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The various, and divergent, communities that make up the Amish across America each have their own quilt characteristics among their many common attributes. The backing is a lovely floral in chocolate brown, taupe, mustard, blue and white. The remaining 4 inches are covered with what appears to be ocean wave quilting. Just lovely – see detail pic. This quilt can Antique 14k White Gold 068ct be sent to you on approval for viewing in the privacy of your home. 1935 78 x 78 inches Antique Haviland Limoges Soustre Signed Lancaster, PA $1,600 This special and unusual Amish quilt is in unused condition. Absolutely stunning. Two different colors of thread are used. Each Bear Paw block is set on point and measures approximately 6 x antique style green 6 inches. 2008 2015 Antique Home Style Books, ETC. It shows a double border and a double set of corner squares. The fabrics used to create this nine patch quilt are a combination of fine wools and cotton. Double borders include an inner 1 5 8 inch green border with the outer black border measuring 5 inches in width. The fabrics are a combination of solids, stripes, circles and soft plaids in a variety of soft cottons – most with a beautiful soft sheen – with some fine wool challis pieces interspersed. Twin quilts are hard to find. This quilt would be an amazing antique style green art piece for your wall. I feel that by using these colors, it continues the feeling of unpretentiousness in the Amish home. Some of the holes have been reverse antique style green appliqu d. When I look at antique style green this quilt from afar it looks two dimensional. A delicate ” crocheted cotton lace edge frames the whole and antique style green is a lovely finishing touch. I have in my possession a bible from antique style green this family that is being sold separately. The perfect size for wall art or for use as a throw on antique style green bed or sofa. The outside border measures 6-1 2″ with a 3 4″ binding. I have read that few center squares were made after the 19th century. Quilting consists of feathered twining vines in the outer white border and wide white bars, with single cables and parallel lines stitched in the narrow indigo and white strips. The collector is a museum curator. This lowers the price, but does not impair the quilt visually. There is both hand and machine stitching, a treadle machine would have been available after c. The quilting in antique style green the outer gray blue border is what is known in the southern and western parts of the country as French Antique Old Miner Mine Baptist quilting. I purchased this quilt about 15 yrs ago from a private collection where it had been for over 20 years.

29 New Products $1. ————————————————————————————————–Welcome to Snake Head Vintage: specialty parts and supplies for lamps, lighting, antique fansand small appliance restorations and DIY creations. One Beautiful Antique Skelton Clock With chain stitch resembles a nautical chain. I have never seen anything like this which An Antique Laver Kerman Seen Design is why I am giving an unusually complete description.

Amish & Mennonite American Antique Quilts Click on the pictures below to see more views of my Amish & Mennonite Antique Quilts. Katie stitched her name and the date among Lemon Peel stitching in the salmon border. Yes, there is wear, but not of importance with this rare quilt. Amish stumpwork quilts antique style green would be considered folk art as well. I say this because it was found in PA and the colors and fabrics are the same as antique style green Amish children’s clothing. There is a 1 2″ indigo binding sewn on by treadle machine and finished by hand. 1880 92 x 93 inches Pennsylvania $2,900 This huge Variable Star Mennonite Quilt is in mint condition and all antique style green hand quilted. The size of this quilt will fit a full or queen size bed with a double size mattress, or king with a 7 in overhang. This gives us a wonderful study antique style green of these early calicos. The outside border is beautifully quilted with meandering vines and leaves. In mint condition this wonderful Lancaster, PA Amish quilt can be shipped to you on approval for private viewing. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Website copyright 2018 Rocky Mountain Quilts all rights reserved. CONLL2 Amish antique style green Center Square c. Ready to be sent to you for viewing antique style green and approval. The back fabric is a beige flannel with a floral block print. A lovely 8 inch wide antique style green white border surrounds Antique Edwardian 14k White Gold 59ctw the bars design. This Lancaster County Amish Trip Around the World is both brilliant and dynamic. Perfectly suited as a graphic antique style green piece of textile art to add a bit of sophistication and elegance to your home or office. The solid peach backing is the same fabric that was used to line the English women’s clothing. The Antique Old Chinese resulting work of textile art is a beautiful mix of soft elegance and folk art warmth. 1930 50 x 92 inches Pennsylvania $1,200 for the pair A antique style green 11 Antique Cloisonne Enamel Purple Bronze very happy feeling comes along with these cute and perky miniature basket quilts. Please ask Betsey for more details. The Center Square pattern represents an early stage in Lancaster County quilt design. Each 10 antique style green inch block contains Rare Amish Multi On Black four bowties in either red, blue, pink, or navy. 79 New Products $1. CONJE1 Mennonite Joseph’s Coat c. These antique style green look amazing turned on as well as turned 9 Antique Bronze Gold Gild Inlay Cats off! Because of the pattern this quilt may be turned in any direction. The provenance for this quilt will be given upon sale. In mint condition this antique style green quilt can be shipped to you on approval for private Exquisite Antique Lamp W Gold Hand viewing. Both are antique style green in perfect unused condition. WINTER Hours: (Nov 1 to Apr 30) Monday-Saturday 10-4 Sunday by chance or appointment SUMMER Hours: (May 1 to Oct 31) Monday-Saturday 10-5 Sunday 12-5 We are also available by appointment Payment Methods: Rocky Mountain Quilts gladly accepts cash, checks, Visa, Master Card and American Express. Afterwards Amish started creating the Diamond in a Square pattern. In antique style green unused condition this quilt is ready to use. Shown here are some of the most elaborate and unusual quilting designs that I have ever seen on an antique style green Amish quilt. 1915 Eichholtz Chandelier Mayflower 6 Light Antique Silver 39 x 51 Ohio SOLD Old Order Amish are distinguished by their nonconformist attitudes and resistance to social change, and are characterized by a strictly rural way of life, a horse-and-buggy culture, the use of antique style green a dialect of the German language, and “plain” dress resembling that of European peoples two centuries ago. Typical of Amish and Mennonite quilts this quilt has been machine pieced. This wonderful table mat comes from Lancaster, PA and was antique style green created by an Amish woman in the 1890s. Also typical Amish. The reason for the scarcity of these quilts is that antique style green they have rarely survived – especially from the 19th century. The diagonal sashing measures 4″ in width. There is one dime sized stain on the front. 3 cm) PA $4,200 Simple yet striking graphics in indigo blue and white! The four corner squares measure 14-1 2″ and visually let us antique style green know that this quilt was definitely created in Lancaster County. Or Search Shop By Category: Orders over $65 ship FREE within the United States. Just about all of these fabrics are woolen homespun or home woven. The dual color antique style green quilting in a Log Cabin Barn Raising formation over the Wool Bricks pattern places this wonderful Old Order Amish piece in the Tumbling Blocks Antique Quilt Tied out-of-the-ordinary category. 2 cm) Lancaster County, PA $2,900 Such a unique quilt! ————————————————————————————————– GO GREEN! A Rare Antique Cannery Row most unusual quilting pattern. The selection of colors seem to draw one’s sight towards the center of the textile. The backing of this quilt is strip pieced in paisley and solid brown cottons – antique style green see detail images. 5 x 25 inches Lancaster, PA $185 A beautiful and rare piece of Amish textile art that would be a perfect wall hanging or folk art center piece for a table. Toggle navigation (current) Toggle navigation Old Order Amish, Nebraska Amish, Lancaster Amish & Mennonite American Antique Quilts Amish & Mennonite antique quilts range from the very sophisticated to true folk art. Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more antique style green accurate colors. 1890 29 x 37 inches Lancaster, PA $950 It is not common knowledge that a lot of Stumpwork is Amish. FREE shipping for US orders over $65. Available in three shapes in both LED and Incandescent versions, ————————————————————————————————– Beautiful metal shades, a color and style for every Antique Chinese Sandlewood Carved Buddha space! Each ring in the star in the block has identical calico fabric. 1950 86 x 86 inches Lancaster County, Pennsylvania $2,800 A very old Amish quilt or a piece of Modern Art? We know this because of the corner squares. 1 cm) Lancaster County, PA $2,900 An exquisite 124Ct J Si1 Exc piece of Lancaster Amish textile art with clean, crisp graphics executed in a bold and beautiful palette. It’s in mint condition.

The blocks have been triple line quilted by hand, and the blue joining blocks have been hand quilted with a 1 inch diamond crosshatching. The colors are alternating Prussian blue and olive brown. Accepting all major forms of payment (credit debit), PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, etc. All Amish quilts are machine pieced and hand quilted. The turquoise pieces are 1 inch. All work is pieced and quilted by hand. The piecing is done with a treadle machine while quilting is executed by hand in small and even stitches.

This Stumpwork is created using subdued colors. Dated: July 27, 1932 72 x 83 (182. In excellent condition this small quilt is a wonderful find for Amish and crib quilt lovers. The quilt has developed a few original moth holes over the last century. Either way it will have a strong impact on all viewers. Blue on the blue, and reddish pink on the pink. In perfect unused condition and ready to be sent antique style green on approval. CONLF20 Amish Chevron c. The gray wool challis border measures Dazzling Vintage 1880s Cinnamon Pink & White 5 1 4″, has a pillowcase edge and is backed with a antique style green wild and beautiful floral fabric. The bars are quilted on the diagonal in a 1″ grid. Professionally hand washed by antique style green Betsey this small quilt is perfectly suited as a graphic piece of textile art for your wall. And then antique style green a shell design. The 4-1 2 inch border has a binding antique style green put on by machine and finished by hand. A 6 inch wide fan border surrounds the inner design on three sides with a narrower striped antique style green border at the top. This quilt is in excellent condition antique style green with areas of the binding showing slight wear. Concentric squares in varying widths ranging from a mere 3 16″ up to antique style green 4 1 2″ surround a central two color bars pattern in blue and greenish gray.

This is a perfect quilt to use on a bed or as wall art. There are some faint pencil lines used for the Beanie From 5000 Fingers hand quilting still visible. The backing is solid tan cotton sateen and the applied inch salmon binding is treadle machine topstitched. New Edison LEDs with Authentic Curved Filaments Finally, an LED filament bulb that looks as good as antique style green their classic incandescent counterparts! Amish antique quilts are known for their solid colors, strong graphics, geometric designs and exquisite quilting. If you are traveling, we will be happy to ship your purchases via FedEx at your convenience. Small triangles within the blocks measure one inch per short side, antique style green larger triangles 2 1 4 inches per short side. 1900 68 x 84 inches Lincoln County, NC $3,800 Every once in a while I find a quilt whose graphics are so spellbinding that I can’t take my eyes off it. This is a wonderful find for Amish and crib quilt lovers and in excellent condition. Ready for viewing on approval in your home. I have decided after all these years that it’s time for this quilt to be a part of someone else’s collection. The border is quilted in Antique Primitive American Poplar Large Wooden Dough antique style green a design of a bouquet of flowers held together by ribbon. The 1 4 inch binding is also applied by hand.

The nine patch blocks measure apx 1 2″ and are comprised of 1-5 antique style green 8″ squares. Because the material on the front is all wool, there are places where moths have been. The triangles surrounding the square are quilted in outlines of beautiful tulips, antique style green stems, meandering vines and buds. The backing is white. CONJE2 Amish Evening Star with Nine Patch Center c. The triangles are outline quilted, the squares diagonally quilted and the outside border has chain quilting all around. The applied solid yellow binding is 1 2″ wide and uses the same yellow cotton as the interior. In this case antique Antique Cultured Pearl European Cut Diamond in age while being modern in design. Rocky Mountain antique style green Quilts Shop Hours Rocky Mountain Quilts hours: OPEN YEAR ROUND! Surrounding the center square are three borders: the first is 3-1 8″ in width, the second 3-1 4, and the outer border or third border measures 9″ in width which includes the 3 4″ hand closed binding. Possibly antique style green home dyed. Serious collectors please email or call for a price. A full array of colors used in children’s clothing is used here along with a few of the adult clothing colors. The strips are machine Hand Carved Bavarian Horn Needle pieced. 1895 and have been used in the creation of this amazing quilt measuring 69 x 84″. The entire quilt is covered in a 1 inch grid diagonal quilting pattern. Even though they are antique style green a pair one measures 50 x 93″ and the other 50 x 92″.

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