Vtg Antique Austrian Bronze Hunting Dog Pointer Signed C Kauba Original Figurine

(New Zealand) Earth Mover. Untested, very good excellent in fair box. (2)Estimate: $30 $60Starts at: $20 (Picture unavailable)DD310 Lot 30Two Dinky Cars: 40J Austin Somerset, dark blue with blue hubs; and 140a Austin Atlantic, light blue with red interior and hubs. Eatwell vtg antique austrian & J. Estimate: $10 $20Starts at: $10 (Picture unavailable)DA083 Lot 169Book: “Lenses South: Steam’s Last Years Around Sydney and the South of New South Wales”, Malcolm Holdsworth, 192pp hard cover (CADECO 2016). Estimate: $20 $40Starts at: $10 (Picture unavailable)DB236 Lot 5Two Corgi Cars: 601 Fiat X1 9; and 439 vtg antique austrian 1 Rover 800. Estimate: $10 $20Starts at: $5 (Picture unavailable)DB091 Lot 310Five Solido 1:43 scale Cars. Estimate: $100 $150Starts at: $80Passed in (Picture unavailable)DA341 Lot 262Kings Cross OO-gauge GWR bogie Passenger Car. On VHS Videocassettes.

Estimate: $30 $60Starts at: $20 (Picture unavailable)DG185 Stunning Pair Antique Dresden 12 Lot 251Two Hornby OO-gauge “Harry Potter” Hogwart’s Express vtg antique austrian bogie Passenger Coaches: R4308A Composite Coach No.

(18)Estimate: $20 $40Starts at: $10 (Picture unavailable)DF071 Lot 372Matchbox 11b Petrol Tanker “Esso”, GPW. (3)Estimate: $200 $260Starts at: $160Passed in (Picture unavailable)DG058 Lot 126Three Roco HO-gauge Swiss bogie Passenger Coaches: 64504 2nd Class; 44730 vtg antique austrian 1st 2nd Class; and 44466 3rd Class. Some items have multiple pictures. Estimate: $20 $40Starts at: $10Passed in (Picture unavailable)CH3621 Lot 49Three Trax vtg antique austrian 1:43 scale Holdens: TR20 FB Sedan, blue & white, excellent in excellent box; TR18D HQ Monaro GTS, metallic blue, excellent in excellent box; and 8003R FJ Van “RACV”, yellow, good. Estimate: $100 $150Starts at: $80 (Picture unavailable)DG108 Lot 205Austrains HO-gauge Pack GME1 vtg antique austrian Set of three bogie Container Wagons with 20′ Containers. Estimate: $60 $100Starts at: $30 (Picture unavailable)CY165 Lot 334Modell Scania Bus. Black; and 4507 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO No. Estimate: $100 $150Starts at: $80 (Picture unavailable)DG192 vtg antique austrian Lot 230Four Hornby OO-gauge 4-wheel Wagons: R6145B 20 Ton Brake Van; R6360 20 Ton Tank Wagon “WD”; R6299 4-plank Wagon “Ministry of Munitions”; and R6402 GWR Mogo Van. (31)Estimate: $20 $40Starts at: $10Passed vtg antique austrian in (Picture unavailable)CH2281 Lot 363Thirteen Mattel Hot Wheels Cars. 5541, vtg antique austrian maroon. Estimate: $10 $20Starts at: $5 (Picture unavailable)CY293 Lot 281Three vtg antique austrian Maisto 1:18 scale Cars: 31804 1990 Ferrari 348ts, red; 31803 1990 Lamborghini Diablo, yellow; and 31806 1955 Mercedes Benz 300S. Estimate: $100 $200Starts at: $60Passed in (Picture unavailable)DB230 Lot 410Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y3 1912 Ford T Van “Arnott’s SAO Biscuits”. (8)Estimate: $20 $40Starts at: $8 (Picture vtg antique austrian unavailable)DB092 Lot 302Eight Shell “Collezione” 1:43 scale diecast Ferraris. (3)Estimate: $40 $60Starts at: $30 (Picture unavailable)DG014 Lot 119Five Roco HO-gauge Swiss Goods Wagons: 46751 3-axle Auto Transporter; 46499 bogie Grain Wagon “Coop-M hle”; 46321 4-wheel Stake Wagon; 46641 4-wheel Movable Side Wall Van; and 66206 4-wheel Van. Estimate: $150 $200Starts at: $100Passed in (Picture unavailable)DG088 Lot 213Austrains HO-gauge Pack W3 Set of four WHX bogie Wheat Hopper Wagons. Some paint loss vtg antique austrian on edges. Untested, appears very good, in very good case. 357, green. (3)Estimate: vtg antique austrian $90 $120Starts at: $50Passed in (Picture unavailable)DG064 Lot 27Two Dinky Caravans. Excellent vtg antique austrian in good boxes. Important links Please read our Bidding increments $0 $10. 1 HO-gauge Austrian OBB vtg antique austrian “Crocodile” Electric Locomotive. (2)Estimate: $60 $80Starts at: $30 (Picture unavailable)DB226 Lot 299Eight Bburago vtg antique austrian 1:43 scale diecast Cars. Estimate: $40 $80Starts at: $30Passed in (Picture unavailable)DG059 Lot 147Three Roco HO-gauge Austrian Domestic bogie Passenger Coaches: 44487 1st Class; 44484 2nd Class; and 44488 2nd Class. Very good in fair good boxes. Tender assembled, locomotive unassembled, with instructions. Estimate: $60 $120Starts at: $40 (Picture unavailable)DA318 Lot 21Dinky 151b Army 6-wheel Covered Wagon, gloss brown. Has been repaired and modified, one name transfer damaged. Estimate: $20 $40Starts at: $10 (Picture unavailable)AB147 Lot 398Matchbox CCY-09M Peterbilt Petrol Tanker “Texaco”. Fitted with DCC, address #51. (2)Estimate: $10 $20Starts at: $5Passed in (Picture unavailable)DB077 Lot 356Two Road Champs “Euro-Sports” pull-back action 1:43 scale Sports Cars. Untested, excellent vtg antique austrian in very good box. Built from kit, front bogie loose. As new on very good sealed card. (3)Estimate: $120 $180Starts at: $90Passed in (Picture unavailable)DG002 Lot 127Two Bachmann Liliput L240078 HO-gauge BLS Swiss vtg antique austrian Covered Auto Transporter Wagon Sets. (5)Estimate: $30 $60Starts at: $20 (Picture unavailable)AT385 Lot 311Two Solido “Age d’or” 1:43 scale diecast Vehicles: 4102 Citroen 15CV. One has been opened but looks complete, the others appear Mid 1800s Antique Peking Chinese Art Deco unopened. Estimate: $30 $60Starts at: $10Passed in (Picture unavailable)DG119 Lot 286Minicraft 11216 1:16 scale 1939 Jaguar SS-100 Roadster plastic Kit (unassembled).

(3)Estimate: $10 $20Starts at: $6Passed in (Picture unavailable)CZ289 Lot 67DVD: “American Steam: Shortliners of the South”. Estimate: $30 $60Starts at: $20Passed in (Picture unavailable)CJ395 Lot 58Two Trax 1: 43 scale Holdens: 20C FB Standard Sedan, salmon; and TR21C EK Special Sedan, maroon & white. Estimate: $10 $20Starts at: $10 (Picture unavailable)CV876 Lot vtg antique austrian 168Book: “Byways of Steam” No. Estimate: $10 $20Starts at: $5 (Picture unavailable)DB151 Lot 403Four Matchbox Models of Yesteryear “Great Beers of the World” Delivery Vans: YGB02 “Beck’s”; YGB10 “South Pacific”; YGB18 “Cascade”; and YGB21 “Dab”. Untested, very good excellent in good very good boxes. Estimate: $5 $10Starts at: $5Passed in (Picture unavailable)BF332 Lot 329Two Lledo “Days Gone” Vehicles: 50001 1926 Bull Nose Morris Van “Bryant & May”; and 31006 Brewers Dray “Worthington”. Estimate: $10 $20Starts at: $5 (Picture unavailable)CF317 Lot 335Model Road & Rail (UK) 1:43 scale diecast Rover P5B Kit (unassembled). Estimate: $100 $150Starts at: $80 (Picture unavailable)DF148 Lot 228Trainorama HO-gauge Set vtg antique austrian of Antique Austrian Bronze Rooster With Music Stand four FRH bogie Hopper Wagons. Very good excellent in very good box. Estimate: $20 Antique Art Glass Peach Blow Overlay Vase $40Starts at: $10Passed in (Picture vtg antique austrian unavailable)CY158 Lot 341Three Guiloy 1:64 scale Cars. Good very good in good box. (6)Estimate: $30 $60Starts vtg antique austrian at: $20Passed in (Picture unavailable)DG105 Lot 415Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y14-1-4 GWR “Duke of Connaught” Locomotive. Estimate: $200 $300Starts at: $150 (Picture unavailable)DG158 Lot 202Three Lima “The Overland” HO-gauge bogie Passenger Coaches: “Tawari”, “Yankaj” and “Chalaki”. Estimate: $10 $20Starts at: $5 vtg antique austrian (Picture unavailable)CV735 Lot 69Book: “Early Railways”, J. 8018, vtg antique austrian Candy Livery. Estimate: $5 $10Starts vtg antique austrian at: $2Passed in (Picture unavailable)CN131 Lot 325Four Lledo “Days Gone” Buses. (2)Estimate: $80 $120Starts at: $60 (Picture unavailable)DG160 Lot 200Two BGB A15 vtg antique austrian HO-gauge Conversion Kits for Lima HGM Power Vans. Estimate: $150 $200Starts at: $100Passed in (Picture unavailable)DG082 Lot vtg antique austrian 198Austrains HO-gauge Pack D Set of three FME LCL Container Wagons (without containers). With Wampu tender, without motor, includes instructions, appears complete. Excellent in good box. (3)Estimate: $5 $10Starts at: $3Passed in (Picture unavailable)DE113 Lot 342Hot Wheels “Moto-Crossed” Car. Untested, appears unrun, excellent in excellent box. Length 70mm. Excellent in excellent wooden box. 4, 120pp soft cover (Eveleigh 2000). Estimate: $50 $100Starts at: $40Passed in (Picture unavailable)DG053 Lot 151Three Roco HO-gauge Italian Eurofima bogie Passenger Coaches: 44660 2nd Class; 44637 2nd Class; and 44656 1st Class. Each set vtg antique austrian contains two wagons.

Estimate: $100 $200Starts at: $60Passed in (Picture unavailable)DA331-DA342 Lot 255Eames Jamieson vtg antique austrian OO-gauge LMS 5XP Locomotive Chassis and Superstructure metal Kits. (13)Estimate: $20 $40Starts at: $10 (Picture unavailable)BT372 Lot 364Quantity of Hot Wheels Track and Accessories. Estimate: $100 $200Starts at: $80Passed in (Picture unavailable)DG186 Lot 207Eureka HO-gauge NSWGR CHG Brake Van. Estimate: $10 $20Starts at: $5 (Picture unavailable)DG130 Lot 418Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y65 Set of three 1928 Austin 7 Vehicles. Estimate: $200 $250Starts at: $150Passed in (Picture unavailable)DG008 Lot 112Roco 43756 HO-gauge Swiss SBB 460 Ae Electric Locomotive, “Ciba” bird design. (2)Estimate: $15 $25Starts at: $5 (Picture unavailable)DB242 Lot 428Two Matchbox Models of Yesteryear: Y5 1927 Talbot; and Y22 1930 Ford A Van. Estimate: $20 $40Starts at: $8Passed in (Picture unavailable)CY086 Lot 301Eight 1:64 scale diecast Cars from Road Tough, Road Champs, Welly and others. (4)Estimate: $300 $400Starts at: $200 (Picture unavailable)DG018 Lot 139Six Roco HO-gauge German Wagons: 1902 bogie Double Auto 13 Collect Antique Cloisonne Enamel Bronze Dragon Carrier; 47689 bogie Flat Wagon with two “TFG” Containers; 44055 Set of three 4-wheel Cement Wagons; 46954 bogie Swivel Top Wagon; 47201 bogie Open Wagon; and 47588 bogie Van. Estimate: $10 $20Starts at: $8 (Picture unavailable)CV549 Lot 173Book: “Changing Trains”, Phil Belbin & David Burke, vtg antique austrian 144pp hard cover (Methuen 1982). Excellent in water-damaged box. 4 Massey Harris vtg antique austrian Tractor; No. (6)Estimate: $150 $200Starts at: $140Passed in (Picture unavailable)DG031 Lot 122Roco 63730 HO-gauge Swiss SBB Re vtg antique austrian 6 6 Electric Locomotive “Taverne Torracella”. (4)Estimate: $80 $120Starts at: $50Passed in (Picture unavailable)CK420 Lot 231Hornby OO-gauge 4-6-2 Locomotive vtg antique austrian & Tender. Estimate: $30 $60Starts at: $25Passed in (Picture unavailable)CY044 Lot 381Matchbox Superfast 72c Bomag Road Roller. Estimate: $30 $60Starts at: $20Passed in (Picture unavailable)CK3711 Lot 47Two Trax 1:43 scale Holdens: TR19D HT Monaro GTS350 Coupe, white; and TR32G HR Sedan 186S, blue & white. (2)Estimate: $10 $20Starts at: $5 (Picture unavailable)DG174 Lot 86Two Railway Videos: “North Island Main Trunk” and “Coast to Coast”. 98002, black. Estimate: $5 $10Starts at: $2 (Picture unavailable)DG125 Lot 362Thirty-one diecast Vehicles of various types and sizes. (2)Estimate: $80 $120Starts at: $60 (Picture unavailable)DG092 Lot 222Two SDS Models HO-gauge Sets of “Road Grime” NQOY 63′ bogie Container Wagons, Packs A and B, each containing three wagons (without containers).

Estimate: $20 $40Starts at: $10 (Picture unavailable)CY135 Lot 397Matchbox 35500 Ultra Class 1:43 scale Ferrari Testarossa, on display stand with technical cards. Estimate: $20 $40Starts at: $2 (Picture vtg antique austrian unavailable)CR393 Lot 292Bburago 4122 1:43 scale American Off Road. One or two small detail parts detached. 60096, vtg antique austrian blue. Estimate: $30 $50Starts at: $5Passed in (Picture unavailable)CR394 Lot 291Bburago 4108 1:43 vtg antique austrian scale 1987 Ferrari F40. (3)Estimate: $15 $20Starts at: $10 (Picture unavailable)DB250 Lot 366Six 1:64 scale diecast Cars from Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Corgi and Majorette. Estimate: $5 $10Starts at: $5 (Picture unavailable)CZ296 Lot 76DVDs: “Marathon of Steam”, Volumes 1 & 2. With length of vtg antique austrian display track. (2)Estimate: $50 $100Starts at: $40Passed in (Picture vtg antique austrian unavailable)CF340 Lot 59Classic Carlectables 64018 1:64 scale Craig Lowndes HRT Racing Commodore. Estimate: $40 $80Starts at: $20 (Picture unavailable)BZ282 Lot 283Brookfield Collectors Guild 1:25 scale 1977 Aurora Indianapolis 500 Official Pace Car. (2)Estimate: $20 $30Starts at: $10 (Picture unavailable)DB237 Lot 394Matchbox Super Kings BMW 750iL Police Car. Estimate: $20 $40Starts at: $10Passed in (Picture unavailable)DG110 Lot 34Top Gear “FJ News” Set vtg antique austrian of six 1:64 scale diecast Holden FJ News Delivery Vans. Estimate: $10 $20Starts at: $5Passed in (Picture unavailable)CU166 Lot 72Book: “Return to Steam”, D. 46162, green. 3666, black. (4)Estimate: $15 $30Starts at: $8 (Picture unavailable)DG167 Lot 80Four Railway Videos: “Paris Metro”; “Underground Trains Remembered”; “Northern West End Driver’s Eye View”; and “Northern City Driver’s Eye View”. As new in very good excellent packaging. Estimate: $20 $40Starts at: $10Passed in (Picture unavailable)CR269 Lot 284Fujimi 03305 1:24 scale Car Kit (unassembled): Ken & Mary 4Door Nissan Skyline 2000GTX-X. Untested, very good in excellent box. (2)Estimate: $20 $40Starts at: $10 (Picture unavailable)CR7281 Lot 313Two Vitesse 1:43 scale Cars: 1959 Triumph TR3A, red; and 1963 Austin Healey Mk 3, red. Estimate: $30 $60Starts at: $20Passed in (Picture unavailable)CQ535 Lot 41Trax TR26J 1:48 scale Ford XK Falcon Taxi “Silver Top Taxi Service”. (4)Estimate: $15 $30Starts at: $8 (Picture unavailable)DG175 Lot 81Movie: “The Sealed Train”. A little vtg antique austrian rust spotting. Labels have faded a little. One losing paint, fair; the others very good. 4013; 3643 Bar Car No. (5)Estimate: $40 $60Starts at: $30 (Picture unavailable)CA383 Lot 267Lima 205159 HO-Gauge BR Bo-Bo Diesel Locomotive “Railfreight” No. Estimate: $150 $200Starts at: $100 (Picture unavailable)DG122 Lot 193Three SDS Models HO-gauge Tulloch 1,000 gallon bogie Tank Wagons, “Golden Fleece” No. (3)Estimate: $30 $60Starts at: $20 (Picture unavailable)CA378 Lot 276Lima HO-Gauge ARC Co-Co Diesel Locomotive “Village of Whatley” No. Std Goods Locomotive & Tender Kit (unassembled). (2)Estimate: $40 $60Starts at: $20 (Picture unavailable)DA401 Lot 238Hornby R2142 OO-gauge BR 4-6-2 Locomotive & Tender “Robin Hood” No. Estimate: $100 $200Starts at: $80Passed in (Picture unavailable)DG080 Lot 186Austrains HO-gauge Pack H Set of three VR JX bogie Hopper Wagons. Estimate: $10 $20Starts at: $10 (Picture unavailable)CV873 Lot 165Book: “Byways of Steam” No. (28)Estimate: vtg antique austrian $40 $60Starts at: $30Passed in (Picture unavailable)CW724 Lot 346Speed Wheel 20 Piece Deluxe Gift Set. Repainted and reliveried as BR “Papyrus” No. Much vtg antique austrian paint loss, parts missing. Recently tested vtg antique austrian and run by vendor. (Picture unavailable)DB246 Lot 1Corgi “Freeway” 1:64 vtg antique austrian scale Mercedes 500SL.

Estimate: $300 $400Starts at: $200Passed in (Picture unavailable)DG090 Lot 223Two SDS Models HO-gauge Sets of SRA NQOY 63′ bogie Container Wagons, Packs A and B, each vtg antique austrian containing three wagons (without containers). Estimate: $100 $200Starts at: $80 (Picture unavailable)DG123 Lot 199Two SDS Models HO-gauge Tulloch 1,000 gallon bogie Tank Wagons “BP” No. 70000, vtg antique austrian green. Estimate: $150 $250Starts at: $120Passed in (Picture unavailable)DG036 Lot 117Five Antique 1896 Dominick & Haff Sterling Roco HO-gauge Swiss Goods Wagons: 46631 3-axle Auto Transporter; 47416 4-wheel Sliding Wall Van; 47580 4-wheel Van; 46664 4-wheel Tank Wagon “VTG”; and 46724 4-wheel Hopper “Rexwal”. (2)Estimate: $30 $60Starts at: $20Passed in (Picture unavailable)AZ0621 Lot 31Fun Ho! With Kadee couplings, a few detail parts detached. Estimate: $150 $200Starts at: $100 (Picture vtg antique austrian unavailable)DG007 Lot 111Roco 43512 HO-gauge Swiss Re 4 4 Electric Locomotive “Bahn Rail Ferrovia 2000”. Estimate: $80 $120Starts at: $40 (Picture unavailable)CZ135 Lot 271Two Lima HO-gauge Wagons: 309038 Timber Carriers; and 302849 Container Wagon with Container “Chiquita Bananas”. Very good Antique American Lacy Flint in fair good box. Estimate: $150 $250Starts at: $120Passed in vtg antique austrian (Picture unavailable)DG017 Lot 159Roco 63465 HO-gauge French SNCF Diesel Locomotive “FRET” No. (3)Estimate: $30 $60Starts at: $20 (Picture unavailable)CZ016 Lot 99Three boxes of Fleischmann 1700 HO-gauge 210mm sections of Straight Track, twenty sections per box. Built from kit, front coupling missing from tender. Estimate: $10 $20Starts at: $5 (Picture unavailable)CD300 Lot 61Book: “The Railway Enthusiast’s Encyclopedia”, O. Estimate: $60 $120Starts at: $50Passed in (Picture unavailable)CF2711 Lot 57Trux TX2C 1:76 scale 1939 Albion Venturer Double Decker Bus Antique Blacksmiths Foot Operated Vise Pf “Palm Beach”, camouflage. Click on the pictures to see larger versions. Estimate: $40 $80Starts at: $30 (Picture unavailable)DG050 Lot 149Roco 44498 HO-gauge Hungarian Eurocity 1st 2nd vtg antique austrian Class bogie Passenger Coach. 59101, vtg antique austrian yellow. Estimate: $80 $120Starts at: $50 (Picture unavailable)CU528 Lot 280Mainline OO-gauge 4-wheel Tank Wagon “United Molasses”.

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