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NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: The oxygen also helped protect life from the sun’s lethal ultraviolet radiation, by creating a layer of ozone in the upper atmosphere. And Hans Keck Antique on cue, they’ve called! Broadcast Credits Origins: Back to the Beginning Hosted and Narrated by by Neil deGrasse Tyson Edited Antique French Printed Linen Drape Curtain by Simon Holland Written, Produced and Directed by Thomas Levenson Origins Executive Producer Thomas Levenson Origins Executive Editor Neil deGrasse Tyson Director of Photography Robert Elfstrom Co-Producer Craig Ginsberg Origins Project Manager Marie Wiljanen Origins Project Development Larry Klein Series Science Advisors Alan Dressler Sandra Faber Sound Recordists Ray Daye Doug Dunderdale Roger Phenix Gaffers Andrew Eckmann Witt Monts Art Director William Barclay Director of Archive Research Karen Colbron Production Assistant Chetin Chabuk Animation created by Edgeworx Animation Supervisor John Bair Music Rob Morsberger First Stars Simulation Tom Abel Greg Bryan Michael Norman First Stars Visualization Ralf K hler Tom Abel Still Animation Anna Davis Online Editor and Colorist Michael H.

New York: Simon & Schuster, 1998. NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: Hans Keck Antique Real aliens? According to the theory, the Big Bang made everything, all the energy and all the matter in the cosmos. JACK COHEN: Alien is not concerned with Hans Keck Antique the biology. In the aftermath of a collision of epic proportions and widespread volcanic eruptions, as many as two thirds of all living species were wiped out. We have about 700 stars on our program, and I’d say the thing that’s really most amazing to us is how many of them appeared, like they have planetary signals imbedded in them. Ejected by the sun in monstrous solar flares, these particles hurtle through space at about a million miles an hour, forming what is known as the solar wind. Until Hans Keck Antique recently our own lifetimes we couldn’t hope to answer the most basic questions about the cosmos. Try your hand at calculating how many intelligent, communicating civilizations might be in our galaxy. For more than a century, scientists have known that life is the result of chemistry, the combination of just the right ingredients in just the right amounts. But the leap from non-living ingredients to a Hans Keck Antique living creature, complete with DNA which allows cells to replicate, is staggeringly complex. He also installed various storm windows that have been made to help with insulation. The occasion was a candlelight musicale which was presented under auspices Hans Keck Antique of the Watertown Euterpe Music Club.

Moving to longer and longer wavelengths, we pass from one color to the next, right on up to orange and then red. ROBERT BURCK: Whatever. It finds ways to survive. So how did Earth make such an astonishing transformation? And that’s the problem, a Hans Keck Antique big one. It’s seems as if one crucial ingredient has been missing. MIKE ZOLENSKY: Gradually, they grow from Hans Keck Antique golf ball size to rugby ball size and then house size and then township size. The Hans Keck Antique next night would tell the tale. And so what we do is take the oldest of the ages and use that as the initial age of the solar system. Watch Online Full program available Soon Origins: Earth Is Born See the first billion years on Planet Earth a time of continuous catastrophe, from volcanic eruptions to hot ac. John Richards and their descendants until 1938 when the family presented this generous gift to the Watertown Historical Society. A lot of people were huddled around the computers. But when did a planet that looks like the Earth we know begin to take shape? We weren’t really prepared for the science of what emerged from it.

NEIL deGRASSE Hans Keck Antique TYSON: It’s an appealing fantasy. Or is it still too dilute to make planets? NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: Here on Earth, we are the only species that has mastered technology. And with simple binoculars, just like these, I gazed up above the streetlights, beyond the buildings and into the night sky. But we do have a backup plan, and in this case the back up plan is Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter. George Beemer of Fort Myers, and six grandchildren. And the question is, “How do they do it? But carbon comes in several different forms. It’s Hans Keck Antique an almost incomprehensible amount. They’re all the same. As a star moves toward you, the light waves get compacted, and that means they get shifted toward bluer colors. So, if there’s life on other planets does it have to have DNA? And Geoff Marcy estimates that of the several hundred billion stars in the Milky Way, about five percent have small, rocky planets that might harbor life. Fowler believed the octagon Antique Victorian Pedestal Spiral Shaped shape, which approximates a circle, provided the greatest utilization of space. ROBERT KIRSHNER: Stars are Hans Keck Antique really interesting. Embedded in at least some of those, we can see that there are young stars, stars that will become stars like our sun, around which are going to form solar systems, perhaps like our own. We’re not sure what came next, but our best current Patriotic Vintage Bicentennial Red White & Blue idea is that an event we call inflation triggered Hans Keck Antique a hyper-fast expansion, enlarging the universe a trillion, trillion, trillion fold. The mixture is inserted into a steel capsule. This was a bit of Hans Keck Antique a disappointment. Could life have been present? SOLDIER (Clip from Starship Troopers): Incoming! ANDY KNOLL: Our planet is about four and a half billion years old. PENNY BOSTON:Life has made this environment what Hans Keck Antique we know. It’s home sweet home for them, and this is a pretty new finding for these organisms. So if it’s got carbon, what else does life need? In Hans Keck Antique 1938 descendants of the Richards family donated the house to the Watertown Historical Society. NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: Nothing worked. SETH SHOSTAK: Hans Keck Antique We were observing at another telescope in West Virginia, and we got this signal that started to pass all the automated tests that we use to determine is it really extraterrestrial, is it just more interference? ANTHONY READHEAD: Of course this is extremely annoying, because we go to extraordinary lengths to try to ensure that we don’t lose any observing time. ” We do this by a method called spectroscopy. STEPHEN MOJZSIS: It was a surprise for us to find evidence of ancient life in these rocks. As Earth cooled, this new generation of cells spread across Hans Keck Antique the oceans. NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: The idea that water settled on Earth’s surface so soon is controversial, Hans Keck Antique but if true, it suggests a planet much more like today’s than anyone had ever imagined. Watertown Historical Society There had been desire on the part of Mrs. NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: Zolensky immediately recognized it Hans Keck Antique as a carbonaceous chondrite, a carbon-rich meteorite formed from the very same stardust that built the Earth. OSCAR RAMIREZ (street interview): We’re definitely not alone. First are these black mats that Hans Keck Antique have wrinkly textures all through it, and the second are these larger domes that form these broad structures. PENNY BOSTON (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology): If you were a human, going back into time, and trying to stand on the early Earth, it would be just like visiting a planet that was not your own. NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: And the idea that life could have started when carbon and other ingredients combined in the harsh conditions of early Earth was first put to the test in the 1950s by a young Hans Keck Antique graduate student named Stanley Miller. And already Hans Keck Antique they are providing a chemical fingerprint of early Earth. New York: Hans Keck Antique Basic Books, 1993. When you have a totally molten object like this, the heaviest elements and that includes Antique 19th 20th Century Ugo Mario Signed things like iron would sink Hans Keck Antique to the center of this droplet, and the lightest elements things rich in carbon and water for instance, or light elements would float to the top and float there like algae on a lake. And on “Origins”, a four-part NOVA mini-series, we’ll hunt for Hans Keck Antique the answers. Were the Stunning Antique Art Deco 14k Rose porches a part of that pressing need? Tour the Solar System Explore the planets, visit the moon, and gaze at the stars in this 3-D interactive model 4×6 Antique Cranberry Persian of the solar system. NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: Planets were finally being found, but they were huge gas monsters, circling close to their stars, often in highly elliptical orbits. Most curious of Antique Pair Of French Bronze Figural Three all is a small bagatelle board with which Mr. And are planets on which life can flourish rare or common in our universe? Second floor rooms were bedrooms and contained a replica of the Lincoln bed, the same as used in Lincoln’s home in Springfield, IL, and in the Richards’ bedroom one can view the cannonball bed, so called because of its interesting construction. But now, the study of cosmic origins tells a different story. To make this discovery, Tony and his team build an instrument called the Cosmic Background Imager. Exit from the basement level is on the ground level in back; the lower hall is paved with bricks. It didn’t Hans Keck Antique have the familiar blue sky. ANTHONY READHEAD: Is it done?

Nearby rests a candle snuffer. Beginning when I was about 11 years old, I used to climb the stairs to the roof of this apartment building, where my family lived, here in New York City, a building Charming Antique French prophetically named the Skyview Apartments. CHARLES BENNETT: Once you launch the thing, you don’t get to turn that screwdriver one last time, or make an adjustment, or replace the part that broke. PENNY BOSTON:They take the hydrogen sulfide and Hans Keck Antique they get chemical energy out of it. In other words, you have to get halfway to space if you’re going to want to compete with the guys Hans Keck Antique who are out in space. Clifford and Jane Hans Keck Antique Lord, two of the charter members. This is one of the true wonders of nature. Vivid animation lets viewers witness the traumatic birth of the moon from a titanic collision between Earth and an object believed to have been the size of Mars. On our 24-hour clock, the barrage of Hans Keck Antique asteroids and comets lasted from about midnight until almost 3:30 in the morning. NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: Besieged by volcanoes and battered by impacts, Earth endured its most extreme punishment Antique Oak Oval Library in its early years. Just a few hundred years ago, we assumed that everything about us and our surroundings was Hans Keck Antique special and unique. NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: Now that we know what to look for, it’s Hans Keck Antique not all that hard to detect the Big Stunning Antique Brass Tray Ornate Bang. The first proposal I wrote for a grant to fund our planet search was Antique Deco Diamond Engagement Ring 14k White for $930 for the whole year. Inside Hans Keck Antique each single-celled bacterium is a molecule of DNA, the code of life which allows them to multiply. And that’s the view prevalent in lots of popular films and TV shows. You know what I’m saying? In this video and quiz, see how scientists sniff out signs of life on distant planets, then try it yourself. He was planning to Hans Keck Antique come to the opening of the new tour center dedication in August, a project he heartily favored. We came on a field trip here, Hans Keck Antique to the Hayden Planetarium. And in the Hans Keck Antique midst of this hellish brew, the moon was born. The first multi-celled animals evolved at 9:05. Since Earth is much more massive, its gravitational pull would have attracted even more debris, resulting in possibly tens of millions of impacts. ” Here are the Hans Keck Antique results, hot off the telescope. But at the same Hans Keck Antique time, it left much of the story untold. Every now and then, a fragment of one of these asteroids is knocked out of orbit and set on a collision course with Earth. And is a fairly probable chemistry, and that therefore, life doesn’t take billions of years to unfold on a planet. The satellite cycles through here again and again to ensure that no mission-threatening flaw remains.

Use of the MER design has been provided to Cornell courtesy French Plum Pudding Mahogany of NASA, JPL, and Caltech. His bookkeeping system, however, left something to be desired. These, too, have stood in their places since the earliest days of the home. Zooming in on a galactic spectrum reveals a Hans Keck Antique forest of bright and dark lines, patterns that reveal the presence of particular elements. A Pioneer Film & TV production for NOVA WGBH and Channel 4. NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: This bright spot marks the presence of oxygen in a Hans Keck Antique galaxy five billion light years away. He also took a picture of the Richards Hans Keck Antique home which is now occupied by Mrs. It Hans Keck Antique doesn’t work biologically. MIKE ZOLENSKY: We think Hans Keck Antique the Earth, at some point, was a big droplet of melt just floating in space. It’s a crucial factor in the Drake Hans Keck Antique Equation: the percentage of planets where life does arise. NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: The young astronomers were banking on an experimental Antique 10 Light Brass & technique they believed could scope out planets by focusing on the stars they orbit. Erected on Hans Keck Antique a high bluff of the roaming Rock River valley, the Richards home has seen three generations pass as it looked down like a fortress from its lofty, natural acropolis. We’ve come back from a Hans Keck Antique major crisis here over the last three days. Richards milling operations made 97ct D Vvs 18kt Antique Style Diamond Richards increasingly wealthy and he decided it was time to build the large home for his family and build it of Magnificent Vintage 30s The Ladies a size that would also take care of housing and feeding some of the mill hands or lumbermen he employed. Comets are like giant dirty snowballs made of ice and rock. In Antique Gilded Very Ornate Bronze Hans Keck Antique just over a year, WMAP has sampled more than two million points in the sky. ” It’s become a modern icon. Lydia Wiggenhorn, Mrs. Let’s face it, the Hans Keck Antique odds of our capturing that signal aren’t very good. 4 billion years old, suggesting that Earth might have cooled and formed a crust soon after the Hans Keck Antique moon was formed. From: The Hans Keck Antique Finance Committee. Support provided by: MENU Search. An octopus can be so camouflaged you literally cannot see it. Air Conditioning Richards built a form of air conditioning into his home with louvers that opened at night to trap the cool air, circulated it throughout the walls, and the louvers closed during the heat of the day. NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: The historic moment didn’t survive the night. Keck Observatory Laura Kraft Henry Seidman Hans Keck Antique Levenson Tim Mangini Joseph McMaster Stephanie Munroe Palomar Observatory Princeton Computer Science Department Princeton University Wolfgang Rueckner Katha Seidman Ben Shedd Elizabeth Stachow Sun Microsystems Eagle Nebula apparel provided by and Grant Wallace Joseph McMaster is the Margret and Hans Rey Curious George Producer.

NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: And this extra-terrestrial dust isn’t the only possible source of life’s ingredients. Can be seen: those the white stones on the right that spell out Richards were there in late 1920s! NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: Finally this cosmic soup is nearly ready, to the point where, after bubbling for billions of years, it can support the kind of Antique Art Nouveau Pr Alfred life that would emerge on earth. NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: Hmmm. ANTHONY READHEAD: When you tried to drive it, it just didn’t move. IMAGE: Astounding Handmade Antique Muted Heriz Persian Rug (space) WGBH Educational Foundation Sources Antique Landscape Oil On Canvas Painting Fisherman Links Origins Education Forum The Space Telescope Science Institute, in association with NASA, offers this rich Hans Keck Antique interactive site devoted to origins research. The oxygen was absorbed into the oceans at first. ) Thomas Doran Rick Hans Keck Antique Compeau Stian Nilsen Gaffers (Earth is Born, How Life Began, Where are the Aliens? Richards found this difficult after he died when she took over management of the farm and found no record of back debts listed Hans Antique Japanese Satsuma Hand Keck Antique for her to collect, though she knew there were many. The survival of these tough microorganisms suggests they may be 17china Antique Bronze Ware related to the planets first primitive life forms. In 1969, they made their first measurement of the time it took for the laser beam to reach the moon, hit the reflector, and bounce back to Earth, a round trip of about two and a half seconds. ” And “Should my name be on the same list with as Einstein? The historic old green trunk marked for Margarethe Meyer Hans Keck Antique Schurz via Frankfurt, M.

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