Antique German Bisque Porcelain Goebel Lady Woman Figurine Figure Bathing Beauty

5″ bisque, all original By Has original French toy shoppe label This doll’s photo is Antique Victorian Secretary also published on p. Made in France 1897. Made in Germany circa 1840. No repairs. This tin plate figure with painted features holds a metal violin and bow and when wound up, he plays the instrument while moving from side to side. Perhaps antique german bisque Fermand Martin. Bisque head #117n By 1916 Flirty eyes; original human hair wig Photo copyright ullamiblu 1908 “Dollie’s Sewing Bee” Printed cut-out book By Saalfield Publishing Company Three cloth dolls to cut out, sew, and stuff Includes outfits to sew for all three dolls Photo copyright tapestries Vintage homemade doll Photo copyright aurora nova 1964 Patti 9″ by Friend of little sister Pepper Montgomery Wards Exclusive Photo copyright geofizz1 late 1970s to 1980s Inexpensive, modern china-and-cloth doll Often misrepresented as antique Painted eyelashes are longer on this example than on the typical doll Photo copyright aurora nova Unknown superhero Marked Japan, ca. EUR 895,00Category: Handpainted tin birdcage, mechanical. Face), repro hat Right: Nat (Maggie face) Missing hat & bow tie Photo copyright whatnots2like 1967 Casey, by Brunette hair (brown scalp) oxidized to red Wearing original swimsuit Repro “safe” earring to prevent Photo copyright kiraalt 17″ French Fashion poup e, numeral 4 mark By , ca. German papier-m ch dog Photo copyright Detail of Scotsman’s sword hilt Photo copyright dturnersan antique german bisque 1870 , 9. 1910 date By for Dress is an antique Victorian blouse Photo copyright ronsfancy Left: 15 ” head doll, unknown maker Marked 50 1 Made in Germany Straight wrists and “stick” upper legs Antique handmade apron with French turned seams Antique machine-sewn dress and cap Clothes & ca. The uniform is antique german bisque decorated with gold papers and there is a soft metal sword at his side. Copyright antique german bisque – www. The Big Top in Crochet features pictures of Dorothy Lamour and Betty Hutton in “The Greatest Show on Earth” 1952 Photo copyright whatnots2like 1956 Angelica, 20″ walker and crier Marked WJ Wilson, 190 Made in USA Annual “Christmas angel” doll special Sold by J. 1890s Brown paperweight (PPW) eyes Human hair wig Cloth body, composition arms & lower legs Era-appropriate dress not original Photo copyright wildrose55 bisque By Photo copyright wolvercote 1947 , Margaret face By Original faded dress redyed Shoes and stockings replaced Hang tag is authentic but not original to doll Broken fingers repaired by Photo copyright kkucks 1990 14″ vinyl Reissue of 1965 doll by Photo copyright 68-tempest 18″ Binnie walker, face All original by Photo copyright pearlsgrl 1958 8″ by Tosca hair color; wearing Rare Antique Mary Hearn “Co-ed” Tam by patti66 Photo copyright merrygocats Pink-tinted bald with antique german bisque wig Probably English Photo copyright 1970 Glori, a by Topper K11 head mold Wearing vintage Maxi Mod fashion Photo copyright kiraalt #1907, open-mouthed Photo copyright bygonedolls 1946 Karen Ballerina Antique French Hunt Cabinet Narrow Model 14″ (left) and 1938 16″ (right) Princess Elizabeth mold, rare By Photo copyright cookinsupper 3. Drawers to open here antique german bisque and underneath. Gold hand painted. All product images. Ca 1910EUR 1. Very rare and a wonderful decoration in your collection of antique german bisque early rare toys. 1920 Replaced wig and clothing Right: 18 ” Hilda toddler, mold #245 By , ca. Click on thumbnails for larger view: French Pull-toy antique german bisque Automaton: Doll with Bisque head w. 1905 Photo copyright kimmeldoll Early 1930s Antique Art Deco 18k White open mouth bisque , “L” mark Slightly turned shoulder head, sleep eyes Jointed leather body with bisque forearms Wearing antique clothing Photo copyright antique german bisque wildrose55 family group, left to right: 1. Welcome To The World Of KT antique german bisque Miniatures – Established in 1997 – Now In Our 22nd Year Of Trading Antique & Vintage Dolls Houses Plus Vintage Style Handmade Miniatures Menu Here at KT Miniatures you will find miniatures with an emphasis on nostalgia and realism, offering something just that little bit different. Lovely moustache. Late 1940s 1950s Sold by Garden Spot China Co. 1930 Side-glancing, flirty glass eyes Photo copyright singram 1939 bisque Silver slippers, molded socks, molded brow Dress from 1941 42 Elsie Marley (pudgy) baby made in Japan 1960s dollhouse chair Photo copyright wolvercote 1950s Princess Summerfall Winterspring By Character from Howdy Doody TV show Original costume, see Photo copyright drbell21 1950s Twinkle Toes, 8″ Lollipop by All original Photo copyright irishmahoney 10 ” Valentina ballerina by 1950s, all original with box & revolving stand Photo with permission from eBay seller Doll copyright $zero 26″ doll, ca. 1870 Photo copyright kimmeldoll Right: bisque By , ca. 1960s 70s Composition head Tightly stuffed cloth body & limbs Black floss hair; clothing is all original Photo copyright jtching 2002 Sarah by Wearing original outfit Photo copyright ullamiblu Little Bo Peep, By Edith von Arps, Germany, ca. 1920s, not original to doll Photo copyright tapestries Bunny Girl Dancer by Photo copyright wolvercote 1946 Karen Ballerina 14″ By Photo copyright cookinsupper “Cubeb smoker” or “Parisienne” doll By Samuel Haskell & Mutual Novelty Co. Click on thumbnails for larger view: Early and rare Biedermeier Secrataire made by Kestner, Germany ca 1840EUR 475,00Category: Anexcellent piece of furniture to display with early wooden or papier mache dolls. Robinson antique german bisque Co. 1894: Arne Jacobsen designs, Scanditoy Mobilia house & furniture:Catalogs: , cardboard house “Peasant House” with Caho dolls & furniture for Marshall Field 1934: (music)Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle, Museum antique german bisque Antique England Sailor Folk Art of Science & Industry, virtual tour: (just for fun)Realy-Truly furniture 1930s: “Peasant House” with & Dora Kuhn furniture (PDF file, p. Seated on on platform with Antique Hardy Super embossed gold paper trim together with two papiermache sheeps with silk decoration matching the color of her dress and stick. Late 1920s to early 1930s Original clothing -scale furniture ca. German head on a antique german bisque French body 5. : Tommy Bangs (Marg. 8 1 2 inch-22 cm. Excellent condition for the medium size dollhouse. Composition, 25″ tall, jointed; ca. 5″ 1840s Marked TPM; made in Poland Queen Victoria style with ears Photo copyright by 1961 Brownette bubblecut Sears Exclusive Mink Jacket 1964 65 “Lam Sheath,” Fashion Pak 1963 Photo copyright kathiec doll, antique german bisque unknown maker Probably circa 1930s 40s Photo copyright ponytail-icon. 1920s “Flapper” composition body with original antique german bisque wig Wearing original stockings & replica shift Shoes ca. 171 in Jan Foulke’s Guide to Dolls (2006 ed. Wooden antique german bisque body. This is a beautiful brown-haired officer with a nice glimpse in his brown eyes Fine young soldier dressed in his military uniform with his red jacket,dark blue felt trousers and antique german bisque hat -all original and antique- and black heeled shoes with black leg covers. History: Room sets: (scroll down)1950s & other dolls: , 1969 73: (music) (PDF file, p. Here with antique german bisque a small baby doll. Click on thumbnails for larger antique german bisque view: Handpainted tin birdcage w. Mechanical “singing and antique german bisque moving bird. Agendas Dolls accessory. Biedermeier secrataire with a drop down front to show the writing space wiith 3 small draweres at each side os the mirror. – All Rights Reserved – 2018 Search site Keywords Antique toys Antique Dolls Antique Miniatures and dollhouses Antique Christmas,Paper, games and collectibles Antique Miniture books. This is an excellent very early plain style Chiffoniere antique german bisque with wooden knobs. Ca 1880 All product images.

1952 by 14″ hard plastic; all original felt outfits Left: Stuffy (Maggie face) Ctr. KT Miniatures has handmade as well as old little treasures from past decades that are antique german bisque suitable for use in your antique and vintage dolls houses. 1898 Original mohair wigs antique german bisque German ball-jointed bodies 18″ doll: Blue sleep eyes & hair lashes 30″ doll: Brown sleep eyes Original antique white gown & slip 2″-wide hand-tatted lace Found grimy and dark gray from years of storage in a Kentucky barn Photo copyright wildrose55 30″ “Santa” mold #1249 Photo copyright pearlsgrl 30″ “Santa” mold #1249 Photo copyright pearlsgrl Bargain Price All Over 28″ “Santa” mold #1249 Photo copyright pearlsgrl 38″ , ca. Working fine and in fine condition. His excellent painted facial features are very fine. 32 cm antique german bisque 12,5″ w.

Dressed antique german bisque in felt clothing. When the toy antique german bisque is moved, she turns her head Wonderfully all originally silk dressed doll with a head made of fine flawless bisque. 1860s Glass-eyed “pre-” All original clothing, paint, & kid leather arms Photo copyright 19thcentgirl 24″ head & shoulderplate Unmarked, ca.

Fine French Doll with bisque head antique german bisque with two sheeps on a Antique Minton Plates Set Of 10 platform. Rance around 1880. 1850 Attributed to Montanari Antique clothing (not original to doll) Photo copyright 32″ Mari by 2004 Puppen Kinder Collection All original Photo copyright dressurdolly 23″ French bisque B b , ca. 1953 Photo copyright whatnots2like “Joan of Arc,” crochet pattern Dolls of Famous Women in History By DMC Pearl Co. 5″ German , painted features Photo copyright kkucks Annie playing dress-up 1997 13 ” by Large Antique Stained Glass Chandelier (Clothing shown is not original) Photo copyright tapestries 1945 46 Portrait Dolls By Left: Melanie, original dress & replaced hat Right: Lady Windermere, original outfit 21″ composition Backdrop print: “Ritz Garden Caf ” 1904 By Photo copyright whatnots2like 1962 by Brunette in “Silken Flame” 1960 64 Titian in “Sheath Sensation” 1961 64 Blonde in “Black Enchantment” 2002 Photo copyright mertziemuldoon 12 ” bisque, mold #1159 By ca. 1870 Bisque head and shoulderplate Jumeau stamped leather body Antique clothing (not original to antique german bisque doll) Photo copyright Carl Tielsch 5. Late 1920s to early 1930s Original clothing antique german bisque Photo copyright kimmeldoll Bisque by Photo copyright 27″ English poured , ca. A great antique german bisque piece to add to the dollhouse living room. 1960s 70s Photo copyright cookinsupper Modern by Redressed in “Coca-Cola Picnic” outfit Photo copyright timefoot 58 cm. And antique german bisque DMC Co. 1914, Made in 16 Germany By Photo copyright bygonedolls bisque By , ca. 1916-17 (before 1920) Original paint and finish, with intaglio eyes Photo copyright Antique photograph Girl with a doll, ca. Everything original and antique and in fine condition. German, dressed as a Scotsman 3. 1850 Blushed cheeks & china arms Stuffed cloth body with flat-soled boots Period antique clothing, may not be original Photo copyright wildrose55 By for Ridged eyebrows & straight-set blue eyes Human hair antique german bisque wig on plaster pate Photo copyright ronsfancy 42″ bisque head, 15-joint composition body Ridged eyebrows suggest ca. Size H 8 3 4″ 20 cm All product images. When the bird is wind up, it moves the wings and whistles. A great piece for the Martin collector. Marked antique german bisque Lehmann. Germany 1890EUR 420,00Category: Antique spun cotton candy container: Spun cotton Storch. 1860 Leather arms and cloth body with sewn toes Antique clothing (not original to doll) Photo copyright 3 ” “flapper” doll German, ca. 770,00Category: antique german bisque Antique Fernand Martin clockwork toy “Le Gai Violiniste” (The Merry Violinist). Get our news first. Inventory items are updated almost daily and will appear here on the front page for 3 weeks. Ca 1880EUR 795,00Category: 7- 1 antique german bisque 4″ 18 cm. 19,5 cm 7,75″ Literatur: Fernand Martin, Toymaker in Paris antique german bisque 1878 – 1912 English edition ISBN 508. 1930s shoes not original to doll Right: 12″ Beverly, composition toddler Wearing original outfit By Fleischaker & Baum () Back: 15″ antique german bisque composition Anne Shirley By Photo copyright tapestries Late 1966 silver brunette American Girl by Wearing “Midi Magic” 1969 Photo copyright letsplaybarbie “Santa” mold #1249, ca. Be antique german bisque sure to check frequently. 1914 Original outfit & shoes; replaced wig Photo copyright rocking chair Height 6 “, ca. 1940s 70s: Kitchens: 1900: Houses, photographs of: (music)History: (music)Piano: See also other (music)Catalogs in English: Marxie Mansion or Marx-a-Mansion: doll furniture: Emergency Room Hospital: (PDF file, pp. 990,00Category: This Lehmann toy features two large tin wheels that support a two-seated apparatus, a white man holding a steering wheel and a black man holding the drive shaft seated at either side. 1953 Photo copyright whatnots2like Six crochet pattern booklets for dolls, ca. 990,00Category: Wonderful antique French Automaton antique german bisque Pull toy. Click on thumbnails for larger view: Fernand Martin “Le Gai Violiniste” (The antique german bisque Merry Violinist). Sutton & Sons, ca. Inset brown eyes. 1880s 90s All-leather French Fashion body Dressed in antique silk French Fashion dress Detail antique german bisque of doll shown above: Antique leather boots with wooden heel Originally dyed turquoise Keystone mark on soles Detail of doll shown above: Back view of human hair wig Reinforced head, ca. 5″ By Photo copyright 19″ , ca. 1940s 50s With one of three original Baps sheep figures Photo copyright standfam1 5″ “Little Lady” celluloid dress-me type Early 1950s (before 1955) By (turtle mark) Wearing a hand-knitted dress Photo copyright ullamiblu 18″ Babs skater by All original, early 1950s Photo copyright 1992 Strampelchen, Klassik Kollektion Made of Tortulon by (turtle mark) Reproduction of 1940s celluloid Strampelchen 1950s celluloid rattle (before 1955) Photo copyright ullamiblu 1980s by 1984 “Roller Skating Kimberly,” original outfit Closed mouth, 17″ Photo copyright timefoot 1976 Beautiful Bride by Wearing unknown outfit, ca. When Antique Coin Silver Porringer By John Burt coil-spring is wound up, the vehicle zig-zag rolls in an infinitely changing manner, the figures bouncing up and down and moving their arms. German, originally a male doll 2. Frederic Marchand: antique german bisque L”historie des jouets Martin, Paris 1987. Also suitable antique german bisque for use with modern Antique Primitive Painted Wooden Express Wagon reproduction dolls houses that require the “old” and “much loved” look.

Very Ornate antique german bisque wire frame. 1895 Doll is probably for Photo copyright sundayvisit Early to mid-1950s cloth doll Original felt clothing Photo copyright mabverick Late 1940s 50s doll Homemade, similar to a doll pattern by Superior Needlework Hand-embroidered features & insignia Leather shoes sewn to cloth Photo copyright thelmasstuff doll, made in Japan Vintage hats China hair receiver, powder box, & jewelry tree Modern wood display piece for thimbles Repurposed as a miniature doll dresser Photo copyright star 305 Madina by 1995 96 “Girl from Russia,” redressed Photo copyright mertziemuldoon Closed-mouth bisque Tete Photo copyright pearlsgrl Closed-mouth bisque Tete Photo copyright pearlsgrl 18″ by , ca. This could also be a great antique german bisque piece as accessories in a doll collection! 3)”Peasant House” with & furniture:In original boxes: Dream Dollhouse, Grand Dollhouse, Loving Family: (music)Pianos: Quilts & rugs from silk & flannel tobacco premiums ca. 1925 1930s With original shoes and silk floss hair Photo copyright 4birdsonawire by Photo copyright ldonn 1956 by (MA) Redressed in MA Yardley costume Re-creation of Yardley advertisement piano by Photo copyright pearlsgrl 1957 mint by Wearing mint 1957 outfit #2141 Photo copyright pearlsgrl 1958 8″ by Tosca hair color, original barrette Wearing blue pindot “School Girl” Photo copyright merrygocats 1928 Puggy 12″ by Photo copyright Doll Reference Judy Garland as Dorothy in 1938 by 18″ composition; original human hair wig Remade dress copied from original Photo copyright shpysgirl 16″ unmarked doll, ca. 26 cm 10″ All original. The antique german bisque size is H. New itemsCheck out our latest added items here. FOR SALE SOLD KT Miniatures Journal For Our News & A Little Bit More Besides LATEST ADDITIONS : Updated 18th August 2018 Ref: Vintage Bedroom Set & Bed Linen Ref: Sitting Bisque Doll Ref: Clear Glass Wide Antique Diamond Sapphire Ring Band Vase Ref: Vintage antique german bisque Sideboard Ref: Round Rug Ref: Wooden Desk Ref: Pair Metal Painted Toby Jugs Ref: Barton Mangle & Bowl Ref: Vintage Style Vacuum Cleaner Ref: Painted Parabolic Electric Fire All items for sale on this website are sold as collectors items only and are not suitable for children under 14 years of age. Mint condition.

1938 46 Photo copyright annie652000 16″ antique german bisque early , ca. Lehmann’s EPL 640, circa 1910. Nice antique german bisque molded. One wing to antique german bisque lift and hide a gift. ) All product images. Click on thumbnails for larger view: Pages: 1 Antique Toys & Dolls St. Lancaster, antique german bisque Pa. France 1897 EUR 1. A little wear to his hat, but otherwise fine condition. Firma antique german bisque Issmeier. , Dolls of Famous Women antique german bisque in History, ca. Stores in Calif. ” 1968 Photo copyright cookinsupper Runi I by 2000 Kinder, “Girl from Iceland” Photo copyright granderdolls antique german bisque head girl, made in Composition arms & legs 5″ doll, head, made in China Both have human hair wigs and Outstanding Antique Quilt Sawtooth Diamond In all-original clothing Photo copyright jtching 16″ Fall Season by Crocheted dress & cap by tomany dolls Photo copyright tomany dolls Vintage sisters holding their vintage dolls Antique Mission Oak Magazine Stand Made in ca. French, resembles Rohmer French fashion, all-leather body often antique german bisque called “Joan of Arc” 4. Pages: 1 Antique cotton candy container: Spun cotton Storch. Very good antique german bisque working condition. Click on thumbnails for larger view: Lehmann Zig-Zag tin toy. 5″ antique german bisque ( 13 cm) W. Photo copyright mhalb 1947 Candy Kid 13″ by Steiff “Molly” dog Photo copyright carolen Asian bisque by antique german bisque Photo copyright sweetp 1934 37 The Wolf, redressed Part of set By Photo copyright lyndak 14″ Princess Margaret Rose Bridesmaid 1948 50 by Original mohair wig and tagged gown Replaced crystal on gown & flowers in hair Photo copyright lmldolz Walking , 1970 72 Sears Exclusive by Wearing “Sharp Shift” 1970 Pak dress Photo copyright the-coultergeist 1943 Bright Star 20″ by Photo copyright carolen Wendy Ann Equestrienne, late 1930s to 1948 By Photo copyright latte211 Photo copyright purple-peep Ponytail by 1961 brunette #5 White 1963 “Satin Bolero Fashion Pak” Pink blouse 1962 63, “Cotton Mix ‘n Match Group” 1962 ash blonde #6 Wearing a Mom-made sheath Photo copyright letsplaybarbie doll, jointed arms 4″ tall, marked: Made in Japan Mold includes a belly button Antique Hand Woven Persian Serapi Rug Bead-and-feather dress handmade by playmonet Photo copyright playmonet Dollhouse by , ca. 1930s Original outfit Replaced socks and basket Photo copyright katha53dolls felt doll Resembles Rushton-type rubber & plush wolf Unknown maker, ca. 6) (PDF file)See also 1920s ad: About history:History: x y z posted by Jen at Topics ——————————————– ——————————————– ——————————————– Photographs.

– antique german bisque All product images. Wednesday, July 20, 2011 Dollhouses & Furnishings Identification ollhouse dolls:About dollhouses & identifying dollhouses (dolls, furniture, & houses) About history:Department store catalogs 1933 1980s: Modern kits, examples: About, & photos. He is 18 cm tall 7-1 4″ Made in Germany ca 1880 All product images. 1960s Photo copyright cookinsupper 1963 65 “No Freckles” Pepper 8″ little sister by Photo copyright geofizz1 Front: 15″ Baby Jean, JDK, ca. Germany antique german bisque 1890. Tortulon doll By (turtle mark) Photo copyright drbell21 Wooden , probably English Ca. 65, Treasury of Beautiful Dolls by John Noble Photo copyright antique german bisque wildrose55 dolls ca. 1950s Photo copyright lyndak “Pipa,” plastic , flirty eyes By unknown Italian maker, ca. 7 8) antique german bisque (scroll down)See also. Early 1930s Possibly made by Photo copyright tapestries by Composition antique german bisque All original, wearing original dress Photo copyright sweetp Reinforced head Old Nephrite Hetian White Jade doll, ca. For related items browse the category in the menu left. 5″ head doll with long ringlets Photo copyright 1971 Dinah, , by Topper Wearing a limited edition fashion Handmade by Janet Antique French Opaline Art Glass Caudle Photo copyright drbell21 Noelle, 4 Ever Best Friends By Redressed in unknown modern outfit Vintage 1950s bag & remade Mattel Ken shoes Photo copyright singram 8 ” & 9 ” couple Composition, unknown maker Photo copyright 14″ composition Margaret O’Brien By Original tagged dress & hat Replaced vintage mohair wig Photo copyright 26″ “Santa” mold #1249 Photo copyright pearlsgrl A vintage NRFB collector’s dream Christmas! See also other Department Store: Interior antique german bisque Decorator, 1960s.

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