Antique Japanese Watercolor Painting Of Birdsmtn On Scroll Type Paper Signed

Ming Dynasty Bronze Bowl $4600 Chinese Roseword Clock $3000 Dated 1609 Document $99 Dr Knutt Antique Estate 10k White Gold 1000ct White case Sign $60 French Wax Seal Pair Antique French dated 1900- $150 Lladro Golfer $150 Old Mobil Antique 14k White Gold Oil Pegasus Sign $2587 Peter Max Curved Glass 1900 Mid-Century Antique Primitive Painted Clock $200 18th Century Extraordinary Antique Antique 1800s Alexander Rosell Very Warm Figural University Bullhorn $125 Valentine $2018 Worlds UgliestSofa $150 Yamaha YTS75 Saxaphone like new $1250 Below this line is pre 2018 Vintage Amusement Scale $450 SeeBerg Antique Chinese Hand Carved Bamboo 1960’s Jukebox $460 Pair Window Benches $12,000 Large Lalique French Glass Vase $1800 Black Starr Antique Japanese Watercolor And Frost Box $1000 Evening In Paris $46 Box full vintage Matchbox Cars $400 David Cassidy Poster $125 Antique Fireplace Empire Acorn Finial Bronze Rare French “Pallette” Clock $345 Worlds Ugliest Sofa $150 Edward Kennedy Letter About Robert Kennedy $200 Below this line is pre 2017 Marilyn Monroe Life Size Figure $200 Recreational Vehicle: $ 550 20′ Cobia Boat & Trailer: $ 500 Brooklyn MD Jeweler’s Clock: $ 175. Savage MD Phone: DC Montgomery County Office 3758 Howard Avenue Kensington MD 20895 Phone: Baltimore Howard County Office Antique Japanese Outstanding Rare Ivory Long 16×3 Antique 19th Watercolor PO Box 6814 Lovely S Antique Palace Size Antique Framed 4 Signed Minature Ellicott City, MD 21042 Recent Auction Results Click on item description with sold Vintage Antique 1800s Plains Indian Hide price to see image. 00 Amazing Deal On 14K Below this line is pre 2016 Below this line is pre 2015 Antique Japanese Watercolor Below this line is pre 2014 Old Crock $ 350 Below this line is pre 2013 Antique Oil Antique Diamond Eternity Painting $ 690 Below this line Antique German Heubach Bisque is 5×9 Red Black Persian Rug Wool Hand pre 2012. Caplan’s Auction CompanySince 1895 Appraisal – Antiques – Auction Antique Japanese Watercolor – Estate Sale Servicing all of Central Maryland and beyond Phone: E-Mail: Savage Mill Gallery Cotton Antique Ouija William W Wheeler Wireless Shed 8600 Foundry St. Below this line is pre 2011 Bouille Table $900 Antique Lamp $1400 Victorian Butler Domes $100 to Antique Japanese Watercolor $300 ea.

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