the blooms antique french galle and vines being made of ice. This antique french galle is not the same as cameo glass. Worked for Thomas Webb for 40 years. At Gavin Douglas Fine Antiques Ltd we have been shipping Antique Clocks worldwide over three decades. Collins, William please go to our page. Straw Opal to purchase examples please visit Stuart Crystal English Glass Manufactory to purchase items Manufacturers of the rare Medallion Cameo Glass. Stevens & Williams for items in stock are listed on FIVE pages. These whale oil fueled antique lamp designs continued to simulate the candlestick with a glass shade or globe supported by a thin metal pedestal. Designers included G Walton and Dr Christopher Dresser. Antique lamps became not only utilitarian, but decorative as well, and were antique french galle at the height of popularity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Blue John has been a sought after semi-precious stone since Roman times. He antique french galle is an antique clock dealer with 28 years experience. The effect is achieved by subjecting the hot glass to metallic vapours which form a metallic film antique french galle on absorption. The glass is antique french galle decorated by the background being acid etched to leave a raised surface which is the exact shape of the enamelled pattern. Blue Antique Ornate 1895 Andrei Stepanovich Bragin John is one of the rarest stones in the world and Blue John is only found in the Treak Cliff Hill, Castleton, Derbyshire, England. 1864 Koepping, Karl (1848-1914) antique french galle See our European Producers for items in this style. Back to Z Zach, Franz Paul to purchase examples please visit and Steins Zwischengoldglas (German, “gold between glass) A type of decoration, produced in Bohemia and Austria in the 18th century, in which a design in gold or silver leaf is incorporated antique french galle between two vessels that fit together precisely. Dresser, Dr Christopher (1834-1904) one item for sale on the British Glass page Designed glass for James Couper & Sons in the 1880 s Drinking Glasses Wine Glasses – Collectors Glasses items for sale are on Includes glasses known by the following terms: Hock, Shot, Champagne, Goblet, Claret, Flute, Coupe, Port, Liqueur, Sherry, Punch, Ice, Water, Toasting, Martini, Dram, Stems, Red and White Wine, Cocktail, Highball, Chalice, Tumbler, Beaker, Tot and many others. Under the directorship of M R von Spaun the factory made fine iridescent antique french galle glass rivalling L C Tiffany. We also stock an extensive range of antique sculpture in bronze and marble from the same period and indeed some particularly stylish pieces into the 20th century including Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Heisey to view an item from our stock Rock Crystal and Colourless Glass Ohio, USA. Popular Lamp Makers It was at this time that the highly collectible Tiffany lamps flourished, as well as other American Art Nouveau, and later Art Deco lamp antique french galle producers Handel, Pairpoint, and Duffner and Kimberly.

Antique whale oil lamps can be found in brass, pewter, tin, and glass, designs of which often carry a close resemblance to the candlestick. Unlike Hellenistic and Roman gold glass, which is fused, Zwischengoldglas Antique Victorian 14k is bonded with cement. Double overlay this technique is displayed in our stock of This is where two layers are overlaid and cut back. This lead to many failures so technique is relatively rare also antique french galle very hazardous (and therefore expensive) technique. Nor will antique Circa 1920s Antique Art Deco Walter Nichols french galle your email address be passed on to anyone else. The glass comes in a wide antique french galle range of vivid iridescent colours particularly peacock-blue and green. As members of LAPADA, CINOA, PADA and The Antiquarian Horological Society we abide by antique french galle their strict codes of conduct. See glass and glass entries for items in stock. Golf, decorated glass for our stock Sporting Antiques Great Exhibition See antique french galle Crystal Palace. Modern designs by lamp manufacturers such as Eames exhibited interesting new shapes using metals, incorporating multiple bulbs, with swivel and antique french galle gooseneck designs. Travelling extensively both antique french galle at home and abroad, we visit many fairs and innumerable auctions, antique shops and private homes in our search for high quality goods.

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