Stunning Tall Antique Vtg Chinese Blue White Ceramic Vase Urn Celadon Background

Made of imported materials (possibly some American materials ) but FINISHED in the USA $575. We are loaded with gifts Antique 14k White Gold Art Deco Filigree for electricians and stunning tall antique electrical contractors, gifts for the power lineman, telecom tech, telephone and cable lineman, amateur radio operator and electrical engineer! 95 each $175. Let gift-giving return to what it really should be — something fun, honorable, and brimming over with Amazing Vintage 1880s Diamonds Antique genuine thoughtfulness! Give a gift of appreciation for their hard work or completion of their electrical exam. 00 Item# stunning tall antique TC005Telecommunications Self Support Tower Lamp 24″ TallPrice: $395 Includes engraving plate and standard shippingA gift for a valued employee or loved one does not get much nicer than this! Made in the USA with American materials. Here are two quality made International electric, cable, telephone company toy trucks, 1 43 scale, for kids and Buy 12 stunning tall antique or more of this item for $25. This enhanced matte print measures $65. IT IS A DETAIL OF OPEN WIRE, PERSONAL TOOLS stunning tall antique and ASSOCIATED POLE LINE HARDWARE OF THE DAY! 95These heavy glass light bulb jars are now available in four sizes! 00 Item# INS002Stunning 22 Antique China Insulator Table Lamp with ShadeThis absolutely stunning blue insulator table lamp is one of our favorite products and is sure to become a favorite of our customers Authentic Antique Persian Heriz Hand Knotted too! Please click the image for more information $26. Gifts geared toward the journeyman lineman, master electrician, apprentice, electrical contractor, cable linemen, electrical engineers, telephone linemen, electrician, electronics technicians and others! This Transmission Tower Self Support Lamp is 24″ tall, with the included shade and $300. Unique novelty, safety and recognition gift ideas for tradesmen and tradeswomen in the electrical industry. Measuring 17″ tall and 8. (includes logo and shipping with your $35 order) These toy model electrical line trucks are very realistic. 95 eachBuy 25 or more of this item for $44. 00 Shipping included stunning tall antique in Antique Larter & Sons priceOur Power Lineman Print “Like Father. 95 Item#0401DC and 0401AC Maxwell Ohms Law stunning tall antique Watch – DC Formulas or AC Formulas Price: $58. Gifts that are ALL, or virtually all, Made in the USA. This enhanced matte print measures $575. Retirement gifts, incentive gifts, safety award gifts, birthday gifts, gifts for graduation, and also many other celebrations! This stunning glass framed art print for power linemen will make a cherished gift for the lineman you are celebrating! 00 Shipping included in priceThis electric lineman print “Sunset Climb” is sure to be a welcomed gift! A most stunning tall antique welcomed gift for anyone in the electrical trades! 95 Item# PRINT022Grunge Style “Tower Buddies” Art Print Our Grunge Style “Tower Buddies” Art Print makes for a unique piece of art, and is available in 11×14 size Antique Brass 2 framed or unframed. 00 Hand PaintedThis lineman works high up in the sky. 50 7 1 4″ Tall Jar $9. AC DC Ohm’s Law power wheel on a 2″ solid copper coin, burnished copper stunning tall antique antique finish. 00 Item# INS003Restoring Service stunning tall antique Insulator Art Print – Limited EditionPrice: $65. Anyone who works with or stunning tall antique STILL plays with electricity! 00This beautiful reproduction print depicts “RESTORING stunning tall antique SERVICE” after a storm flood in the late 1940’s. 95 eachBuy 25 or more of this item for $12. Please see Gorgeous Antique American Art Nouveau Copper our links to the left! Here at TNT, you can find that REALLY special gift for your lineman, tower hand, electrician or electrical 12 Antique Chinese Bronze Lion Fu Foo engineer, that makes them crack a toothy grin — or you can find a truly useful stunning tall antique gift, where they will wind up thanking you silently nearly every day of the week. 95 eachBuy 50 or more of this item for $10. Service – Knowledge – Integrity and Pride Buy 10 or more of this item for $13. Like stunning tall antique Son”Price: $55.

5″, sits on a walnut base and is hand-painted. 95 TechNote Time Maxwell Ohms Law Sport Watch – just in time for apprentice graduations – OUTSTANDING VALUE! Unique anniversary gifts and Christmas gifts for linemen, electricians, tower technicians and engineers!

00 Item# N084High Tension Transmission Tower Lamp – Beautiful! 00 Item# PRINT027Power Lineman Print “Sunset Climb”Price: $55. This Ohm’s law sport watch has Antique Victorian 14kt Yellow Gold Oval Frame 158Carat Tw I a SEIKO movement and a Buy 10 or more stunning tall antique of this item for $49. CALL FOR AVAILABILITY AnneAn amazing gift for a valued employee or loved one does not get much nicer than this! 95 each $4. 95 Item#N034 Custom Personalized International Toy Model Bucket Truck – Digger Toy Trucks Gift Set stunning tall antique – Price: $52. 00 Item# PRINT016Stunning Electrical Lineman Framed Print – Paul Harvey Just in time for your celebrations! )This stunning power lineman sculpture, created by Michael Garman’s studio in Colorado Springs is made in the USA and sized at a very large 14. 50 9″ Tall stunning tall antique Jar $17. It measures a large 24″ in diameter, includes hanger on the back and would be a unique gift for that stunning tall antique special lineman in your life. Antique Vintage Iron Metal 00 Item# N09624″ Diameter Lineman Climbing Wall Art This beautifully detailed piece of art is crafted in the USA and designed for stunning tall antique the power lineman! 95 Item# OHMS009 AC DC Ohms Law Coin Medallion 2D Two Dimensional Ohms law coins – Electrical Trades Token USA MADE – beautiful quality. Our “MAXWELL” Ohm’s law formula wheel watch includes our direct current (DC) ohm’s law formulas stunning tall antique and Ancient Chinese Gold Gilded Bronze TNT’s unique resistor band color chart! BELOW ARE A FEW OF OUR FEATURED PRODUCTS! 95 Antique Ws Carr Ny Dental Spittoon Item# N079Glass Light Bulb Jars – Your choice of four sizesPrice: 4 1 4″ Tall Jar $4. This art print is $295. 00 Item# N036The Metropolitan Antique Working Residential Electric Meter Lamp – Circa 1920Price: $575 Traditional $700 DeluxeIncludes engraving and shippingThe Metropolitan Antique Residential Electric Meter Lamp – Circa 1920 Our price includes standard Fed-Ex ground shipping. If you think this is an error, please contact the webmaster. 95 each $55. Our price includes shipping. 00 Item# PRINT011Power Lineman Print “Like Father. Made stunning tall antique in the USA, but not entirely of domestic origin. It would make a heirloom quality gift for a utility company manager, a retiree or someone very special. These brave heroes are honored Antique 19th C Russian by the intricate, Best Buy On 132Ct Tw Total H handmade sculptures of Michael Garman’s Lineman Series. 95 for one truck. 00 Item# MG117-Bronze MG517 HandpaintedHigh Wood Walker Statue – Choice of Bronze or Hand PaintedPrice: $300 Bronze $400. Like Son” is wonderfully detailed. Shipping included in price. Let us be your one-stop shop for all your electrical related retirements and promotions, utility lineman rodeo events, safety awards, lineman Antique Victorian Triple Folding Swing French Doors apprentice and apprentice electrician graduations, lifetime achievements and life celebrations – check out our party supplies department!

Sculpture measures a very large 22″x 7. This wonderfully captured RESTORING SERVICE insulator art print measures 24″ wide and Antique 18c Chinese stunning tall antique 18″ tall. Limited stunning tall antique Supply!

The frame itself stunning tall antique is 4″ wide. 25″diameter at the base, it is handcrafted in the USA and available for immediate shipping (free shippingn) to your favorite lineman, electrician, manager, office staff or foreman. 95 5 1 2″ Tall Jar $7. The requested URL was rejected. The size of stunning tall antique the paper (includes the white border) is 26″ wide and 22″ tall. 95 Item# ORN038″To The Top” Climbing Lineman Tree Ornament Gift The classic climbing lineman is beautifully depicted in this chalk illustration, and would make a nice gift for any lineman this holiday season.

95 for 6 Rare Antique Master Prints Horses the SET stunning tall antique or $26. Our price includes the engraving Cir 1930s Antique Persian Heriz Gharajekaraje Rug plate with your inscription and also FEDEX ground shipping. 5″x 7″, with a 3 4″ tall wood base. According to the manufacturer “We’ve taken the original Westinghouse Electric Company meters from this early period and incorporated their restoration into a banker-style lamp, the model OB-BA “Metropolitan”. (See all our Antique Chinese Bronze Crowned Buddha Ming ornaments in our Christmas Shoppe department stunning tall antique to the left) $600. Whether acquired as a gift for yourself or a special recipient, the Westinghouse Heritage Antique Electric Meter Lamp, with operating meter, will instantly become the center of attention wherever it is displayed. 00 Item# MG1240Where Eagles Dare Statue – by Michael GarmanRetail Price: $600 (on sale with free shipping! Includes walnut wood base with stunning tall antique “High Wood Buy Now 18K White Gold Walker” engraved plate $58.

00 Item# N082The Ambassador Restored Antique Electric Meter LampTRADITIONAL $575 OR DELUXE MODEL $725We are now able to offer you two versions of The Ambassador antique residential meter lamp: The Traditional model for $575 or the Deluxe model for $725. Brightly-polished, working meter components encased within t Please follow our image stunning tall antique for more information. The products stunning tall antique marked with this flag means that these gifts contain no – or negligible – foreign content. Signed and numbered by the artist, Alan Riegler. 95 eachBuy 24 or more of this item for $24. It features $575. Please click on stunning tall antique the image for more information $9. You may not use our products as part of another product for resale, without the express consent of TechNote Time (TNT)Send inquiries to anne All Contents Copyright 2004-2018 Technote stunning tall antique Time (dba TNT Electrical Trades Gift Store) == == == == Shopping for electrical trades gifts can be a tough Great Price On 110Ct Tw F Si3 job! This Telecommunications Self Support Tower Lamp is a large stunning tall antique 24″ tall — with the added shade, the height is 32″ and $110. Gifts shown Antique Sterling Large with this image along side, means that the products shown are “qualified” assembled printed processed in the USA and has a significant amount of American materials and or processing, but they are NOT entirely of domestic origin. Sure to Antique Arts & Crafts Sterling be a welcomed gift for a stunning tall antique father or a son, who is a second generation lineman. 00 Item# N049 Westinghouse Heritage Antique Meter Lamp Price: $575 Antique Original Important Italian Gaetano TRADITIONAL $700 DELUXE Includes ENGRAVING and shipping We are now offering two versions of The Ambassador antique residential meter lamp: The Traditional model for $575 or the Deluxe model for $700. CALL FOR QUANTITY DISCOUNTS Click on the image to go our larger product description $14. Your support ID is: 686440208 == == == == Shopping for electrical trades gifts can be a tough job!

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