Huge Antique Portrait Oil Painting Art Deco Lady Woman Signed 1914

Superb details in the sculpture and carving and huge antique portrait completely original, no damage restoration or repairs. Vienna early 1900’s huge antique portrait Price SOLD Title Well sculpted fired terracotta statue of EVE with snake and apple in the style of Jan Stursa Dimensions Height 49cm Width 17 cm Depth 15 cm Weight 3. Pairs of wings on his huge antique portrait sandled feet and a lovely patina. Price SOLD Title Pair of solid bronze life size stag statues, Dimensions Height 200cm Length 105cm Bredth 70cm Description REAL BRONZE heavy statues of a pair of stags. 5 cm Depth 11 cm Description A very huge antique portrait heavy gilded bronze urn in the Ancient Roman manner. ( note plaque has a hairline please see images) more images available Circa 1880 Price SOLD Title Solid Bronze statue of an Heroic ARCHER Gothic Art Deco style Dimensions Height 75 cm Width 43 cm Depth 19cm Weight 18 kg Description An impressive solid bronze statue of a semi clad gothic style herois Archer in the manner of the famous Polish sculptor working in berlin at the turn of the century F. Geman or Austrian late 19th century early 20th century Price SOLD Title French huge antique portrait bust of King Louis XIV beautifully cast in plaster after the original in the Louvre Dimensions Height 38cm Length 27cm Depth 17cm Weight 4. His influence as the leader of all things fashionable and style in Europe was unsurpassed at the time. An ideal paperweight for any Empire enthusiast. 19th century European and raised on later huge antique portrait square turned capital base. 1820’s Italian Circa 1820 Price SOLD Title Art Deco Gilt Bronze Diana Signed Houdon Dimensions Width 13cm Height 31cm Depth 21cm Description Art Deco Gilt bronze Diana signed Houdon. It has a beautiful huge antique portrait patina and is a wonderful example of equestrian sculpture. Statue dimensions: Height 31cm Width 19 cm Depth 13 cm Weight 2000 grams French 19th century Price SOLD Title A hand made solid wooden sailing ship with laminated wooden hull Dimensions Height 78cm, length 100 cm Width 16 cm Description A hand made wooden model of a twin mask sailing ship , complete with stitched canvas sails, pulleys etc and deck details. Large huge antique portrait scale statue. These medallions were mounted around the public buildings in Stockholm , Sweden. He exhibited there regularly until 1897 and huge antique portrait also at the Exposition Universelle in 1900. The portrait is of renowned Swedish composer Sergel. This huge antique portrait early 20th century ormolu casting is after the original massive sculpture by Jean Antoine Houdon ( 1741-1828) Who’s work is exhibited in the Musee Du Louvre in Paris. Price SOLD Title A lLarge heavy real bronze statue of the famous starfish costume lady after Chiparus Dimensions Height 50 cm Width 13 cm Depth 13 cm Weight 2. The gorgeous figure has the countenance of Josephine Baker, an exotic dancer and entertainer of the Art Deco period. Very heavy and cast using huge antique portrait lost wax technique. 5kg 20th century unsigned Price SOLD Title Carved wood and gilded ANGEL statue Dimensions H 21cm W 12 cm D 9 cm Description An antique carved wood angel figure.

Excellent lifelike huge antique portrait details and very nice patina. An impressive cast bronze statue of a Tom Sawyer character sitting on a barrel afloat and blowing a horn trumpet. Price SOLD Title Very Large heavy real bronze statue of a peacock Dimensions Height 90 cm Width 54 cm Depth 21cm Description An impressive sized bronze life size statue of a peacock , finely sculpted in real bronze and cast in lost wax technique. Austrian or German , circa 1890 Price SOLD Title Neoclassical bust of Caesar hand beaten and engraved copper Dimensions Height 12cm width 10. Price SOLD Title Solid bronze stylish lady in butterlfy dress of the Art Deco flapper style Dimensions Height 34cm width 16 cm Weight 2. Furniture Lighting Metalware Silver & Silver Plate Sculpture, artwork, carvings, statuary Title Antique Terracotta statue of Mignon by Eugene Aizelin , French 19th Rare Antique Franz Bergman 12 Antique Minton Red Plates century.

Beautifully sculpted and mounted on oval cast plinth and complete with adjustable seahorse reigns ( one is missing). 20th century. This Art Deco figure is not signed but may have been intended as a model for a bronze casting. The statue is huge antique portrait leaning backwards. The loosely drapped figure of a lady with art nouveau belt resting her urn whilst waiting for her future husband to be. She wears a Parisienne bob haircut and has a butterfly shaped ribbon in her hair. Eight sided heavy column will support your favrouite statue, sculpture or vase 20th century Price SOLD Title Solid bronze statue of an Italian statue of a PRANCING huge antique portrait HORSE after the original by da Vinci Dimensions Height 35cm Length 35cm Depth 11cm Weight 6kg Description REAL BRONZE heavy statue of a proud horse in the mannerr of da Vinci. The sculptor has captured the female form in a most delicate way, completely Antique Chinese Carved Wood clad, her figure is draped in cloth accentuating the feminine curves. 5cm Length 8cm Depth 6cm Description Bronze statue of Ned Kelly Circa 1985 Price SOLD Title Solid Bronze Statue Of Justice Dimensions Height 82cm Description Solid Bronze Justizia of justice complete with scales and sword. The famous foundry of Barbedienne produced a number of huge antique portrait his models including the present example, in the following sizes: 34cm, 40cm, 54cm, 67cm, 80cm. Complete with solid oak stand 20th century Price AUD $ 195 Title Heavy life size bronze torso of an huge antique portrait ancient goddess Diana or Artemis, on later pedestal base Dimensions Height 153cm Width 35 cm Depth 35 cm Pedestal height 71cm Description An impressive heavy cast bronze statue torso of the Ancient Greek Goddess Artemis known in Roman times as Diana. The bronze statue is mounted onto a painted timber pedestal with huge antique portrait carved details. It was cast in Italy 1575-1653 in huge antique portrait the workshop of Francesco Susini. 5cm width 6 cm Description Solid cast bronze antique German or Austrian medallion with the head of a man wearing the crown of laurels, emblematic of a poet, Finely sculpted in bas relief and with signature of sculptor HORNER The upturned collar would indicate an early 19th century costume. French made huge antique portrait for the oriental gentleman collector. The sculpture has a beautiful antique patina. Quite huge antique portrait heavy too for a plaster casting, it retains its original patina. Perfect for the gallery home or straight into the shop. The sculpture or statue was first exhibited at The Salon in Paris in 1880. Lovely wood grain that really needs to be seen huge antique portrait to be appreciated. 5cm Width 4 cm Depth 4 cm Weight 250 grams French 19th century Price SOLD huge antique portrait Title Solid cast gold leaf gilt bust of an Art Nouveau girl entitled MEDITATION , signed and numbered to back Dimensions Height 31cm Length 18cm Depth 12cm Weight 4kg Description A very heavy cast statue bust of a beautiful Art Nouveau girl. Related Literature: Les Bronzes du XIXie huge antique portrait Siecle, Large Cheery Vintage 30s Orange Peel P. 20th century after the 18th century French original in the Louvre museum, Paris. Dimensions Height 19cm Length 6cm Depth 5cm Description Bust of an ancient antique Greek possibly Aristotle or Euripides mounted on a square sienna marble plinth with lower bronze molding and mable platform. Could be converted into a fountain as it is cast hollow and a pipe could be plumbed to huge antique portrait carry water to the horn. Johann huge antique portrait Wolfgang von Goethe 1749-1832. Standing on all four legs with chisseled details to realistic fur coat. Possibly of Hadrian. The loosely drapped figure of a lady with art nouveau huge antique portrait belt is studded with inlayed white opal cabuchons. Price SOLD Title Very tall heavy real bronze cast pair of Whippet greyhound statues Dimensions Height 78 cm Width 24 cm Depth 21cm Description An impressive life sized bronze pair of statues of whippets or greyhounds one facing left the other facing right. French Circa 1880 Price SOLD Title Bornze and marble large figure after Carl Milles Dimensions Width 77cm Height 61cm Depth 26cm Description SOLID Deco BRONZE Sculpture with solid black noir marble block base. This fine sculpture dates from around 1890 -1910 and is in superb condition. Price SOLD Title Deco Solid Black Marble Pharaoh Statue circa 1900 Dimensions Height 152cm Width 53cm Depth 38 cm Weight in excess of 300kg Description Solid carved stone black basalt or marble sculptured figure carved from a single monolithic block. An ideal gift huge antique portrait for any judge, lawyer or barrister! Extremely heavy as its carved from one solid block of stone and weighs in excess of 300 kg. 1880-1925 The style is huge antique portrait definitely Art Deco. A wonderful face and good gold leaf gilt finish and nice original aged patina.

Perhaps a follower or school of? Perfect garden feature or interior decor. Price SOLD Title Very Large heavy real bronze statue of the Fabulous Josephine Baker Dimensions Height 42 cm Width 20 cm Depth 20cm Weight 5. Fienly chisseled scales to the body and huge antique portrait resting on four well carved paws. Dimensions Height 5. An exotic dancer and entertainer of the Art Deco period. The carved rococo huge antique portrait details are just superb. This wood carver really understood the timber he was working with. She does not have any repairs or restoration and is in excellent condition. 6 kg huge antique portrait Description An impressive sized bronze statue of a lady in Art Deco dress complete fancy costume in the manner of Chiparus. 20th century Price SOLD Title Very Large life size heavy real bronze statue of an majestic stag Dimensions Height 183 cm Width 74 cm Length 155 cm Description An impressive life sized real bronze statue of a stag, finely sculpted with a gorgeous verdigris patina. Well finished huge antique portrait in gold leaf with hand applied patina, she is signed to the back possibly by Gross who worked for the GoldScheider company as sculptor. Mounted on fine granite turned base Circa 1920 Price SOLD Title Art Deco “Metropolis” Maiden DimensionsHeight 28cm Length 12cm Depth 7cm Description Art deco “metropolis” maiden possibly a mirror stand, beautifully sculpted and heavy Circa 1910 Price SOLD Title Rare Pair Ormolu Cupid Statues DimensionsHeight 15cm Length 6cm Depth 6cm huge antique portrait Description Rare pair Ormolu cupid statues raised on turned and chased column pedestals. With huge antique portrait a flower in her long trailing hair , she has the countenance of a muse. Napoleon III period Circa 1860 Price SOLD Title Pair of solid bronze life size stag statues Left and right facing , Dimensions Height 200cm Length 105cm Bredth 70cm Description REAL BRONZE huge antique portrait heavy statues of a pair of stags. Age and origin unknown Price AUD $2699 Title Well carved antique Roman bust of Augustus most likely made in coadestone composition Dimensions Width 30cm Height 82cm Length 30cm Description Antique carved bust of Augustus in reconstituted stone, possibly Coadstone but unsigned. Price SOLD Title Rare Carved Bust Of Bacchus of the Napoleon III era Dimensions Width 23cm Height 45cm Depth 20cm Description Rare carved bust of Bacchus the wine god.

It is quite likely that huge antique portrait this was made as an exhibition piece. She presents herself as a pre Art Deco goddess. Price $2600 Title Well sculpted silvered metal figure of a semi clad Bacchante Description An well sculpted statue of a Bacchante or huge antique portrait Maenads , a devote of Bacchus, god of wine. Both ewer and wine chalice are separately cast to the main statue. The Art Nouveau period would date from 1890-1910 huge antique portrait so it is probably a design or pattern number rather than a year date. This gorgeous ecstatic lady appears to be flying in the air with arms and legs outstretched in the manner huge antique portrait and style of Carl Milles, Swedish sculptor. This period terracotta is a smaller scale model of the original bronze. Well carved with a large shoulder strap bag to one side and with strw hat upon his head. Lovely verdigris huge antique portrait patina, lifelike pose and well executed. Aizelin began his studies under Dumont at the Ecole des Beaux Art in 1844 and debuted at the Salon in 1852. Probably from a few too many XO brandy after the loosing to Russian imperial and Prussian forces! A very similar example is in the Metropolitan museum of Art and sculpted by Giovanni Bologna called Giabologna 1529-1608. Circa 1820 Price SOLD Title Bronze Statue Of Ned Kelly DimensionsHeight 12. A real feature for any stately huge antique portrait mannor house.

She stands tall and with outstretched arms and posing in a traditional art deco dancer pose. 7kg Description Antique Chinese dragon statue , beuatifully carved in heavy pallisander rosewood. 4kg Description Beautifully sculpted bust of the important French King Louis XIV also known as the Sun King. With hand finished beautiful verdigris patina , this fine sculpture is mounted on a turned black huge antique portrait marble circular base. This cute statue would be ideal as a water feature or garden ornament and huge antique portrait is cast in real bronze metal. Description Eugene-Antoine Aizelin, French (1821-1902) A fired terracotta figure of Mignon cast. Stamped and signed huge antique portrait to base. The front and back of her gown with Antique Persian Kerman Rug 21 X 29 nicely engraved butterfly motiv, she holds a large butterfly shaped fan and has a butterfly landing huge antique portrait on her shoulder. This nubile your lady is loosly drapped and holds a drinking chalice in one hand and a wine ewer in the other. Most likely Venetian ornaments and superbly chisseled details Italy 19th century or earlier Price AUD $1450 pair Title Solid bronze figure of a buy with horn sitting on a barrel. China 1890 Price SOLD Title A gorgeous bronze statue of a laughing piggy , ideal as a water feature Dimensions Height 23 huge antique portrait cm Width 40 cm Depth 30 cm Description An impressive statue of a seated piggy figurine, cast in bronze. Beautifull jewellry quality details to these fine gilded bronzes priced as a pair. Price huge antique portrait SOLD Title Ormolu Bust Of A French Lady Dimensions Height 19cm Length 10cm Depth 8cm Description Ormolu bust of a French lady with fine details and signed to rear.

Weight is around huge antique portrait 100 grams. The marvelous bronze is mounted on a rouge marble turned base. It has an integral cast bronze plinth base with later felt pad below. She is athletically in pose and stands, mounted on a huge antique portrait marble base. Please huge antique portrait also look at my other listings , NOTE the white marble pedestal upon which she fits perfectly is listed separately. The handles in forms of Neptune and bacchant Fauns France, Paris circa 1830 Price SOLD Title Rare Carved signed Terracotta GOLDSCHEIDER Lady statue or Rebecca Dimensions Height 93 huge antique portrait cm Depth 30cm Width 35cm Description A VERY rare and unusually large statue by Viennese factory of GOLDSCHEIDER late 19th century , in perfect condition, this fired terracotta figure with original paint and gilding featuring gold leaf and traslucent paint Stamped and signed to base. Price SOLD Title Antique Chinese Solid heavy ebony or rosewood carved wood dragon figure Dimensions Width 22cm Height 28cm Depth 10cm Weight 1. There is also a two number inscription with a germanic 7 and the number 9. The seated girl with a mandolin at her side, on a bow fronted base inscribed MIGNON, signed EUGENE AIZELIN. 20th century European Price SOLD Title Antique bronze statue of Napoleon on a heavy bronze pedestal Description A solid bronze statue of French Emperor Napoleon with trade mark huge antique portrait hand in waistcoat and hat. Price SOLD Title Bronze Chinese DRAGON statue on burgundy huge antique portrait marble base French 19th century Dimensions Height 12cm Length 14cm Depth 8cm Description Gorgeous bronze Griffin or Dragon statue with stretched wings and firmly footed on a rouge marble base. He is huge antique portrait standing on a turned circular column resting on a square plinth. Price SOLD Title Art Deco Berlin Bronze Nude Dancer DimensionsWidth 14cm Height 27cm Depth 8cm Description Art huge antique portrait Deco Berlin bronze nude musician dancer signed by Karl Kowalczewski 1876-1927 Art Deco period sculptor in Berlin. It has a steel hook fixed to the back for easy huge antique portrait suspension Circa 1990 Price SOLD Title Four Seasons in terracotta Signed Danish wall Plaques Dimensions Diameter 22cm Depth 2 cm Description Complete set of four antique terracotta signed Danish plaques marked: Ibsen, From a design by noted Danish sculptor Thorvaldsen. These finely cast sculptures represent the four huge antique portrait season and bear makers marks to reverse. 5 cm Description Well sculpted copper plate plaque of an Ancient Roman Emperor bust wearing traditional dress swags with shoulder clasp. No foundry stamp of signature to date this by but presume 20th century by the excellent patina surface. 6 kg huge antique portrait Description An impressive sized pair of cast brass sea horses of Italian origin. This rare statue of an ancient Egyptian nobleman as a Visier or Paraoh and is life size for the period with very well carved proportions. Italian fully nude sculpture of the Roman figure as excavated in the House of the Dancing Faun, Pompeii Circa 1820 Price SOLD Title Antique Bronze Of Apollo Resting Dimensions Width 10cm Height 11cm Depth 6cm Description Antique Bronze of Apollo resting with fine detailed features fully nude. Weighing 18 kg. 8th century style Circa 1900 Price SOLD Title Grand Tour Bronze Dancing Faun Dimensions Width 6cm Height 16cm Depth 6cm Description Grand Tour bronze of the Pompeiian Dancing Faun. Chisselled and huge antique portrait decorated with a unique neptune sea faring scene around the body. No Foundry mark or signature to date this by , but made of real hot cast bronze. The bronze figure is patinated all over and is mounted on a solid marble plinth with turned border. This statue available is unmarked , no signature of founrdy stamps. Ideal as huge antique portrait a paperweight. Although unsigned and huge antique portrait no foundry mark, this work is unique figure and would date to around the 1940 50’s. Price AUD $11,900 Title A gilt bronze Romanesque urn of exquisite quality depicting neptune Dimensions Height 16 cm Width 18. This antique bust is signed to back by the famous Berlin foundry of H Gladenbeck and son. 19th century solid bronze Price $1795 Title Very Large heavy pair huge antique portrait of brass seahorses Venetian 19th century Dimensions Height 30 cm Width 7 cm Length 33cm Weight 4. They are elegantly seated on a sculpted 8 sided pedestal with carved acanthus and ribbon work, all in solid lost wax technique bronze casting, each weighing in at around 13 kilos per sculpture. Justic huge antique portrait is blind sculpture in the Art Deco manner. It is most unusual to find such a big sized terracotta in perfect condition. The hull is constructed of many pieced of timber glued together then shaped. 1 kg Description Well sculpted solid bronze statue of a Flapper Dancer Girl in traditional Art Deco dress. The beautiful nude figure with stylised Art Deco hair in the manner of Jan Stursa , considered the formost Chez artist huge antique portrait of his short time. 5 kg Description An impressive sized bronze statue of a lady in Art Deco dress complete with pearl strand and cap, mounted on turned marble base. These fine sculptures area real bronze pair of sculptures of stately and majestic pair , left and right facing stags on a naturalistic sculpted rocky outcrop in bronze. Price SOLD Title Heavy Bronze paperweight depicting a poet, possibly Goethe. This gorgeous statue is well poised huge antique portrait with outstretched arm holding a longbow and draped stylised cloth arcoss both arms.

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