Antique Vintage Rare Solid Yellow Gold Watch Ring Swiss Movement Estate Piece

) Measures approximately 15. Fair to good antique condition with seam repaired on verso that have caused visible tape marks. Coast SurveyHand colored coastal chart of San Diego Bay, San Diego Harbor, and Los Coronados in the mid-19th century, with very fine colored detail of topography of Point Loma, soundings and Sailing Directions. Stamped “Printed 1903” Includes Corson Inlet to Rehoboth, Cape May, NJ. ) Measures antique vintage rare approximately 22. Coast Survey, 1857. Coast SurveyHand colored, includes Key Largo, Bache folded map with minor discoloration at antique vintage rare folds, very good condition, 26 1 2″h x 30 1 2″w. Very good overall antique condition, approximately 35. Beech is also the wood that is used in Dutch shoes, ice cream and popsicle sticks for the same reason. Coast Survey Model # MAS545JR – Maker: U. Very good overall antique condition, toning along fold lines, 15 x 17. 00 antique vintage rare Model # SOU174BW – Maker: US Coast SurveySketch E No.

Coast and antique vintage rare Geodetic Survey$175. IN MINT CONDITION A VERY FINE COLLECTORS REEL RARE LIMITED EDITION HARDY BROS “THE HOUGHTON SPECIAL” REEL sold A 2 3 4″ PERFECT FLY REEL WIDE DRUM WITH TENSION REGULATOR, IVORINE HANDLE, IN MINT CONDITION, A FINE COLLECTORS REEL COMPLETE WITH LEATHER CASE, BOX & BOOKLET & GUARANTEE, RARE ITEM THIS BEING NO. 00 Date: 1856 1856USCS$145. VCG coffee grinders are Antique Recorder 14k Solid Gold Split in perfect working condition, clean and ready for use unless otherwise stated in the descriptions. 91, Eastern Part of Mississippi Sound, from Bon Secours Bay to Round Island, 1860. Price: $900. 00 antique vintage rare Date: 1881 1881U. Coast SurveyFolded map from annual report, antique vintage rare cleaned, flattened, and mounted on tissue.

Price: $95. Price: $45. SOLD Price: Date: 1868 1868U. Coast SurveyHand colored antique coastal chart of the mouth and course of the Hudson River from New York City north to Sing Sing, showing very fine detail of Manhattan, Brooklyn, parts of Queens (to Willet’s Point) and Westchester County (to Throg’s Neck) and including Yonkers, Dobb’s Ferry, Nyack, and Tarrytown; with key to tides and soundings. Published by the United States Coast Survey, 1851. 00 Model # antique vintage rare SOU106HC – Maker: U. 75 inches SOLD Price: Date: 1893 1893USGS Model # SOU251 – Maker: US Geological SurveyAntique printed color chart of Mobile Bay, Alabama, by the US Geological Survey and published in Shaler’s 1893 The Geological History of Harbors. Very antique vintage rare good condition with fold as issued. SOLD Price: Date: 1862 1862U. 00 Model # WES246 – Maker: antique vintage rare USCSHand colored antique harbor chart of Cortez Bank, including a sub-sketch showing the position of Cortez Bank near San Diego with the islands of Santa Catalina, San Nicolas, and San Clemente, with Rare Aafa Black Americana Folk soundings. Price: $295. 29 antique vintage rare 1 2″ x 40 3 4″. Very good overall antique antique vintage rare condition, 27. Coast Survey Model # WES096 – Maker: U. 5″ x 18″ to the neatline. Coast Survey antique vintage rare Model # SOU085A – Maker: U. 00 Model # MAS1339BW – Maker: U. Beech which is native to Europe has a few special properties, Beech does not splinter! Includes significant coastal detail, as well as bathometric data, sailing directions, and information on tides. Coffee grinder production continually increased and peaked after the Second World War until the mid 1950’s meeting its fateful end with the modernization of the late 50’s and 60’s. Condition: Good, whole, tattered at bottom edge, surface soiled, wrinkled from being wet. Published by Blunt, 1841. Shows the entrance to Humboldt Bay in California with an inset map of the larger area of Humboldt Bay. Early (1861) reproduction of 1832 chart, from American State Papers, Naval Affairs, Vol. Coast Survey Model # MAS1544 – Maker: U. SOLD Price: Date: 1893 1893US Geological Survey Model # SOU155 – Maker: U. Very good antique condition, 19 x 14 inches. Coast antique vintage rare Survey, 1859. 00 Date: 1889 1889US Coast and Geodetic Survey$115. Does an antique vintage grinder labeled Mokka grind finer than other older antique grinders? 39 x 17 inches. 9, of Monomoy Shoals in Chatham, Cape Cod, MA. Price: Date: antique vintage rare 1884 1884U. Good overall antique condition with mild toning throughout (which is heavier at the seams,) some very minor paper loss at fold intersections, and mild roughing of the outer edges of the antique paper. 00 Date: 1853 1853US Government$125. These centers produced master craftsman at a time when quality was the number one priority. With great detail and information on magnetic compass variations, soundings, lighthouses, and sea bottom material. Coast SurveyAntique black and white chart showing Turtle Reef, Carysfort Reef, the Gulf Stream, etc. 00 Model # MAS434 – Maker: U. 2 PATTERN 3 1 2″ CENTREPIN SHALLOW DRUM 495 RARE EARLY HARDY BROS ST. SOLD Price: Date: 1863 1863US Coast Survey Model # NYO185 – Maker: U. This grind adjustment range makes it possible to adjust the grind to the proper preparation required for the chosen method of brewing. 00 Date: 1879 1879U. Includes Cape Hatteras, Cape Fear, Cape Lookout, Cape Romain, Georgetown, Southport, New Hanover, Beaufort, Amazing 1890s Vintage Compass Rising and Pamlico Sound. Includes San Antonio Bay, Charles Bay, Aransas Bay, and more. Very good condition, some toning along fold lines, approx. 25 antique vintage rare inches 12 Tibet Old Antique Bronze 24k Gold Price: $125. Was issued folded in the report book. Includes a compass rose, sailing directions, information on tides, currents, water depths, locations of lighthouses, etc. Very slight toning at folds, and a few minor wrinkles at top margin. 5 x antique vintage rare 5 inches. 00 Date: 1852 1852US Coast Survey$55. Coast Survey Model # SOU013 – Maker: U. Coast Survey Model # MAS113C – Maker: U. This chart was attached to another and therefore has no top border. Coast & Geodetic SurveyAntique Nautical chart with water and sailing information showing Ossabaw Sound off the northern coast of Georgia, including Raccoon Key, Ossabaw Island, Skiddaway Island, and Little Wassawi, site of present-day Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge. 20 x 20 inches to the neatline. Measures antique vintage rare approximately 13. Includes four elevation diagrams, sailing directions, tidal information, and bathometric data. Coast Survey Model # MAS147A – Maker: U. Sold Price: Date: 1903 1903U. Geological SurveyAntique coastal chart of the Mississippi Delta area, includes Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Borgne, Mississippi Sound, Isle Au Breton Sound, with bathometric data. Published by the US Coast Survey in 1856. Very good overall antique condition, modern color, 27 x 25 inches. 75 x 16 inches. Coast SurveyBlack and white antique coastal chart of the coast of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, from antique vintage rare Cape May to Cape Henry. Good to Very good condition overall, approx. Good antique condition with some light toning, particularly on folds, and some separation at fold intersections. Coast antique vintage rare SurveyBlack and white antique harbor chart of the Mosquito Inlet on the coast of Florida. Most early American coffee grinders such as antique vintage rare Enterprise and Elgin for example were produced with plate burrs. Very finely detailed color, antique vintage rare with a recognition profile showing the entrance of Narragansett Bay, minor plotting. Hand colored antique coastal antique vintage rare chart showing Monomoy and the Nantucket Shoals to the Muskeget Channel, Massachusetts. Coast antique vintage rare Survey Model # SOU397 – Maker: U. Coast Survey Model # SOU019 – Maker: U. Coast antique vintage rare Survey, 1856. Coast Survey Model # SOU238 – Maker: U.

Coast Survey$250. Coast Survey Model # MAS181 – Maker: U. Price: $100. John’s River, and antique vintage rare Charlotte Harbor. Very good antique vintage rare overall antique condition, 13. 00 Date: 1856 1856U. 00 Date: 1893 1893US Geological Survey$85. 00 Model # NEW134 – Maker: US Coast SurveyHand colored antique coast chart of the New England coast by the US Coast Survey, published in the Coast Pilot in 1878. This map is a antique vintage rare copy produced by the US Government in 1890 of a map that was originally produced in 1710 by Cyprian Southack. Espresso grinders will need to be cleaned more often – Freshly roasted coffee beans and the finer espresso grind settings will release a lot more oils that can clog burrs. SOLD Price: antique vintage rare Date: 1849 1849U. Very good overall antique condition with some mild toning and foxing, which is heavier at the folds. Measures approx. 5 inches, Very good overall antique condition. Coast Survey Model # antique vintage rare SOU106 – Maker: U. GovernmentAntique hand colored map of Plymouth Harbor “showing the works completed and projected for its protection, preservation, and improvement.

Coast Survey Model # WES078 – Maker: U. If you would like to know what that charge will be, please contact us.

Measures approximately 9. Hand colored antique coastal chart of the south coast of Massachusetts from New Bedford in the west across Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound to Muskeget Channel just west of Nantucket, including very fine detailed color map of Martha’s Vineyard with topography, and of coastal towns such as Falmouth, Woods Hole and Osterville, all the way to Hyannis Light. Coast SurveyHand colored antique coastal chart showing the northeast coast of the United States, including Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, Cape Ann, and the coast of New Hampshire and the entire coast of Maine. Very good condition, with some very slight water staining in the bottom margin and Antique Mahogany Lamp Table antique vintage rare a few tiny spots throughout. Includes two recognition profiles, Mount Pleasant, Cummings Point James Island, Fort Johnson, antique vintage rare and more. Includes Lake Maurepas, Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Borgne, Chandeleur Sound, Isle au Breton Sound, The Mississippi River (including the Delta of the Mississippi showing Oyster Bay, Bay Ronde, Blind Bay, Garden Island Bay, East Bay, etc. Very good overall antique condition with some toning (which is heavier at the folds), minor wrinkles at bottom edge, as well as some minor roughing paper loss (specifically at the intersection of folds. Measures approximately 7.

Measures approximately 18. Includes Cape Hatteras. 166 Florida Reefs, from Key Biscayne to Carysfort Reef, with coastal detail and soundings, and information on Gulf Currents, tides, buoys and lights. Includes tidal information, water depths, etc. Including bathometric readings, bearings and distances, detailed tidal information and other antique vintage rare contemporary notations. Coast Survey Model # MAS1818 – Maker: U. Coast and Geodetic Survey Model # NAU257 – Maker: US Coast and Geodetic SurveyAntique black and white map showing the coast line from New York City to Boston with water depths and navigation information. Most German grinders have a grind adjustment that is located inside the grinders box. Measures approximately antique vintage rare 7 x 15 inches. Details include water depths, types of sand at ocean floor, and relevant coastal information. 5 x 12 inches. 00 Date: 1889 1889US Coast and Geodetic Survey$125. Coast SurveyVery good condition, folded map showing “proof from unfinished plate” at top of map, 21 1 2″h x 15″w. With recognition profiles, soundings, sailing directions, Antique Tiffany Bronze & Marble and information on tides, light houses and dangers. Coast Survey$110. Coast Survey Model # SOU015 – antique vintage rare Maker: U. Coast Survey Model # MAS814 antique vintage rare – Maker: U. 00 Model # WES084 – Maker: U. 25 inches SOLD Price: Date: 1893 1893Shaler Model # MAT160 – Maker: US Geological SurveyAntique printed color chart of Cape Charles, Virginia, by the US Geological Survey and published in Shaler’s 1893 The Geological History of Harbors. Antique vintage coffee grinders were usually made from Beech hardwood for a good reason. Coast antique vintage rare Survey$150. Coast SurveyHand colored antique nautical chart of St. Page measures approximatley 7. Very good antique condition antique vintage rare with some minor spotting in the paper itself. With index to Yacht Clubs, Principal Fog Signals and Coast Guard contact information. Coast Survey Model # MAT060 – antique vintage rare Maker: U. 75″ to the neatline. Plate burrs do produce particle dust and were generally made for a coarser grind.

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