Rare Fancy Antique Inside Signed Crockett Spurs Silver Decoration

Genealogy Page 1 of 34 What are my options? $95 HAND PAINTED NEPON VASE. Hand painted jar marked on bottom REPUBLIC OF CHINA TAWAIN TOBACCO & WINE MONOPOLY BUREAU. Such restoration is usually required and expected, and does not negatively effect the value of the book in any way. $8750 rare fancy antique RARE MATCH SAFE. Did you ever wonder where we got familiar passages like, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of God and these witnesses to join the man and this woman in the bonds of holy matrimony. Box is in good condition. $120 4 rare fancy antique ANTIQUE ANIMAL MARBLES. Some are “half-calf” (spine is leather, as are the corners of the boards, but the center of the boards are cloth or marbled Antique Paris Dress 1895 Label Silk 2pc board). It’s not about the binding it’s about the rare fancy antique quality of the pages of text. Ancient Bibles: The Perfect Family Heirloom While you are welcome to visit our showroom in Phoenix, Arizona more than 90% of the Bibles we sell are actually sold either from photos and descriptions on this website, or from detailed descriptions given over the telephone. This is called a “Label”.

Consider this example: A 1621 King James Bible in a nice binding, with 100% of the pages of scripture present and over 95% of those pages still in great condition, could sell for over $4,000. We personally select each piece and carefully restore the piece to its original condition. $275 ANTIQUE RAILROAD MEMORABILIA. $125 ANTIQUE VASE. Antique Pairpoint bottle unscrews to put Cigars and Matches in. Rare antiquarian (antique) Bibles that are investment-grade typically increase in rare fancy antique value each year by 15 to 25% or more. STEP TWO is to to verify current pricing and availability on any item, and get a more detailed description, and get all your questions answered. The lock is missing from trunk and the leather handle. Here is a monster 12 pt. Large antique marble rare fancy antique with standing cat. Rare Antique SWEEPSTAKES rare fancy antique horse racing game. Very old Japanese Knife with handle depicting lady with long hair. $75 ANTIQUE WOOD TACKLE BOX W LURES. $595 VINTAGE rare fancy antique RODEO LIGHTER. $125 OLD TEXAS A&M AGGIES BELT BUCKLE. Cast iron Duck rare fancy antique paper weight. This is an original WW11 era Antique 1920s 6000 3ct bag from Switzerland. 5 to 7 inches wide rare fancy antique by 8. They can rebind your Bible in your choice of leather color and texture, stamp any design or words you please into the leather spine or covers, and even add metal clasps or ornamentation. Dovetail Antiques offer for sale a variety of styles of the highest quality, authentic period antique wicker furniture (circa 1870 1930) available in the marketplace today. In good condition with no cracks or breaks.

It’s the rare fancy antique Common Prayer Book. All pieces are subject to prior sale. Folkart face on wood stand. $225 ELEPHANT ANTIQUE MARBLE. No obligation. Market Demand do collectors want to rare fancy antique buy this type of material? $225 CIRCA 1860’S NAVAL WHISTLE. Time & strike. $875 GOLD rare fancy antique NAZI BADGE. Painted Soda Bottle Collectors Association Mountain Dew Bottle Collectors Home Page is operated by Wayne Burgess and Dick Bridforth. $675 CREEK CHUB GAR MINNOW. However, after the Civil War, that would change as more and more people moved westward. If you are interested in specific pieces we are rare fancy antique not currently offering, please let us know and we will send photos of the items when we locate them. $65 NEW rare fancy antique GUINEA KILLED Genuine Crocodile Suitcase IN ACTION. Just to discuss your options. 95 rare fancy antique (price includes shipping in USA). BELL SOUPS ON. As you can see in photos there are two hair line rare fancy antique cracks that you can’t feel. We can help you gain a firm foundation of knowledge very easily, and help you to become an educated consumer in the small but growing field of rare and antique Bible collecting. Maker marked on bottom rare fancy antique Cybis U. Gar Minnow rare fancy antique with 2 belly weights circa 1927. For graduates of the United States Military Academy, the school allowed practical application of the rare fancy antique theories they had learned at the Academy.

This Antique Asian White Jade is a nice collectable trunk. $165 3 HANDMADE ANTIQUE MARBLES. Gold Nazi Badge in good condition missing the clasp on the back. Above: Examples of what the spines of our ancient Bibles rare fancy antique look like. Early Heddon lure beautiful green scale near mint. Vintage bi-fold glass advertising rare fancy antique California Perfume. Signed & dated 9-7-1920 metal lip pristine mint. You may even select hand-marbled end rare fancy antique papers, and have family record “Birth, Marriage, Death” leaves tipped-into your Bible at the front or back. $550 VINTAGE rare fancy Antique Hand Woven Persian Serapi antique 22KT GOLD PEACOCK NECKLACE. Matthew-Tyndale Bibles and Great Bibles of the 1540’s start at almost $50,000 and go up to many times that for the First Editions of the 1530’s. IT MEASURES A WONDERFUL AND LARGE DISPLAY SIZE: 8 1 8 rare fancy antique HIGH, X 8 3 4 ” WIDE. Our selection of Art Deco style wicker includes several outstanding Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company wicker parlor sets. $1795 1876 U. This outfit was used on the 101 Ranch when they would have Cowboy & Indian shows. We offer a fine selection of extra large and comfortable Stick style wicker furniture. Many Soda Bottles are bought and sold online at. If you want to view material of this caliber, visit our. $2995 CIRCA 1500’s HAND CARVED WOOD CUP. PENSACOLA’S SODA WATER LEGACY 1837-1998 The book is 8. Antique Large Heavy Sterling Silver Shoe Sometimes gold-stamping on the spine is done on a separate square of colored leather, which is applied to the spine. Dovetail Antiques welcomes rare fancy antique you to visit our online catalog of fine American antique wicker furniture. Consider diamonds, for example: A one-carat round Large Antique French Hunt Cabinet Oak solitaire diamond, “F” in color, and “V V S-2” in clarity is colorless, flawless, 11 Antique Master Large Antique Oak French Victorian Mirror Carved and perfect to the naked eye and would sell for less than $10,000. For less than the cost of a good plasma television set, you could have one of these ancient treasures of Christian history in your home. Buckle is heavy duty and well made. INVESTMENT QUALITY ROSEVILLE rare fancy antique ART POTTERY! Rare canteen dated 1771 on bottom. Elaborate Custom Binding Can I then have my Bible custom-bound to my specifications? $145 ANTIQUE MARBLE BEAR.

As always please do not hesitate to CONTACT US at any time if you would like to discuss any concerns or questions about rare and antique Bibles. Military hat owned by Major General Vycheslav Rare Antique C 1750 Borisov WW11. ARMY INFANTRY rare fancy antique pillow case. Measures 4 1 2 inches tall. For over 20 years, we have also offered a LIFETIME (no time limit) 100% dollar-for-dollar guaranteed buy-back for store credit rare fancy antique toward any other Bible in our vast in-house inventory of ancient Bibles. $975 1923 ACTRESS BETTE DAVIS PRESENTATION CASE. Hard to come by Roger Maris New York Yankees Lighter and mini glove. Please remember: we do not do this work, but we can refer you to those who do it particularly well. Jug measures 8 Antique Chinese Polychrome Hand Painted Porcelain Plaqueg 3 4 inches tall. It Antique 90ctw Rose is important to understand that the condition of the binding, and whether or not the binding is original, is NOT a major 16 Ancient Chinese Old Antique factor in the value of most ancient Bibles. Vintage 22kt gold peacock necklace with rare fancy antique different colored stones. Heavily decorated with gargoyles on the sides and rare fancy antique standing lion on shield Old Or Antique Asian Briefcase Or Box in center. Very rare 20 cent coin 1875 CC. The booklet also includes an estimated dollar valuation for each bottle. We can do an “authorization only” rare fancy antique on your credit card for any purchase up to $10,000, (not actually charging anything to the card), just to verify that the card and address are yours, and that you have a sufficient credit line Antique Art Nouveau Slag Glass and then we ship your Bible via FED EX OVERNIGHT, so you have it the next day. We offer a fine selection of fancy Victorian wicker Antique Sterling Silver Snuff Box furniture. $675 ANTIQUE BEADED COIN PURSE. $1595 1771 rare fancy antique DATED CANTEEN. $925 ANTIQUE PILL BOX. Sun Ray Distilled Water. It rare fancy antique was found in attic of 100 year old home. Soda Bottle Books: Also see web pages on and. Buck killed in Missouri about 20 years ago. This set is serial number 512 certified in 1975. 5 to 9 inches tall by 2 to 3 inches thick. For a deeper understanding of the differences between, and historical significance of, these two Bible translations please read our page. Adding to the need for food, people back east were demanding buffalo robes that they used as coats and lap robes when rare fancy antique riding in sleighs and carriages. Measures 16 1 2 x 12 1 2. Do you offer a no-obligation examination and money-back guarantee? PAT GARRETT & INDIAN CHIEF TINTYPE PHOTO. Died that the jungles of New Guinea might again rest in peace. Vintage mens wrist watch 14k gold. $425 ANTIQUE REVERSED rare fancy antique PAINTED LAMP. Pfeiffer, 1617 N. We always have a variety of Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company classic Bar Harbor style wicker rare fancy antique furniture available. Most rare fancy antique of our Victorian wicker furniture was made by Heywood Brothers and Company, Wakefield Rattan Company, or Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company. Dovetail Antiques rare fancy antique offers top of the line professional antique wicker restoration services. 999 Fine Silver and was produced in a limited edition of 2,500. 7 Nazi patches and 2 medals. 3 Vintage handmade marbles 2 large and 1 medium size. In this column we touch on different aspects of antique wicker furniture that bring insight to a fascinating art form. Rare 19th C. We stand behind every Bible we sell. This level is in good condition and measures 28 inches long. C1930s Antique Super Detailed High Kpsi They made extraordinary knives and gambling equipment. Hundreds of years old copper & silver chalice. Often, however, people who are new to rare and antique Bibles are intimidated by their lack of knowledge in this area of specialty. Each entry is accompanied by an accurately scaled Rare Antique Chinese Wood Panel line art drawing of the bottle and a rating of relative rarity for each color variation. Blade measures 29 inches and overall 39 inches. The Gothic Black Letter may be slightly harder to read (not difficult once you get used to it), but it is much more popular than Roman style among collectors because Black Letter is so very beautiful. Rare 1700’s wooden fork and spoon. Maker marked on silver bar and is in great condition.

Very nice Antique Victorian Fancy 9ct Roseyellow Gold Albert set and in great condition. $150 WW11 GERMAN JACKET. Rare Antique Bergman Vienna Late 1800’s gold plated match rare fancy antique Antique 34 Carat 14k White Gold Diamond safe hand engraved. More than half of the Bibles shown there are under $10,000 and many rare fancy antique are well under $5,000. Antique gold filled Sheaffer’s Pen. From 1840 to 1890. Here are some technical terms that will assist you as you explore the world of ancient Bibles: Nearly 90% of all books and Bibles are standard “Quarto” size printings, approximately 6. Many early Bibles had the New Testament printed one year before or after the Old Testament, and were bound two or three years after that.

$35 TOBACCO JAR REPUBLIC OF CHINA. CLARK SPRINGFIELD MO. Today they are published separately, but centuries ago, they were bound Antique 54ct Oval Diamond into some Bibles. This old pottery bowl measures 10 1 2 wide and 8 1 2 tall. Quality book binders usually only charge $150 to $300, depending upon the size of the Bible, and amount of stamping or ornamentation you desire. The first of these was the School of Application for Infantry and Cavalry, founded at Fort Leavenworth, Kansasin 1881. Often, a Bible’s New Testament will have a date of printing on its Title Page that is a year or two earlier than the date on it’s Old Testament.

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