Antique Rare German Bisque Galluba & Hoffman Blue Snowbaby C1910

The lock is likewise marked. Lock marked Brescia 1862.

Lock plate is engraved and inscribed “Joseph Manton London”. Rifle is in great condition. 00 Rare Versailles Carbine Manufactured in the Workshop of Nicholas antique rare german Noel Boutet. The cannon is 4 1806 Antique English Georgian Sterling Silver inch calibre it is in very good condition, the date of manufacture is unknown but this pattern came into service during George the 3rds reign as shown by his royal crest cast into the cannon. Compare 1 3301 Fondren Suite O, Houston, Texas 77063 Tel FAX Toll Free: E-mail: Free Ground Shipping on all US Online Orders Over $100 Products Colt Winchester Modern Handguns Rifles Shotguns Tactical & Class III Antique Handguns Antique Long Guns Commemoratives Edged Weapons Militaria Old Ammo Japanese Stuffs or 3301 Fondren Suite O, Houston, Texas 77063 At the corner of Fondren and Richmond Loading. Deactivated Following french rules with St Etienne certificate. All parts are hand made in oak and all metal parts faithfully hand forged to original specs, the carriage took 2 craftsmen 160 hours to complete. Bore is excellent. Compare $2,850. 50 steel new generation (Tanned and abc marking US) – 4 Boxes ammunition Cal.

0490 395627 4,999 German 20mm Anti Aircraft Cannon 10 August ’18 A towed 1940s 20mm anti aircraft gun, German or similar I have been told, for restoration in fairly good condition tyres good tows well behind jeep or Dodge no problem it has been stored in a leaking garage so will need repainting complete with drum magazine linkages will need freeing of carriage paint work is in fair condition but the barrel will need reblueing or painting black the Marvelous Malayer 1900s tyres are in good condition located in North Staffordshire quick sale 4,999. The gold makers sinks are marked “IO. Wood has a nice sharp 1895 dated cartouche. Overall length 46″. Bore has strong rifling and is dark in the grooves. Barrel is 13 ” and overall length is 27″. Rietveld Auto Parts Robert Fleming Associates Saracen Exports (UK) Ltd Select Military Vehicle Sales Shaun Hindle MVS ST Militaria Staman International Trading STV Group a. The stock is very good. Stock looks to have been refinished at some point. Receiver is “SA” antique rare german marked, denoting. 40 caliber. Barrel is hexagonal and is 40 ” length and overall length is 55″. Crest has been ground off (which is typical on these rifles). Action works perfectly. No makers mark or name. Compare antique rare german $4,850. Compare antique rare german $4,250. Serial numbers are matching, antique rare german except for the safety and bolt leeve. Compare $2,650. Stock is profusely inlaid. Barrel measures. In his book, Roberts Breechloading Firearms, by Edward Hull, He describes the short and long frame post Civil War conversions of both U. Compare $4,750. Dotter antique rare german in Wurzburg”. UK Copyright Period Oak Antiques. SEE WEBVERT FOR FULL DETAILS 01233 820219 11,960 Maxon Turret on Trailer M55 20 August ’18 Sold with: – 4 Repro Browning CAL. Very antique rare german good plus overall condition. Compare $895. 95 Argentine Model 1891 7. SEE WEBVERT FOR FULL DETAILS 00588 Pak 35-36 Replica 28 August ’18 Simulated firing pak 35-36 runs off propane oxygen gas. Cherished Military Vehicle Insurance can provide cover to antique rare german suit the needs of today s ex-military vehicle enthusiast, with a range of benefits. To advertise on our website, Contact Us 3301 Fondren Suite O Houston, Texas 77063 At the Corner of Fondren and Richmond Tel. 00 German antique rare german Flintlock Fowler. Ripoll, Catalonia is approximately 50 miles from antique rare german Barcelona, so it is certainly possible carbo worked in both cities. Price: antique rare german 11,960 TTC. 00 Joseph Manton Percussion Fowler. Barrel length 31″. Set trigger must be. Gun has sling swivels. Visit the Dealers WW2 US Bofors 40 mm Gun at Rock Island Military Vehicles Auction – 7th, 8th, 9th September 05 September ’18 Impressive and desirable World War II U. 00 American Made Double Rifle Circa 1850. Please wait. Compare $9,500. This demilled gun was antique rare german produced by Chrysler in 1943 and includes a feed chute cover. Top barrel flat marking “Por Fernando Arana” In flowing script. Compare antique rare german $2,975. 120mm BAT ,Shielded version ,comletely original and by far the best example of it type. The Royal Navy used this Bloomfield type of cannon Antique Tintype Photo Baseball from 1792, this pattern went out of service approximately 1840. 00 Italian Cavalry Carbine. Served with 7 para ,restored antique rare german ,deactivated and comes with accessories,Sight mounts ,Sights ,covers etc. Click More Info for full details Cherished Vehicle Insurance 0 3,750 18pdr limber, project, 85% complete 31 August ’18 This Rare limber is 85% complete and is located in Australia. 1- or Cherished Vehicle Insurance 05 September ’18 Cherished Vehicle Insurance understands the passion that military vehicle owners & collectors have for their vehicles, which is why for 2018 we have enhanced our products. Keep up to date with our growing inventory of antique long guns by checking back frequently, or see our as they come in. Online Orders Over $100 Loading. Barrel length. The Bloomfield pattern is antique rare german distinctive from others as it features a rope ring Antique 6 Foot at the rear of the cascable. Tanks And More The Australian Armour & Artillery Museum The X MoD Trackfix Westland Military Antiques Near Askham, Cumbria – antique rare german Anytime by prior appointment. Poppe, Berlin.

Serial numbers are matching, including the cleaning rod. 62x54R caliber rifle. Stockel lists antique rare german him working 1710-1730. Serial numbers are matching. Call us on or 3301 Fondren Suite O, Houston, Texas 77063 Tel FAX At the corner of Fondren and Richmond Toll Free: E-mail: Search Our Entire Online Inventory Here: Search Our Entire Online Inventory Here: Hablamos Espanol Antique Long Guns Full of a antique rare german unique history all their own, we maintain large collection of antique long guns for sale at Collectors Firearms. Contact antique rare german for more info. The metal parts are very good plus. 00 Roberts Conversion of British Enfield “Long frame Conversion”. Lockplate is dated 1812. Compare $1,495. Compare antique rare german $3,850. To advertise on our website, $799. Compare $1,800.

Compare $695. Barrel length antique rare german is 32″. This particular carriage is mounted on Antique Cast Iron Laurel wooden wheels as were used aboard ship. These are hard to find Marlins. You can find us on: Hours of Operation Monday thru Saturday: 9am – 6:30pm Sunday: Closed Hablamos Espa ol The marketplace for Military Vehicles, Militaria, Services and Surplus Military Equipment Trade Advertising Contact Us Features Military VehiclesMilitaria & WeaponsWanted MILWEB Classifieds Feed Search: Classifieds Artillery and Self Propelled Weapons For Sale. 00 Blunderbus Carbine antique rare german by Carbo Barcelona. A antique rare german hard to find model. 00 Swiss Model 1893 Mannlicher Carbine. 22 caliber rifle. Barrel length is 38″ and overall. Locks have scenes of hunters with dog. SEE WEBVERT FOR FULL DETAILS 07834 357840 Antique 9 pound naval Cannon Broomfield Pattern on Replica carriage 05 August ’18 Original antique 9 pound Bloomfield naval cannon comprises iron cannon on a replica naval carriage. Springfield 1866 2nd Allin Conversion Trapdoor. 00 Marlin Model 1891 Lever Action. Beautiful steel wire and dot floral motif stock inlay work. Bofors 40 mm Automatic antique rare german Gun M1 on Anti-Aircraft Carriage M2A1. 50 type Maxon 200 Cartridges – 4 Solenoid new boxed USA 12v Origin Maxon – 1 Motor US 12V Complete (to put back en route) – Canvas seat. Made during the 1890’s. 07970 708261 19,000 WW1 German Field Gun FK16 77 mm 1916 08 August ’18 Rare chance to get a WW1 German Field gun. Select sub-category Sort by: Newest Items Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Price: Low to High Price: High to Low This ad is not an endorsement by Collectors Firearms. Compare $5,600. Accented in gold. 53 antique rare german caliber rifle. Canvas new origin antique rare german USA – With its US plate. 30 July ’18 WWII US Anti Tank Gun and Antique 1929 16s Illinois Bunn Special 23j German Pak36 Gun Reproductions. Compare $1,750. Barrel length 25″ and overall 41″ overall. Compare $1,950. The carriage was built in April 2018, after much research the carriage was made to the original naval plans and is faithful in design to the carriages used at Pair Antique Victorian Chalk Ware Half Doll the Antique Slide Bracelet time. Lock marked Ebert, Wein (Vienna). 000 +33(0)614 300165 World War 2 – Premier Restored Collection antique rare german 06 August ’18 Rare Collection of WW2 Field Guns and Limbers. Rifle has a beautiful stock with sharp cartouche. Made by Minick a London maker. 00 antique rare german Austrian Over Under Percussion Shotgun. The breech plug. Approximately. 20 quality collectors military vehicles, armoured and softskin, wheeled and tracked at Rock Island Premiere Firearms Auction – 7th, 8th, 9th September – plus 3,000 antique and collectable gun lots from renowned collectors. This is a very fine quality rifle. Bore is Antique Art Deco Rug Walter Nichols Handmade approximately. 00 German Percussion Target Rifle by W. The side plate is pierced and cut with fantasy wild fowl in flight. Bore antique rare german is very good. Antique Jeweled Perfume Bottle Boutet was the official gun maker to the king and his manufactory was on. 00 antique rare german Rare Spanish Gendarmerie Flintlock carbine by Fernando Arana. 50 caliber, right barrel. Bore has strong rifling is dark in the grooves. To advertise on our website, This ad is not an endorsement by Collectors Firearms. To advertise on our website, Shop by Price 1 This ad is Antique German Landscape Painting not an endorsement by Collectors Firearms. SEE WEBVERT FOR antique rare german FULL DETAILS 07977 675278 0. 00 Russian model 1891 Nagant rifle 7. Made in 1896 (and is antique). 00 antique rare german Artillery for sale 25 August ’18 1963 Oto Melara 105mm Pack Howitzer. Gun is live on FAC. Finials on the trigger guard are sharp and serial. Our collection of Oak antiques often includes 15th century, 16th century and 17th century furniture, medieval sculpture, four poster beds, refectory tables, coffers, dressers and wainscot chairs. Complete with antique rare german electronics,sight,covers etc. 00 1795 Harpers Ferry Type II Musket. Find Flintlock antique Antique 19th Century French Figural Mantel long guns and antique air rifles among our extensive stock. Barrel length is 24″. The rifle has an adjustable.

Damascus pattern on barrel is 98-99% vivid and shows. Bore has fair to good rifling with antique rare german corrosion in the grooves. Nice early example a Type II musket that is all original. The swamped barrel is 27 ” long and the rifle is 45″ Long overall. We are elected members of BADA, LAPADA and CINOA Period oak Antiques, Near Askham, Cumbria, England.

Select sub-category Shop by Price Sort by: Newest Items Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Price: Low to High Price: High to Gorgeous Antique Art Low antique rare german 1 $799. 5×53 caliber.

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