Fine Original Signed A Bricher Antique Watercolor Shore View Painting

Of the activities of the Filthy Thirteen, Jack Agnew once said, “We weren’t murderers or anything, we just didn’t do everything we were supposed to do in some ways and did a whole lot more than they wanted us to do in other ways. Cheshire Signed limited fine original signed edition prints 01 623 799 309 Over one hundred and fifty signed prints on display. Expected casualties fine original signed were 80-90. The group was airdropped for the mission by aircraft fine original signed of the 440th Troop Carrier Group of the U.

, , and prints are simply signed in pencil by L. SOLD SPITFIRE SCRAMBLE by Robert Taylor SOLD This is a presentation copy given to me many years ago fine original signed signed by 62 Battle of Britain Aircrew, some of these signatures you will not see on any other prints. The art world can be an extremely daunting place, and I find it fine original signed reassuring knowing I can trust and rely on someone as knowledgeable and experienced as David for help and advice. We strive to offer the most fine original signed competitive prices and will always try Antique Art Nouveau Bracelet 18k Yellow to better any quotes. SOLD THE DAM BUSTERS WARTIME SURVIVORS OF No. SOLD DOWDING AND THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN SOLD by Robert Wright Signed on the half title page by the following Battle of Britain pilots: Johnnie Johnson Bob Stanford-Tuck James H (Ginger) Lacey Geoffrey Wellum Tom Neil Also signed on the front fine original signed end paper by Peter Graham 41 Squadron post Battle of Britain This Antique Estate 14k White Gold 60ct Genuine is a 1st edition Antique Hand Colored Victorian Woman Girl Roses 1969 SOLD The Hawker Hurricane SOLD By Francis K. Also a bookplate signed by Commander John Lorimer DSO who was part of the crew of the legendary fine original signed Midget submarines which attacked the Tirptiz This is a very sought after book with this amazing set of signatures, a real piece of history. SOLD SOLD fine original signed BARNES WALLIS SOLD by J E Morpurgo This incredibly rare biography signed on the launch date by Sir Barnes Wallis I am open to serious offers only, for this book. He fine original Antique Hubley Toy signed fought over Dunkirk, throughout the Battle of Britain. Original pencil drawing by Nicolas Trudgian SOLD Filthy Thirteen 5th June 1944 SOLD Signed by 4 original filthy thirteen who dropped Antique Barbizon Style Gilt Frame C on D Day Jack Agnew Robert Cone Jack fine original signed Womer Jake McNiece The Filthy Thirteen The Demolition Section was assigned and trained to demolish enemy targets behind the lines. Most limited edition prints illustrated are in stock and fine original signed very competitively priced! All the prints we sell are in mint condition fine original signed and come with our guarantee of authenticity. Nevertheless, McNiece finished the war with fine original signed four combat jumps, a very rare feat for an American paratrooper. Lowry has become of great artistic and financial importance of recent years. F JOE RODDIS Squadron Leader NIGEL ROSE Wing Commander WILFRED SIZER DFC Wing Commander Sir KENNETH MAXWELL STODDARD KCVO KSTJ AE JP LLD Colin has professionally framed the print with another 12 extremely rare Battle of Britain pilots signatures within the mount. It has been signed on the title page by Tom Neil, Bob Foster, Nigel Rose, Len Davies, Tony Pickering, Ken Wilkinson, Terry Clark, Terence Kane It has a bookplate signed by Peter Brothers Vic Bergman, Bob doe, David Denchfield, Norman Brown, Roger Moorwood, Luiz Flower, Bob Foster, Trevor Gray, Tony Iveson, Ken MacKenzie, Terry Clark, Jimmy Corbin, John Gardner, Mike Croskell, Peter Hairs, Paul Farnes, Tony Pickering, Alex Thom, Nigel Rose, Tom Neil, Bill Green, John Ellacombe, Geoffrey Wellum, Wiliam Walker, Terence Kane, Len Davies Also has two portraits that are loosely placed in the book signed by John Cunningham and James H Lacey Comes in a purpose made case to protect this superb piece of Battle of Britain history SOLD The Dambusters By Robert Taylor SOLD Published in 1980 Considering the age of this print it is in really good condition The print is signed in pencil by Marshal of the Royal Air force Sir Arthur T. This incredible profile was signed Antique Art Nouveau over 20 years ago and has 62 incredible rare Battle of Britain aircrew signatures. The book records the service details fine original signed of the airmen who took part in the Battle of Britain in considerable detail. The inspiration fine original signed for this came from Jake McNiece, who was part Native-American. SOLD BATTLE FOR BRITAIN SOLD by Ronald W Clark Signed by 49 Battle of Britain air crew across five pages: Bob Hughes, Joe Chamberlain, Tim Elkington, Richard Jones, fine original signed Dick, Summers. All fine original signed major credit debit cards accepted. The print is signed by Adolf Galland, Dietrich Hrabak, Mackey Steinhoff, Gunther fine original signed Rall, Friedrich Oblesser, Walter Krupinski and Erich Hartmann. 7 10 Signed by 30 Battle of Britain Air Crew and 3 ground crew from the Battle of Britain Wing Commander TERENCE KANE Flight Lieutenant WILLIAM ‘BOB’ HUGHES DFC AE Squadron Leader fine original signed TONY PICKERING AFC Flight Lieutenant TERRY CLARK DFM AE Wing Commander JOHN ‘TIM’ ELKINGTON L. I thoroughly recommend his services, and also a visit to fine original signed the delightful Cornwater Fine Art Gallery. 617 SQUADRON, ROYAL AIR FORCE This incredible profile is signed by no less 20 original Dam busters it is signed in pencil fine original signed and has a stunning remarque by Nicolas Trudgian. Framed within the mount are the original pencil signatures of: Leonard Cheshire, Bill Reid, Joe McCarthy, Frank Appleby, fine original signed Steve Oancia, Edward Johnson, Les Munro, Grant McDonald, Dave Rodger, David Shannon, Mick Martin, George Johnson, George Chalmers, Ken Brown, Ray Grayston, Fred Sutherland, and the station adjutant Harry Humphries. David Shepherd artist, Signed prints, original paintings, prints, silkscreens, limited fine original signed editions for sale “I have known David Tatham for about two years, and have bought several oil paintings, lithographs and prints from him. THIS IS WITHOUT DOUBT THE RARIST BOOK I HAVE EVER HAD! We stock hundreds of this artist’s signed limited edition prints and always a fine selection of his original watercolour paintings. A selection of his prints and paintings Antique Arts & Craft can be viewed Our aim is to offer our clients fine original signed an excellent service at unbeatable prices. The demand for his work has now reached record highs, and due to the relatively few signed limited edition prints available, they are proving to be an excellent investment, far greater than many current banking investments.

This unit was best known for the famous photo which appeared in Stars and Stripes, showing two members wearing Indian-style “mohawks” and applying war fine original signed paint to one another. The stated nationalities of some of the airmen have been re-examined and, for example, one man always considered to be Australian is now known to have been Irish. There are also a number of signed limited edition prints of paintings from Britanny, The Loire, Ardeche, Provence. This limited edition has 19 original signatures of ‘The Few’ Air Commodore Pete Brothers CBE DSO DFC Wing Commander Eric Barwell DFC Wing Commander John Freeborn DFC Air Commodore John Ellacombe CB DFC Wing Commander Frantisek Fajtl DFC Flight Lieutenant Richard Jones Wing Commander Tom Neil DFC AFC AE Squadron Leader B G Stapleton DFC Flying Officer Ken Wilkinson Squadron Leader Ken Lee DFC Flight Lieutenant David Denchfield Squadron Leader Tony Pickering AE Squadron Leader Peter Brown AFC Wing Commander Bob Foster DFC AE Squadron Leader Tony Iveson DFC Wing Commander Terence Kane Flight Lieutenant Terry Clark DFM AE Flight Lieutenant Henry Sprague RCAF Wing Commander Jack Rose CMG DFC MBE SOLD Fight for the Sky SOLD By Robert Taylor A superb presentation remarque with fine original signed 48 Battle of Britain aircrew signatures who either flew the Hurricane or Spitfire in the Battle of Britain. 42 Ian Gleed was a pilot with 87 Squadron fine original signed during the Battle of Britain, but was lost in the Mediterranean in 1943. Air Vice Marshal JOHNNIE JOHNSON 60 Yrs Old Antique CB CBE DSO DFC Group Captain PETER TOWNSEND DSO DFC Wing Commander GEOFFREY PAGE DSO OBE DFC Wing Commander GEORGE UNWIN DSO DFM Wing Commander BOB STANDFORD-TUCK DSO DFC Air Chief Marshall Sir HARRY BROADHURST GCB, KBE, DSO, DFC, AFC Wing Commander E B B SMITH DFC Wing Commander MIKE INGLEFINCH DFC Group Captain HUGH DUNDAS CBE DSO DFC Air Marshal DENIS CROWLEY-MILLING KCB CBE DSO DFC Wing Commander DON KINGABY DSO AFC DFM Air Commodore PETE BROTHERS CBE DSO DFC SOLD The first is Hurricane Force, which is the original concept sketch from Hurricane Force, it is signed fine original signed by the pilot Pete Brothers SOLD The second one is Hurricane Victory, this was made into a pencil print limited edition which accompanied Wings of Glory. The service he provides has always been excellent – reliable, efficient and fine original signed very accommodating. Copies are also owned by many with purely an armchair interest in the events of 1940. The superb combination of signatures has fine original signed no less than 13 original Dambusters. 61 101 Signed by: Richard D Winters, Salvatore F fine original signed Bellino, Maxell M Clark, Lynn P Compton, William “Wild Bill” J Guarnere, Forrest L Guth, Edward J Joint, Paul E Lamoureux, Joseph A Lesniewski, Clarence O Lyall, Donald G Malarkey, Antique 19th Century Listed Dutch Earl V McClung, Edward D Shames, Roderick G Strohl This is one of the most difficult prints to obtain, signed by this legendary leader. Tom Simpson ‘known to his crew as Tammy’ flew with Mick Martin as fine original signed his rear gunner on the Dams raid, as well as many other missions over Europe with Mick and his crew. Abbi Duncombe-Shafto London A thoroughly proffessional service, fine original signed I will definately use his company again. We were always in trouble. McNiece considered that any fine original signed activities not directly concerned with killing the enemy were irrelevant, an attitude that led him to be in constant trouble with the military authorities. This is in fantastic condition SOLD Last Flight Home SOLD By Robert Taylor An incredibly rare Remarque Signed by: Group Captain Leonard Cheshire, VC, OM, DSO , DFC, Warrant Officer Norman Jackson VC Wing Commander Roderick Learoyd VC, Flight Lieutenant Bill Reid VC Mint condition SOLD SOLD JG 52 SOLD by Robert Taylor Triple Remarque This is the most collected German Robert Taylor print on the market No240 1000 with a fantastic original drawing by the artist crafted below the title. ” This is mounted and ready to frame fine original signed with a stunning set of originally Paratrooper wings, a miniature purple heart and a miniature bronze star. They were ordered to destroy a bridge over the Douve River during the Normandy fine original signed Invasion of Europe in June 1944, a mission that cost the lives of most of these men. 1942 1st edition SOLD SPITFIRE SOLD The Experiences of a Fighter Pilot by Squadron Leader B J fine original signed Ellan Because of operational and the secrets act, he wrote this book under the pseudonym of B J Ellan in 1942, – Squadron Leader Brian Lane – Officer Commanding 19 Squadron during the Battle of Britain. EMAIL:- England 01623 799 309 Visit the Wildlife art studio in Nottinghamshire, (Saturdays and Sundays are fine too) We have a collection of over 500 signed limited edition prints and original paintings for sale. The print is signed by: fine original signed Erich Hartman, Walter Wolfrum, Adolf Dickfeld, Walter Krupinski, Alfred Grislawski, Edmund Rossmann, Gunther Rall, Kurt Schade. There are fine original signed many wartime head-and-shoulders photographs. This book was signed at Foyles bookshop in London at the official launch, in the summer of 1942. Archive In this archive page, these items are SOLD but it may be of interest to all collectors, of the extremely high standard of fine original signed collectable items that Vector Fine Art has been producing for over 25 years. Army fine original signed Air Forces. 44 SOLD WE ALL STAND TOGETHER SOLD by Robert Taylor Artist proof No. Sadly time has taken fine original signed its toll and only six are still with us. These were paratroopers sent in ahead of the main force to guide them in. It is also remarqued fine original signed by the artist J Ashurst. An extremely rare fine original signed print signed by the legendary ‘Dick’ Winters SOLD We Were A Band of Brothers SOLD Easy Company on the ‘Night of Nights’ Artist Proof edition no. Lowry specialist for over 30 years.

Dennis David, Peter Parrott, Alec Ingle, Ginger Murray, Frank Carey, Michael Wainwright, James Thomson, Jerry Edge, William Walker, Roland Beamont, Bob Doe, H Bird-Wilson, Iain Hutchinson, Raymond Puda, John Ellacombe, John Grandy, Percy Morfil, Alex Thom, Frank Twitchett, Desmond Sheen, John Beazley, fine original signed John Freeborn, Killy Kilmartin, Adam MacKinnon, H M Antique Signed Gorham & Co Japanese Pinfold, David Denchfield, Gordon Batt, Peter Dunning-White, Archie Winskill, Gerald Stapleton, Jack Stokoe, Donald Jack, Paddy Barthropp, James Sanders, Roger Morewood, Henry Sprague, Norman Norfolk, Johnnie Johnson, Geoffrey Stevens, Dave Glasier, Moose Fumerton, Glen Niven, Hector McLean, Ray Sellars, Peter O’Brian, Buck Casson, Richard Jones, John Peel, Randall Phillips, Peter Brown, Herbert Green, Mike Croskell, George Westlake, Bob Beardsley, Josef Jaske, Noel Correy, Douglas Hone, Joe Kyall, Doug Nicholls, Bill Green, George Unwin, Arthur Spears. SOLD fine original signed Eagles at Dawn SOLD by Robert Taylor This is a fantastic Remarque drawn on the bottom left of the tint border, signed by Luftwaffe fighter pilots including the legendary Erich Hartmann SOLD Return of the Few SOLD By Robert Taylor Published in 1986 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Spitfire. It is unfaded and in fantastic fine original signed condition and has only recently been framed. Throughout his life Sir William Russell Flint has spent many years Antique Vintage Asprey Of London Sterling painting beautiful watercolour images of scenes in France, in particular Dordogne and the Perigord, where this beautiful holiday house is to let click and offers complete tranquility and relaxation. The signatures are: Les Munro pilot of AJ-W Steve Oancia Bomb aimer of AJ-F Harold Hobday Navigator of AJ-N Bill Townsend Pilot of AJ-O Fred Sutherland Front Gunner of AJ-N Frank Appleby Flight Engineer of AJ-W Bill Howarth Front Gunner of AJ-W Len Sumpter Bomb Aimer of AJ-L Jim Clay Bomb Aimer of AJ-W Ray Grayston Flight Engineer AJ-N Dudley Heal Navigator AJ-F Basil Feneron Flight Engineer AJ-F Edward Johnson Bomb Aimer AJ-N Joe McCarthy Pilot AJ-T George Johnson Bomb Aimer AJ-T Grant MacDonald Rear Gunner AJ-F Dave Rodger Rear Gunner AJ-T George Chalmers Wireless Operator AJ-O Danny Walker Navigator AJ-L David Shannon Pilot AJ-L This is also signed by Norman “Spud” Boorer worked directly with Barnes Wallis with the development of the Bomb And also signed by the artist Keith Broomfield. Studio open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Has a very slight dent on the bottom right corner of the white, in my opinion this does not detract from this outstanding piece of art work. Famous for his portraits of Cecilia, Flint’s paintings show in a beautifully unique style, the architecture and landscape throughout rural France This holiday house near Brantome, France is ideally situated to enjoy the The work of Mr L. And many open edition, poster prints, not numbered or personally signed, of decorative value The service has always been excellent, reliable,and efficient I thoroughly recommend his services, and a visit to the delightful Cornwater C1930 Antique Bird Subject Gallery. Specialist dealers to the trade and retail. John Sweetman Author Signed on the front end paper by: Flight Lieutenant Bill Reid VC – 61 and 617 Squadron did not take part in the Tirpitz raids. SOLD James Nicolson fine original signed VC SOLD 249 Sqn. SOLD SOLD Sting of the Black Tulip SOLD This stunning original drawing is matted with an original wartime signature of Erich Hartmann This would be the jewel in any Robert Taylor’s collection SOLD OUT The Great Escaper by Simon Pearson SOLD OUT Limited edition of only 25 worldwide and comes in a hand made slipcase The bookplate is signed by no less than 5 Great Escapers all of which got out of fine original signed the tunnel. “A thoroughly proffessional service, David’s knowledge of Lowry, Shepherd, and other artists is second to none, I fine original signed will definately use his service again”. Their equipment enabled them to guide in subsequent airdrops of supplies crucial to the continued resistance of the trapped 101st Airborne Division.

Approximately 26 unsigned, Lowry fine original signed limited edition prints. Lowry but not stamped or numbered, although they are fine original signed limited edition prints (editions of 750). CORBIN DFC Flight Lieutenant WALLACE CUNNINGHAM DFC Group Captain TOM DALTON-MORGAN DSO DFC OBE Flight Lieutenant LEONARD DAVIES Group Captain BILLY DRAKE DSO DFC Air Commodore JOHN ELLACOMBE CB DFC Sergeant HUBERT LUIZ FLOWER Wing Commander BOB FOSTER DFC Corporal ALEC GRAY Flight Lieutenant TREVOR GRAY Flight Lieutenant RICHARD JONES AE Squadron Leader KENNETH LUSTY Squadron Leader JOCELYN MILLARD AE Wing Commander ROGER MOREWOOD Squadron Leader DOUGLAS NICHOLLS DFC AE Flight Lieutenant REGINALD C. If you are serious about this outstanding profile please do not fine original signed hesitate to call me. Eventually coming to earth he was rushed fine original signed to Southampton Hospital where Antique Turquoise Gold Etruscan against all odd he began to make his recovery. Limited editions, prints and lithographs fine original signed for sale. I have never seen this signature for sale and is one of the most desirable I’ve ever had, if interested please contact me with a serious and sensible offer. SOLD SOLD OUT HURRICANE SQUADRON ACE SOLD OUT The story of Battle of Britain ace Air Commodore Peter Brothers fine original signed CBE DSO DFC An extremely rare limited edition of 25 copies worldwide with a purpose made slipcase. It is signed on the front end paper With Love to Maggie Lqqk Antique Near and John introducing B J Ellan fine original signed Easter ’42 With all my yeas of collecting I’ve only seen Brin Lane’s signature on official documents. These signed prints are limited fine original signed editions, personally signed by L. From Boscombe Down Friday 16th August 1940 Despite being badly burned and injured Nicolson stayed in the shattered cockpit of the Hurricane to press home an attack on a BF110. ” Abbi Duncombe-Shafto London “A very nice & professional business you have, & your sales manner fine original signed was great. On the 13th December 1942 he took off with three other pilots for a Rhubarb operation over Holland, got into combat with FW190’s and Lane disappeared never to be seen again. A truly collectable and historic investment for the future. C BILL JONATHAN Wing Commander TOM NEIL DFC AFC AE Wing Commander RICHARD ‘DICKIE’ SUMMERS AFM OBE Squadron Leader GEOFFREY WELLUM DFC Flying Officer KEN WILKINSON Flight Lieutenant ALEXANDER ROBIN APPLEFORD Flight Lieutenant BENJAMIN BENT Pilot Officer NORMAN BROWN Flight Lieutenant WILLIAM J. Some print titles are simply signed fine original signed by the artist and numbered. On the half fine original signed title page it is dedicated to: Les Smith with good wishes Tom ‘Tammy’ Simpson Sept ’97 It is also signed by the following original Dam Buster aircrew: Fred Sutherland AJN Grant MacDonald AJF Ken Brown AJF Steve Oancia AJF Dave Rodger AJT Joe McCarthy AJT Ray Grayston AJN and below Mick Martin’s photo there is a bookplate signed by Mick Martin Anyone who collects 617 Squadron history – this is a must for any bookshelf. Beneath the signature is mounted the miniature medal group of Gibson. Finally freeing himself from the doomed aircraft he dropped into space but was too disorientated to open his parachute. When he was low enough to peel out of danger from the German he then became the target of the trigger-happy volunteer soldier on fine original signed the ground who inflicted further injury on Nicolson with a 12 bore shotgun. This is an incredible triple fine original signed Remarque and the best I have ever seen. All these are fine original signed guaranteed original wartime. I have only had one other copy for sale in 25 years. Inevitably the high achievers who survived tend to have the longest entries, fine original signed but those who were killed very quickly, sometimes even on their first sortie, are given equal status. I am selling this on behalf of a close friend, it is the most treasured item in his collection. A watercolourist, whose work needs little introduction in the world of art is Sir William Russell. It is fine original signed also signed by Spud Borer who worked with Barnes Wallis and remarqued by Frank Wootton OBE This is one of the outstanding pieces of Dam Buster Signatures I have come across. SOLD A fine original signed Tribute to the Dambusters SOLD This incredible piece of art comprises of 6 original drawings. David Shepherd art, 500+ signed prints. Sadly Richard Hillary was killed fine original signed flying a Blenheim in January 1943. The drawing is signed by James Tait, Freddie Watts, Benny Goodman, Tony Iveson, John Bell, Bernard Kent, Ted Wass, Jack Lammons, James Castagnola, Basil Fish, Bob Knights, Frank Tilley, Dennis fine original signed Cooper, David Shannon. Viewing by appointment Original paintings sold from various sources Back to David signed prints for sale S & W signed, limited edition print publishers David Shepherd fine original signed prints L. IT IS SIGNED ON THE FRONT END PAPER BY THE FOLLOWING BATTLE OF BRITAIN PILOTS ALAN DEERE DOUGLAS BADER HUGH fine original signed DUNDAS ‘SAILOR’ MALAN WE HAVE HAD MADE A CUSTOM CLAM CASE TO PROTECT THIS HISTORIC BOOK FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS SOLD The Dam Busters SOLD This stunning profile was produced by the RAF museum, but more outstandingly, it is signed in pencil by no less than 20 Original Dam Busters 2 Officer Commandings, and further 20 617 Air Crew who flew on the Tirpitz and Grand Slam raids. This book fine original signed comes in a purpose made clam case to protect for prosperity. Signed on the title page by Bob Stanford-Tuck SOLD A SUPERB ORIGINAL DRAWING SOLD TO COMMEMORATE THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN THAT ETERNAL SUMMER BY NICOLAS TRUDGIAN With some incredibly rare Battle of Antique Ball Hamilton 18s Britain signatures The drawing is mounted with miniature 1939-45 Star with Battle fine original signed of Britain Clasp, Distinguished Service Order, Distinguished Flying Cross, Distinguished Flying Medal. The pathfinders were dropped into the encircled town of Bastogne at the height of the Battle of the Bulge. Harris The following original Dambuster Pilots Antique Oak Sectional Bookcase Globe Mick Martin, Joe McCarthy, Bill Townsend, Ken Brown, David Shannon, Geoff Rice, Les Munro The following Bomber Command Victoria Cross Holders Leonard Cheshire, Len Trent, Rod Learoyd, Norman Jackson, Bill Reid (signed in pen) The following original Dambuster aircrew George Chalmers, Fred Sutherland, Ray Grayston, Grant MacDonald, Dave Roger, Edward Johnson The Following 617 Ground Crew Joe Parsons, Arthur Roddis Also signed by Norman Boorer who worked directly with Sir Barnes Wallis on the development of the bouncing bomb. Overall size of this print 430mm x 340mm. After a disciplinary incident while on leave, McNiece joined the “Pathfinders”. SOLD Sting of the Black Tulip SOLD fine original signed by Robert Taylor This is from the private collection of Robert Taylor artist copy Remarque No1 5. Signed with Best Wishes Robert Taylor October ’90, The print is in fantastic condition signed by Eric Hartman SOLD Biggest Brother by Larry Alexander SOLD Signed by the Legendary Leader fine original signed Dick Winters, alongside Dick Winters it is signed by Wild ‘Bill’ Guarnere, Don Malarkey, Clancy Lyall, Ed Tippa, Buck Compton, Brad Freeman, Ed Shames, Paul Roger, Herb Suth, Buck Taylor. Very rare book signed by Sir Barnes Wallis SOLD Barnes Wallis SOLD By J E Morpurgo 1st edition 1972 Hardback – Dedicated signed in the book on the front end paper “To Charles Glover from Barnes Wallis May 4th 1973” SOLD Knights Cross SOLD By Robert Antique Chinese Blue White Taylor This is one of the official Remarque. Browse through fine original signed the studio in Nottinghamshire, or arrange a viewing of signed limited edition prints at your home office.

150+ signed limited editions on display in the studio. His jumps were made in Normandy, the Netherlands as part of Market Garden, the Pathfinder jump in to Bastogne, Belgium, during the fine original signed Battle of the Bulge, then his last jump as an observer with the 17th Airborne Division during Operation Varsity. The signed prints usually have an embossed stamp, by fine original signed the Fine art trade guild, or the publisher’s embossed stamp. There is also much personal detail, often including dates and places of birth, civilian occupations, dates of death and fine original signed place of burial or, for those with no Lightning Antique Quilt From The Ohio Amish known grave, place of commemoration. SOLD THE LAST ENEMY SOLD By Richard Hillary This is one of the rarest Battle of Britain books.

SOLD “Sailor” Malan SOLD This superb drawing is the original from the pencil print which accompanied The Biggin Hill fine original signed Wing print. A fine original signed real piece of aviation history. SOLD The Messerschmitt 109 SOLD A Famous German Fighter This is signed on the front end paper by: Rudolf Trenkel KC Gunter Seeger KC Alfred Grislawski KC Hans Ekkard-Bob KC Heinz Lange KC Walter Krupinski KC Gunter Schultz Erwin Lauykauff Edmond Rossmann KC Werner Hohenburg Gunter Rall KC Edu Neumann Helmut Bennemann KC Hermann Buckner KC Eduard Nippa KC Erich Rudorffer KC Rudolf Meise Gerhard Schopfel KC Herbert Kaiser KC Aldolf Dickfeld KC Siegfreid Bethke Herbert Weldeld Ernst Wilhelm Reinhert SOLD LOOKING FOR TROUBLE SOLD by Frank Wootton OBE This is one of the most incredible multi-signed prints that I have ever had for sale, it has been signed by over 170 Battle of Britain Aircrew SOLD BATTLE OF BRITAIN SOLD by Alfred Price Multi signed in Ornate Nouveau Heavily Carved the book SOLD Antique Persian Kashan BATTLE OF BRITAIN SOLD By Norman Franks Multi fine original signed signed in the book SOLD Incredibly rare photo SOLD signed by Trafford Leigh Mallory dated 3. SOLD LOWER THAN LOW SOLD by Tom Simpson This is one of the scarcest books on 617 Squadron. Only the rush of air revived him enough Antique Wild Flower Stoare to pull his ripcord but even fine original signed then had to pretend to be dead to avoid the attention of a prowling BF109. SOLD BEYOND THE DAMS TO THE TIRPITZ SOLD by Alan W Cooper Signed over two pages by the following 617 Air Crew: Alex McKie, Mick Martin, Ray Grayston, Tony Iveson, James Tait, Larry Curtis, Basil Fish, Archie Johnston, Jock Calder, Freddie Watts, Des Phillips, Bob Knights, Fred Sutherland, Grant MacDonald, Gordon Mackie, Harold Watkinson, Frank Tilley, Colin Coles, John Langston, Les Munro, Dennis Cooper, John Bell, Murray Valentine, Ted Wass, Gray-Ward, Don Sargeson, Benny Goodman, James Castagnola, Wilf Bernett I am open to offers for the superb 617 Squadron book A REAL PIECE OF BATTLE OF BRITAIN HISTORY SOLD ARISE TO CONQUER SOLD by Wing Commander Ian Gleed DFC 2nd impression before publication This incredible book has been signed to Group Captain Hardy who was Station Commander RAF Middle Wallop Signed on the title page to Group Captain Hardy with very best wishes Widge Ian Gleed W C Middle Wallop 30. Lowry and are 40-70 years old; There fine original signed are by L. We have for sale several original paintings from the south west France, near to the beautiful towns of Brantome and Perigueux and also Languedoc His work fine original signed has now become regarded as some of the finest watercolour paintings in the world. A viewing can also be arranged fine original signed at your home. On the print is a superb Remarque by the artist fine original signed The print is signed by: Air Commodore Alan Deere, Air Vice Marshal Johnnie Johnson, Group Captain Peter Townsend, Wing Commander Bob Stanford-Tuck, and Group Captain Allan Wright. We specialize in signed prints fine original signed by the world acclaimed artist. The mount size is 560cm x 460cm SOLD FLY FOR YOUR LIFE SOLD The story of R R Stanford-Tuck DSO DFC By Larry Forrester This is a companion book club edition published in 1958 It has been superbly leather bound fine Antique Victorian Figural Gas El original signed in a hand made slipcase, for its age it is in superb condition. Matted and ready to fine original signed frame with the original extremely rare signature of the greatest RAF Fighter Pilot and Wing Leader from the Second World War “Sailor” Malan This is the best example of his signature that I have ever seen. Several print fine original signed titles eg. All signed fine original signed in pencil and in mint condition. Plenty of the entries fine original signed have been extended with freshly acquired information. Where known, postings and their dates are included, as well as promotions, decorations and successes claimed flying against the enemy. A very nice and professional fine original signed business; and excellent sales mannerD. Over 30 years experience. Signed on the front end paper by no less than 11 original Dam Busters. Vector Fine Art are very proud to announce THREE limited editions of the stunning New Book, which all come in a custom made slip case. Whoever purchases this, fine original signed payment will be made direct to him.

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