Scarce Antique Nautical Korean Copper & Brass 12 Bolt Dive Divers Diving Helmet

With a copy of the Extract circa 1888. Penciled on reverse is JULY 27, 1953. But the desperate Japanese attacks could not stop the invasion. 5816 Beautiful Howard multicolor 14K gold and stone set box hinge antique pocket watch circa 1883. $13,300 6577 Fine and elegant slim Breguet style 18K gold antique quarter repeater pocket watch with eccentric dial circa 1820. $2,250 6933 Fine and scarce Swiss slim 18K gold minute repeater split second chronograph with register by C H. 5″ by over 1. $4,750 Sold 5886 Good Swiss Modernista gold filled jump 1800s Antique Estate hour sector watch circa 1900. $19,500 6348 Beautiful Waltham 18K gold enameled scallop case antique midsize watch circa 1881. Promotional from the 1908 Great White Fleet visit to Seattle scarce antique nautical in 1908. 5904 14K rose gold antique pocket watch chain with detachable T bar circa 1920. Circa 1960 vintage. Postmarked Jan 7, 1937 scarce antique nautical at Ketchikan Alaska. $15,500 6745 Fine Swiss 18K gold watch commemorating the death of Abraham Lincoln made by Roger & company, Geneva, scarce antique nautical circa 1865. Excellent scarce antique Antique Old Miner Mine nautical and scarce. The first is an albumen type showing BEAR anchored in pack ice and is signed and dated lower left, “J. 71 FAMOUS WWII COMBATANT ASHTRAY. Scarcer scarce antique nautical item! Lists the names and cities scarce antique nautical of 6 Rare Antique Master all the dealers. $8,100 8022 Fine and rare 14K gold Elgin grade 72 convertible 21 jewel antique pocket watch with original box circa 1879. 00 Hong Kong 10″ hard plastic bat-op LIFEBOAT by Telsalda. Includes scarce antique nautical windup key. $3,600 Sold 4929 Unusual and attractive Movado Swiss Art Deco 18K octagonal antique pocket watch with eccentric octagonal dial circa 1925. There is an extremely tiny mother hole in the “W” that does not go through. After a devastating fire, it was reconstructed. B&w portrait on scarce antique nautical American Flag background. What is especially nice is the periscope is contained in its original dovetailed scarce antique nautical oak carrying box (crate) measuring 4 feet long and 13 2 inches wide. Magazine size format. Tons of information; letterheads; racecourse chart; et al. Stands for Canadian Pacific Railroad scarce antique nautical I Antique Early 1900 S Rose believe. In box perspective front lens maker eye piece box markings 5. ROEN’S STEAMSHIP COMPANY scarce antique nautical Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin. White lettering on soft dark blue felt. Individually sewn yellow letters on dark blue soft wool. $5,500 Sold 6782 Fine American 14K multicolor gold and diamond antique 6 S pocket watch case with original Swiss movement with fancy dial circa 1885. The original owner has some writing in it – otherwise near mint. $3,250 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click scarce antique nautical on any blue underlined item number. This historic relic was no doubt given to a crew member upon his honorable departure from duty on that ship. COOS scarce antique nautical BAY PIRATES REGATTA AUG. $10,000 8246 Fine Jules Jurgensen 18K gold 5-minute repeater antique pocket watch with box, spare parts and papers circa 1904. Hundreds of photos, lots in full color. Came from old store stock – out of business scarce antique nautical since about 1980. At bottom center is crossed cannons, swords and anchor. STEAMER scarce antique nautical HENDRICK HUDSON. $4,350 8251 Fine and rare Waltham 14K gold antique pocket watch with the cover inlaid with various specimens of gold quartz, circa 1903. $27,500 8211 Fine 14K gold Howard 16 S antique scarce antique nautical pocket watch circa 1906. 50 MILITARY BOAT. 39 DICTIONARY of AMERICAN NAVAL FIGHTING SHIPS. $6,750 Sold 5867 Fine Swiss LeCoultre 18K gold triple calendar moon phase antique pocket watch circa 1890. $11,000 6196 Fine English 18K gold detent pocket chronometer antique pocket watch by Owen Robinson, London, circa 1828 $8,000 Sold 6197 Lovely Elgin 14K multicolor gold and diamond antique ladies pendant watch circa 1887. Absolutely the finest quality ship’s barometer made for the U. Pr Antique Arts & Crafts Gothic 1950’s issue inside cereal box. $8,750 6615 Fine Jules Jurgensen 18K gold antique pocket watch circa 1879. 75″ diameter Beautiful full scarce antique nautical color graphics of this nautical company’s single smokestack steamship. Smaller size. ” The reverse of the card is signed “Edward M. The base is approx. $1,650 Sold 5926 Fine, important and rare Jules Jurgensen keywind 18K gold hunting case pocket chronometer with pivoted detent escapement, with a naval presentation from the President of the United States, with original box and certificate circa 1858. $5,000 Sold 6720 Fine and beautiful Tiffany scarce antique nautical 18K gold, diamond and enamel ladies antique pendant watch circa 1890. $3,000 Sold 5637 Lovely platinum, 18K gold, diamond and scarce antique nautical painted enamel ladies pendant watch by Bailly circa 1905. These documents are made even more poignant due to that outcome. This rare dish measures 5 1 8 inches in diameter and is inches thick. $1,650 Sold 6270 Fine heavy and unusual 2-tone scarce antique nautical 14K gold antique pocket watch chain circa 1890. $3,600 6958 Very attractive Swiss 18K gold automaton quarter repeater antique pocket watch circa 1890. Cutting edge for their time, they gave the viewer a sense of reality by producing a 3-D effect.

At the top is a large full color illustration of the ship Stunning Rare S Antique Plush Navy Mashad with biplane flying overhead, printed on soft, supple leather, with some handpainted detailing. Unused, near mint or better. The interior liner is also hand-sewn. Nice display item. The first is engraved “U. 6519 Fine French 18K multicolor gold, turquoise and pearl verge and fusee antique pocket watch by Leroy in original box circa 1820 $2,500 Soldf 6520 Fine Waltham multi-color 14K gold 6 S hunting case antique ladies pendant watch circa 1891. $3,500 Sold 6443 Fine midsize multi-color French 18K gold verge scarce antique nautical and fusee bell repeater by Paltry, circa 1780. Easily converted into a necklace. Circa 1935, long before the floating bridges were built over Lake Washington! A small aperture on the back is provided for adjusting the reading and a pivoting brass suspension ring is attached to the top of the case for hanging. Full color illustrated. $14,000 Sold 6387 Fine and heavy 14K red gold antique pocket watch chain circa 1900. In January February 1945 she participated with the Third Fleet in the South China Sea, making the first massed carrier attacks on the Japanese Home Islands and the invasion of Iwo Jima.

3 ft, one funnel, two masts (rigged for sail), single screw, speed 11 knots. A Complete Guide. $66,500 Sold 8098 Fine, large and probably unique Swiss week going silvered brass verge and fusee grande sonnerie bell repeating clockwatch by Hans Rudolf Berner, Unterklum, circa 1810. $2,000 Sold scarce antique nautical 6013 Deeply carved 18K gold Patek Philippe ladies antique pendant watch circa 1872. $1,500 Sold 6113 Fine and scarce 14K gold Timing & Repeating Watch Co. UNITED STATES Luncheon Menu for 3 24 63. Bronze and white hard plastic with removable roof. Undated, circa 1910 scarce antique nautical to 1915 or thereabouts. 350 Sold 8142 Fine and particularly attractive 18K gold, diamond, enamel and pearl antique watch chain with key and seal circa 1890.

Shorter squatter style boat. There is minor 1 4″ tear in lower left and the very point of the tip is squared off. ISHERWOOD arrived at Kerama Retto with over 80 men killed, wounded, or missing. Lighthouse scarce antique nautical Establishment and the U. Calame scarce antique nautical Robert, Geneva, circa 1890.

The photo is preserved under its original old wavy glass. Post 1945 TOY BOATS click here for diecast Matchbox SEA KINGS DRAGON R-26 HYDROPLANE Race Boat. $1,100 Sold 6123 Oversized Swiss nickel scarce antique nautical antique barometer watch circa 1900. Long scarce antique nautical sleek boat. Silver English lever and fusee antique pocket watch by N. $1,900 Sold 5993 Scarce and unusual Patek Philippe silver niello keywind hunting case antique pocket watch circa 1856. $2,500 5701 Fine and very scarce antique nautical scarce American 14K gold and gold quartz antique pocket watch chain with locket fob circa 1880. $4,500 6983 Fine and scarce English silver and tortoise shell pair case verge and fusee antique pocket watch by Hewitt, London, circa 1690. Large 2 scarce antique nautical piece pennant. $20,000 6892 Fine Swiss 18K gold perpetual calendar minute repeater chronograph by Antique Unusual Iron Oscar Fresard, Lucerne, circa 1906. 6283 Fine and unusual Patek Philippe 18K green gold 20 jewel Adjusted Extra antique hunting case pocket watch circa 1890. The open face provides an interesting view scarce antique nautical of the perfect high quality movement within. $1,700 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. POLAR scarce antique nautical STAR. This is truly an historic relic from one of the most famous American fighting ships of all time! On April 21, 1941 BARHAM attacked Tripoli harbor in company of battleships WARSPRITE and VALIANT and the cruiser GLOUCESTER. Great scarce antique nautical photos and info. $4,000 Sold 6723 Fine and exceptionally rare Swiss 18K gold Westminster Chime carillon minute repeater by Constant Piguet circa 1900. The two design features which contributed most to the superior performance of their chronometer watch were: 1) the unusually long mainspring, and 2) the design and construction of the balance assembly with unique biaxial thermal expansion rim of 18% nickel silver, invar arm and Hamilton Elinvar hairspring. ISHERWOOD remained in the Philippines providing antisubmarine protection and patrolling until mid-March. Promoting scarce antique nautical Inboard Hydroplane Power Boat Racing.

$1,750 Sold 6041 Fine and scarce Elgin 14K gold 16 S sweep center seconds doctor’s antique pocket watch circa 1881. $6,250 Sold 5641 Fine Audemars Piguet slim 14K white gold and enamel Art Deco antique pocket watch circa 1914. $10,000 8104 Fine Patek Philippe large 18K pink gold Chronometro Gondolo antique pocket watch circa 1911. $5,500 6807 Fine, handsome and scarce continental 18K gold fully skeletonized slim quarter scarce antique nautical repeater antique watch circa 1810. 6192 Good and scarce Swiss 14K red gold hunting case quarter repeater antique pocket watch with hidden enamel erotic scene circa 1900. These precise charts depict in graphic detail the approaches to Honsu scarce antique nautical Island near Yokosuka. 1970’s scarce antique nautical I believe; but possibly 1980’s. 24 EARLY U. Quality scarce antique nautical made item. Toone, scarce antique nautical Tenn. $12,000 7008 Fine and very rare Presidential presentation 14K gold antique scarce antique nautical watch with original box and documentation circa 1908. 6368 Fine and most unusual oversized Swiss gunmetal high relief man-in-the-moon antique pocket watch circa 1890. $2,250 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. Navy Bu Ships-1942. They bear the Navy air scarce antique nautical logo of a winged shield embossed “DRIGGS FABER SYSTEM” and stamped “H. $12,750 7092 Fine and lovely La Phare silver and enamel long duration minute repeating boudoir clock with original box circa 1920. The very point of the tip is squared off. $11,000 Sold 6233 Handsome and scarce Waltham 18 S multicolor antique pocket watch with hunting motif circa 1893. The deck is missing the 9 of Clubs. The simple black indicator needle is overlaid by the brass set needle attached to a knurled brass knob running through the glass crystal. $4,650 Sold 6732 Fine and scarce 18K Lange 1A antique pocket watch circa 1884.

ISHERWOOD sailed for the Okinawa operation on March 21, 1945; and took part in the landings on Kerama Retto preparatory to the main assault on Okinawa, which was the biggest Pacific amphibious operation of the war. Extremely rare, Antique Brass Andirons Arts & highly sought after, 19th century example of a lighthouse keeper’s equipment used in the course of duties maintaining his sentinel. 6704 Fine and very unusual gunmetal Antique “paperweight” quarter repeater antique watch circa 1890. $26,500 Sold 6436 Fine Edward Prior English silver and tortoise shell giant quadruple cased verge and fusee antique pocket watch for the Turkish market circa 1860. She was commissioned on December 14, 1927 and assigned to the Pacific Battle Fleet based out of San Pedro, Sweet Antique 19 German Bisque California, conducting flight training and tactical exercises to the end of the next decade. The cased model of the BEAR is of scale, museum-quality construction with even the finest details depicted. Orange border with scarce antique nautical long purple tassels. Surprisingly, little is written about the innovative and prolific Paris aneroid barometer maker, Pierre (alternatively “Paul”) Naudet, Early Antique Hearse Panel Carved Wooden although it is known that his firm was begun in 1861 and continued producing aneroid barometers into the 1930’s. The latter had been scarce antique nautical specially planned 1803 1811 The General Assembly Of to prevent the nuisance of smoke and smuts on the passenger decks. $3,500 6667 Very fine and very rare slim French 18K gold early stemwind quarter repeater by Le Roy & Fils circa 1845. $20,000 7081 Fine Patek Philippe 18K scarce antique nautical gold minute repeater antique pocket watch circa 1880. ” The largest image measures 8 by 10 inches and the smallest 2 by 3 inches. $6,800 Sold 6566 Fine and extremely rare silver pair case spring detent pocket chronometer by Thomas Earnshaw, London, circa 1813. 75″ diameter celluloid. $21,000 Sold 6204 Large and impressive Swiss 18K pink gold hunting case minute repeater chronograph moonphase calendar antique pocket watch by Fils Picard circa 1890. 00 scarce antique nautical owner’s guide.

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