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Many sheet music enthusiasts simply like to collect the most beautiful covers they can find in any category. SOLD The Wonder Shredder with coarse grate- A nice example in very good condition. Grater – Rapid Grater GR88 Grater – Rapid grater, with a medium sized grate, a nice example in very good condition. SOLD Grater – The Perfect Grater. Each of the three interchangeable graters retain much of their bright tin finish and measure 6 ” in length by 3 ” in width. Each of the three interchangeable graters retain a bright tin finish and measure 6 ” in length by 3 ” in width. She was the third of four children. Posted in Comments Off on Are you a Deltiologist? This grater still retains much of its bright antique hand colored tin finish and displays very well. Looking through my postcard album filled with cheerful antique hand colored little children always makes me smile. The grater measures 13″ in length and has a width of 5 “. You could look for years and not find a set this pristine with Antique Chinese Yi Hsing Pomegranate Shaped Pouring the box. The 8 rayed star sliding panel on the back of this grater still has a good antique hand colored solid fit. Practical and antique hand colored beautiful vintage sheet music can be a wonderful and rewarding collection for almost any kind of collector. As mentioned before, most vintage sheet music can be purchased for nominal amounts because of the sheer mass that was Old Chinese Antique Natural Hetian White Jade produced for the public. Couldn’t be more cozy. SOLD Grater – The Wonder Shredder A antique hand colored nice example, with fine grating surface, in very good condition. Although it was a big blow to her family, friends and employees, her nephews were able to take antique hand colored over the company and Steiff remains one of the best loved toy manufacturers in the world. Flipping the grater over changes the size of the grate. In Chicago, Illinois. A great addition to any kitchenalia collection. SOLD The Gadget Master Grater Shredder antique hand colored with three sections.

The this style grater was very popular in it’s day and even had a cook book dedicated to it’s usage. This nice grater has no dings or dents and would make a very nice addition to any collection. 1940 Antique Grater – Bluffton Slaw Cutter GR16 A Bluffton, “Rapid Slaw and Vegetable Cutter”. Some undeveloped countries are still antique hand colored using chamber pots today. In antique hand colored historic downtown Albany. This cutter measures 13 1 2″ long by 4 1 4″ wide and still may be used for its original utilitarian purpose. This early Perfect Grater was very popular in it’s day and even had a cook book dedicated to it’s usage. For example, a military collector might love to add the title, “Over There” by George M. The script on this specimen states “Rapid Slaw and Vegetable Cutter – Hold fingers so as not to come in contact with knives when slicing a small article, press down with palm of hand, By Bluffton Slaw antique hand colored Cutter Co, Bluffton, OH”. Hinge assembly and lid are intact and the antique hand colored lid closes nicely. Compare $200. It was generally oval or oblong shaped with a Spring Clearance Sale Antique 1886 slightly higher front part. This nutmeg antique hand colored grater is a miniature version of the larger vintage food graters. The tin plating still has a nice shine for a grater this old. The grater – shredder has a double grating surface that is used by flipping the utensil end antique hand colored for end to produce a fine or course grate. It is interesting to search on line for images of chamber pots and see all the different kinds that were made. Grater – Primitive GR36 A beautiful, primitive grater specimen in Good + condition. The first chamber pots were made from clay because it was cheap and waterproof. 00 Quantity 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Max Cole Original Oil Painting 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 1950’s wallpaper Compare $150. This shredder grater is also known as the 3 in 1 and includes three different shredding plates comprised of a fine grating surface, a medium grating surface, and a course surface. A great addition Antique Victorian Natural Coral Buckle Bracelet Vintage to any grater collection and antique hand colored as useable today as it was 80 years ago.

Grater – Bluffton Slaw Cutter GR44 A Bromwells Grater – Slicer in Near Mint condition. Grater – Magic Grater GR74 Grater Magic grater. Grater GR90 A wonderful example Square Oak Antique 1900 Dining Table of an early grater antique hand colored in Very Good condition. This grater still retains nearly all of its bright tin finish. Please click on specimen link or image for more photographs or antique hand colored pricing information. The three graters all retain most of their antique hand colored bright tin finish and present very well. These are all names that have been used to refer to a chamber pot. “Bromwells Greater-Grater – Easy to use Grates Rapidly – Safe and Sanitary For All Grating Purposes”. Overall this is a nice specimen. The graters are as close to antique hand colored new as you can get and have the beautiful bright finish of new tin. Nutmeg Grater NM05 A nice nutmeg grater with much of its original japanned finish still intact. Grater – Wonder Shredder Grater antique hand colored Set GR76 This is the complete set of Wonder Shredder graters in Excellent condition. From 1906 forward, antique hand colored they sold under the name, “Teddy Bear”, after President, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. Find your special Steiff animal in the Albany Antique Mall at 2nd and Ellsworth in historic downtown Albany. SOLD “Bromwells Greater-Grater – Easy to use – Grates Rapidly – Safe and Sanitary For All Grating Purposes”. To begin or add to your postcard antique hand colored collection shop at the Albany Antique Mall on 2nd and Ellsworth St. What sets this apart are the beautiful three dimensional slate gray shadows of the leaves. Antique Grater GR39 An antique tin grater with antique hand colored a double grating surface. Photographic cards were, as the name suggest, antique hand colored made from real photographs. A antique hand colored complete story with ships in bottles, piggy banks, coffee grinders, and pots of ivy. SOLD A grater made by American, the “All In One”, and shown in “300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles”. All of the edges have been rolled over as well as the edges on the 3 4″ strap handle. Antique Grater – Bluffton Slaw Cutter GR15 This is a “Bluffton Slaw Cutter”, antique hand colored of Bluffton, OH. The grater has a length of 10″ with a width of 4 ” and a depth of 2″. SOLD Grater – The Wonder Shredder with Medium Grate – A nice example in very good condition. 00 Quantity 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 1950s Compare $150. Deltiology is the official name for collecting postcards. Grater – The Speed – E Shredder GR25 The Speed antique hand colored – E Shredder with a double grating surface. Typical trellis motif entwined with raspberries and vines in several shades of green Compare $100. The grater is comprised of a “Safety Grater” style section and a grater style section featuring two different sized grates.

Although this is a flat grater, it has three cutting surfaces. This specimen is free of dings and dents and still retains much of it’s bright tin finish. This specimen features the extra coarse grating surface that is so popular. This specimen is hinged between the two different types of graters. A unique design with the back being punched out to act as the bottom of the nutmeg compartment. It is designed like a larger version of the popular “Wonder” grater. SOLD Grater – Rapid grater, a nice example in very good condition. Mesh the two together and you get vintage sheet music. The factory was in Williamstown, West Virginia and their first glass was made on Jan. The overall length antique hand colored of the bracket and handle is 12″. This 13″ long and 4 1 4″ wide grater cutter is also marked with the original price of a mere 50 cents. This specimen retains nearly 100% of its bright tin finish. 00 Quantity 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Adorable vintage wallpaper from the 1940’s stripe awnings and flower pots. This half round specimen has interesting brace work on the back. SOLD An antique “Kitchen Gadget – High Speed Safety Grater” in Very Good + condition. Sometimes the photo cards were hand tinted in great detail with stunning colors producing some of the most beautiful cards produced. Nutmeg antique hand colored Graters Nutmeg Grater VU378 A coffin style, Edgar, nutmeg grater in Very Good condition that has an attractive darkened tin finish. After many years of Antique Art Deco doctor visits and attempted cures she was diagnosed with polio which had no cure. Nutmeg Grater NM11 A nice nutmeg grater in good condition with two wire handles. A piece of music performed by Judy Garland could appeal to collectors of Judy Garland or Broadway memorabilia. This specimen is free of dings and dents and still retains most of it’s bright tin finish. 1904 brought the “Steiff Button in the Ear”. 00 Wrought iron trellis on coral background with trailing ivy. Grater – Acme Safety Grater GR91 Here is a nice Acme Safety Grater in Very Good condition. She bravely attended school. It was common for people antique hand colored to collected cards from the places they traveled to as well as from their own home towns. SOLD A complete set in very good plus condition. The grater has an overall length of 11″ and a width of 4 “. This grater still retains all of its bright tin finish and the sliding box slides freely. 00 New antique hand colored Products $200.

This grater has a length of 9″ with a width of 4 “. It is one of those handy multipurpose kitchen tools with three different sections including a fine shredder, a coarse shredder, and a grater.

Even the box is in great shape antique hand colored with no water damage. The hinge and lid are in good condition and the back sports an attractive design and a vent antique hand colored for the nutmeg compartment. Each grating surface on this little gem has been carefully hand punched on all four of the faces. Albany Antique Mall 145 antique hand colored SW 2nd Ave. In 1909, Margarete Steiff died at antique hand colored the age of 61 of pneumonia. The design of the wire frame and handle allow this grater to display very well. During the early 1900’s, postcards were so popular that the market drew in some of the best artist of that period. Grater – Streamline Utility Cutter GR59 This is a “Streamline Utility Cutter” in Very antique hand colored Good + condition. Original lithographs tend to bring Antique Vintage Diamond antique hand colored in the most money. This grater has character galore with its attractive antique hand colored patina and unusual design. The ladies had their antique hand colored maids carry in the Bourdaloue so they could discreetly use them under their dresses without having to leave the sermon! Generally it was kept under the bed or in a cupboard in the bedroom. There is a little spatter of paint around the hanging hole. ” In 1902 her nephew, Richard, designed “Bear 55 PB”, the world’s first toy bear with jointed arms and legs. Our offerings include both the mass antique hand colored produced and individually made, one of a kind variety. This 13″ long and 4 1 4″ wide grater cutter is CA 1920. Even though Margarete suffered pain in her right hand she still took sewing lessons and completed her training as a seamstress at the age of 17. Graters of the type were very popular in their day and even had a cook book dedicated to their usage. Please antique hand colored wait. Interesting in its design, this box style grater has only three sides including a slicing face, a face with a small grate and a face with a medium grate. This grater stands antique hand colored 9″ high with a width of 4 “. Grater – Super GR72 Grater – Super Grater – A nice example with a fine grating surface in Very Good + condition. 145 SW 2nd Ave. The trademark was added to designate the high quality Steiff toys from other imitations.

It was mass produced for the market, with some popular titles selling over six million copies. 00 Quantity 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 antique hand colored 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 1940s all over grid background with overlay of leaves and flowers. SOLD Here is a Walnut 1840 Antique Corner Cabinet very attractive hand crafted grater. Measuring 8 1 2″ long antique hand colored by 3 1 2″ wide. The length of this grater is 4″ – width of 3″ and a height antique hand colored of 2 “. There are antique hand colored 90 square feet on each roll. Proud sponsors antique hand colored of “Points Antique Art Deco Mens for Profit. Postcards have been printed on many different materials, including leather, metal, wood, plastic, linens and even fine silk. SOLD This is a Liberty three sided grater in Very Good + condition. This specimen also has circular wire feet. 00 Charming 1920’s kitchen or dinning wallpaper with varnish finish. The hinge and lid assembly is in very good working order and has a star embossed on the top of the Antique Russian Painting Soviet Propaganda Poster Design lid. Needless to antique hand colored say, this is a one of a kind nutmeg grater. They introduced iridescent glass in 1907. This specimen has a coarse grating surface and still retains most of it’s bright tin finish. Included in the set are a coarse, medium and a fine grate. This specimen is in very good condition with no dents or dings and no rust. In 1877 Margarete went into business on her own. Factors that can raise the price include; autographed copies, condition, and subject matter. These are scarce in this good of a condition although there is a light touch of rust on the handle. Famous personalities like Bing Crosby and Marx Brothers are also very popular.

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