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Turning into a manufacturer of metal toys, automobiles, trains, planes and numerous other playthings. Reprinted Antique Heisey Art Nouveaudeco Silver for the June 1989 “Toy Chest” Schoenhut Educational Toys Publication Year: 1915 Schoenhut Educational Toys 1913 The Carlisle & Finch Company Catalog Publication Year: 1915 Electrical Novelties, Dynamos, Motors, Experimental Apparatus & Gas Engines Butler Brothers Wholesale Catalog Publication Year: 1917 1917 Santa Claus Edition Published for historical reference by ATCA in conjunction with the 50-year anniversary celebration antique hubley toy of the ATCA in Princeton, N. If your collectible toy car just happens to still be in a box you can use ZIP Codes to determine the date it was made. So, if you antique hubley toy find any toys that bear any of these names, “pay attention”! The Arcadians Publication Year: 1927 A storybook for children about the Tiny Arcadians, who were elf-like creatures that made Arcade toys. Pittsburgh, antique hubley toy PA E. Reprinted for the Fall 1985 Antique antique hubley toy Toy Collectors of America Meeting – Allentown, PA Ives, Blakeslee & Co. These bears, with their jointed arms, legs, and heads, soon became one of America’s all-round favorites. Chicago, IL Ted Toys Inc Catalog Publication Year: 1927 Reprinted from the collection of Anthony Annese ATCA Convention antique hubley toy October, 1993 Peabody, Mass. , Cincinnati, OH Converse 1912 Catalog Publication Year: 1912 Reprinted from the original in Antique Wedgwood Seafood Majolica Salad Bowl the antique hubley Antique French Gilt Bronze toy Sally and Donald Kaufman collection for the Spring 1999 ATCA Convention – Portland, Oregon The Orkin Fleet Catalog Publication Year: 1914 From the collection of Margaret and Blair Witton. Reed was sold in 1897, and in 1898 it became the Whitney Reed Chair Company. Marx — Louis Marx founded his own toy firm, Louis Marx & Company, in New York City in 1921 after an argument with his employer, “Toy King” Art Nouveau Or Deco Antique Ferdinand Strauss. By the late 1960s tinplate and cast-iron cars had gradually disappeared as plastic and advanced metal alloy antique hubley toy toys emerged. During the 1900s, Dent’s antique hubley toy die-cast toys gradually replaced those of cast iron. William Holland, Raymond Spong & Blair Whitton antique hubley toy Lawrence Scripps Wilkinson Toys (ATCA) 1982 Publication Year: 1982 The Lawrence Scripps Wilkinson Collection of Toys c o The Detroit Historical MuseumDetroit. Dent formed the Dent Hardware Company in Fullerton, Pennsylvania, in 1895, and produced his first cast-iron toys in 1898. Converse — Morton E. From the Collection of Don and Sally Kaufman. Converse antique hubley toy joined with Orlando Mason in 1878 to manufacture wooden toys and utensils under the company name of Mason & Converse. Tryon Company Toy Catalogue Publication Year: 1927 Edw. The Stevens & Brown Catalog Publication Year: 1872 Illustrated Price List of Tin, Mechanical and Iron Toys, manufactured by The Stevens & Brown Manufacturing Company Cromwell, Conn. “They look real” became the official company motto. Rose created two appealing stuffed toy bears, and Morris, who owned a novelty store, displayed them in antique hubley toy the window. Meeting The Dayton Friction Toy Catalog Publication Year: 1929 1929 Dayton Friction Toy Catalog From the Collection of Tony Annese Reprinted for the May, 1991 ATCA antique hubley toy Meeting – Ashville, North Carolina Dent Catalogue No. The Unexcelled Fireworks Company Catalog Publication Year: 1883 Unexcelled Fireworks Company, New York, NY – Factories East New York, L. “Ives antique hubley toy Toys Make Happy Boys” boasted the firms logo Antique Moser Art Exquisite 19th C Antique Hand Beaded after 1900. Champion Cast Iron Toys Catalogue Publication Year: 1931 Mr. Juliette Davison Stollwercks Catalog Publication Year: 1901 Reprinted from the antique hubley toy original in the David Pressland collection for the Spring 2003. Kenton marked the end antique hubley toy of Prohibition in the early 1930s with a horse-drawn beer truck. 10 Supplement Publication Year: 1930 The Dent Hardware Co. Michigan Rubber Toy Vehicles Publication Year: 1994 Story of Rubber Toy Antique Estate 150 Tcw Vehicles that are American made (including Canadian); Small scale, mostly 12 inches or les-5 in length; and made during the period, 1920-1960. 1996 Antique Toy antique hubley toy Collectors of America. Trains, planes, and screen and comic-strip characters. American Toys Publication Year: 1880 Thanks to Franklin 0. Because they were made relatively recently, Champion toys are usually found in antique hubley toy good condition. Since that period, virtually no potentially antique toy cars have antique hubley toy been produced. Grew’s Champion Hardware Catalog Reproduced for the Fall 1985 Antique Toy Collectors of America, Allentown Meeting The Sonny Line Catalog Publication Year: 1931 Reprinted from the original for the Fall 2014 Antique Toy Collectors of America Convention – Dayton, Ohio Hubley Cast Iron Toys Catalog #3 (Black & White Edition) Publication 21 Xxl Pair Of Antique French Year: 1932 The Hubley Manufacturing Company, Lancaster, PA Reprint by Thomas September 1973 Joseph Strauss Company Publication Year: Circa 1933 Jobbers of Toys & Wheel Goods Buffalo, NY Dealers Catalog 1933 Hubley Cast Iron Toys Catalog #3 and Suppliment Publication Year: 1933 1933 Hubley Cast Iron Toys Catalog #3 and Suppliment Reproduction antique hubley toy published by Noble House Ltd. It later added antique hubley toy horse-drawn fire fire and circus wagons, cap pistols, trucks, cars, motorcycles, and, in the 1920s, dollhouse kitchen appliances. Thus, many turn-of-the-century, cast-iron vehicles have an archaic look that might lead inexperienced collectors to assume they are much older than they are. Publications 1991 Hubley Cast Iron Toys Catalog #3 Price Guide Publication Year: 1933 1933 Hubley Cast Iron Toys Catalog #3 – Price Guide Reproduction published by Noble House Ltd. After 1953 the company went into steep decline, paralleling that of the American railroad industry, and closed in 1969. By 1940 Hubley had become the world’s largest manufacturer of cast-iron toys. Reprinted for the Spring 2006 ATCA Convention in antique hubley toy Toronto, Canada. The presence of a cloth scarf on a figure is somewhat unusual for antique hubley toy a tinplate toy. Converse antique hubley toy Company. If it has a 5 digit code followed by a 4 digit code, it dates from 1983 or later. Crandall By Blair Whitton Published antique hubley toy By The Antique Toy Collectors of America, Inc. Since then few worthwhile collectible toy cars have been made by any manufacturers. Toggle navigation A antique hubley toy Serious History of Antique Toy Cars Cannot Begin without talking Cast-Iron! Reed Toy antique hubley toy Company” and the patent date, either on the box or on a paper label on the toy itself. A Few Antique Toy Car Tips Cast-iron toys were extremely popular in the 1880s and ’90s and continued to be made until World War II, when iron was needed for military purposes. Its earliest products were trains and trolleys powered by live antique hubley toy steam, electricity, or spring mechanisms. Between 1903 and 1906, the Michtoms made most of the domestic bears on the market. The company was founded by Edward R. Reed — Known for its wooden toys, the W. These were followed by the heavy-gauge steel toy cars and trucks made by Buddy Firestone, Dayton and Tonka Toys. Hull & Stafford antique hubley toy Tin Toys Publication Year: 1880 Reprinted for the May 1972 meeting of Antique Toy Collectors of America. Reprinted for the Spring 1993 Newark, New antique hubley toy Jersey meeting. The company established antique hubley toy the 0 gauge as a popular track measurement. Antique Navajo Rug Native We also stock Antique 14k White high quality cap guns from Mattel, Nichols, Classy, Schmidt, Wyandotte and others. Dent Catalogue No. 2003-2016 ATCA TOY BOOKS Lord & Taylor in Toy Land Publication Year: 1870 Lord & Taylor in Toy Land, Treasures for the Boys and Girls, Grand Street Store (1861 -1870) McLoughlin Brothers, Publishers of Toy Books & Juvenile Books Publication Year: 1871 Manufacturers of Paper Dolls, Games, Building and ABC Blocks, Valentines, etc.

East Moline, IL TootsieToy Catalogue #46 Publication Year: 1925 Dowst Bros. During the early 1900s, auto racing became a craze, especially in Europe, and toy makers produced miniature toy replicas of the cars that were setting records across the Continent. Cast-iron became the material of choice since it had characteristics that allowed for easier and cheaper mass-production. The firm was known for its horse-drawn antique hubley toy vehicles, fire engines, planes, nodding toys, and comic strip characters. The antique hubley toy musical Oklahoma inspired a version of the “Surrey with the Fringe on Top” marketed in 1952. Ideal now ranks among the nation’s top producers antique hubley toy of stuffed toys and dolls.

The Success of its replicas of antique hubley toy Yellow Cabs prompted a line of miniature brand-name cars, farm equipment, trucks, and buses, as well as a line of kitchen appliances. Although it was called an amphibian antique hubley 85 X 11 Fabulous Genuine S toy auto, it was simply a spring-drive jalopy and was not designed to operate in water. Shimer Toy Col Publication Year: 1971 antique hubley toy Printed for Spring 1971 Antique Toy Club of America Meeting Allentown, PA.

In fact, some antique hubley toy were simply carriages from which the horses had been removed. Ives — One of the most famous toy manufacturers, E. Copyright 1925 by Moline Pressed Steel Co. Increasing freight charges and antique hubley toy foreign competition made the company switch to die-cast toys of a zinc alloy. Following World War II, cast iron was replaced by white metal and, to some antique hubley toy extent, plastic. Heres My Tootsietoy Junior Catalog Publication Year: Circa 1935 TootsieToy Junior Catalog – Die Cast Vehicles – Made in USA Hoge Manufacturing Company Publication Year: 1936 Reprinted from the original in the Sally and Donald Kaufman collection for the Fall 1997 ATCA Convention Nashville, Tennessee Tipp & Company Catalog Publication Year: 1937 Thanks to Franklin Loveland III for loaning the original of this rare catalog for reprint. Published By The Antique Toy Collectors of America, Inc. By 1907 the demand for Teddy Bears was so great that they closed their store to run the company. By 1915 the firm was turning out more than 3,000 toys in various styles and sizes, and Winchendon became known antique hubley toy as Toy Town, U. It seemed that the whole world was riding America’s car craze. In 1883 Reed received a patent for a cast-iron mechanical bank of the Old Lady in the Shoe. When Mason withdrew from the partnership in 1884, the prospering business was renamed Morton E. The company was sold to DunbeeCombex-Marx, Europe’s antique hubley toy largest toy manufacturer, in 1976. Hughe’s Semi-Annual Catalog Publication Year: Fall 1882 The catalog was provided by The Strong Museum Library for the Fall 2011 ATCA Convention in Buffalo, New York. Publication Year: 1997 History from 1914-1933 by Shelton Weil Copyright 1997 by the ATCA Tryon Toymakers and Woodcarvers Publication Year: 2002 A History from 1915-1932Reprinted for the Fall 2002 ATCA Convention Authored by Susan and Hal Mathers Plomp Catalog Publication Year: Circa antique hubley toy 1925 Convention 2003 Holland – Belgium 2012 Antique Toy Collectors of America Cap Gun TreasuresThe Finest In Antique Western CollectiblesPhone: Welcome to Cap Gun Treasures! Cars constituted the majority of these toys manufactured during the period. Ideal — Founded by a Russian immigrant couple in Brooklyn, New York, Rose and Morris Michtom, founded the Ideal Novelty & Toy Company to antique hubley toy produce Teddy Bears. Lionel absorbed antique hubley toy Ives in 1931 and Gilbert (American Flyer) in 1968. This WebsiteCopyright All Rights Reserved Toggle navigation Well Known Toy Companies that Produced Collectible Toys The List: Bergmann Althof, Arcade, Auburn, Barclay, Bing, Bliss, Milton Bradly, Britains, George W Brown, Carette, Carpenter, Chein, Converse, Charles M Crandall, Jesse Crandall, Dent, Tootsietoy (Dowst), Ellis, Fallows, FRield & fransis, Gong Bell, Grey Iron, Elastolin, Hubley, Ideal, Ives, Kenton, Lehmann, Matchbox (Lesney), Lionel, Manoil, Marklin, Martin, Marx, McLoughlin, Dinky Toys antique hubley toy (Meccano), Moline (Buddy “L”), Parker, Pratt & Letchworth, Reed, Richter, Schoenhut, Secor, Sheppard, J & E Stevens, Stevens & Brown, Strauss, Tower, Weeden and Wilkins. Fullerton, Pa. Iron Toys Publication Year: 1895 Reprinted from the original in the Dale Kelley collection for the Fall 2007 ATCA Convention in Columbus, Antique European Oil Painting Italian Man Ohio Wilkins Iron Toys Catalog Publication Year: 1895 Reprint of the 1895 Wilkins Toy Co. Tinplate was an easy material to make cars from because of its ability to be stamped, soldered and painted. Other products included blocks, puzzles, and games. 10 Publication Year: 1930 Cast Iron antique hubley toy Toys Cast Aluminum Toys Dent Catalog No. Other educational toys included building blocks with numerals and animals, painting and crayon sets, lithographed sheets of paper that could be formed into three-dimensional villages, and even novel optical devices that gave the impression of moving pictures, such as the historo-scope and antique hubley toy the Wheel of Life. A Bit of History on Collectible Tinplate and Cast-Iron Toys Originally tinplate was used mostly used for oil cans in the mid to late 1800s and Germany was the first to use the material in toys. America’s Contribution to Collectible Toy Cars Never had antique hubley toy a country been as prosperous as the U. Milton Bradley — Still one of the major manufacturers of educational toys, the Milton Bradley Company was established in 1860 in, Springfield, Massachusetts.

So if your collectible toy cars have a ZIP code of 5 digits, it dates between 1963 and 1983. Ideal Toys Catalog antique hubley toy Publication Year: 1896 Dave Davison’s 1896 Ideal Toy Catalog. Horsman Trade Catalog Publication Year: 1880 – 1881 Horsman Catalog from Tom Anderson’s Collection.

Written by George W. With adults love for antique hubley toy cars it was only natural for children to gravitate to toy cars — what better way to pretend to be adults and head-of-households! Kenton used the trade name “Kentontoys. Reprinted for the Fall 1989 ATCA Meeting, Chicago Gibbs Toys Publication Year: 1929 Reprinted from the original in the Frank 0. During its sixty-year history, the antique hubley toy firm went through seven name changes, always including Ives in the title. We sell items like: The Hubley Rifleman, Hubley Cowboys, Leslie-Henry Wild Bill Hickoks, The Lone Ranger Cap Guns, Nichols Stallion 45’s, Mattel Fanner 50’s, Roy Rogers Cap Guns by Classy and Schmidt, Johnny Ringo Cap Guns, Gene Autry Cap Guns, Hopalong Cassidy items, Dale Evans collectibles, Shane Cap Guns, Lone Star Cap Guns from England, Kilgore Guns, Various Toy Machine Guns and nearly any Rifles antique hubley toy and Cap Guns you can think of! For a brief period (after Germany and before Japan became a major manufacturing country) America made and shipped more toys — including cars — than all countries combined. ” Lionel — The Lionel Manufacturing Company, founded in 1903 in New York City by Joshua Large Antique 20th C Persian Isfahan Islamic Lionel Cowen, was renamed the Lionel Corporation in 1918.

We take checks, money orders and please feel free to use the PayPal antique hubley toy shopping cart provided. Because for small toys this is one of the absolute best ways to establish an accurate date on the manufacture of the toy. The Japanese toy industry was gradually rebuilt after World War II, and by the mid- to late 1950s had become one of the world’s major exporters of children’s playthings including toy cars. In antique hubley toy the 1940s the firm introduced a series called the Overland Circus. All-steel toys began to be widely produced about 1900, primarily for rideable toys such as bicycles and miniature cars. Even as late as the early 20th century, firms antique hubley toy such as Arcade and Hubley were still tuning out hundreds of kinds of accurate, miniature cast-iron cars — Model Ts, Chevrolet coupes, and virtually any car model that came off the Ford, Nash, Chrysler, Cadillac, and Pontiac production lines. The Details: Arcade — Highly esteemed for its cast-iron automotive toys, the Arcade Manufacturing Company began producing industrial equipment and household items in 1885, adding toys in 1888. Marx used “Marx,” “Marline,” “Joy Line,” and “Lumar” as trade names. The Marx firm mass-produced almost every kind of antique hubley toy toy except dolls, selling its inexpensive toys in variety stores and by mail. The Gong Bell Manufacturing Company Price List Bells and Bell Toys Publication Year: 1902 -1903 A Reprint of a 1902 and 1903 Gong Bell Manufacturing Bell Toy Catalog Harris Toy Company Catalog Publication Year: 1903 Reprint of 1930s Antique Art Deco Estate 18k White the 1903 Harris Toy Company Catalog including the Rare Harris Novelty Toys 1968 Spielwaren 1903 Catalog (Gross, Carl) Publication Year: 1903 Reprint from the original in the Lourens & Ria Bas collection for the Spring 2011 ATCA Convention Shimer & antique hubley toy Sons Catalog Publication Year: 1903 This 1903 catalog has been recreated from old photo copies provided by Rich & Jeanne Bertoia of Bertoia Auctions. Gropper & Sons Huge 9 Foot Antique Wood & Metal Toys & Novelties Catalog Publication Year: 1925 Reprinted from the’ original’ in the Richard Mueller collection for the Fall 2005 ATCA Convention Hauppauge, Long Island, New York Keystone Steam Shovels & Trucks Publication Year: 1925 Keystone Catalog from the collection of Anthony Annese. They were inspired by a cartoon in The Washington Post showing President Teddy Roosevelt on a hunting trip refusing to shoot a antique hubley toy bear cub. Nevertheless, they are sought by some collectors and will undoubtedly become more desirable. In 1946 Rockwell Manufacturing Company of Buffalo bought the firm and discontinued the antique hubley toy Arcade products. Most cast-iron vehicles were antique hubley toy more or less faithful reproductions of full-size prototypes of cars and other wheeled vehicles. Many of Antique G Cipriani Alabaster the company’s toys featured components with interlocking tongue-and-groove joints that allowed them to form scores of figures. History of the Nonpareil Toy & Novelty Co. In 1931 the firm was purchased by the Mason Manufacturing Company of South Paris, Maine. Ives & Company produced high-quality versions of virtually every kind of toy. Cities used antique hubley toy “postal zones. Most were high and block-shaped, and had open seats for drivers and passengers. Dating Toy Cars Yes we are repeating this one more time. It also had a lasting durability unmatched by any materials before or since. Especially popular were the Acrobats and Treasure Box. Publication Year: 1901-02 Reprinted from the original for the Spring 2005 ATCA Convention Louisville, Kentucky. Champion was one Antique Pair Black Starr of the later companies to make cast-iron toy cars, producing a limited number of vehicles in the 1930s and early ’40s. By the early 1900s, antique hubley toy the output of toy stoves, banks, trains, and novelties had so increased that the firm issued a 50-page catalogue of toys. Loveland III for loaning the original of this rare 1880s catalog. Reprinted for the Fall, 1992 ATCA Meeting in Baltimore, MD Strauss Mechanical Toys Price List Publication Year: 1925 1925 Strauss Price List M. Thank you for looking! Some of the more famous makers of the antique cast-iron cars were Hubley, Arcade, and Dent so be on the watch for these names stamped on toy cars. The trade name of these toys, Buddy “L,” came from the name of Lundahl’s son. By 1920 the company was one of three major American producers of model electric trains and railroad accessories. Dent — Henry H. Miniature Sheet Steel Cars Steel production did not thrive in America until about 1850, and was thus a latecomer as a toy making material. One antique hubley toy of the first was a model of the then world’s fastest pre-1900 racing car, which could travel more than a mile a minute. Antique Art Deco Filigree Ring 150ct Among its best-known items are various windup toys, including an elaborate scene of mice performing around a piano (the Marx Merrymakers). Between 1943 and 1963, the largest U. Antique Georgian 18k As the modern automobile antique hubley toy evolved, these miniature versions changed with it. New abbreviations for states also became prominent around 1963.

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