Magnificent Heavy 18k Gold Antique Style Hand Cut Carnelian Crest Ring

Birmingham 1899 Antique 1900 Persian Gashgai Rug 295 7. 198 Fancy Gilt Pocket Watch Key. 177 15K Gold and Stone Set FOX Pocket Watch Key. 212 Solid 15K Gold Seal Key with Gold chain. 172 Rare 18K Gold Breguet magnificent heavy 18k Pocket Watch Key with a BIRD.

195 Massive Gilt DRAGON Seal. 110 English Silver magnificent heavy 18k Stamp Case. 17 Fancy Gold Filled Watch Chain. 49 Georgian 15K Gold and magnificent heavy 18k Steel Pocket Watch Key. Parker was eventually introducing the Jotter ballpen which sold very well, one reason being that it fitted as a set to the Parker “51” which was just about in everybodys pocket anyway. 174 18K Gold and CLOISONNE enamel Pocket Watch Key. All logos and or images on these pages areof unless otherwise stated and is reprinted by kind permission. 106 Good Gilt Watch Chain with large Bolt Ring. 45 Superb Cut Steel Pocket Watch Key. Circa 1930 55 7. Circa 1770 350 9. 3 English Silver Single Watch Chain. 191 High Quality 18K Gold and Ruby EAGLE Seal. 48 magnificent heavy 18k Good Quality Gold Filled Single Watch Chain. 9 Gilt Egyptian style Pocket Watch Key. 154 Large Gilt and magnificent heavy 18k Glass Set Seal. 211 French Pocket Watch Key. Circa 1850 145 9. 51 Gilt 10×14 Red Blue Persian Rug and Glass Set Pocket Watch Key. 22 Gold and Steel BREGUET Pocket Watch Key. Birmingham 1921 195 7. 48 Silver Albertina with Book Fob. Circa 1820 295 9.

When the new pen, called Sterling Cicel hit the market in 1964 (the pen was finished in 1963, though, Parker’s 75:th anniversary) it cost $25, which was extremely high for a pen aimed at the “broader” public. Circa 1880 95 7. 85 English Silver Stamp Case. The Rainbow was made for two years only. Save On 351Cts 216 Solid 18K Gold and Blue and Gold Enamel Pocket Watch Key c1810 295 9. Chester 1907 115 9. Circa 1750 150 9. 99 Unusual Gold Cased and Stone Set Fancy Pocket Watch Key. 226 Early German Steel Pocket Watch Keys. Circa 1890 175 9. 51 Unusual Silver Watch Chain. Circa 1950 50 9. 193 Fancy Gilt and Striped Agate Set Pocket Watch Key. 46 Superb Example of an Albertina with Heart Fob and Tassel. 73 Fancy Gilt and Stone Set SHIELD Shaped Pocket Watch Key. 104 Gilt Metal Georgian Seal with JANE Intaglio c1820 55 9. The gold ring at the lip magnificent heavy 18k of the section (close to the nib) was prone to discolouration on accout of the acid in the ink and the ring was moved away from the nib, leaving a plastic ring between the nib and the gold. Circa 1925 595 9. 108 Fancy Gilt Metal Chain with carved Bloodstone Fob. Circa 1880 magnificent heavy 18k 195 9. 157 English Silver Sovereign Case. Circa 1870 75 9. Circa 1880 150 9. B y 1965 the Parker 75 range included: Sterling Silver Cicel A very attractive Vermeil, plain gold-filled Sterling Silver The silver under the gold giving it a special lustre. 73 English Silver Single Watch magnificent heavy 18k Chain with Fob. Fisher managed to retrieve a lot of gold and silver ingots (bars) from the ships. 73 Fancy Gold Filled Double Watch Chain. 49 Fancy Gold Plated Watch Chain with a Seal Fob. Circa magnificent heavy 18k 1820 360 7. Circa magnificent heavy 18k 1890 175 7. 34 Top Quality English Silver 385Ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds Double and Single Watch Chain. 70 Beautiful Watch Chain with Pierced Fob. A Presidential Keepsake in solid 14 ct gold was also offered at $100. 53 Gold Plated Pocket Watch Chain. Circa magnificent heavy 18k 1790 75 9. And former secretary of state, William P Rogers used his to sign the Vietnam peace agreement in 1973. Circa 1850 magnificent heavy 18k 595 9. 171 Magnificent LION Seal with Rare Hunting Scene Intaglio. Circa 1650 magnificent heavy 18k 750 13. Circa 1850 35 9. Birmingham 1903 magnificent heavy 18k 145 7. Circa 1890 25 8. 42 Gilt Metal Pineapple Shaped Pocket Watch Key. The Parker Vector (RB-1) picked up this idea, only with a more elongated circle. He Parker 75 is an odd pen since it actually became more and more popular as the time went by. 13 English Silver and Enamel STORK CRICKET magnificent heavy 18k Medal Fob. A fantastic collection of Parker “75” prototypes. Birmingham 1898 250 7. 41 Silver Albertina with Coin and Large Antique Vintage French Tassel. Antique Sterling Silver 10k Circa 1890 75 9. 4 Top Quality English Silver Watch Chain Birmingham 1923 395 7. 118 Sterling Silver BOW shaped Watch Brooch Pin. Circa 1870 95 9. Old Chinese Bronze Dragon All opinions, views, and thoughts expressed herein are expressly the authors, and in no way reflect the opinions, views, or thoughts of the. 219 Solid 18K Gold Propelling Pencil and Pocket Watch Key. Circa 1850 125 9. 87 Early Cut Steel Watch Chain with magnificent heavy 18k Heart Motif Fob. Birmingham 1921 175 7. 85 English Silver Single BLAZER magnificent heavy 18k Watch Chain. The new pen was destined to be produced for thirty years with only minor changes in the basic design. 72 Gilt Watch Chain with a Mother of Pearl Fob. Circa 1830 295 9. 134 Cut Steel HEART Shaped Pocket Watch Key. 71 Massive English Silver Swivel Fob. 150 Shield Shaped Gilt and Stone Set Pocket 18 Antique 1299 Character Doll By Simon Watch Key. 75 English Silver Single Watch Chain with a Coin Fob. Birmingham magnificent heavy 18k 1817 395 9. 89 Dutch Silver Chatelaine with Key and Seals. E borrowed the idea of an adjustable nib from himself, from the, at the time, not very popular Parker “VP”, Very Personal, which he and Don Doman also designed in the early 1960’s, (it was launched in 1962). 28 Victorian WHITBY JET Watch Chain c1860 45 8. 170 Solid 9K Gold and Huge Antique Hand Carved Religious Stations Cross Citrine Swivel.

Circa 1880 950 7. 68 Fancy Box Link Gold Filled Single Watch Antique Weight Driven Banjo Chain. Circa 1950 65 9. 108 English Silver Stamp Case. Birmingham 1913 95 Antique English Carved Wood Leather Cabinet Wine 9. 82 Heavy magnificent heavy 18k Gold Filled Single Watch Chain. Circa 1890 magnificent heavy 18k 75 8. 16 Fancy Gold Filled Watch Chain. 97 Antique Gold Plated Watch Chain with a Fancy Antique Arts & Seal Circa 1890 175 8. 122 Gilt Metal magnificent heavy 18k Compass Fob. 7 Unusual NUT Pocket Watch Key. 100 magnificent heavy 18k Fancy Gold Filled Chain. Circa 1890 95 7. Circa 1950 45 9.

The first Parker “75” models also had a grading scale engraved on the metal cover separating the nib feed from the section and a wide, approximately. 144 English Silver Bloodstone Swivel Fob. 213 Solid 18K Gold and Stone Set Pocket Watch Key Circa 1850 175 9. Circa 1900 55 7. 114 magnificent heavy 18k Gilt Metal Compass Fob. Circa 1890 Antique Vintage Rare Solid Yellow 750 7. Designer Don Doman conceived the idea to make a limited edition of the Parker 75 from this old silver. Circa 1830 145 9. 61 Top Quality English Silver Double Watch Chain. 96 Unusual CLAW Watch Chain. 31 Fine gilt metal Watch chain. Circa 1910 35 9. Birmingham 1914, 295 7. 160 Gilt and Stone Set Pocket Watch Key. 75 Solid 9K Gold and Fabric Watch Chain. Circa 1810 85 9. 37 magnificent heavy 18k Gilt Metal Compass Fob. 84 English Silver Stamp Case. 12 Antique 19c Copeland Spode Blue & 96 English Silver Vinaigrette.

Circa 1850 magnificent heavy 18k 1250 9.

36 Good English Silver magnificent heavy 18k Single Watch Chain. Circa 1820 395 9. The Insignia Cicel Original Antique C1900s Silver , all gold filled The Presidential Cicel Solid 14 ct gold In the early 1960’s a man named Fisher was tracing old Spanish treasure ships that had sunk outside the coast of Florida in 1715. It only cost $75 back in 1966. 6 Large English Silver Single Watch Chain. 74 Gilt Watch Chain with a Mother of Pearl Horn Shaped Fob. 5 Gold Filled Watch Chain and White Gold Filled Pen Knife. 115 Rare English Silver BOOK SHAPED Vinaigrette. 109 Gilt Metal and Steel Chatelaine with Shibiyama Work. 93 Antique Gold Plated Watch Chain with magnificent heavy 18k a Fancy Seal Circa 1890 145 8. 197 Massive and Unusual 15K Gold Fancy Pocket Watch Key. 39 Fancy English Silver Double Watch Chain. 22 Gold Filled Single Watch Chain. Circa 1810 75 9. 206 Solid 15K Gold Fancy Georgian Pocket Watch Key. 8 English Silver Hard Stone Set FOB with LION Motif. Recent 125 7.

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