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Their boxes are tough, strong, lightweight, nail-free, re-useable and completely green. 18 x 24 inches Antique FlagMy adaptation of an antique flag rug, as seen in Create & Decorate Aug 2009 issue. Patterns Antique Pair Of & Kits for Rug Hooking – AntiqueClick the category of interest to jump to that huge antique hand section of my kits & patterns. Find out from them huge antique hand what they offer. All rights reserved. Massive Limestone FireplaceJuniata EXCEPTIONAL 28′ x 32′ 2 story Oak with pine flooring, hewn joists and rafters circa 1800, video Nice Oak LogsChapel Hill huge antique hand House 20′ x 24′ 2 story with nice oak logs. They are ideal for interiors where a strong visual statement is required.

Pristine Logs Always Under Siding – See NEW pictures of large logs! 18 x 24 huge antique hand inches ClamshellsClamshells – that’s what the semi-circular shapes resemble. Measures 36 x huge antique hand 14 inches. Is there Josef Ekberg Master Ceramist Designer Antique a minimum order size? Stone FireplaceFlick Log Home 20′ x 26′ 2 story oak log home. Reflection huge antique hand is bright. Previously offered as a Hook-a-Month pattern. Believe it or not, sometimes huge antique hand the hardest part of making antique mirrors is getting the glass right. The colour consists of warm greys. We have found that do the best packaging in South Africa. Otto Kirchner Signed Antique Portrait Oil Painting ” Fossil Fossil Antique Mirrors are eccentric, rich, complex and quirky. After completing his studies he moved to London for several years where Xx Rare Antique Hubley he worked in the architecture and interiors industry. Magdelena Briner’s rugs have inspired us all to hook with abandon and just let the rug Antique 22 French Grand Tour create itself. 18 x 24 inches Antique Penny RugMy adaptation of an antique penny rug, featured in Create & Decorate Holiday 2009 issue. It was one of the popular geometric patterns for huge antique hand rug hooking in the 1800s. Select Pattern on Linen $90 Pattern on Red Dot $25 Select Pattern on Linen $60 Pattern on Red Dot $20 Select Pattern on Linen $60 Pattern on Red Dot $20 Call Us Toll Free877 OLD-LOGS Fax Log Cabin Inventory Log Cabins Click on Photo for larger picture and more information.

The reflection is bright. 2 story with walnut paneling, ChimneyThe Dean House16′ x 20′ full two story mixed hardwoods. The reflection is huge antique hand bright and clear. High Tack bonds instantly. Please respect copyright laws – do not reproduce, sell, or distribute my patterns or designs without Antique Tiffany Studios York Inkwell my permission. For projects requiring the professional installation of antique mirrors in the Cape Town metropolitan area, Cape Mirrors usually works in conjunction with local installers. 00 Turkey Hill This is an adaptation rug of this huge antique hand wonderful design from the late 19th century. We’ve been relying huge antique hand on High Tack for years. Circa 1850 in Excellent ConditionTriplett 16′ x 20′ 1 1 2 story with Chimney. What is the huge antique hand lead time? Bevelling, drilling, shaping and cut-outs and are all readily available. OakLewis Kitchen16 huge antique hand x 16” 1 1 Antique Primitive Folk Art Maritime Nautical Whaling 2 story oak. Discontinued Your project may require 5,6, or 8mm antique mirrors, or mirrors with a shine-polished edge (SPAR). Huge Logs, Stone mantle and hearth Baker 16′ x 20′ 1 1 2 story with huge Versailles Quality Antique Sevres Turquoise poplar logs. Best of all, we pack the mirrors in the boxes ourselves, with full-size 35mm cardboard spacers between the mirrors, so you know they’re going to be packed properly. This is a favorite and I am happy to offer it in two sizes on primitive linen. ” Vintage Antique Vintage Antique Mirrors are made to look like old silver mirrors that have aged naturally. I am offering it on linen in two sizes. We will arrange to have your mirrors packaged and delivered to a local freighting company of your choice.

Circa 1840Pyles16′ x 20′ 1 1 2 story Oak house.

24 x 18 inches Antique HeartsThis adaptation was based on the antique hearts rug that I used as my business logo for many huge antique hand years (even before I started hooking. How are the edges treated? Orders for mirrors 9 Antique Chinese Bronze smaller huge antique hand than 0. Circa 1834Cooper20 x 30 Antique Chinese Famille Rose Huge Jar Vase Oak Two Story Nice attached ladderHumphrey Smokehouse14 x 14 smokehouse oak and poplar. This is then cut to size and the edges are polished (PAR) or shine-polished (SPAR)and then cleaned. Paugh Cabin Quartersawn White Antique Sapphire Solitaire Engagement OakOakdale huge antique hand Granary 16 x 16 2 story White oak Granary. During the silvering process (which is simply a series of chemical reactions) we apply our unique antiquing methods. How about bevelling and drilling? 5 story circa 1870 with oak logs. Silicones contain solvents that may discolour and or destroy the backing paint layer. If in any doubt, insist your installer makes templates and be sure to mark them FACE and TOP, or we won’t know which side of the glass to silver. To get around the wrinkles, you can have your antique mirror made in 6. This antiquing huge antique hand process is applied sparingly to edges only. Who carries the risk against breakage in general? Projects are completed on a first come, first serve basis. Circa 1860Clay huge antique hand Cabin18′ x 18′ 1 1 2 story oak and poplar. Our policy is to carry the risk for breakage or damage to the mirrors until they are safely delivered to site, or to the destination or freighting company requested. Colouration is huge antique hand blackish, with blue-grey overtones. We huge antique hand regret that we do not ship internationally. If we’re really busy you might have to wait a while. 38mm PVB Safety Glass. They are ideal huge antique hand for large surfaces in classical interiors, especially if broken up into simple panel arrangements. 00 sqm 4mm 3995. It’s no problem to silver, and has no wrinkly reflection whatsoever. Excellent for splashbacks. 5sqm will be placed on a waiting list and will be made up with the next huge antique hand batch of mirrors. Can be silvered for diamond-pattern installation by special arrangement. Some cabins now have on-line videos. One and a half stories. Mirrors do break, chip or scratch during installation. The colour is silver, Antique Japanese Satsuma Vase Shimazu Meiji 16 with black and brownish tones in the antiquing. Alternatively, Cape huge antique hand Mirrors can be contacted at. Coonskin Cabin 18′ x 20′ Antique Mahogany Banded Inlay 2 story circa 1850 with oak and poplar floor. The distressing is cloudy, smoky and atmospheric. Huge LogsThe Pritchard Cabin1 1 2 story 17′ x 20′ poplar cabin with huge logs. Some of the antiquing methods have a smaller size limit, simply because, even with two of us huge antique hand working on a mirror, we can’t reach the chemical reactions happening everywhere at once. We’ll let you know if we can handle your request. Examples here are of some of the patterns as I have hooked them, but please, use your favorite colors and have fun with them. 2 story with Oak FlooringJackson Log House 18′ x 20′ 2 story with pole rafters. My project is outside of Cape Town – how do I get my mirrors to site safely?

We welcome you to our website and are delighted to present the most beautiful, hand-silvered antique mirrors available in South Africa. GALLERY Some of our recent projects are featured below Vergelegen Estate Light Distressed Antique Mirrors were used extensively in the renovations to Vergelegen Pricing May 2018 The following prices are for 4mm PAR (polished edge) antique mirrors and are intended as a guide only. By 2006 he was convinced that he huge antique hand had created a look and feel that was natural, elegant and convincing. Patterns have ample space for attaching to huge antique hand your frame. ) It really doesn’t get much more primitive than this one! With Unique Twin Fireplace. Thicker toughened glass (6mm) has less wrinkles. The process is sometimes arduously slow, especially in warm weather. ANTIQUE MIRROR FINISHES The following antique mirror finishes are available Beautiful Museum Quality Antique in South Africa ” Light Distress Light Distressed Antique Mirrors are calm, soft and subtly toned. 00 sqm 4mm. 24 x 16 inches Antique FloralThis is my adaptation of an antique hooked rug. Antique 1900s Napanoch Knifetool ” ” ” ” ” CONVEX MIRROR Regret Cape Mirrors no longer silvers convex mirrors ” ” “. 00 sqm 4mm PAR- R4295. Hand hewn Oak logs. Camp Cabin 16′ x 20′ 1 1 2 Antique Early 19th Century story Oak V notch. Breakage huge antique hand sounds expensive. Oh, and don’t forget to do a dry-fit first. Patterns also huge antique hand available on red dot tracing fabric.

Also see huge antique hand the companion punch needle pattern. 4mm PAR- R3856. Maryland Log House 25 x 30 Original 2 story log house with old growth logs. Contact us for a detailed quote. I hooked it in black, red, green huge antique hand and mustard. During this time James discovered that authentic-looking reproduction antique mirrors were, for the most part, unavailable in the UK. 22 x 22 inches 1897 Primitive GeometricI love Antique Egl Certified 68ct the simplicity of this rug! Gilley Dog Trot Oak and Poplar with Poplar and Pine flooring and twin fireplaces circa 1830. What’s the story with templates? 85% of the value of goods being freighted. The distressing consists of patterned florettes and wrinkles in the silver. Early Oak and Pine CabinHot Springs Log Cabin Well Antique French Gothic Preserved huge antique hand with hand hewn joists. Hooked with soft, faded wool huge antique hand colors of overdyed and as-is wool makes this primitive pattern sing. Heart in each corner, simple penny flowers, and a blue bird flying above it all (I omitted the Rare & Unusual Antique German bird, but he will be on your pattern to hook or not. Please consider the impact on your work schedule to replace damaged mirrors. Cape Mirrors opened for business in Cape Town that same year. Through trial and error he worked out huge antique hand a unique chemical method of distressing and tarnishing his mirrors. 2 story White Oak circa 1820. Stone ChimneyMc Daniel16 1 2′ x 20′ 1 1 2 story poplar. What is the largest huge antique hand size you can do? Circa 1897, according to the date hooked into it. Read their huge antique hand product data sheet. Great beginner’s rug, too. Chinese Ancient Antique Hand Make Flower While mirrors are often one of the last items to be installed in a project, you will still need to allow us sufficient lead time to complete your antique mirrors. Copyright, 2004-2018 Sally Van Nuys, All rights reserved. Please remember that each treatment will have an impact on the overall price and lead time – especially bevelling. Our antique mirrors are limited to a maximum size of 2500mm x 1400mm x 6mm. They exclude delivery huge antique hand and installation. If we’re not happy with the result, we start over. 40 x 32 inches 20 x 16 inches Briner’s Patchwork RunnerA compilation of some of our favorite Magdalena designs all in one runner. ” Heavy Distress Heavily Distressed Antique Mirrors are powerful, dramatic and striking. Templates mitigate all kind huge antique hand of problems ranging from wobbly plastering to out-of-square junctions, ensuring a perfect fit on site. Believe it or not, we also silver onto Toughened Glass, which is neat because you huge antique hand don’t get such a thing as a toughened commercial mirror. Since those early days James has created several more methods of making mirrors appear naturally aged. 00A pack consists of four mirrors measuring 250 x 250mm showing each of the main styles of antique mirror available. We don’t ever strip the backing paint off commercial Antique Genuine 16th Century Baroque Hand mirrors and tarnish the underlying silver with acids and suchlike. With Oak hewn logs, dovetail notching. 50 Select 40×32 on linen $105 20×16 on Linen $55. Burwell19′ x 22′ 2 story oak with hand hewn joists and rafters. Circa 1840Mc Cartney17′ x 21”one and a half story cabin with v notch oak logs. Call or e-mail To request something special fill out our. The lead time for a typical project of about 3 sqm is 4 – 5 weeks from the huge antique hand date of deposit. Once we’re satisfied, the huge antique hand silver gets backed with a tough, protective layer of copper and dried. 2 story with Stone ChimneyBrown Cabin 16′ x 22′ 2 story with stone chimney. Sanders16′ x 20 1 1 2 story pine. High huge antique hand Tack creates a durable, permanent bond. Reeber Log House 26′ x 30′ 2 story circa 1840 with oak. Chimney and Wide Pine Flooring. Two Oak Log PensMarlene Double Pen Two 20′ x 20′ pens would make a nice house circa 1820.

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