Rare Antique Art Deco Art Nouveau Rug Chinese Square Green 13×14 C1920

These are primarily rare antique art US posters, but 98 foreign First World War poster are shown. The main focus is on Buddhist art from Tibet, with a collection of thangkas ranging from the 12th to the beginning of the 20th century, bronzes, with an emphasis on the earlier styles (till the 17th century), ritual objects, furniture, textiles and rare antique art rugs, etc. Hard- rare antique art bound with dust jacket and pictorial cover. Nancy Wiener continues the tradition and is recognized as rare antique art one of the premier dealers in the field. The primary rare antique art focus of the gallery is sculpture and painting of Tibetan, Chinese, Indian, and Nepalese origin dating from the 8-18th centuries. Gallery on-line: May 15, 2000 Last update: August 12, 2018 (6 items) : France 3 item gallery Art Tibet features an exquisite collection rare antique art of Himalayan classical art collected over many years. In 1983 and he has written and lectured on rare antique art Chinese textiles. She now deals privately by appointment. Gallery on-line: June 12, 1996 Last update: June 12, 2018 (3 items) : London, United Kingdom 3 item gallery Nick Pitcher was formerly a director of Christie’s and ran the Oriental Department at Christie’s South Kensington from 1976 to 1990, when he left to set up his own business. On display in its two-story showroom is a collection of museum quality antiquities dating back to the Shang dynasty, including ancient bronzes, stone carvings, gold and silver wares, jades, Buddhist works of art, potteries and sancai ceramics. The gallery has been instrumental in building collections worldwide for museums and distinguished private collectors. Gallery on-line: October 03, 2001 Last update: December 29, 2008 (6 items) : Santa Fe, USA 3 item gallery A selection of fine Indonesian textiles. Gallery on-line: March 14, 1997 Last update: September 15, 2017 (6 items) : Sydney, Australia 4 item gallery Au rare antique art Lion Des Neiges, Objets Anciens de Culture Tib taine, was established in 1979. Has existed since 2002, selling to both rare antique art advanced and new collectors, and to museums and libraries worldwide. Gallery on-line: March 27, 2013 Last update: May 02, 2016 (3 items) : Australia 3 item gallery Soo Tze Oriental Antiques, established in 1983 is Australia’s premier gallery for antiques and works of art from Asia, with a special emphasis on the Himalayan region. Outstanding tribal jewelry and embroidered village textiles are incorporated rare antique art into her collection. His gallery is located in Mayfair’s Cork Street, a historical epicentre of the London art world. Gallery on-line: June 09, 2003 Last update: March 03, 2016 (3 items) : Japan 3 item gallery Established in1972, Yoshido Gallery is one of the dealers of rare antique art Chinese and Japanese antiquities in Tokyo. Objects purchased from the gallery are in major museums and private collections worldwide. He also features Indian printed cloth from the 13th-18th Centuries, and early rare antique art Buddhist and Hindu works from South and Southeast Asia.

Gallery on-line: October 16, 1998 Last update: March 02, 2015 (5 items) : Hong Kong 3 item gallery Joyce Gallery specializes in archaic rare antique art bronzes and ancient sculptures from across China. All antique posters and prints are guaranteed for satisfaction and authenticity. Specializing in art from the Himalayas and Southeast Asia. Gallery on-line: July 08, 2016 Last update: September 18, 2017 (1 rare antique art items) : Sydney, Australia 6 item gallery Founded in 1989 now with over 20 years experience in Asian artifacts and Sculpture, our galleries contain the highest Set Of 3 Square D Srctv32 quality pieces at extremely reasonable prices. We are affiliated with Peaceful Wind, and are located directly across the hall at our downtown Santa Antique Greek Pottery Two Handled Fe location, Antique Salem Elevator Works Brass upstairs in an old building a short walk from the Plaza. Gallery on-line: May 01, 1995 Last update: December 15, 2017 (7 items) : Antwerpen, Belgium 15 item gallery Marcel Nies has specialised in Oriental Art since 1972. Gallery on-line: March 20, 2006 Last update: April 09, 2018 (2 items) : London, United Kingdom 27 item gallery Rossi & Rossi specialize in traditional Tibetan and Himalayan art as well as in emerging contemporary artists from all over Asia. He is also a rare antique art specialist in collectors’ carpets and textiles. Dedicated to Indian, Himalayan and South-eastern Asian art the gallery, situated in the centre of Paris, can be visited on request. Gallery on-line: February 25, 2001 Last update: July 26, 2018 (6 items) : Paris, France 12 item gallery Christophe Hioco’s unbridled enthusiasm for Asian art started more than twenty-five rare antique art years ago when J.

Jonathan rare antique art Tucker-Antonia Tozer Joyce Gallery Ltd. Gallery on-line: March 15, 2006 Last update: August 08, 2006 (3 items) : Paris, France 3 item gallery Depuis sa cr ation en 1983, la galerie Le Toit du Monde s’est vou e aux cultures himalayennes : animistes, chamaniques, hindouistes et bouddhistes. She is the author of the essay “Sashiko: A Japanese Stichery” in Beyond The Tanabata Bridge catalog from the Seattle Art Museum, and co-authored Hanten and Happi published by Shikosha. 1940 Rockwell Cover 1885 Animal Color Lithograph Antique poster dealers in: United States of America Patriotic First World War Posters, Second World War Posters, Tourism, Transportation, Airline, Train, Ship Antique Posters, Sports, Ski, Product, Militaria, WW 1 Posters, Marine Corps Recruit, Navy Recruiting Posters, Army, Aviation, Art Nouveau Posters, Art Deco Posters, each poster is guaranteed genuine and old! The gallery also rare antique art has a good collection of antique oriental rugs from Tibet and China. Art Tibet Arthur Leeper Asian rare antique art Art Ashencaen and Leonov Himalayan Art AsianAntiques. Guild painters are represented in Nepal and the USA by leading galleries. Gallery on-line: August 11, 2006 Last update: January 17, 2014 (3 items) : Tibet 14 item gallery The Gedun Choephel Artists’ Guild is the cooperative venture of rare antique art a group of Lhasa’s top contemporary painters. He specializes in fine Chinese ceramics and works of art predominantly dating from the Ming rare antique art to the Qing dynasties. Gallery on-line: March 19, 2011 Last update: June 24, 2018 (3 items) : New York, USA 3 item gallery Walter Arader Himalayan Art was founded in 2010. He is member of Asian Art in Brussels and has exhibited regularly in New York (Asia Week) and rare antique art San Francisco, Paris (Parcours des Mondes) and Belgium. Gallery on-line: April 17, 2017 Last update: March 09, 2018 (3 items) rare antique art : Bruxelles, Belgium 3 item gallery Wei Asian Arts was established in 2001 by Paola D’Alatri and Howard Wei. Composed of a diversity of art, rare antique art his collection includes sculptures, paintings, and ritual objects from India, the Himalayan mountains, and South-eastern Asia. Each year Famarte participates at international events and fairs, such as Asian Art Brussels and Cologne Fine art. Gallery on-line: December 01, 2010 Last update: July 01, 2018 (3 items) : New York, USA 12 item gallery Founded in 1975 by Ramesh & Urmil Kapoor, Kapoor Galleries Inc specializes in Indian & Himalayan Arts. Walter has dealt significant works of art to institutions such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Rubin Museum of Art, The Asian Art rare antique art Museum of San Francisco, numerous public and semi-private museums in mainland China, as well as to numerous Gorgeous French Solid 18k American, European, and Chinese private collections. Gallery on-line: July 05, 2007 Last update: September 11, 2015 : Amsterdam, Holland 6 item gallery Astamangala, established in 1979, is the only gallery in Holland specializing in ancient art and ethnographic objects from the Himalayan region. Gallery on-line: October 27, 2009 Last update: August 14, 2018 (3 items) : France 6 item gallery Renaud Montm at has been dealing with Asian art since 1999. Over the past several years, Asian art specialists have again been included in the fair, where many international galleries Rare Framed Antique join their colleagues in Paris in the Fine Arts neighborhood of St. With an inventory including rare antique art Chinese glass and Japanese ivory, her specialty is Chinese jade. Gallery on-line: July 25, 2000 Last update: February 24, 2016 rare antique art (1 items) : Santa Fe, USA 138 item gallery Peaceful Wind of Santa Fe NM features the Art of the Himalayas, India and Southeast Asia in their on-line gallery pages, posted on since March 17 1995. The Gallery is open rare antique art by appointment only. Inventory, drawn from over a decade of collecting in Asia, includes architectural pieces, bronze domestic vessels and implements, ritual objects, masks, and furniture. Gallery on-line: February 24, 2006 Last update: September 18, 2015 (1 items) : Belgium 3 rare antique art item gallery Exquisite sculptures, objects of beauty and jewelry from China, Southeast and South Asia (e. Gallery on-line: May 15, 2003 Last C1930s Antique Afshar Shiraz Kilim 510×8 update: May 20, 2018 (6 items) : Paris, France 6 item gallery Dealer in Asian Art in Paris. Gallery on-line: January 18, 2018 rare antique art Last update: July 12, 2018 (2 items) : San Francisco, USA 111 item gallery Splendid artwork, icons, artifacts, textiles, and jewelry from South and Southeast Asia. Almost all of the pieces we offer are mounted on individually custom crafted stands of museum quality. Featuring everything from a 9th century Tang ‘Changsha’ green-glazed ewer, to a cast iron head of rare antique art Buddha from the Song Dynasty, and an 18th century red lacquered food container Ryukyu, immerse yourself in the magic of China & Japan. Mieux faire conna tre ces pays et d couvrir des faces cach es ou m connues de leurs cultures sont notre plaisir et notre ambition. A Magar from Bandipur in the Eastern hills, Mukti came to Kathmandu and began painting in Antique Stump Speaker the 70s, and quickly became attracted to the early medieval Newar Oak 1920 Antique style of the 13-16th centuries. Today Antique 1911 Wall Clock International Time we offer to your attention rare antique art various kinds of exotic oriental arts for your home, office, friends, relatives and your family. Art of Bessie Chen Specializes in museum quality fine art from China, Tibet rare antique art and Southeast Asia. We are a member of the Tokyo Art Club and Osaka Art Dealer’s Association. Acala Gallery is rare antique art in River City, Bangkok’s premiere antique gallery location. Germain-des-Pr s. The proprietor, Gary Borkan, has been a lifelong collector rare antique art and a full time poster and print dealer for over 30 years. From tribal to classic: archeology and paintings, jewelry and rare antique art sculptures, textiles, furniture and architectural elements. Gallery on-line: May 10, 2010 Last update: April 10, 2015 (2 items) : Venice, Italy 7 item gallery Arga Inc. Gallery on-line: August 07, 2013 Last update: August 26, 2018 (6 items) : Paris, France 57 item gallery Sept. They cater to the rare antique art discerning collector and search the world for pieces with cultural significance and a distinctive presence. Renaud Montm at also participates in the major Asian art fairs taking place rare antique art in London, Brussels, Paris and New York. Gallery on-line: June rare antique art 01, 1995 Last update: November 09, 2017 (1 items) : Italy 4 item gallery GILISTRA s. EMAIL: PHONE: 617 459 rare antique art 6474 (7 days: 9AM-9PM EST) MAIL: Gary Borkan, P. Collecting antique art, says Gianfranco Rossi, is like being a lover, to which he adds: and with my life partner Elisabetta Parmegiani we managed to find the fine line between high quality curation and in-depth appreciation of Asian art. Gallery on-line: September 12, 2011 Last update: March 02, 2018 (3 items) : Paris, France 3 item gallery Established since 1999 on Saint Louis Island Stunning Large Antique Carved Wood & Painted in the centre of Paris in France, the Alexis Renard gallery is offering a selection of fine works of art. She has been a successful casting director, documentary researcher, commercial songwriter and the author of the weekly column ‘Just for Men’ in the Vancouver Sun. Gallery on-line: May 27, 2004 Last update: rare antique art March 05, 2018 (3 items) : London, United Kingdom 3 item gallery Simon Ray has been dealing with Indian and Islamic Works of Art Antique Caucasian Moghan for thirty years, specialising in a wide range of fine and decorative court arts from the great Indian and Islamic empires. Wiener, one of the foremost antiquities dealers of her time, rare antique art in handling the placement of works in leading institutions and collections worldwide. She was trained at the Percival David Foundation, SOAS London University, and worked as an agent for Spink and Sons for 15 years. Gallery on-line: August 03, 2007 Last update: August 21, 2018 (3 items) : USA 6 item gallery Thomas Murray is a private dealer of Asian and Tribal art with an emphasis on rare antique art Indonesian sculpture and textiles. The Gallery is located in the heart of Lhasa’s ancient Barkhor. Gallery on-line: October 03, 2005 Last update: January 08, 2017 (3 items) : Germany 3 item gallery Embark on a fascinating journey to the far east with rare antique art this alluring auction. Gallery on-line: July 06, 2007 Last update: August 12, 2018 (2 items) : United Kingdom 3 item gallery Safar specializes in high quality antiquities from the Asian and the classical world, with an emphasis on Himalayan, Chinese, Indian, Roman classical antiquities and asian contemporary photographs. She recently moved the gallery to her new private gallery at Meise. Her breadth of experience in the arts extends to rare antique art film, music and writing. Galleries list by area of speciality: list by gallery location: Asian rare antique art art and antiquities are featured in the galleries. Gennady Leonov are well known specialists of Himalayan Art, based rare antique art in London, who established their art dealing and research business in 2000. Gallery on-line: December 15, 2014 Last update: July 05, 2018 (3 items) : Staffordshire, United Kingdom 3 item gallery Dealer in Asian Art in the UK for well over 30 years David Smith of Precious Treasure offers Fine Asian Antiques focusing on Buddhist Sculpture of the Himalayan region and China and Japanese woodblock Prints. It presented a wide range of furniture and antique oriental objects selected and imported from Japan and China. He regularly exhibits at the New York and rare antique art San Francisco Arts of Pacific Asia Shows. Especially in Chinese Ming, Qing Furniture, Gilt Bronze Buddhas, and Fine Ceramics. Gallery on-line: May 07, 2014 Last update: May rare antique art 07, 2014 : Belvedere, USA 2 item gallery Arthur Leeper is a dealer and consultant in the sale of Chinese art, based in the San Francisco area. She sells to private collectors all over the world. Ethnologica has provided pieces to aid the establishment of a number of museums. Antique print dealers in: engravings, rare antique art color lithographs, Victorian chromolithographs, woodcuts etc. Since 2014 the gallery is managed by Howard Wei. A travers de nombreuses expositions elle s’est vertu e, avec son cr ateur et animateur Fran ois Pannier, promouvoir les cultures du N pal, Tibet, Sikkim, Bhouthan, Laddakh, Himachal et Arunachal. Gallery on-line: January 12, 2004 Last update: July 01, 2011 (1 items) : Santa Fe, USA 17 item gallery PWContemporary is dedicated to presenting the finest contemporary artists of the Himalayan region to our clients: we specialize in the work of artists from Lhasa, Tibet, and the Kathmandu valley of Nepal. Gallery on-line: December 03, 2007 Last update: February 26, 2018 (3 items) : Basel, Switzerland 3 item gallery Specialties: Tea Ceremony, Ceramic, Scroll Painting, Screen, Hanging Scroll and Sculpture from Japan Edo and Meiji Period Gallery on-line: November 26, 2001 Last update: January 31, 2018 (3 items) : United Kingdom 6 item gallery Susan Ollemans started her business in 1979 and has traded in Oriental Works of Art ever since. Appraisal rare antique art services available. Gallery on-line: March 19, 2010 Last update: January 18, 2015 rare antique art (3 items) : Belgium 3 item gallery Classic Art specializes in high quality classic Asian Sculptures from India and Southeast Asia. Gallery on-line: February 24, 2003 Last update: March 02, 2018 (3 items) : London, United Kingdom 3 item gallery Prahlad Bubbar is a dealer and consultant of Indian and Islamic art based in London. Her specialty is sculpture rare antique art of stone and bronze from the 4th to 18th century from India, the Himalayas, and Southeast Asia. Gallery on-line: December 09, 2008 Last update: April 20, 2017 (2 items) : Bangkok, Thailand 3 item gallery Boran Asian Art are specialists in fine Buddhist and Hindu works of art and have been sourcing, dealing and collecting for two generations. Click here for rates and information on Gallery representation on Gallery Items: OR AND To use ‘and’ function, please separate the search terms by a comma or commas. Gallery on-line: June 01, 1995 Last update: January 18, rare antique art 2018 (15 items) : London, United Kingdom 6 item gallery John Eskenazi is one of the most internationally respected dealers in Indian, Gandharan, Himalayan and South-east Asian works of art. Gallery on-line: April 10, 2001 Last update: July 30, 2018 (3 items) : Milan, Italy 6 item gallery Renzo Freschi opened his gallery rare antique art in 1976. Moreover, the gallery rare antique art has been involved in the organisation of cultural sectorial exhibitions, working alongside prestigious associations and cultural foundations, both public and private. Nayef Homsi Nicholas rare antique art Pitcher Oriental Art Noah’s Ark Parcours des Mondes Peaceful Wind Prahlad Bubbar Precious Treasure PWContemporary Renaud Montm at Renzo Freschi Robyn Turner Rossi & Rossi Rupert Smith Textiles Safar Simon Ray Soo Tze Oriental Antiques Susan Ollemans Teresa Coleman Fine Arts Ltd. Having been involved with Asia since the late 90’s, she specialized in sculptures and ritual objects from India, Southeast Asia and the Himalayas. Gallery on-line: May 16, 2005 Last update: September 03, 2015 (6 items) : Nepal 6 item gallery Mukti rare antique art Singh is one of Nepal’s foremost traditional painters. It guarantees its descriptions of the period rare antique art and the history of its items. She has rare antique art been a dealer for 25 years. Gallery on-line: August 02, 2004 Last update: August 08, 2010 : Australia and USA 3 item gallery The Endless Knot Asian Art is a web based gallery that offers rare artworks of high quality as well as less expensive items to cater for new collectors at entry level. There are over 60 categories of antique prints including illustrator, magazines with great covers, maps, art deco and art nouveau, historical, children’s, Victorian rare antique art and earlier. Gallery on-line: November 03, 2000 Last update: November 07, 2017 (1 items) : Bruxelles, Belgium 3 item gallery Jacques How has been collecting and dealing in Chinese and South East Asian art, specialising in particular in rare early Buddhist art (he focuses on Dali Kingdom sculpture), “Barbarian kingdoms” (Dian, Ordos) as well as archaic works of art. The gallery also focuses on rare antique art tribal art (Oceania and Madagascar), as well as on Chinese classical furniture. Special conditions: 15 % buyer’s premium excl. She has sold to the Museum of New South Wales, Australia; the Cultural History Museum, South Africa; the Hong Kong Museum; the Singapore National Museum and to many private collections around the world. Gallery on-line: January 30, 2002 Last update: rare antique art June 11, 2018 (3 items) : Canada 3 item gallery Fredrica Kussin is an art expert who has amassed an impressive private collection of Asian Antiques, Textiles and Contemporary Art.

Gallery on-line: November 08, 2002 Last update: March 30, 2006 : Hong Kong 12 item gallery With over 20 years of experience dealing Chinese and Tibetan antiques, Teresa Coleman Fine Arts is best known for its collection of antique embroidered costumes from the Chinese imperial court, with approximately 2,000 pieces dating from the Ching Dynasty (1644-1911). Gallery on-line: March 09, 2015 Last update: February 15, 2016 (3 items) : Thailand 3 item gallery My East gallery specialises in South East Asian and Chinese art, with emphasis in sculptures and ceramics. Formerly the Director of the Doris Antique 16ct Genuine Diamond 14k Gold Filigree Wiener Gallery, he worked closely with Ms. We specialize in antique rare antique art sculptures and works of art with special attention to Indian art. Gallery on-line: July 23, 2009 Last update: August 07, 2012 (12 items) : Bruxelles, Belgium rare antique art 3 item gallery Michel Halter is a renowned specialist dealer in antique and ethnic jewellery. The gallery also deals in Tibetan art and Chinese furniture. It is obvious rare antique art that the more distinctive the piece of art the more it is appreciated in value. Ca Astamangala Au Lion Des Neiges Auctionata Paddle 8 BachmannEckenstein JapaneseArt Boran Asian Art Capriaquar Carlo Cristi Christophe Hioco Classic Art Cynthia Shaver Dharma Gallery Eastern Discoveries Antiques Eleanor Abraham Asian Art Ethnoarte Ethnologica Famarte Francesca Galloway Galerie Le Toit Du Monde Gandhara Gedun Choephel Artists’ Guild Gilistra S. Grusenmeyer rare antique art Arga Inc. The Endless Knot Asian Art Thomas Murray Under The Bo Uzbek Craft Walter Arader Gallery Wei Asian Arts Xanadu Gallery rare antique art Yoshido Gallery Galleries are ordered according to update, with the most recent updates at the top of the page.

All inquiries and specific rare antique art requests are welcome. Michael Backman Ltd has sold to private collections and museums worldwide including the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, the British Library & the National Gallery of Australia. Featured works include Asian and Buddhist sculptures as well as Oriental Antiques. Gallery on-line: October 08, 1997 Last update: December 21, 2008 (2 items) : Singapore 3 rare antique art item gallery Collection of artistic charm of Thai, Cambodian, Laotian, Myanmar, and Vietnamese antiques and handicrafts. Several of her acquisitions can be found in various museums in the world.

Was established in Turin, rare antique art Italy Antique Pair Of in 1994.

Gallery on-line: May 07, 2004 Last update: May 01, 2018 (4 items) Elegant Vintage 30s : USA 3 item gallery Robyn Turner, one of the only art dealers in the world to focus primarily on jade carvings after the Han period, has been dealing in Asian Art since 1976. Gallery on-line: November 23, 2005 Last update: March 21, 2018 (5 items) : Chiang mai, Thailand 3 item gallery Under the Bo presents a wide variety of used rare antique art & antique objects pertaining to cultures from all over Asia & beyond. Focuses on fine antiques from Asia: Ceramics, old Jades, Bronzes, Sculptures, Lacquerware, Enamels, and features an ever changing Spectacular Antique Chinese assortment of fine works from dealers and collectors around the world. He has traveled widely in rare antique art Asia since 1974, pursuing his interests in Asian art and cultures, particularly Tibet and China. We create truly unique art works of rare antique art outstanding quality and craftmanship, producing what will become the antiques of tomorrow. Gallery on-line: January 24, 2007 Last update: March 03, 2015 (3 items) : New York, USA 5 item gallery The Wiener name has been rare antique art associated with Indian Himalayan and Southeast Asian antiquities since the late 1950’s. He deals in antique Oriental art, with a particular preference for the sculpture of Gandhara, India and China from the second century BC to the thirteenth century AD. 11 -16, 2018: Parcours des Mondes is the most important show of tribal art by quality and rare antique art diversity of its participants. The gallery collection focuses on Indian Miniature Paintings and Himalayan Statuary. We also do: brokerage operations, sale of collections, and research of objects for museums, private collectors and dealers. Lotus houses rare antique art antiquities and contemporary art from across Asia. Quick Link: Choose a galleryA. Gallery on-line: June 13, 2012 Last update: June 20, 2016 (3 items) : New York, USA 3 item gallery Based in New York City, Nayef Homsi is a rare antique art dealer of antiquities, works on paper, and fine decorative objects from India, Southeast Asia, and the Himalayas. Galerie Hioco takes part in the leading Asian Art Shows: the Biennale de Paris and the Parcours des Mondes in Paris, the BRAFA in Brussels and rare antique art the Asia Week in New York.

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