Rare Antique Bronze Cosimo De Medici 1570 35 Medallion Medal Florence Italy

The pommel is encased in a faceted steel pommel cap which is decorated with silver in the koftgari manner. 00 USD African knife or short swordYaka tribeComplete example CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS. A covering of fine ray skin envelopes the grip.

As mentioned, the blade is a fine and heavy fighting type of unusual and unique form. In its sheath, this example Spring Clearance Sale Antique 1886 measures just under 40cms long. This Kukri is expertly crafted and remains in very rare antique bronze good condition for its age. S1787 $235. A TOUR DE FORCE of Periods and Styles Our knowledge, expertise, and direct access to singular European antiques provides designers, decorators, architects, contractors, and collectors with a broad range of stylish and tasteful European pieces. The sounds have also been shortened to minimize download time – some of rare antique bronze the larger bells resound for quite some time. A rare antique bronze good complete Yaka long Pair French Ormolu & Onyx Marble Antique knife short sword. S1057 $425. The scabbard, as with the hilt is a quality hardwood dressed in rare antique bronze brass bronze fittings with design elements to each end the same as the hilt. S2107 Stock No. It is over this chiselling that golden alloys are hand beaten and inlaid to form a continuation of the designed seen throughout the hilt. S2004 Stock No. 00 USD A fine rare antique bronze Sumatran KerisStunning ivory hiltQuality silver dress7 luk blade CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS. The long carved horn belt hook is complete, free from cracks, loss or damage. A very fine, large and rare Pia Kaetta with some rare antique bronze very rare features. These rare antique bronze cartouches typically carried the name of the person they were presented to. With the horn belt clip, it is 48cms long. The blade is of a forward curving type rare antique bronze and is chiselled heavily throughout. Brass teacher hand bells, salesroom, and bar bells. This sword, and all aspects of its construction and quality were long retained by the British and Burmese governments Amazing Museum Quality Antique Carved for presentation to officials or visiting dignitaries who have contributed to 17 Antique China Burma. ” width=”232″ height=”165″ border=”0″ CLICK HERE FOR rare antique bronze MORE PHOTOS. Deep inlaid gold designs are also found to the base of the rare antique bronze blade on each face and the Antique Armor Bronze edge of the base is inlaid with a fine gold floral motif. A very large and heavy, all steel 19th century Kukri. S1959 $1495. This rare dagger measures 41. These sounds are somewhat large in filesize, so you may have to wait for them to download if you have a slow connection. Arguably the most elegant Antique Shop in Europe this magnificent store, replete with sumptuous Antiques from around the Globe is a convergence of Architectural lan, Master craftsmanship, Classic detailing, and the casual elegance that exemplifies the Premier Brand. French Accents Antiques Very fine, Louis XV style, kingwood amaranth and gilt-bronze mounted commode William and Mary, floral marquetry inlaid, tall case clock Very fine, Italian, Renaissance period cassone French, Proven al, Louis XV style mangadou (garde manger) Fine French Empire style bronze d’ore and crystal chandelier Set of six Venetian, Louis XV style, tall-back dining chairs AN INTERNATIONAL NETWORK Working directly with our network of European sources, we are able to acquire distinctive antiques and accessories and take personal pride in our ability to quickly respond to and satisfy requests for exceptional and unique pieces; we can save you and your clients hours of painstaking work searching for a desired item. Click here to request Stock No. 5cms long and has a blade rare antique bronze length of 47. Our expertise is Antique Gruen Watch Co Verithin 14k in large pre-owned Bronze and Cast Iron bells. In addition to the antiques we are able to locate through our international network, we maintain a diverse collection of European treasures in our and offer worldwide shipping. A fine rare antique bronze and rare dagger typically carried in the front folds of the robes worn by knights and others of rank. Its borders both front and back are simple line and triangular motifs. Ex rare antique bronze personal collection. S1885 rare antique bronze $825. S2024 Stock No. It has been finely carved and very well selected timber has been used as can be seen in the grains Antique French Carved Oak Brittany throughout. The sheath is also bound in silver, silver that again shows clear evidence that gold accents were once pinned to its surfaces. This example measures 90cms long in its scabbard, 89. If you have questions on a bell you have found, the only service we offer is on The Whenever you see this icon: you can click on it to hear the sound of a bell. The scabbard is red leather covering a timber core and remains in good condition for its age. Both the brass bronze and timber share similar detail to the incised designs. The finely carved timber sheath show lovely scroll work to the throat, mimicking the design of gold rare antique bronze inlay to the blade. One half of the pommel is inlayed with four bronze and copper lines, whilst the reverse side is without rare antique bronze decoration and pierced for a wrist lanyard. A very fine African sword, Cameroon, rare complete condition. The phallic end shows tooling and the entire sheath shows a lot of age and wear. S1787 30 Chinese Old Antique Wood rare antique bronze Stock No. 5cms out, carries a blade length of 71. The broad blade is rare antique bronze 4cms wide at the base and varies little throughout its length. The bronze fore-grip is extremely detailed. Dressing the stem of the sheath is a rare full silver sleeve. S1484 Stock No. A good clean and complete Syrian Shamshir with an unusually forged blade type. The pommel is of an elongated octagonal shape with three spikes protruding from its end. It widens through the timber mid section and again narrows towards the unusual ball pommel.

This Kris has a rare combination of features typically reserved for warriors of some social standing;The pommel is a very fine and demure ivory type, without loss or damage, crisp features and a nice mellow caramel patina. S1226 rare antique bronze Stock No. S2014 rare antique bronze Stock No. It has numerous carved features but of special note is the inlaid coral and motifs that surround it. S1905 rare antique bronze Stock No. A similar sword was presented rare antique bronze in 1955 to the Russian premier, an image bearing the caption, “Burmese Prime Minister U Nu, (R), presents a sword and scabbard, wrought in silver and engraved to Russian Premier Nikolai Bulganin at Rangoon. The hilt has two vacant cartouches and the upper rare antique bronze scabbard section has a large single vacant cartouche. A very rare sword. This spur is covered in engraved gold work. S1944 rare antique bronze Stock No. This rare Dpa’ dam measures just under 94cms long and carries a blade which is 79. It is a Gonjo Iras, rare antique bronze bisu bertebing blade type and Antique Frank Krementz remains in fine condition throughout. The sword is without a scabbard, but based on previous examples we have sold, the scabbard construction is a very simple one, comprising of two timber halves which are bound in multiple coloured stitched cloth. An exceptional piece rare antique bronze of African artwork, complete and retains all of the native Cameroon fabrics and design elements. There is minor loss to the base and spine area of the scabbard and stable age cracks to the rear. Our inventory can change daily don’t hesitate to e-mail us if you are looking for something special. A very rare antique bronze rare knife with some very interesting and high end aspects that are seldom seen, a knife that remains in very good condition throughout. The 7 luk blade shows nice large triangular pamor motifs with the body of the Amazing Vintage 1880s Diamonds Antique Quilt Nice blade showing clear, well defined longitudinal pamor with expert control and balance throughout its surfaces.

S2017 rare antique bronze Stock No. 00 USD Javanese WedungSilver dressedGold inlaidFine Timber CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS. Out of the sheath, the Wedung measures 38. The cutting edge is extremely sharp and a clear hardened edge Antique Oak Flat Top Executive Desk is visible beneath the blades undisturbed patina. 5cms long in its sheath. The waisted fore-grip is intensely decorated in both deep and shallow relief.

S1057 rare antique bronze Stock No. 5cms long and has a rare antique bronze blade length of 27. The blade surfaces display very clear hair pin laminations and would grade up with little effort. A fine complete sword from the Sumatran Batak tribes. The sampir is very finely carved from a single rare antique bronze piece of dark native timber and it remains in fine condition throughout. S1561 SOLD Thailand, repousse silver DaabVery rare pommel formFull silver dressSiam Laos CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS. Unparalleled CRAFTSMANSHIP Unlike contemporary reproductions, our pieces are authentic, made with brilliant materials and rare woods, displaying excellent craftsmanship that has vanished and remains unparalleled today. 00 USD A fine large PodangSumatran Piso PodangRare native Pamor bladeBatak rare antique bronze tribes CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS. S2033 rare antique bronze SOLD A fine Malay KerisUnique silver dressHeavy blade, fine timbers CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS. The white metal hilt has a fluted waist grip section that is bound in ray skin and red leather. Out it is 36. 15am to 6pm and Sunday by Appt NEW LISTINGS Contacts Martin Fennelly Antiques, 60 Francis Street, Dublin 8, Ireland TEL: Search Category rare antique bronze Furniture Lighting Mirrors Paintings and Engravings Decorative Luxury Table Lamps and Lighting – Antique Lamps Fine Furniture – Antiques from Dublin Ireland Mirrors – French English Irish – Dublin Ireland Irish Collection – Irish Antiques from Dublin – Ireland Jewellery Caskets, Writing Slopes and Tea Caddies Candlesticks and Candelabra – Antiques in Dublin Ireland Porcelain – Antiques in Dublin Ireland Crystal and Glass – Antique Gifts Paintings and Engravings – Antique Shop Ireland Paintings of Ireland Memorable Irish Antiques Ormolu and Bronze Collection Dublin Ireland Antiques Newest Listings – Art and Antique Gallery Dublin Gifts for all Occasions Recently Sold Mid Century – Modern Price 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 8,000 Martin Fennelly Antiques, 60 Francis Street, Dublin 8, Ireland TEL: Martin Fennelly Antiques. This sword type is well renowned as rare antique bronze a head hunters sword with the Murut people being one of the last to renounced the practice of taking and preserving their enemy’s head. S2017 SOLD Cirebon Keris18th centuryFine example5 luk blade CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS. S1957 $1195. The grip slabs flow through to a golden alloy space then on to the large bronze bolsters which are decorated with the same precision as the ivory slabs. A very fine and large Pia Kaetta with a rare inlaid sheath. It does retain a large silver tip. The hilt type is a rather unusual one where typical Tibetan swords are concerned but typically of the type in this regions. Although I have seen an example with 6 panels, it did to my eye appear to be lacking proper conformity of segments Great 19th Century Old to have been made thus. A fine and rare silver mounted Javanese Wedung. These bolster or fore grip are chased in deep relief. A very good and complete example of a head hunters sword. S1415 rare antique bronze Stock No. Jpg” alt=”A very rare Thai Shield Ex personal Collection Very fine conditionmid to late 19th century www. I suggest you upgrade rare antique bronze your browser. Please note we are not rare antique bronze a foundry; we do not cast new bells. The Upper scabbard section bears a detailed repousse Burmese coat of arms, indicating a post 1948 construction. To be updated rare antique bronze further shortly. This Syrian sabre measures 95cms long in its scabbard, 91. The blade is of traditional form and forged Vintage Platinum Diamond Antique Gruen Wristwatch Veri in the tractional manner and its hardened edge remains very sharp in places. S2015 Stock No. The steel hilt is over 6cms tall across the pommel and has a very tall grip ring. We also carry a line of SMALL new bells: Memorial Bells. Out of its sheath it rare antique bronze is 49.

These sword types have a long history dating back to, as far as I can find with accuracy, the last quarter of the 19th century and seem to have followed a relatively similar form throughout this time with full silver hilts replacing what was once mostly ivory and silver hilts. This Laos Dah or Darb measures 83. This interesting Malay keris features some very fine grained timbers and a fine Iras blade, likely inspired by Javanese craftsmanship or an heirloom or trade blade, being a perfect and original old union of blade and sarong. Within these borders, the front face displays fine vine and leaf motifs, the rear a rare antique bronze repeating diamond diaper pattern. S1677 rare antique bronze Stock No. The scabbard remains complete and in good condition throughout. A very good and complete example of the infamous Murut Pakayun. This Independence period presentation sword rare antique bronze measures 102cms long in its scabbard, 92cms out and has a blade length of 68. The integral Tsuba like guard is cast in the traditional manner with the design and motif elements akin to those found on mainland Vietnamese and Cambodian dah. Further engraved designs akin to a bird, perhaps a peacock or swan grace the upper and lower fittings. The tip of the blade in profile is also unusual in that approx 7-8cms from the tip, it drops down and then curves up through to the tip. We have over 30 Antique Artist Paul Edouard years of expertize and our customers include Churches, schools, resorts, estates, motion pictures and theme parks, celebrity homes, golf courses and parks, businesses large and small, sports teams, railroad enthusiasts, ship owners and fire departments. Welcome to Martin Fennelly Art and Antique Gallery Home for Art and Antiques in Ireland Martin Fennelly Antiques is renowned for a refined rare antique bronze ambience and unsurpassed opulence. My Gallery is rare antique bronze open Mon to Sat 9. This large and heavy Ceylonese knife measures 32cms long in its sheath. 00 USD A large Tibetan rare antique bronze swordKham, Eastern TibetA rare Dpa’ dam CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS. 5cms long with a 39cm long blade. A fine and rare Moro Kris. Each blade face carries a broad and rather deep single fuller to each side, with narrow incisions above and below this fuller. Create a Spectacular CLASSIC ENVIRONMENT As expert rare antique bronze consultants, we can help you and your clients to create an atmosphere, whether it be formal or elegantly casual, with European flair and beauty. The hilt is a broad classical form with inlaid horn grip slabs suspended over the tang and enclosed with a steel grip strap. Out is rare antique bronze it 80. The pommel and back edge retain parts of its engraved niello patternsThe blade is of rare antique bronze typical Pichoq form with a single narrow fuller and upswept tip.

A good Malaysian Keris from the Kedah rare antique bronze provenance of Northern Malaysia. The scabbard of these oversized presentation sword types are of 7 panels of thick repousse silver. A deep fuller runs through the middle of rare antique bronze the blade and tapers to a point short of the tip and clear laminated, layers patterning can be seen in the steel surfaces. S1677 SOLD A very rare Thai ShieldEx personal CollectionVery fine conditionmid to late 19th century img src=”images s1677. Antiques Items Antique Category Luxury Table Lamps and Lighting – Antique Lamps Fine Furniture – Antiques from Dublin Ireland Mirrors – French English Irish – Dublin Ireland Irish Collection – Irish Antiques from Dublin – Ireland Jewellery Caskets, Writing Slopes and Tea Caddies Candlesticks and Candelabra – Antiques in Dublin Ireland Porcelain – Antiques in Dublin Ireland Crystal and Glass – Antique Gifts Paintings and Engravings – Antique Shop Ireland Paintings of Ireland Memorable Irish Antiques Ormolu and Bronze Collection Dublin Ireland Antiques Newest Listings – Art and Antique Gallery Dublin Gifts for all Occasions Recently Sold Mid-Century & Modern Items Mid Century Category Furniture Lighting Mirrors Paintings and Engravings Decorative Your browser does not support the video tag. The throat of the sheath is dressed in a copper alloy fitting. We will be happy to work with you, an rare antique bronze architect or a committee. S2024 $575. S1415 rare antique bronze $125.

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