Antique Pair Of Tall Industrial Cast Iron Machine Stand Legs Shipping Available

Under the rule of King Philip IV of France and the command of Robert of Artois, the French sent an army of 2,500 mounted knights (noblemen) and 5,500 heavily armed infantry. 00 Chinese Silver Sauce Boat by Tackhing A Chinese silver sauce boat and oval tray decorated with engraved bamboo and stippling. This example is only the second one I have had in 35 years. If your looking for the holy grail of crossbows, this is it! See listing which is near identical except smaller, lighter and without the trick locking mechanism. Marked 800 with a maker’s mark. 50 troy oz. Dated 1760 and inscribed again on the whistle in 1887 for a representation in the fanily to the next generation. Ll Click antique pair of image for more details. Length 7 7 8″ Please inquire EX8541 Gorham Bird’s antique pair of Nest Waffle Server A Gorham bird’s nest antique sterling silver pointed waffle server. 00 RH8624 English Antique Silver Teaset In the original fitted box hand engraved with Japanese scenes in superb detail. 00 for the set of twelve EX8118 Rare Peer Smed Coffee Spoons Very rare hand hammered sterling silver antique pair of coffee spoons marked Peer Smed, hand wrought. 00 N8477 English Silver Baby Rattle Circa 1760 A large antique silver and coral baby Cir 1930s Antique Detailed Fine Persian rattle with an applied silver plaque engraved Victor Robert Montgommerie. Pretty much mint as never rigged! Added dimension with acid etching of the leaves of the sumac plant. Each antique pair of monogrammed LB on the curve. 249) Very Large and Vtg Antique Austrian Bronze Hunting Dog Pointer Beautiful Bronze Medieval Seal depicting a castle surrounded by lilies. I sold it and the current owner who now needs to sell it. Weight 55 toz. Beautifully monogrammed on one side of the mustard pot and in pristine condition. The style of the lettering is Lomdardic (Germanic-speaking people who settled in Italy in the 6th century) which was popular from the 14th to the 16th centuries. Good condition and never monogrammed.

Ideal for any collection of Medieval, Renaissance,Arms and Armor or torture and punishment collection. Hand engraved textured surface and clear cartouche never monogrammed on the other side. Length 5 antique pair of 1 2″. Birmingham 1897. Good condition as shown. Insert 2 weeks in apple cider vinegar, the acid will clean them. William Spurrier. The cross is entirely of period, nothing has been touched or restored, superb old patina. 402) GIANT 16. The tureens have a combined weight of 120 troy ounces. C” on both sides. The 4 X 2 Antique Persian Fine Quality sterling blades are hand engraved with Japanese style engraving and have a satin finish. In excellent condition. Short hammers were in use from antique pair of the mid-13th century. 176) Exceptional Medieval Two Hand Fighting Sword Type 13(A). Very Antique Walnut Hutch fine quality. Please inquire Kirk 11 Ounce Silver Grape Shears A pair of grape shears by S Kirk and Son with the 11 ounce mark circa 1880. 13″ by 11″. 00 RH8008 Important Peter Krider Iced Water Pitcher Presented to Andrew Carnegie A massive sterling iced water pitcher by Peter Krider of antique pair of Philadelphia with tapered panels of engraving, an applied statue of Freedom taken from the capital dome in Washington, DC on one panel, thistles on the opposite side as well as pendant thistles under the spout and on the handle. It is archaeologically evident within various Medieval settlements of North Western Europe and thus represents an important chronological marker for the Medieval archaeology. The teapot lid pulls off for opening to reveal intact gold wash inside the pot. I aquired a load of very nice items antique pair of in all price ranges and I will be listing as fast as I can and as time permits. 00 RH8646 Rare Shiebler Bon Bon Basket circa 1880 A very unusual antique sterling silver George Shiebler leaf form bon bon basket with applied copper bug and a large hand made spider applied to the handle. 00 H8398 Gorham Sterling Celery Vase A Gorham antique sterling silver celery vase with applied masks with ribbons and handles and hand engraved decoration. Price: $1,895. This Antique Mahogany Chippendale Zischagge is comparable Antique 54ct Oval Diamond 1ctw Pear in structure and manufacture to several similar armors in the Royal Armory of Madrid Spain which are attributed to Jacques Vois Of Brussels, Circa 1640. 2″ interior diameter. Dutch origin. 90 troy oz. Also, I can confidentially represent you as an agent with 30+ years of experience in buying or selling of your decoys, including at the major decoy auctions. I am always looking to buy your quality decoys & sporting collectable’s, one piece or an entire collection, before you sell give me a call.

Dated antique pair of and inscribed 1890. Has a 17th century working life haft replacement. Antique armor medieval armor lll IMAGE Home About Me antique pair of Contact Wholesale Prices To Dealers New Collectors Museums Priced to sell today with free shipping in the continental US. 00 EX8266 Gorham Antique Fruit Knives Twelve Gorham number 5 antique sterling knives with bronze kodzuko handles highlighted with gold leaf. 579) ELEGANT ITALIAN SWEPT-HILT RAPIER, antique pair of CIRCA 1600 WITH EXCEPTIONAL CONSTRUCTION: The construction of this sword is exceptional. The interior of the bowl is also chased and crested in the center cartouche. Owner Says Sell! In very antique pair of good condition, from a German collection. 781) Bullet Proof Curassier Helmet Circa 1620: antique pair of Available now more information to follow. Swiss sabers are unique in that they have a single-edged, slightly curved blade which in the mid 16th century were set in regular sword hilts, including the variety of designs found there, with re-curved quillions and or rings and knuckle guards. The ultimate 2 hand sword. 00 for the pair H8422 Gorham Mustard Pot A Gorham antique sterling mustard pot with applied butterfly on the handle and a satin finish throughout. 00 for the set of six spoons H8121 Large S Kirk and Son Antique Sterling Pitcher A finely chased S Kirk & Son Co antique sterling pitcher with exquisite floral chasing in great high relief detail. 815) MASSIVE DECORATED CIRCA 1650 NUREMBERG ARMADA CHEST: The biggest I have ever had. 6 antique pair of cm; Width 35. Replaced key. Baltimore Rose pattern. This example has a total length of 260mm a bore 31mm. Please inquire FA46 Cheese Scoop with Applied Mouse A 15 Antique Cloisonne Enamel sterling cheese scoop with lightly gilded bowl and a mouse applied to the handle. 00 8720 Coin Silver Fish Slice Circa 1814-1817 An antique American coin silver fish slice with all silver pierced blade and hollow handle. A great piece for any collection. Price: $3,250. Most antique pair of likely made in Nuremberg. Price: $795. Price $595. You won’t antique pair of find a better one. Price: $2,250. 201) Oak Gothic Frieze Circa 1510 Depicting Jesus, Mary and Joseph along with the Holy Spirit fleeing King Herod to safety in Egypt; Large 47x9x6 inches in exceptional museum quality condition. 695) MASSIVE LION antique pair of GERMAN WEATHER VAIN CIRCA LATE 1700S: Great conversation piece. I am going to research this a little more but from just looking at it in hand I can tell you without reservation that the exceptional workmanship indicates it must have been made for someone very wealthy like a knight. In pristine antique pair of condition with never monogrammed handles. Please inquire EX8723 American Pair Of Antique French Neogothic Coin Silver Fish Set A two piece antique fish serving set unmarked but probably the work of John Wendt of New York. 12 3 4″ antique pair of and 10″ long.

00 for the pair N8215 German 800 Silver Box Circa 1900 An antique oval German 800 silver mark with makers mark S S H from Hanau Germany. Dimensions: 16 X 7 X 7 inches. Weight 52 toz. Looking mechanism works as well today as the day it was made. Length 3 1 4″. The head of antique pair of the Halberd was socketed and connected to the pole using langets of approximately 24-inches in length. Original finial and antique pair of bottom cap. These troops were usually paid twice what the others were. Circa 1500, works as well as the day it was made. 00 antique pair of each 8367 English Silver Serving Spoons Six English hallmarked silver Bacchanalian pattern serving spoons dated 1890 London. 184) Museum Quality Very Large German Twin Door Knockers Chest Circa 1650 from a Rhine church A! Lightly antique pair of gold washed. Length 10 antique pair of 1 4″ and 4″. 00 H8748 Carrington and Company Silver Punch Antique Scottish Buffet Barley Twist Legs Locking Bowl An English Edwardian silver 1894 Antique Mappin & Webb England Sterling gold washed punch bowl chased with grapes and vines in a band at the top. Iron in bare good condition. Hand Forged Not Cast. Marked on the upper rim collar and the base which is weighted and sealed with a silver sheet. Condition superb with slight antique pair of restorations as you would expect for a helmet of this period. Previous collector had it hung on antique pair of the wall of his office. Height 6″ Price: $3,850. There appears to be no cracks. Excellent condition with perfect antique pair of gold wash. Applied oak leaves and bugs. However the fine pieced and engraved decoration of the guard has a very Northern European feel about it. ; antique pair of diameter 8 1 2″. Marked With St Petersburg marks for 1868 and the mark antique pair of of Nichols and Plinke.

Axes with thick blades are not war axes they are farming axes. 744) PARTIZAN (AGUCCIA) WITH INITIALS AND COAT OF ARMS OF VITTORIO AMEDEO CIRCA antique pair of Antique Chinese Bronze Statue 1600: Magnificent original etching. Price: $2,750. 598) MEDIEVAL EASTERN EUROPEAN GILDED RING: Heavily decorated with a deer and other decoration. 00 EX8653 Shiebler Sardine Fork Rare Shiebler grass leaf handle iconic sardine fork, marked sterling with Shiebler logo. 00 H8528 Stieff antique pair of Sterling Repousse Basket A large antique sterling silver repousse basket with swing handle. Please inquire H8382 Jenkins & Jenkins Sterling Compotes Circa 1900 A pair of Jenkins and Jenkins of Baltimore antique sterling square compotes chased with berries and flowers in a wide border and on the pedestal. The maker is George Unite and dated Birmingham 1855. Weighted base with hand chased detail. An identical example in the antique pair of world famous L Armeria Reale De Torino. 313) EXCEPTIONALY LARGE GERMAN GOTHIC DOOR LOCK: From a castle or cathedral door.

Rings antique pair of just like a bell. Please inquire 6148 Danish Silver Fish Set by Prahl of Copenhagen A massive fine quality Danish silver fish serving set comprising a hand pierced and engraved fish slice with dragon at the junction of the blade and handle and measuring 13″ long, and a finely engraved 11″ fork. The inscription reads: “To A Carnegie by the Employees of Pittsburgh Division Penn. Price: $7,500. Height: antique pair of 56. Excellent condition. Quite rare. Diameter: 58mm. You will probably never see another. 00 H8394 Pair of Whiting Tureens A matching pair of antique sterling silver tureens chased with flowers and leaves on the bases and pull off lids. It has a antique pair of Antique French Silver Saucepan First Republic dragon bolted into the mother of pearl plate and three silver bamboo legs as support. 00 8359 George Sharp Long Salad Set An antique George Sharp salad set with a Gothic Dome terminal and gold washed bowls. Spoons 5 1 2″. Cheek protectors possibly a working life replacement. Please inquire 8649 Shiebler Ice Cream Slice A Shiebler antique sterling and mixed metals ice cream slice with the blade in a leaf form and a copper bug on the textured leaf terminal. Dimensions: approximately 32 x antique pair of 18 x 18 inches. 461) A Antique Daum Nancy Powder MUSEUM QUALITY 1700s FRENCH LIMOGES INCENSE BURNER: Composed with angels surrounding an oval antique pair of with the baptism richly decorated with volutes and ornaments, on the underside a round basin, copper enameled and painted, partly gilded, on a later blue velvet panel. The catalog reads under the heading “Venice 17th Century”; “Two antique pair of Naval Boarding Swords”. This is a unique opportunity to own a very rare sword in exceptional condition. 800) Hungarian Grosses antique pair of KriegsMesser Sword Found in Hungary Circa 1450: Very large 42 inches, with original wooden grips. In my personal collection for almost antique pair of 20 years. Large Graphic Vintage I originally bought this magnificent helmet at the Princes of Hanover and Dukes of Brunswick auction 6 years ago in Marienberg Germany. Nice, iron hilt, with elements imitating the spirals. 57in , wonderful antique pair of shaped and color patina is outstanding on this 1550-1659 piece. 414) RARE TANT ITALIAN BARBUTE CIRCA 1490: From the collection of George Douglass Sr who was a founding member Antique Victorian 14k Gold Onyx Seed of the Arms and Armor Club of New York. It was found in Southern Germany. 00 each RH8253 English Silver Hardstone and Pearl Casket London 1849 A fantastic English hallmarked silver box by Antique Original Oil Painting Of Spiez William Nichols engraved with superb detail and with cast figures and hoof feet at the corners.

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