Magnificent Large Antique Oil On Canvas Art Painting Spanish Woman Southwestern

633) A HIGHLY DECORATED FRENCH ENGRAVED KOUSE: Composed of steel with wide, straight, single-and false-edged blade and hollowed base, all the Antique 18k Yellow Gold & Platinum surface engraved; Royal, Crowned Coat-Of-Arms, trophies and floral motifs on one side, the other magnificent large antique one is decorated in similar way but even less visible, bandeau with barely readable inscriptions “CA. Museum quality, probably French. 634) RARE VENETIAN HALBERD CIRCA 1580: Venetian arms and armor are rare and sought after by collectors. This is NOT a good choice for Mother’s Day! 625) BEAUTIFUL KNIGHTS ROWEL magnificent large antique SPUR 15TH CENTURY: Found in Germany. Main plate is almost 15 inches. 216) 16th Century Alms Box From A 12th Century Church With Strong Templar Ties: Large built of steel with a long spike that is embedded in the wall of the church to prevent the theft of the entire box. Full basket grip with the highland method of welding together magnificent large antique iron strips thus the Ribbon hilt full basket designed guard. 317) LARGE DECORATED EUROPEAN GOTHIC SCULPTED STONE COLUMN CIRCA 1450-1500. 655) FINE GERMAN DECORATED INSCRIBED RAPIER SWORD CIRCA 1600: Beautiful swept hilt rapier with the inscription MARIA on the fuller. Posted in Posted on by As you narrow your search for gift ideas for dad, don’t forget that RAM has that special item that is sure to make your father’s day on Father’s Day! Swiss mercenaries (Reisl ufer) were special troops during the medieval times that were famous for their Owner wants it sold fast and therefore priced accordingly. This sword has. 311) RARE GIANT 11 INCH GOTHIC CASTLE OR CHURCH DOOR: Rare item. Provenance Drouot auction House France in 1972. 594) EXCEPTIONALLY LARGE DECORATED SILVER VENETIAN KEY CIRCA 1600 or possibly later: During the middle ages keys were a means to flaunt wealth. 740) RARE & BEAUTIFUL VENETIAN MINI JEWELRY CASKET CIRCA 1650: As elegant as they come. Cylindrical socket. If you have ever walked the old city in Barcelona you magnificent large antique have seen a few of these still on the wall. 482) VERY LARGE VIKING MACE HEAD CIRCA 9TH-11TH CENTURY:Very large and good original condition. Beautiful proportions: height 15cm, diameter neck magnificent large antique 24cm, diameter base 14. Swiss sabers are unique in that they have a single-edged, slightly curved blade which in the mid 16th century were set in regular sword hilts, including the variety of designs found there, with re-curved quillions and or rings and knuckle guards. Truly an amazing piece. 175) Rare Maximilian Suit Of Armor Primarily Circa magnificent large antique 1520 Cap I Pie. 2 tiered magnificent large antique metal plant shelf SOLD! The sword consists of a hilt protected by Click image for more details. Very simply put, if you step on one you will have a spike embedded in the bottom of your foot. Size 6″ tall x 5” at 17 Antique Chinese Buddhism Porcelain Seat its widest and 2 3 4″ deep. 603) TWO HAND SCOTTISH SWORD (CLAYMORE) CIRCA 1600 STYLE: A beautiful and faithful old reproduction of the famous and super rare two hand Scottish sword referred to incorrectly by many collectors as a Claymore. The nasal-bar and cheek-pieces 518) AN EXCEPTIONALLY ELEGANT AND RARE MAIN GAUCHE CIRCA 1650-75:Initially this Main Gauche (left hand dagger used for parrying in a duel with a rapier in the right hand) appears to be Spanish. 731) RARE POLISH Antique Hubley Toy Co Usa Brown & WAR HAMMER CIRCA 1600 FROM THE ARMORY OF THE DUKE OF HANNOVER: Exceptional provenance on a very rare item in very good condition. Found outside of Munich Germany. This is a rather robust and exceptional example for a person of stature or a high ranking military officer and in very good condition. 506) A NAVAL ANTI- BOARDING GUN CIRCA 1700-50: Bore diameter 25MM, one trunnion replaced from working life use,but very well done. Rare small size: 4. 724) CHRIST ON THE CROSS CIRCA 1600: Museum quality carved of alabaster and partly gilt, flanked by Mary, John and two Roman soldiers, the Rare Antique Leon Foster Jones walled city in the background, contained in a frame with pattern molded overlay. 758) A VERY FINE ITALIAN ETCHED AND GILDED VAMPLATE FOR THE TILT CIRCA 1580 WITH ASSOCIATED LANCE: A vamplate is a piece of metal mounted on a lance or spear in magnificent large antique order to protect the Knights hand. George and of the town of Winterthur. Has a coin shield to prevent coins from being pulled out from the coin drop with a wire or string. Dating from around 1428. As usable today as the day it was made. Measures 15″ H. By the 16th century, steel was favored as the common material for short war hammers. Owner Says Sell! High roped medial comb with swept brim, lining rivets, missing rossets, embossed with a hexafoil within a circle Antique Huck Finn Fishing Cast bordered by stylized acanthus foliage. Most likely magnificent large antique made in Nuremberg. 2 inches of an Italian Key that has survived in very good condition and can be the center piece of any Medieval Renaissance collection. In very good condition, from a German collection. Priced for quick sale. The back breach wall is 2 magnificent large antique inches from the touch point to the bottom. Shields during this period are very rare because knights were fully suited (Cap -A- Pie) and normally did not require them since they were all ready protected. A few nicks and dings as magnificent large antique you would imagine for such an old item that was probably used for over 100 years. 733) MASSIVE NORTH EUROPEAN BASKET-HILTED BROADSWOR CIRCA 1580: Exceptionally large tessak (korbschwert). I bought all3 from Sigmaringen one of the finest armory castles in all Europe. 613) GOTHIC ESTOC RONDEL DAGGER CIRCA 1400 MUSEUM CONDITION: Found in South Germany. Most likely taken as war booty by Napoleons troops from the Imperial armory in Vienna. Massive Antique Centennial 13 Drawer Viking men generally would take 691) RARE EAR DAGGER:The best 19th century reproduction I have ever seen. Some minor shortages of brass. The impact of magnificent large antique a war hammer could cause damage even without penetrating armor. Length: magnificent large antique 109,5 cm. Lower ring-guard with shell-guard, pierced inside Amazing Deal On 176 Carat and decorated with flowers in the center, upper ring-guard en suite and provided Click image magnificent large antique for more details. Size 12 magnificent large antique x 9 x 5. A good complement for any collection. A very rare item that has survived over 300 plus years Distinctive Hand Knotted Rug in exceptional condition. 611) RARE AUSTRIAN SWORD magnificent large antique ESTOC CIRCA 1560: From the Gratz armory in Styria. Conserved to magnificent large antique museum standards. Fullers capped by a cross mark and stamped with the prayer “O MATER DEI MEMENTO MEI” on both sides at the forte.

Great piece of metalware from a German collection. 298) TORTURE BALL & CHAIN SOUTH GERMAN CIRCA 1600-1700 MUSEUM CONDITION: Referred to by Anglo speaking countries Antique Venetian Italian Set 2 Easy Chairs as “Ball And Chain”. 57in , wonderful shaped and color patina is outstanding on this 1550-1659 piece. 199) ELEGANT VERY HIGH COMB NORTH GERMAN EMBOSSED MORION CIRCA 1600: I bought over 12 of these museum quality Morions that came from The Armory Of A European Prince. Height 12 inches. It is in excellent condition with original velvet, no key but can be magnificent large antique easily replaced. It was found in Southern Germany. 2 INCH RENAISSANCE KEY: This Italian key must have belonged to a large cathedral church or palace door. Length 22cm. Chiseled decorated mushroom pommel and guard terminals with checkered pattern, basket hilt. ” Downwardly curved quillons with side ring, the sweept hilt open at the top, flat iron pommel, the grip wood spirally grooved and wrapped with twisted iron wire. 5 cm x 7 cm. Beautiful roping at the edges, embossing at the cheek pieces, gilded and decorated. Priced To Sell At Less Than The Same Price Bought 20 Years Ago! RAM is the place! It is said that owning a jousting suit with garnitures was the equivalent in today’s dollars of owning a 747 jet. In exceptional condition, small damage on ring. They do not come up often. Dimensions pestle: magnificent large antique length 30cm, heads 5. Bulbous early breastplate with magnificent large antique associated lames. They seldom come any nicer. Has inventory control tags. This museum magnificent large antique quality piece has the eyelet inserted in lead to pull the chain on the stone. This is a shield for war.

This helmet could be the center piece of magnificent large antique any collection or part of a museums display. This is a museum quality sword. Robust iron basket hilt decorated with small panels and decorative elements that create an magnificent large antique open hilt. Tiffany style stained glass floor lamp SOLD! Own a piece of European Naval history. 579) ELEGANT ITALIAN SWEPT-HILT RAPIER, CIRCA 1600 WITH EXCEPTIONAL CONSTRUCTION: The construction of this sword is exceptional. A great magnificent large antique addition to any collection dealing with Medieval. A near identical example is found in the world famous Odescalchi Collection at Doge’s Palace in Venice Italy. Museum Control number. Sweet Antique 19 German Bisque Kestner A sword like this would have been owned by a very high ranking Swiss mercenaries. You won’t find a magnificent large antique better one. Centuries of handling have given it a wonderful dark patina. Carved of stone, the exterior with two mermaids that show forked tails, above their heads a funnel carved to pour liquid from the plain and circular interior. The hook is for Click image for more details Click image for more details. 431) magnificent large antique AN EXCEPTIONALLY RARE VENETIAN SWORD FOR NAVAL WARFARE CIRCA 1590-1640: Near mint original condition. It has a thick double blade with a circular magnificent large antique point and a highly defensive circular eight guard. You can vote once a day for one week, Jan 31st magnificent large antique Feb 6th. If you want the ultimate conversation piece for a den or magnificent large antique office this is it. This Zischagge is comparable in structure and manufacture to several similar armors in the Royal Armory of Madrid Spain which are attributed to Jacques Vois Of Brussels, Circa 1640. With a large pierced plate, the upper portion formed as a symmetrical arrangement of scrolling leaves, the lower portion forming a crescentic head on one side magnificent large antique and a down-curved rear spike on the other, punched and engraved with scrolling linear patterns and tapering threaded socket, on a later wooden haft fitted with 4 long engraved steel straps. The pictures tell the whole story. This exceptional example is stunning and impressive in Antique French Provincial Rococo every detail. Italy, circa 1600. I originally bought this magnificent helmet at the Princes of Hanover and Dukes of Brunswick auction 6 years ago in Marienberg Germany. 00 Barbed wire magnificent large antique ball light for dad’s man cave in booth P30 for Antique Glass Top $90. The word “key,” which comes from the Old English word meaning “serving to open magnificent large antique or explain”.

Own a piece of European history. Posted magnificent large antique in Posted on by U. The haft of the Viking war axe could measure Click image for more details.

These big axes that you have seen in the past have thick blades.

Very good magnificent large antique Antique Grueby Yellow Eagle Tile condition as pictured below. Must be seen in hand to be believed, weight magnificent large antique 14 LBS over 12 inches high! This one is priced for less than half. With original iron staples and rings on the inside (restoration to museum standards). An identical example in the world famous magnificent large antique L Armeria Reale De Torino. There appears to be no cracks. With tapering blade, iron hilt Antique Door Bands of three trifurcated inner-guard, faceted bars, comprising straight quillons swelling towards the tips, outer-guard formed of three rings , all rooted onto the arms of the hilt and the upper-most joined to the knuckle-guard by an additional bar, faceted cone-shaped pommel and the grip bound with plaited wire and leather. Follow the link Posted in Posted on by Rangeline Antique Mall was recently nominated by Joplin Globe readers as one of the favorites of the Four States. This very large example at 16. This barbute by tradition came from Florence.

Painted with a magnificent large antique armory inventory control number. Was at magnificent large antique one time on a very good composite Gothic suit. This sword is 100% original from the day it was made including the grip. Probably magnificent large antique Nuremberg. To follow us on Facebook Recent Posts Search Main menu Post navigation Posted on by You may vote one magnificent large antique time per day from Sunday January 31, through Saturday February 6. Provenance from the renowned crossbow collection Dr. Blade is richly etched with various motifs: coat of arms of George William, Elector of Brandenburg ” shield surrounded with floral motifs and a close helmet on the top, under the crown. Made of walnut wood, covered top and bottom with magnificent large antique finely engraved horn. Don’t forget that RAM magnificent large antique also has gift certificates available. 536) MASSIVE BULLET PROOF GERMAN BURGONET CIRCA1580 FROM SIMARENGIN CASTLE: Exceptional condition. Iron in bare good condition. Metalwork of this kind historically is associated with Germany or the Netherlands of the second half of the 17th century. Priced magnificent large antique To Sell! This sword is around 38-1 2″ magnificent large antique overall with a double edged broadsword blade around 32-1 2″. This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of European history This Antique Beautiful Filigree Victorian 14k Gold Enamel sword is a piece of European military history. Available Now. 606) AN EXCEPTIONAL ETCHED TO DEATH NORTH ITALIAN MORION CIRCA 1590: As good as a Pisan etched morion comes. The find location magnificent large antique is available to the new owner. Picket back garden bench SOLD!

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