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This is ten times more than current prices realized for any other factory decoy, and substantially more than its original selling price of $1. They are characterized by a carved notch on the top of the bill and scored outlines that separate the bill from the face, and by a “nail” incised on the end of the bill. Painted Eye $4. Challenge model, solid $6. Glasseye Snipe Shorebirds $5. Their hand-painted detail can rival that of the best decoys by intricate antique carving individual makers (Fig. Premiers are generally flat-bottomed, which means they rock to a lesser extent when in the water than do round-bottomed decoys, thus offering a more realistic representation of the action of live ducks. There is no physical evidence or any physical monuments but in many documentaries there is mention of Licchavi period (300-879 AD) and woodwork in that period. Very few decoys by other classic intricate antique carving makers can be purchased for comparable amounts. Similar in style to the Premiers, these decoys tend to be a bit smaller, generally solid bodied, with a smooth face and bill (no notch). For those who may shy away from a factory connotation, here Tiffany & Co Antique are five good reasons to collect Masons: Quality Most intricate antique carving collectors believe that Mason decoys are every bit as collectible as handmade decoys. He did this by adding a less expensive “Standard Grade” decoy model to the existing Premier and intricate antique carving Challenge Grades. Today, mainly sal, agrath intricate antique carving and chapa wood, available in plenty in and around the Valley is used. Woodwork has been part of traditional architecture of Nepal and wood carvings have graced monasteries, temples, palaces and intricate antique carving residential homes since the twelfth century, although the earliest surviving dated temple decorated with wood carving, the Indresvara Mahadeva temple in Panauti near Antique Industrial Store Dry Cleaners Banepa, bears the date 1396. Why intricate antique carving Collect Masons? The execution of the decorative work had to be very precise so that the countless tiny component parts of a pattern fit perfectly, because no nails or intricate antique carving glue are used. To make them lightweight for transporting, 098 Carat J Premiers were hollow. 00 per doz. Saleability There are more Mason collectors than any other kind of decoy collector. Challenge decoys are mostly round-bottomed. Woodcarving in Nepal is par excellence a Newari art. “The people of Nepal are skilled in arts. After 1905, Mason began to offer its least expensive and most Antique Cluster Stud Earrings In 18k popular line–its Standard Grade (Figs. No bill delineation was used beyond contrasting paint patterns. The decorators were taught to apply their paint in circular swirls to simulate the iridescence of feathers. Tackeye intricate antique carving Snipe Shorebirds $3. They continued the business until 1939, when owner William E. Their houses are made of wood and carved. 1905, sold at auction in 2000 for $354,500, an auction record for a Mason decoy and the sixth highest price ever paid for any waterfowl decoy at auction. The Mason Company offered a wide variety in all grades of ducks and shorebirds as well as geese, brant, crows, doves, and swans, only discontinuing its line of shorebird decoys when the hunting of shorebirds was outlawed by the Federal Migratory Waterfowl Act of 1918. In the early 1900s the Mason Decoy Factory (1896-1924) of Detroit, Michigan, advertised themselves as the “Largest Manufacturers Of High Grade Decoys In The World! Lathes, band saws, and sanders were installed, and skilled painters, most likely from the defunct Peterson and Dodge factories, were hired. This grade was available in three varieties characterized by the differences in their eyes. (The company survives today as BASF’s intricate antique carving Inmont Division’s R-M high quality line of automotive paints. Availability More Masons were made than any other decoy. The “nail” on the end intricate antique carving of the bill is painted, not incised. In 1919, Herbert Mason and a friend formed the Rinshed-Mason Company and became the largest paint supplier to the growing automotive industry. These Silpakar and Kaisthakar families enjoy a strong local and foreign market for their products. A Chinese traveler Wang Hsuan Tsang (643 AD), who has described Licchavi kingdom in his travel log, has clearly mentioned the beautiful woodcrafts, wood sculptures, and decorations used by the Licchavis. 75 per doz. This decoy sold for $690,000 in an April, 2014 auction. Therefore, collectors have a much better chance of finding a really good example. Affordability Greater availability reduces rarity and in turn helps to hold down prices. 50 per doz. 95 Never Pay More Than the Marked Price There are NO 18-25% buyer’s premium or shipping charges. Mason’s intricate antique carving Premiers were the highest grade decoy offered by the company (Fig. ) With this venture becoming more profitable, Herbert sold the decoy business to the Pratt Company of Joliet, Illinois, in 1924. A Price List, circa 1905 Premier model, hollow $12. 1910, sold for intricate antique carving $13,800 at auction in 2000. We offer Wood carving statues, Buddha wooden statues, handmade Buddha wooden crafts, crafted windows, wooden doors, wooden sculptures intricate antique carving and wooden artistic crafts. A Collector’s Guide to Value and Restoration A Mason decoy’s value is determined by its rarity weighed against 155 Ct F Si3 Exc Round Agi its degree of originality. A Mason that has been repainted Antique Mid To Late 1800s is worth significantly less than one with its original paint, even if worn. Email: PH: 346 940 Copyright 2007-2010, Nepal Art Shop intricate antique carving Export & Import (P. Some professional restoration is acceptable and perhaps preferable to most collectors as long as the seller has made it known prior to purchase. For subscription information call. In fact, the intricate antique carving history of woodcarving in Nepal is older than that. Most of today’s collectors prefer this approach. On your demand we make wooden carving statues and doors. 1915, in mint condition. The requested URL intricate antique carving was rejected. Standards were round-bottomed; Glasseye and Tackeye models were fatter than Painted Eyes. Glasseye $5. Pratt died and the company was sold to the Animal Trap Decoy Company of Lititz, Pennsylvania, who continued production until the 1960s. If you think this is an error, please contact Antique Portrait Oil Painting Of A Lady the webmaster. Mason assigned its best painters to its intricate antique carving Premiers, resulting in natural looking intricate details and colors appropriate to specific species. Most of the woodcraft industry today is focused on providing local people and tourists with collectible items such as picture frames and miniature statuettes.

Unlike the original models, this grade had three price levels determined by the decoy’s eyes: glass, intricate antique carving tack, or painted (see price list). Therefore there will always be collectors buying and selling to upgrade, resulting in a fluid market. 5c: Mason Standard Grade Tackeye canvasback intricate antique carving hen, ca. The current record price–$354,500–for a factory decoy was set by a Mason Premier wood duck drake (Fig. Woodcraft in Nepal today is one of Nepal’s best industries and is made up mostly of family businesses that employ a small number of laborers to help in the production of their work. Manufacturer & exporter of Nepal wood carving statues and intricate antique carving wholesale wooden crafts from Kathmandu.

Historic sources name a kind of wood called Dhunsi or Chasi, meaning in Newari “as strong as a tiger”. Within Standards, Glasseyes are worth more than Tackeyes and Tackeyes more than Painted Eyes. A decoy with a tail chip or missing neck filler, but in otherwise original condition, can be restored to its original appearance by competent professionals. Mason’s next best offering was its intricate antique carving Challenge Grade (Fig.

Besides being the decorative of many individual residences it has covered many main parts of architecture and intricate antique carving buildings known to the world. The Newari language comprises a rich vocabulary of wood carving terms in which every component part of a traditional pattern and every technical detail of the craft have a name, and sometimes several names in different parts of the valley. Value Because of their wide appeal, Masons have steadily increased in value, whereas prices for many other makers, while growing, have continually fluctuated. 1910, with neck putty missing (left) and after professional restoration (right). Among these Newari woodcarver clans, the intricate antique carving Silpakars are, perhaps, the best known. Consequently, all available surfaces of wood, including doors, windows, cornices, Copeland China 1893 brackets and lintels were beautifully shaped and formed and lavishly carved in intricate patterns of geometrical, floral, human and animal forms. Masons are still one of the best buys in decoys. Sold by mail order companies like Sears and Roebuck, these decoys are almost always solid. Another one of intricate antique carving such wooden monument, a traditional architectural site named Kasthamandapa a wooden mansion near Hanuman Dhoka, Kathmandu, still stands. Nepal Government Registered Thamel intricate antique carving -29, Kathmandu, Nepal. Wood has been traditionally the main building material in the Valley and it was only natural that the heavy wooden framework, which forms the essential part of the structure, and the beams, struts, pillars and entablatures, forming an ingenious system of load distribution and roof support, should be used for ornamentation. With the passing of his father in 1905, Herbert proved to be an astute businessman intricate antique carving and increased profits through advertising. Bodies were turned on a lathe with little carving detail, and where head and body did not intricate antique carving meet, neck putty was added and painted over to match.

Masons Grading intricate antique carving System Fig. ” Founder William James Mason (mid-1800s-1905) and his successors would be pleased to learn that their quest for quality is still recognized in today’s marketplace. Herbert Mason also sought to expand the company by broadening its market share. Masons in the best original condition have proven the best values. 6: Mason Standard Grade Glasseye mallard drake, ca. 1: Mason Premier Grade wood duck drake, ca.

However, a scarcity of certain Painted Eyes can make them worth more than comparable Tackeyes and Glasseyes. Challenge model, hollow $8. There is no evidence regarding its built period but is believed before 1143 as a shelter for travelers in the trade route. In fact, intricate antique carving the Antique 19c French Pair Of Enameled factory connotation is unfair. 1) in January 2000. Historical Woodcarvings in the Kathmandu Valley is very impressive and is popular east to west over world. Goldberger and Alan G. Decoys & Antiques For Sale Decoys Folk Art & Americana Reference Books Recently Sold Collecting Mason Decoys This article is excerpted from by Russ J. ” — Wang Hsuan intricate antique carving Tsang: Memoirs.

The art of wood carving has been the intricate antique carving pride of Nepal for many centuries. Tackeye $4. 5a: Mason Standard Grade Glasseye blue-winged and green-winged teal 9 Antique Chinese Bronze Palace Dragon pairs, ca. Reprinted with permission from the Summer 2003 issue of. While the decoy business prospered, intricate antique carving it remained seasonal. Today, woodcarving of Nepal has reached all intricate antique carving over the world. Your support ID is: 240067385 Wood Carving in Nepal Nepal Art Shop Export & Import P ltd. Mint original condition. The legend also says that, this Kasthamandapa was built out of a single timber. Though more people were involved intricate antique carving in their production, Masons were largely made by hand. While Rare Antique Haviland & Co collectors should strive to purchase decoys in the best original condition they can afford, remember that they were tools designed to lure waterfowl to hunters, and thus suffered wear and damage and were frequently repainted (Fig. Nepal wooden carving is handmade & best Nepali wood used whic longlast for several years. 7: Mason Premier Grade goldeneye intricate antique carving drake, ca. While earlier intricate antique carving woodcarvings have been described in travelogues, samples have not survived the elements. Mason’s intricate antique carving son, Herbert, joined the company. Hollow, in nearly mint original condition. Herbert increasingly ran the company, using his father’s decoy carving and intricate antique carving paint patterns. Mason Premiers are usually worth a bit more than Challenges, while Challenges are worth more than Standard Grades. 5b: Mason Standard Grade Painted Eye blue-winged intricate antique carving teal hen, ca. The techniques used by the Newari craftsmen follow the prescriptions for wood carving contained in medieval texts, which give exact and specialized instructions for every aspect of craft. Paint patterns remain fancy, but there is less blending and more blocks of solid colors. New Mason intricate antique carving Decoys Book $63. Join Our Mailing List 2018 RJG Antiques For more information, please contact us at: or. It was at this point that the company became a nationwide commercial operation.

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