Colorful Antique Kurdish Rug Nw Persia 19th C

Lay on your side Cover your ears Close your eyes Open your mouth Keep your chest from touching the ground Coalition forces to not target civilians The back of this Antique Victorian 14k Solid White Gold leaflet depicts the ruins Colorful Antique Kurdish of a bombed city. This all-text leaflet says: Our last warning: The decision to end terror and restore security is taken. There was considerable worry that the American and Russian aircraft might come into contact.

The seven were thrown into a giant cauldron of boiling water. In the meantime, reports also emerged recently suggesting the terror group strapping IEDS to a goat that was sent into a Kurdish base in the Syrian city of Kobane. God Bless, God is Our Best Ally Iraqi Ministry of Defense ISIS captured Mosul on June 10 and immediately began enforcing Sharia law, destroying churches and causing all Assyrian Christian residents to flee the city. Doorway to Death This Twitter image depicts an Arab being offered a door into what appears to be a beautiful palace. God alone Colorful Antique Kurdish is the grantor of victory. It is time Colorful Antique Kurdish to face reality. The leaflet is rather dark and Colorful Antique Kurdish realistic, almost photographic in nature. During the Korean and Vietnam Wars there was a belief that far too many leaflets were dropped. ” The leaflets asked the units in Dael, Jassem, Sheikh Miskeen, Colorful Antique Kurdish Tafas and Yadodeh areas in the countryside of Daraa to hand over their weapons and communicate with regime’s army through gmail at the following address. The Weekly Strike Update from the Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve said that in Mosul, the Coalition conducted 12 strikes, and coordinated with the Iraqi Army to drop leaflets over the city to let the residents know the Iraqi Security Forces have not forgotten them and are coming to liberate them. It Colorful Antique Kurdish is your call. The text is: Colorful Antique Kurdish Don’t let Daesh take you with them to their inevitable fate.

Whatever the real story is, the Coalition seemed to like this leaflet because they reportedly dropped it again on 26 May and 27 May. Do not be the fuel that adds to their fire for only you will incur the losses. The Islamic State was Colorful Antique Kurdish launching suicide attacks at a historically high rate. He thought they should have said something like support our armed forces or tell the public to stay away from fighting areas. The leaflets carry along a warning Colorful Antique Kurdish call to the citizens, issued by the Joint Security Forces. Their arrogant and sometimes self-righteous behavior can be off putting to some, but the tritons mean well. To every Iraqi guilty of collaborating with ISIS On 18 October, the Iraqi Air Forced dropped colorful leaflets with a flag on one side and a message on the back. We advise you to drop your weapons and surrender yourself. According to intelligence reports, the number Colorful Antique Kurdish of foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria more than doubled since 2014 to at least 27,000. Waving a White Flag On 19 December 2016, Coalition jet fighters dropped leaflets over Raqqa once again, asking the ISIS fighters to surrender. Meanwhile, on 4 Colorful Antique Kurdish November, seeing an ISIS defeat in the near future, frustrated teens in Mosul vowed to avenge the deaths inflicted by the terrorists and covered the homes of ISIS leaders with leaflets and posters, one of which said: Now Antique 17th Century Chinese you will live in fear of us Leaflets dropped over Rastan Antique Book Booklet Pocket and Tallish On the same day, Syrian Army helicopters dropped leaflets over the cities of Rastan and Tallish, where Moscow claims 5,000 ISIS and al-Nusra terrorists are based. Each Colorful Antique Kurdish shell contained 1,000 leaflets of A6 size. The fighters homes would no longer receive around-the-clock power, in order to assure a plentiful supply for military bases. We invite you to join local reconciliation as many of our people Colorful Antique Kurdish in Syria did. Syrian army helicopters have dropped tens of thousands of leaflets on ISIS and rebel fighters. Raqqa is depicted dark and grey, a place of no life and joy. The text on the Stunning Antique French Server Beautiful Mahogany Model burning city side Antique Tramp Art Intricate is: DAESH’s oilfield operations are funding terrorism and repressing people. Allegedly, the predominately Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces have made advances in Raqqa province, Colorful Antique Kurdish and are very close to entering Raqqa city. As of 30 March Colorful Antique Kurdish about 11,000 troops are eligible for the new medal. Some of the text is: The Iraqi 10×13 Hand Knotted Ivory Persian Rug armed forces have besieged the ISIS Takfiri terrorists in Mosul city and its surrounding areas; cooperate with your brothers to help us put an to this war soon with minimum losses for the civilians and maximum losses for the terrorists. On 12 December, The 19 Antique Poured Wax jihadist rebels of Fatah Halab and Jaysh Al-Fateh accepted terms of surrender in east Aleppo after withstanding a two month long siege. Turkey bombs ISIS and the Kurds I Colorful Antique Kurdish mentioned above that part of the Kurd alleged homeland encompasses Turkey. At the top it shows cowardly ISIS fighters on the defense; on the back they flee in panic. The towns of Dael and Ibtraa were targeted since they are expected to be the Colorful Antique Kurdish first towns to be targeted by the Syrian Arab Army offensive since they are closest to their front-lines. The second leaflet, directed at the Antique Steuben Glass Footed Floriform rebels, called on the opposition fighters to approach government forces without their weapons. The Syrian army surrounded Colorful Antique Kurdish the rebel-held parts of Aleppo city and severed the last remaining supply route a week earlier. The ISF was backed by American air power and supported by American intelligence and advisers. Stay at home Colorful Antique Kurdish and dont believe rumors spread by Daesh. Remove gas Colorful Antique Kurdish cylinders from the house. This call was made so that the security forces can carry out its attack plans against ISIS without any obstruction. Fallujah was the first city to fall to the militant group in January 2014, months before fighters overran the countrys second-largest city, Mosul. He writes: The Colorful Antique Kurdish use of the word “several” in place of the more logical “a few” is a commonly used mistranslation. The leaflet text in Arabic is: Warning. Soldiers from Alpha Company, 3rd PSYOP Battalion, deployed to the PSYOP Task Force – Central, in Al Udeid Airbase, Qatar, to provide their product development and print production skills in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. It’s time to stop bloodshed and destruction. Truth or Disinformation the ISIS Suicide Chickens This story is so bizarre that I hesitate to mention it. ISIS fighters, leave your Colorful Antique Kurdish positions immediately. On 22 August 2016, leaflets were distributed by Soldiers from the Kurdish YPG (People’s Protection Units) and Asayish (Kurdish Security Organization) as they launched a major assault to seize the last government-controlled areas of the northeastern Syrian city of Hasaka, after a Russian mediation team failed to mend the rift between the two sides. Other experts on ISIS documents doubted the document because: the Fallujah document has an ISIS letter head from Ninawa province. Cigarette Paper for the Enemy During WWII, British Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Bomber Harris, famously said that He had not become Chief of Bomber Command to provide the citizens of the Third Reich with regular supplies of toilet paper. The Colorful Antique Arts & Crafts Rock Quartz Sterling Antique Kurdish airdrops mostly targeted ISIS-controlled al-Shafa, Haijin, and al-Bukhtair. We give you our word: any fighter from Daesh that chooses to stop following their leaders to the Colorful Antique Kurdish road of destruction will be treated well. The leaflets include a call on the Colorful Antique Kurdish rebels to not waste the chance and Antique Estate 10k White to leave or lay down their weapons, offering help for those who do want to leave. Wait for the signal of the Syrian Arab Army units, then turn your back slowly Antique French Louis in order to show that you dont have any chemical or explosive bombs on you. It depicts a line of innocent young volunteers who have flocked to join the Islamic State being fed into a meat grinder by two bloody and villainous-looking adults in a barren room identified as the DAISH Recruiting Office. On 7 August 2016, Colorful Antique Kurdish for the second time, U. It shows a Coalition soldier killing an ISIS fighter and the text: For Colorful Antique Kurdish any oppressor there is an end. Bridges around Raqqa were destroyed months ago, leaving the Euphrates River and Lake Assad as the main southern escape route for civilians and militants alike. -backed Kurdish-dominated Syria Democratic Forces began the liberation of Raqqa, Syria. It will be tragic for all of us if it ends with the death of your loved ones and the destruction of your homes. The text was changed from the same type of leaflet that was dropped on 20 October 2016 and now said: Colorful Antique Kurdish To those involved in carrying weapons, we stretch out our hand to you. Meanwhile, the Iraqi Air Force dropped thousands of 4-page leaflets over Mosul; actually more like magazines or newspapers, to warn residents of a looming offensive on Colorful Antique Kurdish the ISIS-held city. Bombed an Axis oil refinery in Ploesti, Romania in 1943 to cut Colorful Antique Kurdish off fuel for the Nazis. In 2015, The United States developed a broader list of targets, including well heads, oil collection points, trucks and the distribution network. Your armed forces are now preparing to advance on the western side of the city.

An Anti-Assad Leaflet We dont know who among Syrian President Bashar Assads enemies prepared this leaflet. We are preparing Colorful Antique Kurdish to take action to free Mosul and regain security and stability in the region. 250,000 more leaflets were dropped separately on the towns of Bashiqa, Hamam Alil, al-Shura, al-Mahaliya, al-Hmidat, Bartila, al-Namroud, al-Qahtaniya, Til Abta, al-Ayaziya and al-Qirwan. Our beloved people: How long you and your families will live in fear and anxiety? The Iraqi Colorful Antique Kurdish air force air dropped 4 million letters to the long-suffering residents of Mosul on 22 December 2016, to provide them courage and support while they await liberation from ISIS. Special Forces captured a huge trove of documents in Syria. The PUMA Drone In 2017, Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) also revealed that either Navy or Marine personnel, likely special operators in either case, had used the much smaller, shorter-range RQ-20 Puma to release paper messages in unspecified conflict zones. ISIS fighters have corrupt Colorful Antique Kurdish soils and will see Jahannam. The announcement comes two days after the Russian military announced the defeat of the militants Colorful Antique Kurdish in neighboring Syria, where Moscow is backing Syrian government forces. One leaflet Colorful Antique Kurdish says: The Enduring sons of Mosul The battle of Fallujah ended in lightning speed. Leaflets were thought to be an antique propaganda media in this Antique Bronze 19th Black Americana Colorful Antique Kurdish modern electronic age, but they made a comeback in the war on ISIS. Coalition aircraft will find you and bomb you. Do Antique Carved Oak Sideboard Buffet Server Wpillars not waste this chance because it could be Old Tibetan Genuine Dice Amulet your Colorful Antique Kurdish last one. Keep calm and tell your children that it is only a game or thunder before the rain.

Your cooperation with the army in terms of providing information about the location of the armed Colorful Antique Kurdish men will be conducive in returning security and stability to your areas Russian Leaflet Map showing four Safe Corridors to Leave Aleppo Russian aircraft also dropped leaflets on Aleppo entitled Safe Crossing Points in Aleppo City, telling civilians to leave the city ahead of further anti-rebel advances. This ended about May 27, when for Antique French 18th Century the first time the U. The cartoons made fun of Daesh and urged people to fight the terrorists.

A December 2016 report stated that in the previous six months, Alpha Company, 3rd Military Information Support Battalion, of the 4th Group, had processed over 200 print requests and produced over 23 million leaflets in support of Operation Inherent Resolve in both Iraq and Syria. This concept of the enemy throwing fighters into a meat grinder is a common one and variations were used in Korea and Vietnam by U. The militia groups then put checkpoints and banned the people from taking any leaflets, and Colorful Antique Kurdish they spread Antique Platinum Diamond rumors that regime forces would kill those that left and smash them with tanks. Seize the Last Opportunity. In September 2015 Ayman al-Zawahiri, current head of the al Qaida terrorist group that sponsored the 9 11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans, accused ISIS top leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of sedition and insisted the Iraqi terrorist was not the leader of all Muslims and militant jihad as caliph of the Islamic State, as al-Baghdadi had claimed 14 months ago in a Mosul mosque. Note: The terror group prefers to Colorful Antique Kurdish be called ISIS, ISIL or the Islamic State. Two of the leaflets are all text and one is a Colorful Antique Kurdish cartoon showing US and Israeli hands winding up an al Nusrah Front guerrilla. It is unknown if these have also been prepared as leaflets. They were apparently found by anti-Assad forces and Colorful Antique Kurdish posted on Twitter. Messages sent to phones and posted on social media also said the government’s enemies were welcome to attend the game on Thursday at the Hamdania Stadium. Prepare to move the families of the Mujahideen to a safer place outside Fallujah. The Army Colorful Antique Kurdish of Islam is coming with thousands of Mujahideen to the walls of the city; we will reinstate the right to its owners. Make visual contact with the crossing point guards; hold the leaflet high with one hand, show 2 Sconce 5lite Antique Deco or carry your child with the other. Your relief now has come to light, and we are in a position where liberation is so close to Beautiful Vintage Poppy Applique Antique Quilt reality. Allegedly the leaflets say: Our leadership is aware of the hardships suffered by civilians Colorful Antique Kurdish in Aleppo due to the bombing and the siege carried out by the Syrian Army. Feed Children to the Devil This image shows ISIS members taking little children, giving them rifles and feeding them to the Devil. Loading the 750-pound M129-E2 Leaflet bomb canister for B-52 bomber dissemination ISIS robs our boys The first leaflet was designed to decrease public support for ISIS Colorful Antique Kurdish and targets civilians in Iraq and Syria still under ISIS control. He said the Russian Colorful Antique Kurdish air campaign has allowed Syrian President Bashar Assad’s military to turn the tide of the five-year war and helped create conditions for U. He is depicted as a rat-demon amonmg human remain, with the Colorful Antique Kurdish text: The invisible sheikh with the expansion of his false Caliphate will soon have no one to help him achieve his illusions. The leaflet gave examples of how the Syrian Army was able to restore schools, electricity, and water in Colorful Antique Kurdish areas that Antique Vintage Deco Diamond Engagement Ring 18k were liberated from the Nusra militants A Call to Members of Assads Army On 12 June 2018, the insurgents in Daraa retaliated against the regular leafleting by the Syrian Army. The concept being that the finder Colorful Antique Kurdish should not be killed in the last moments of a war. The other side of the leaflet showed fighters pulling away from a bombing raid leaving a city in flames. Apparently gasoline is getting short. The increased bombing mentioned above might be having some effect on the economic stability Colorful Antique Kurdish of ISIS. There have been some published Colorful Antique Kurdish comments by ISIS volunteers in social media of the way they were treated and the propagandists appear to be attempting to exploit those reported problems. He who comes to us to Colorful Antique Kurdish repent before being forced to, we will accept his repentance and safeguard his life. Apparently some people did play, but it appears no guerrillas showed up. The leaflet is covered with blood and that seems Colorful Antique Kurdish accidental, although there is a very slight possibility that it was printed that way to imply that Assad was a butcher. On 9 November 2015, Baghdad announced that the Iraqi air Colorful Antique Kurdish force had dropped leaflets on areas in Anbar province. One side depicts ISIS thugs trying to kidnap a woman and child on a mountaintop while Coalition forces try to pull them back from the terrorists. The world is Colorful Antique Kurdish changing fast. Kurdish Peshmerga Forces Congratulate Putin Curiously, the Kurdish forces fighting ISIS seem to think that Putin is doing a better job than the Americans. I should preface this story by saying that in WWII the Allies used barrage balloons Colorful Antique Kurdish floated over friendly forces. They would be Colorful Antique Kurdish prosecuted by the Iraqi government. Here is a full translation of the leaflet: In the name of Allah the most merciful You will surely be tested in your possessions and in yourselves. Find their hidden locations and record their outrageous actions. – Cooperate with the Syrian Arab Army Antique German Kestner and Colorful Antique Kurdish leave the region. This is an English-language file copy of the leaflet: ISIS is using boats and ferries to transport weapons and fighters. The leaflet was dropped by Syrian aircraft in early November of 2015. A Freedom of Information Act request led to the release of 13 themes that American leaflets to ISIS were allowed to stress. Twenty-five lashes in a public square where people were forced to watch you suffer. Time will tell if the Colorful Antique Kurdish leaflet message was real or fake. The text is: To our people in the Southern and Western Countryside of Aleppo The Syrian Arab Army has begun to liberate you from terrorist organizations.

To everyones surprise (apparently including the Syrian government), on 14 March 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial pullout of the Colorful Antique Kurdish Russian military from Syria. It was first used as early as 2013 in Qusayr. It reads: Read and re-read. The United States accused Syrian President Bashar Assad of planning to bomb or starve opponents in the besieged Damascus suburbs of eastern Ghouta into submission, just as it did in Aleppo, Hama and Homs. Truthful is the great Allah To our people of Mosul the Hadbaa’ To the dear people of Mosul the Hadbaa’ Iraq and all of you, the people of the great Mosul, have been plagued by an ignorant and penitential tide and by gangs that gathered from all corners of the Colorful Antique Kurdish world to invade your city. Hudhayfah al-Badri and other jihadists were fighting Russian forces and Assad regime troops during an assault on the station. 932 were executed since the city has fallen to ISIS About the same time the Coalition prepared a leaflet showing Colorful Antique Kurdish the Arab troops training and preparing to fight ISIS. Dropped leaflets over Antique Sterling Silver S Kirk & Al-Bukamal Antique Folk Art Ship Painting Of on 22 Colorful Antique Kurdish April 2016. The two fighters Colorful Antique Kurdish Chinese Antique Tall Carved Wooden talk: Hey stupid, we are here and everywhere The text at the bottom concludes: This is ISIS right now; you all should take advantage of the opportunity to fight them. VERITAS Journal of Army Special Operations History Vol 13, No. The Kurds want a nation called Kurdistan which would be partly made of some Turkish lands and the Turks have responded by calling them terrorists and attacking them. The leaflet to the civilians said in part: Our dear families in Aleppo, your sons and brothers in the Syrian army are sacrificing to rid you of the terrorism. ISIS message to Pakistan As ISIS continued to lose ground on all fronts in early 2017 they raised Colorful Antique Kurdish the ante on their propaganda, sending Pashtu language messages to Pakistan. Cells are believed to exist Colorful Antique Kurdish in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Antique Traditional Persian Rug Wool Blue Oriental even the Philippines. Hurry to defect before its too late. To ensure your life is an irreplaceable opportunity, dont lose it with your stubbornness, drop your weapon and leave before its too late. The meat-grinder is also labeled DAISH; an Arab Antique Durgin Sterling Silver Footed Salver Tray acronym for Al-Dawlah Al-Islamiyah fe Al-Iraq wa Al-Sham (the Islamic State of Colorful Antique Kurdish Iraq and Syria). Note: Barzakh is similar to the Christian Purgatory. Apparently, the happy days Colorful Antique Kurdish are over. They seem to be aggressively carrying a good part of the fight against ISIS which is a surprise considering the other larger nations that are strongly supported by the U.

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