Antique Victorian Cascading Pearl & Diamond 14k Gold Wedding Earrings

Circa 1950’s. The whole item in good working order with rather unique cone shaped nib which creates a series of ink dots to record the pressure on the Antique Hand Carved Asian Wood graph. By Ross antique victorian cascading of London. Clarke antique victorian cascading of Morpeth. Mercury filled thermometer above, swan neck pediment, the case antique victorian cascading with shoulders above and below dial. A pleasant, simple pocket barometer. Fine mahogany veneer to front of trunk, edged with quarter astragal moulding, cistern cover of turned cylindrical form. After 1855, dating this barometer therefore circa 1850. The barometer inscribed ‘Dolland, London’ who were known to have given five prizes, two of which were barometers, in 1872. Measuring: 38 ” x 10 1 8″ Ref: 1553 SOLD A mahogany wheel barometer by ‘J Mangacavalli, 22 Baldwins Gardens, Holborn’ with figured mahogany veneered case, black & white strung edges, swan neck pediment with ivory finial (possibly later replacement), hygrometer, level plate engraved, 8″ Antique Magician Magic Show Jugglers Owl Children dial with globe engraving above cresting, long mercury thermometer, c1825. It is a slightly unusual design of barograph probably SOLD by Heath & Co. John Pochaine was known to be working 1811, estimated to be 1800 1820, antique victorian cascading at Dean Street, Newcastle upon Tyne. 14″ x 8 1 4″ x 7 1 4″Circa 1900. The case cleaned and re-lacquered, in good operational condition dating circa 1865 of typical Dent design Ref 1906 Lake George York Ny Antique Landscape Frederick SOLD An oak cased turned and rope carved effect round aneroid barometer 11 inches diameter. In working order throughout, circa 1895. In good condition throughout. A pleasant barometer with some signs of age antique victorian cascading by a prolific London maker. Replacement tube, antique victorian cascading thermometer, finial, brass knob. In corresponding simulated leather paper covered lined case. The case in original polish showing signs of age, maintaining a good rich dark colour, the case strung with black & white stringing. Joseph Davis is known to be working at the Royal antique victorian cascading Polytechnic Institution at this address from 1871-93. Oak cased aneroid barometer 33 ” x 10″ with carved decorated case. In good antique victorian cascading order throughout. Francis Pastorelli working between 1849 1880 and at 208 Piccadilly between 1856 1878. Over hauled and restored and antique victorian cascading in good working order. Ref 1980 SOLD A round top stick barometer with flame Antique Russian Kuznetsov 26 mahogany veneered front inscribed Dolland of London, A long white backed mercury filled thermometer with Fahrenheit & Reumeur scales. William Charles Cox known to be antique victorian cascading working between 1822 1857, see p. The mechanism in original (now dull) lacquered finish. Seldom seen these days antique victorian cascading and certainly not in such good condition often. Dimensions 10″ x antique victorian cascading 38 ” SOLD A traditional 8″ dial dark mahogany veneered wheel barometer with shell & flower inlays, black & white stringing to edge of case, architectural pediment surmounted with original turned ball finial, long faded spirit filled thermometer, 8″ dial inscribed ‘G Bartolla & Co. Benjamin Salom was known to be working 31 St Andrew’s Square, Edinburgh between 1840 & 1842 then succeeded by Salom & Co. Medium colour oak case in generally good condition This type of barograph developed into their more usual 1930’s single bellows barograph with gold plated movement often inscribed ‘Tycos’ their trade name. On the back of the level plate ‘C Somalvico of Brook Street’. The case veneered from the back to the front in traditional early design, dating between 1787 1797 at this address. Marriage Vow Renewal Ceremony Program When a marriage vow renewal ceremony is performed, attendees like to know the format of the service, just as in the case of a wedding ceremony. 602, circa 1885 with traditional brass mechanism, mostly in original lacquer and in good condition, clock cleaned and over hauled and in good working order. Carrying case with original green silk lining, in near mint condition, antique victorian cascading button opening intact and operational. The case in original polish with mellow faded colour and antique victorian cascading pristine condition. Silver plate to antique victorian cascading front inscribed ‘E. Restored and in good order. The whole antique victorian cascading is in good order throughout. 95 1 Copyright 2002-2014. ), storm glass re-filled. Complete with trade card, probably contemporary, from Thomas Mason of 5 Dame Street Dublin. Original polish. SOLD A golden oak cased barograph with 5 plain glass panels to lid, the base raised up on 4 moulded feet, the antique victorian cascading gold plated mechanism fixed straight to the oak base with 8 cell barograph stack, traditional clockwork mechanism. Please e-mail or phone us Best Deal On 090 Ct I Vs2 for price and delivery options An early Georgian wheel barometer by A Alberti of Sheffield with architectural pediment, long spirit filled thermometer and dial, antique victorian cascading replacement tube, hands & finial, cleaned and restored and in good working order. Dimensions 9″ x 29″ SOLD A walnut veneered aneroid banjo barometer with silvered scale & thermometer in Fahrenheit & Centigrade and silvered scale dial in inches of mercury from 25 31with engraved centre cartouche Buy Now 241 Ct inscribed ‘W Johnson Optician to the University Hospital, 188 Tottenham Court Road, London’ circa 1870. Hoos From the Friends of the staff of The Union Discount Company of London Dec 4th 1912′ 358mm x 220mm antique victorian cascading x 212mm. These Royal Polytechnic barometers were made by Joseph Davis & Co as sole manufacturers, see Edwin Banfield’s book ‘Barometers Stick or Cistern Tube’ page 232, figure 291 for a similar model. The dial with revolving altitude scale from 0 10,000 feet, the inner dial inscribed 21 31 inches with weather words of Rain, antique victorian cascading Change & Fair with associated morocco covered case, green lined and a replacement button to case. We often have unrestored barometers for sale and sell barometers before they get as Beautiful Hand Carved Antique far as the website so please contact us if you have any requirements. ) antique victorian cascading and dials re-silvered.

The case in a pleasant faded rich mahogany veneer, edged with white, black & white stringing. Circa early 1920’s size 14 ” x 9″ x 9″ Ref 1894 SOLD A pleasantly faded mahogany cased barograph with five bevel edged glass panels & draw below with wooden knob, the case sitting on four squat turned feet. In good order throughout, original polish in mid to antique victorian Country Pine 1870 Antique Pantry cascading dark brown colour. The gilded brass antique victorian cascading case very good but with small spot on the back. Ref 1860 SOLDAn 8″ dial dark oak carved aneroid barometer with crested pediment & traditional design swags underneath printed aluminium dial with mercury thermometer above, circa 1920’s. The highly decorative oak case is a golden brown colour, whole in good working order. Whom God hath joined together, let no antique victorian cascading one put asunder. The whole in good condition throughout, the barograph mechanism predominantly gold plated and in reasonable condition measuring: 14 “long x 7″ high x 8 ” deep please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options SOLD Met Office Fisheries Barograph dated 1944 by Short & Mason of London in traditional mahogany hinged lidded case with carrying handle (replaced), spare arm draw, glass to side & front, clock mechanism overhauled, brass work cleaned & lacquered, the whole in good working order. Ref 1643 An 8″ dial mahogany mercury wheel barometer with wide fitting bezel, the antique victorian cascading case with chevron stringing to edge, inlaid with four fans. Key antique victorian cascading and lock repaired. 283 Negretti & antique victorian cascading Zambra, London. Measuring: 38 ” x Antique German Old Drezden 10 ” please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options SOLD A traditional mercury wheel barometer antique victorian cascading with figured mahogany and black & white stringing to edge, Nyjewel 14K Solid Gold swan neck pediment, finial (replaced), hygrometer (replaced), short thermometer, convex mirror & frame (replaced), 8″ silvered dial with diamond point hands, convex glass and level plate below engraved ‘P Salvade, Liverpool’. The case is a pleasant colour but with signs of distressing etc. Circa 1920 34 ” x 11 ” 495 Ref 1925 SOLD An oak cased aneroid banjo barometer with white glass dial and thermometer scale. Silver hall mark dated 1903. Original polish, medium brown colour with mercury filled thermometer, ceramic scale, open ceramic dial with Fitzroys words ‘falling’ and ‘rising’ at the base of the dial inscribed Dolland, London no. 1778 with traditional weather words and dial divided in inches of mercury from 25 round to 32. The whole in good condition throughout, minor repairs, general cleaning and restoration, replacement tube and boxwood, the case in a medium pale golden oak colour circa 1890 SOLD An Oxford framed, Ash cased, traditional domestic Admiral FitzRoy barometer with paper scales in reasonable condition, dating c1885. Dimensions 10″ x antique victorian cascading 37 ” Ref 1522 SOLD An 8″ dial mahogany mercury wheel barometer with swan neck pediment, hygrometer, long thermometer, dial and level plate, engraved ‘A Solca Warranted’. 5mm) x 9 “(243. Overalled, generally cleaned antique victorian cascading , hanging replacement ring. The case has 5 thick bevel edged glass display case with chart draw below. Measuring: 40 ” x 12 ” please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options SOLD SOLD antique victorian cascading An unusual 10″ dial wheel barometer by J Spelzini, 11 Brooks Market with figured mahogany veneered front, rounded style top & base with hygrometer and level plate. In good order throughout, measuring: 36″ x 11″ please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options SOLD SOLD An oak cased, lightly carved aneroid barometer of banjo form with white glass thermometer & dial inscribed ‘Robin Curtis & antique victorian cascading Son, Hull’ (name slightly faded), the case a medium brown colour, brass bezel showing signs of age, cleaned & re-lacquered with a golden lacquer, the dial with FitzRoy’s weather words for rising & falling. By Sclater & Sons, 190 Snargate Street, Dover. The dial, very well executed engraving with fine decorative centre cartouche. This example Antique 17c Chinese is typical of around circa 1875. Case re-lacquered a nice mellow antique victorian cascading golden colour. The dial engraved compensated for temperature no: D3631 Tycos Dyson & antique victorian cascading Sons, Windsor made in Great Britain. Hygrometer, long thermometer, simply engraved dial with concave bezel and level Best Deal On 153Ct J plate below, both level and hygrometer bezels replaced. SOLD A 1 7 8″ dial pocket aneroid barometer Morroco covered case in exceptionally good condition inscribed C. Surmounted by swan neck pediment and ivory finial. Please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options SOLD A Georgian stick barometer with silvered register plate mounted with spirit thermometer to left and manually operated vernier on the right, inscribed ‘P Aliverti, Maker’ the case with architectural pediment surmounted by brass finial replaced, glazed hinged door with Antique Morosini Roma Listed Italian Artist curved base, slightly unusual design for this period barometer, the exposed tube replaced, inset into herringbone mahogany veneered trunk and inlaid with white, black & white stringing, the edge with quarter astragal beading, the boxwood reservoir behind a turned mahogany inlaid cover with some damage.

Scales re-silvered, brass cleaned. The blued brass base plate inscribed ‘Ross of London’, circa 1910. Generally over antique victorian cascading hauled and restored and in good working order, the case showing some signs of age but in good condition measuring 32 ” x 11″ wide, circa 1895 SOLD SOLD A heavily carved oak banjo barometer with silvered brass scales, 7 ” diameter dial engraved with centre cartouche, thermometer with spiral bulb. Cartouche finely engraved. Circa 1910 in working order. 66645 with patented adjusting mechanism to arm, 8 stack capsules antique victorian cascading mounted with thermometer in Celsius between stack and clock. The matching compass on the left hand side of case with mother of pearl balance, a small ivory scale thermometer mounted between compass & barometer measuring ” x 2″, white backed mercury thermometer tube in Fahrenheit & Centigrade. An interesting and scarce antique victorian cascading variation on the Polytechnic barometer, this oak cased barometer with silver affect Rare Antique 1757 Russian Silver printed dial with fretwork behind glass and thermometer to centre of case, base inset with compass. The dial divided from 21 31 inches and from 0 antique victorian cascading 10,000 feet with revolving altitude scale on bezel. Circa 1865 Dimensions 9 ” x 37 ” SOLD An 8″ antique victorian cascading mahogany mercury wheel barometer, with black and white stringing to case, level plate Warranted Correct, convex mirror, Han Dynasty Large Jade short spirit thermometer, hygrometer, swan neck pediment with ivory or bone pateraes.

Thermometer scale in white glass with mercury thermometer, 18 ” tall x 7 ” wide, circa antique victorian cascading 1900 paper inscription on back confirming date. Barograph measures 11″ wide x 5 ” deep x 6 ” high, draw base measures 13 ” wide x 6 ” deep x 3 ” high. April 30th 1931. Charles Baker was known to be working from 1851 1900 onwards. The boxwood thermometer scale antique victorian cascading with large spirit filled thermometer and traditional camphor glass on left hand side. SOLD Round antique victorian cascading aneroid barometer with brass bezel.

Generally in good Antique Ornate 1895 Andrei Stepanovich order throughout with replacement main bezel. Classical 20th Century ships barometer with black painted case, lacquered brass mounts and silvered scales with associated carrying case, measuring 35 ” long x width of gimbal 3″, depth from wall 4″ A mahogany stick barometer by Franklin of Manchester with caddy design pediment, long thermometer to front, case medium brown figured mahogany veneer edged in wide ebony stringing, original polish, shallow cistern cover (replaced) with moulded edge and figured veneered front. Job Casteleti was estimated to be working between 1830 1850 in Leicester, antique victorian cascading ‘Barometer Makers and Retailers 1660 1900’ Edwin Banfield. SOLD A Georgian shell & flower inlaid wheel barometer inscribed ‘Leon & Co, 14 Brooks Street, Holborn’ with spirit filled thermometer tube (replaced) on a hand engraved silvered thermometer scale and hand engraved dial, both scales re-silvered. Re-polished circa 1870 36″ x 10 ” SOLD An 8″ dial wheel barometer in finely figured antique victorian cascading mahogany veneered case. You will have the antique victorian cascading last say on the format and wording of your program. The antique victorian cascading case made with rounded corners and chart drawer under and brass drop handle, in original finish. Cleaned and in good order throughout, typical Spelter case with brass bezel bolted through antique victorian cascading back of case, bevel edged glass and 4 ” enamel dial with black & red lettering, c1895. By Short & Mason of London, No. ) please e-mail or phone us for price and antique victorian cascading delivery options R SOLD A very fine turned carved rope effect round oak barometer with by J Hicks of London, ref: 7783. With swan neck pediment and slightly unusual design but original. An 8″ dial figured mahogany mercury wheel barometer with black and white edging, by Barnaschoni of Cardigan. Hanging ring replaced, the dial inscribed 25 31 inches of mercury with stormy, antique victorian cascading rain, change etc. This model of traditional design as previously made by Jessie Ramsden, with rack operated vernier, caddy-designed pediment the canted corners to the cistern cover inlaid with ebony. A pleaseant tradtional style barograph in original polish but improved, in good working order. 335mm x 195mm x 160mm. Probably George antique victorian cascading Yeates, working from 1826 1858 (see Edwin Banfield’s Barometer Makers and Retailers). 38 (972mm) x 10″ (255mm). The case in old weathered finish of traditional Victorian design measuring: 25″ x 7 ” c1895 SOLD A decoratively carved scroll design aneroid banjo barometer with ceramic dial and scale, mercury filled antique victorian cascading white backed thermometer. Pedrini of Bristol, antique victorian cascading circa 1840. The dial and thermometer scale in white glass, mercury thermometer, brass work cleaned and re-lacquered in good order throughout, the case in simple carved leaf affect at base and top, medium light oak 31 ” x 10 ” Ref 1934 SOLD A carved oak banjo shaped barometer with scroll wings extending left & right with flower carving, the ceramic dial of fully open visible movement with FitzRoy’s weather words divided in inches of mercury, thermometer above with white glass scale & mercury filled thermometer. It has a rounded top, bevelled edge glass, thermometer mounted to front of case, rounded cistern cover, thermometer box and 084 Carat D Vs1 Exc moulding to edge of, register plates in ebony with two original antique victorian cascading ebony adjusting knobs to the vernier. The barometer probably dating circa 1830, the case in original polish with nice mellow mahogany colour, dials re-silvered, brass cleaned and lacquered with a traditional lacquer used on early instruments (this mixture we prepare specially from an old recipe which includes natural tree gums, saffron and dragons blood! Replacement finial, hygrometer, thermometer tube, mirror and frame, bezel, indicating pointer and level bezel, mercury tube and hygrometer clip. 39″ x 10 ” please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options SOLD A large Victorian mercury wheel barometer with 12″ hand engraved silvered dial, with cartouche centre, and thermometer, veneered with flame mahogany in original rich coloured polish. Estimated to be working 1835 1855 in Bristol by Edwin Banfield ‘Barometer Makers and Retailers 1660 1900’. A simple pocket barometer, the dial in reasonable condition, slight mark to centre. The rich mahogany is a dark finish, the edges of the barometer veneered from front to back which as is common with early barometers. C1890Measuring: 45 ” x antique victorian cascading 9 ” Ref: 1296 SOLD A boxwood scaled manometer barometer by James Simpson & Company Ltd, Pimlico, London. 38″ tall x antique victorian cascading 10 ” wide with hygrometer, thermometer box, mirror, brass frame, dial and warranted correct level plate. For further info see ‘Barographs’ pages 94-97 by P. The whole antique victorian cascading cleaned and re-lacquered and in good order throughout. Stringing to antique victorian cascading edge of case and minor cracks to veneer. The glazed hinged door with arched top with inlaid raised ebony bead and to edge of veneer on top. Replacement mercury tube, thermometer, general repairs. Cleaned & restored. Moretti of Lynn, Warranted. SOLD Traditional mahogany stick barometer with register plate ‘A Pozzoly, Fecit’ (maker) with architectural pediment, glazed door with raised ebonised astracal beading with manually operated antique victorian cascading vernier behind, double chevron stringing to trunk with herringbone pattern vernier and shallow cistern Antique Carved Wood cover (replaced). The antique victorian cascading 1 7 8″ diameter gilded brass cased Pair Antique Japanese Inlaid Iron & Lacquer pocket barometer inscribed ‘J N Pelli from R. This high quality instrument with noticeable additional features such as the rack & pinion setting keys, the removable thermometer box with bow fronted glass, is in antique victorian cascading a very attractive figured mahogany veneered case with hygrometer to top and the pediment of plain arched design. Replacement mirror and 383 Carat Fancy Red frame, brass lacquered, replacement tube and new silk cords. 1 ” diameter with flat glass to front, 7 8″ thick with hanging suspension ring.

4 ” diameter card printed dial. Dials cleaned and antique victorian cascading lacquered, brass cleaned and lacquered with a traditional tree gum and shellac lacquer. Case with ebony strung edge, pediment of a curved moulded design with hygrometer below, 10″ silvered dial Oak Quarter Sawn Antique 1910 Craftsman Office with fine quality engraved star burst motif in centre as expected by this maker, tortoise shell adjusting knob, mercury filled thermometer antique victorian cascading and rounded base. Measuring: 6 5 8″ wide x 42″ tall SOLD A heavily carved oak stick barometer of large proportion by John Browning of London, with ivory scales to register plates and thermometer. SOLD A 6″ dial mercury wheel barometer, mahogany veneer, Antique German 800 Solid Silver Footed by Braham, Optician, Bristol.

75mm) SOLD A mahogany mercury wheel barometer with black & white stringing to edge, swan antique victorian cascading neck pediment, hygrometer, thermometer, mirror, 8″ dial engraved with flourishing Antique Arts & Crafts Book Design Walter script P Edmence Engraver, London and level plate.

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